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Business Briefing

This series of briefing notes are designed to make you consider how you could best help yourself and your business improve performance, raise staff morale and achieve measurable business profitability.

Read them through and see if they spark some ideas in your own mind. If they do, then the very fact that they have triggered some thought processes will act as a precursor to a better business. Successful businesses donít run on luck or good location, although both help; they are the result of team work and a motivated workforce.

If you have anything to contribute to our business briefings then please don't hesitate to email on

Our current briefings are as follows:

CET Grant Claim Form

Download the latest claim form for England here

Euromcontact Report

The latest report on the contact lens market. Read more

Voucher Values 2014

Download the 2014 Voucher Values

Participation in Locally Commissioned Enhanced Optometric Services

A qualitative study was designed to determine the views and attitudes of stakeholders regarding the development, participation and operation of two schemes that are representative of two of the most commonly commissioned enhanced optometric services... Read More


We have a series of briefings revised in May 2013 on VAT:

VAT Briefings Introduction


Paying Too Much VAT Out of Net Profits?

Advantages of Stock Modules for VAT

Practice Management Software

A series of briefings revised in May 2013 on the uses of practice management software:

Practice Management Software: Introduction

Practice Management Software: The Basics

Practice Management Software: Advanced Briefing

Practice Management Software: The Paperless Practice

Improving Business Strengths

Go to our Improving Business Strengths Briefing

Keeping Stock Levels to a Minimum

Go to our Keeping Stock Levels to a Minimum Briefing

Contact Lens Report

EUROMCONTACT Contact Lens Report: Since 2003, EUROMCONTACTís provided the framework for its members (international manufacturers of contact lenses and care systems to do syndicate market data analysis. The total data collection covers 31 countries, six of which are tied with another one to form three clusters (BE and LU, UK and IE. and CZ with SL). This report covers only the eleven major countries, while occasionally making a reference to the total of the 31 countries.

Report on Drivers' Vision

Report on Drivers' Vision: A report published by The European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO) (representing 75,000 optometrists, opticians and optical retail outlets across Europe, and EUROM I which represents the national associations of manufacturers of corrective lenses, frames, and instruments for opticians (700 companies) and also EUROMCONTACT representing the national associations and the international manufacturers of contact lenses and contact lens care products calls for better assessment of driversí vision to improve road safety

The Bribery Act

The Bribery Act: Optical Confederation Guidance

Optrafair 2018
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