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Independent opticians to benefit from profit sharing initiative of bonus bonds

November 2010

Eyeplan Ltd, the leading provider of monthly payment eye care schemes in the UK, has introduced a Bonus Bonds system for its Eyeplan Associate Opticians. During October, Eyeplan Associates were officially awarded their first Bonus Bonds and more will follow over time.

The profit sharing initiative is a result of several years’ successful growth for the company and an increasing number of practices adopting the Eyeplan Business Model. Bonus Bonds have been awarded to those Eyeplan practices with 100 members or more and each has been registered to receive a certain number of bonds, depending on practice membership levels.

At the declaration of each Bonus Bond Dividend, a proportion of Eyeplan’s profits will be distributed amongst its registered practices. More bonds can be earned as membership levels grow and there is no limit on the frequency or value of the payment.

“The Bonus Bonds scheme was created by a desire to share in our success and enable Associates to benefit financially from Eyeplan’s continuing growth,” said Chris Clemence, Commercial Director at Eyeplan Ltd. “We are delighted to be able to reward Eyeplan Associates with this gesture and look forward to handing out more bonds over time.”

In addition, Eyeplan has also announced the introduction of discretionary Bonus Bond awards, which will not be linked to membership levels but instead be based on other contributions to the network, for example the recommendation of Eyeplan to another practice.

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