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Hoya launches 1.74 lens option with Eyvia

January 2011

Hoya EyviaEyvia, Hoya’s 1.74 hi-index lens option has just been released for freeform designs, targeted at patients with higher plus or minus powers and who want the very best cosmetic look.

The ultra thin and light lens provides crystal clear vision and is available for the same price as Hoya’s Eyry 1.70 lens material, for the equivalent lens designs–

“We are receiving high levels of interest from our customers for this premium new lens option,” said Steve Roberts, FBDO, Hoya Lens UK Product Manager.

Eyvia is only available with Hoya’s premium lens choices and the award winning Hi-Vision LongLife coating which offers the highest degree of scratch protection – “Top material, top designs and top coatings, Eyvia really is top of the lens tree,” added Steve.

Dispensing tools, including lens thickness mats, patient leaflets and display cards are available from Hoya

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