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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, January to March 2018


Designer frame for Men, OKO’s AC43 modern, urban and with techno spirit.
Understated Lightweight Winner from Stepper.
Now available exclusively from Norville - Reactolite photochromic Lenses.
A new app is launched for young children, the "Kay Say and Match app"
FYSH UK 2018 Sunwear Collection.
DIGITAL REALITIES, the latest designs from Mykita Mylon.
KLiiK denmark January 2018 releases.
BLACKFIN –spring/summer 2018 collection.
EVATIK January 2018 releases.
Blitz Kidz from Norville.
FYSH announces January 2018 releases
Perfect Pitch from Stepper for 2018.
Louis Stone announce new Scandinavian Brand.

Designer frame for Men, OKO’s AC43 modern, urban and with techno spirit.

February 2018

OKO AC43After the unrivalled success of OKO by OKO showing at the 100% Optical Show recently another amazing style is launched.

Designed by OKO by OKO Paris, the designer frame AC43 seeks out men of modern times.

The textured and woven faces reveal through the 4 colour mixes (Black&Gun; Black&Orange; Gun&Black; Gun&Orange) providing a halftone and contrasted design inspired by a printed circuit board.

This design ‘touch’ offers immediately a modern, techno and urban style. Geeky but not just for Geeks!

OKO AC43 Blue GoldMade of inlaid steel in a generous size (55-18) here is a frame with character for men who are in phase with their time, conscious of their appearance and what they project in the workplace.

A logo is found on the temple, creative but not ostentatious with a distinctive sign at the bottom of the side pieces recognizable as the emblematic OKO turtle.

The frame design concept provides elegance and yet is offbeat to give life to modern ideas which retain the DNA of the OKO brand. Characteristics that are designed for all, are affordable for all, remain faithful to the main values of quality, comfort and innovation in the choice of both design and materials.

OKO by OKO, designer eyewear for all since 1999.

Understated Lightweight Winner from Stepper.

February 2018

Ipad SayIt isn’t always those who shout the loudest that get heard. This is certainly true of the SI-60125 as it has quietly developed into a very strong performer in the STEPPER men’s frame offering.

Finding fans amongst discerning yet conservative men, the frame has proved popular since its introduction.

Subtle, understated styling belies an advanced construction combining a Beta-Titanium front with Titanium sides, bonded together using sophisticated laser welding techniques. The frame’s larger styling benefits from the use of these lightweight metals too as it weighs only 12.7g.

The simple frame design continues its modest approach with an outward finish in a monotone matt metallic effect in a choice of three handsome colour options.

Frame embellishment is limited to a single vertical groove about half way down the side which aligns with a subtle ‘STEPPER’ ident, both stamped into the tough Titanium metal.

As a contrast, the inside of the frame features complementary colouring and finish adds ‘cut-a-dash’ to this otherwise reserved frame.

‘This frame embodies STEPPER’s approach to classic men’s styling,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘It simply looks right from the moment you first see it. Pick it up and the lightness of the Titanium plus the tactile quality of the finish means it feels right before you put it on,’ adds Peter, ‘Wear it and it looks great on most faces.’

Now available exclusively from Norville - Reactolite photochromic Lenses.

February 2018

Reactolite n1 Boasting fast activation and fade back in comparison to other leading brands, Reactolite is back.

With natural colours such as brown and grey, Reactolite can be applied to most resin lenses and materials to give the customer the widest range of photochromic options on their lens requirements.

Designed and produced fully in the United Kingdom, the lifetime cycle tests have surpassed over 3000 activations.

Not only this, a premium scratch resistant hard coating is included on the layer stack.

Fully AR compatible and available in two types of activation densities of 15% or 40% LTF.

Norville also have a performance enhanced Anti-Reflection to complement and improve

Reactolite performance even further. From Norville

A new app is launched for young children, the "Kay Say and Match app"

February 2018

Ipad Say
The new Kay Say and Match app provides a fun way to help very young children to practise and learn the Kay Picture optotypes prior to having an eye test. The app is aimed at children from 15 months of age who are just learning to talk, and to help children over 24 months learn to match.

Learning the picture names and the concept of matching improves a child’s confidence to perform the picture vision test at the earliest possible age.

There are four games in the app, three of which are free to download and use on an iPad or iPhone. The fourth game is an in-app purchase costing £2.99.

The Name game teaches the names and sounds of the six Kay Picture optotypes. Knowing the picture names will give the child confidence to perform a professional vision test earlier than otherwise.

Kay 2 in 1 from Kay app


The three Match games associate the six pictures with cartoon animations to help children to learn the concept of matching the same picture. The games are fun and easy, with sounds and cheering rewards.

The Practice game simulates the key aspects of a vision test, where the picture to be matched is shown separately, remembered, then matched.


Say and Match from Kay


The Test game is an in-app purchase. This provides a speaking matching card to be used during a professional vision test.

Each picture says its name when touched, making it easier for the examiner to hear which picture has been chosen, and more fun for the child.


This is particularly helpful for children with some additional needs, such as autism.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store here


FYSH UK 2018 Sunwear Collection.

February 2018

WestGroupe announce the launch of the 2018 FYSH UK sunwear collection. Boasting 9 new models, each available in 3 colorways, the 2018 sunwear collection cleverly mixes the latest eyewear trends with FYSH UK’s outstanding use of bright colors, unique patterns and innovative design elements. Exclusive acetates, metal detailing and hues reflecting the Pantone trends for the season highlight the new collection. Whether it is a cat-eye or a sleek aviator, every style ensures an eye-catching look that is as glamorous and original as the confident woman who wears it.

Gradient or glitter or…both!

Available in a wonderful color palette of tangerine honey, pecan blush and blue ocean, the flirty modified cat-eye shape of style F-2020 is accentuated by the gradient translucent acetate that creates a highlighted effect along the front of the frame.

A sexy, squared off cat-eye is brought to life with gradient glitter acetate in style F-2027. This exclusive acetate is cut down along the browline and the bridge for unique detailing. Sophisticated hues of rose shimmer, storm shimmer and sky shimmer increase the glamour quotient of this frame.

Leather details
FYSH 2021Styles F-2021 (l) and F-2022 give a modern twist to the classic aviator with sleek metal frames wrapped in genuine leather: a one-of-a-kind detail that adds a rock and roll edge to these styles highlighting the metal bridges and temples.

Both models feature textured temples and acetate temple tips. F-2021 features a single metal bridge and is available in brown boa gold, black boa gun and salmon rose gold, while style F-2022 stands out by a double metal bridge and is offered in brown boa gold, black boa gun and ivory gold.

Playing with metal details

The mixing of materials continues to be one of the hottest trends this season, both in fashion and eyewear.

FYSH 2023
Styles F-2023, F-2024 and F-2025 are combinations frames where the metal front is sandwiched between two acetate layers. F-2023 is a modified cat-eye that features a traditional metal bridge and is offered in patterned acetates in rich vibrant hues: black weave gun, peacock cobalt and peacock brown.

FYSH 2024Styles F-2024 and F-2025 stand out for the eye-catching metal detail showcased on the bridge, which creates an original double bridge effect. The oversized, squared off cat-eye shape of F-2024 is available in deep bright hues of black feather, brown feather and teal feather. F-2025 is a classic cat-eye shape with unique beautiful iridescent acetates with animal patterns in chameleon, leopard or snakeskin.

Cat-eye model F-2026 exhibits a tonal or contrasting metal inlay along the browline that continues to the temples, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

Featuring exclusive patterned acetates on the front and temple tips, this style is offered in black smoke as well as in two translucent options reflecting the popular crystal trend: crystal silver and crystal gold black.

To finish off this fabulous collection, model F-2028 is a squared off cat-eye shape frame constructed of rich pearlized acetate in three extremely polished colors of stone, ivory and midnight.

DIGITAL REALITIES, the latest designs from Mykita Mylon.

February 2018

Mykita MylonAbstract spaces inhabited by objects captured in fantastic detail under theatrical lighting– the new MYKITA MYLON campaign journeys into hyperreality.

Using entirely computer-generated imagery (CGI) the distinctive material, construction and texture of MYKITA MYLON is illustrated at a level of detail that goes beyond the possibilities of photography.

MYLON is made from fine polyamide powder fused into solid objects using a 3D printing technology called Selective Laser Sintering.

The fine powdery particles that make up the otherworldly backdrop in the campaign are also a nod to the MYLON material and method.

The MYKITA MYLON campaign was developed with Berlin interdisciplinary design studio Colors And The Kids (CATK).

KLiiK denmark January 2018 releases.

February 2018

Custom laminations, unique patterns, translucent colors and original finishes are some of the design elements that highlight the new KLiiK denmark collection. Inspired by Scandinavian design and key fashion influences, the KLiiK denmark collection is the perfect petite fit frame for men and women.

Two new styles for women that incorporate patterns with contrasting colors stand out.

Klik 602
The flattering subtle cat eye shape, style K-602 (l) is an authentic design masterpiece. Featured in custom acetates where two different acetates are laminated side by side on the front and temples to give a distinct look. Complete with a matte finish, each colorway has a different pattern to create a more understated, refined look. Available in tiger stripe and wood grain in oak black, walnut black and maple black.

K-606, a modified square shape in stainless steel, features a subtle, contemporary pad printed pattern on the lower part of the frame front, creating textured detail. The brow line coloration comes in tonal or contrasting colors which is offered in black teal, brown taupe, wine and blueberry.

There are two new releases for men in bold, masculine shapes and sporty detailing that are striking.

Klik 602Style K-603 (r) is a bold square shape frame balanced by a thin custom acetate made with side by side lamination technique seen on the front and temples.

To complete the look, a metal end cap gives a touch of sophistication. This style is available in blends of wood grain patterns in color combinations of walnut black, oak black and ebony black.

Klik 602

The modified square shape of style K-605(l) has a racing stripe detail along the bridge and the temples, which is achieved through precise laser etching technique, creating a sporty design element. This effortlessly contemporary frame comes in navy black, grey gun and black gun.

Klik 602
Unisex style K-604(r) features a vintage inspired squared off round shape, with a keyhole bridge and a 5 barrel rectangular hinge that shines through the translucent acetate at the end piece for a retro feel.

Available colors are translucent, understated and neutral color combinations that include sand smoke, grey smoke and turquoise smoke. Also available in the trendy crystal acetate.

BLACKFIN –spring/summer 2018 collection.

February 2018

Year Two of Phase Three (II – III) has been conceived to reach even further beyond Blackfin’s usual vision, with a spring/summer 2018 eyewear collection in which the retro futuristic concept blends into a contemporary balance of shapes that plough a new furrow in the personality of the brand.

The spectacle frames anticipate the new stylistic journey undertaken by the brand, a journey that will find its complete expression in the sunglass models created for the summer of 2018.

Blackfin 830
Alongside the new models that revisit the original Blackfin identity, a contemporary influence inspired by the most current of urban structures emerges in the two frames Bonita Bay BF830 (left) and Ocean Ridge BF831. Gleanings of modernist architecture take form in a special three-dimensional process producing rims with a triangular section emphasised by two-tone colouring.
The version for women Bonita Bay has a soft, slightly elongated silhouette defined by delicate and very feminine shadings such as white gold, raspberry pink or burgundy red.

The version for men, Ocean Ridge, on the other hand, has an ample square shape expressed in warm shades of black, blue, gunmetal grey or dark brown always teamed with a contrasting colour.

Blackfin 833
The perfect balance between the past and future can be seen in the two models Elliott Key BF833 (left) and Marrowstone BF832(below right), in which an iconic retro shape, the symbol of an intellectual, slightly bourgeois style, emblematic of a particular era, has now been redesigned using a sophisticated titanium production process in which the slab of titanium is milled on two levels to give the front a two-dimensional volume creating an original bas-relief effect on the top rim.


BF 832 from BlackfinThe result is a pair of frames that cleverly blend a 1950s-inspired design with a state-of-the-art construction technique capable of imbuing the frame with futuristic connotations: the perfect mix that is the essence of Blackfin.

In the model for women Elliott Key the top rim and temples are given emphasis by such pastel colours as ultraviolet – the 2018 Pantone colour – baby blue, yellow ochre, powder pink or ruby red teamed with a front in silver, dark grey or muddy brown.

The model for men Marrowstone features mainly a range of military colours, from black to opaque yellow, from military green to muddy brown, all with a front in polished or brushed silver and grey.

BF 824 from BlackfinThe range features the brand new Blackfin reading glasses: Lamar BF824, a frame without a top rim, its generous, sculpted lines accentuated by a choice of colours ranging from such classic shades as black, gunmetal grey and navy blue as well as livelier shades like ruby red and orange.

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin.

If the Made-in-Italy concept is a fixed point, neomadeinitaly is our strong point. Our heritage from the past and our respect for the beauty that surrounds us guide our code of ethics. All Blackfin eyewear is made of the purest titanium in the world using a production process that for us is a true ritual.

EVATIK January 2018 releases.

January 2018

Combining masculine styling with custom laminations, textured details and subtle colors, the new EVATIK releases provide a minimalistic, modern look that has an understated luxury. Drawing inspiration from European eyewear trends and architectural design elements, the new styles are sophisticated, capturing the true essence of distinct style.

E 9158

Model E-9158 features two different acetates where the front layer is pushed and pulled into the back acetate layer, creating a unique, one of a kind look. A straighter brow line gives a sporty style to this contemporary model that is offered in black/blue, brown stripe and black stripe.

E 9160
Stainless steel style E-9160 combines minimalistic design with classic masculine patterns.

Using precise laser etching, the gingham pattern is carved on the front of the frame. Architectural elements are incorporated on the temples that feature a stepped design to ensure uncompromising comfort without a spring hinge.

A subtle pop of color on the temples and inside of the frame adds the finishing touch. Available colors include navy/grey, black/cobalt and brown/olive.

Blitz Kidz from Norville.

January 2018

Three new flexible plastic frames, designed for babies and toddlers.

Blitz KidsFYSH


With crystal colour round eye, flexible rubber hinges and protective nose piece this frame is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Available in Blue and Pink and one eye size of 39-14-110.

Blitz KidsFYSH

Similar style to BK046 but with solid colour also available in Blue and Pink. The entire inner side of the frame is lined with soft rubber to protect against knocks. Available in 38–16–125 and 40-16-125

Blitz KidsFYSHBK047
Constructed from flexible plastic, this standard hinged frame offers a great alternative with metal pin detailing on the temple creating a more mature look. A choice of two colours Pink/Purple and Blue/White. Frame size 41-16-125

Norville offer complete glazed packages in both CR39 and Trivex

FYSH announces January 2018 releases

January 2018

Playing to its strengths of glamour and innovation, FYSH launches four new styles that perfectly combine the latest runway looks with the Pantone trends for the season. Capitalizing on the growing demand for mixed material frames, the new releases offer unique combinations of bright acetates with metal accents such as double metal bridges and metal inlays creating the perfect fit for today’s confident, professional woman.


Style F-3595
is a mono-block stainless steel frame with a unique square shape. It features a contrasting, double metal bridge that continues across the brow line and into the temples. Hand-painted colorations create a gradient effect that is sealed with a clear epoxy for a high gloss finish and stand out in black/gold, brown/gold, sapphire/silver and burgundy/black.


Flat metal front with a traditional eye rim for easy rx’ing, style F-3596 is laser engraved with a baroque inspired design on the end pieces and temples. Offered in tonal or contrasting colors, finished with a clear coat for a high shine finish. This frame comes in only a larger fit with colorations of black/gold, cobalt/silver, cherry/rose and teal/turquoise.


is a one-of-a-kind combination frame. The front features a double layer acetate where the top layer is in a solid color and is cut down to reveal the patterned acetate below it. Then, a metal inlay with a laser etched design frames the browline continued around the outside of the frame front creating textural depth. This style comes in a rich palette of purple, brown, teal and grey.


Style F-3598
is a semi rimless combination frame in four unique patterns that are achieved by metallic fibers embedded into the acetate. Delicately complimented by the metal temples plated in trending classic hues of gold and rose gold. Combinations are crystal/gold, crystal/black, crystal/white and crystal rose.

Perfect Pitch from Stepper for 2018.

January 2018

Stepper SI 95219

Creating a feminine rimless frame is a fine balancing act. Maintaining the subtle finesse of minimal eyewear, with its ‘vision-without-borders’ appeal, whilst responding to the desire for jewellery-like aesthetics, constructed from the most suitable materials is not easy.

Bring everything together harmoniously and you have perfection.

‘One such ‘perfect’ rimless frame is the SI-95219,’ states Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Ltd. ‘When a frame looks and feels as good as this (and also bears the STEPPER name), you know you have perfect eyewear.’

The SI-95219 is a sophisticated woman’s rimless frame that balances vision needs, attractiveness, lightness, fit and materials to match both the needs and desires of the wearer.

The appeal goes further. Every STEPPER frame is first designed around the contours of the face for fit and manufactured from lighter materials (in this case Beta-Titanium) with hypoallergenic properties – so the attractiveness is literally more than skin deep

The relationship between all these variables are drawn together in ideal measure with the SI-95219. To add individualised appeal to this frame, the colouring needs to match the taste and skin tone of the wearer. To accomplish this, this frame comes in a number of popular colourways.

‘The finesse of putting these elements together, the skill of understanding their relationship and the benefits each element offers the wearer is an artistry STEPPER has been refining for decades; it’s what we’re good at,’ concludes Peter.

Louis Stone announce new Scandinavian Brand. Just a teaser but it's on the way.

January 2018

Louis Stone Scandi Style

When we think of Scandinavian fashions, the first thing that comes to mind is modern and slick. The word 'light' also means a lot where this style is concerned. Anything delicate, discreet and understated would epitomise the trend and Britain views Northern European fashion as very forward-thinking, sometimes even a 'cut above', innovative style.

Companies from such countries have even now opened up branches and offices here in the UK in order to 'break' the market.

With particular attention to pastel colours and natural metals, what we personally enjoy about Scandi style is how many metal frames are accompanied by pastel-coloured tips at the end of their spectacle's temples.

In eyewear, Northern Europe has a strong association with high quality. After all, quality and reliability is expected in these countries for all health services, be it dental, medicinal or optical. The public are prepared to pay a premium price for these services, but in return have high expectations.

Quality goods that come to mind from such countries are also jewellery, cars, furniture (e.g. IKEA), etc. As with Scandinavian fashion, Louis Stone prides itself on high quality spectacle frames, cases and optical instruments.

Louis Stone is proud to announce that we will be releasing a high fashion, Scandinavian-inspired collection later in 2018.

Keep your eyes open for it - brand name currently under wraps and top secret! - Opchat will keep you informed as usual.

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