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Norville Group publishes new price list with valuable lens information

September 2012

The Norville Autumn 2012 new Rx price list is now available.  As an independent supplier Norville are free to search the world for lens designs and supply products that collectively comprise what Norville believe to be the most comprehensive medley of ophthalmic prescription lenses available anywhere.  This year’s edition covers 576 separate lens entries with an amazing 76 new since the 2011 edition.

Norville CatalogueAs previously Norville's unique compact listings format enables product, available range and pricing to be quickly assessed following through a logical sequence of lens material indices.  Listing an extensive range of extreme Rx availability in both minus and plus prescriptions across all indices.

Norville offer a comprehensive range of uncut, pre-edged and glazed in either traditionally surfaced format or free-form digital production, hard and multi-coated RF the majority of all products in-house UK manufactured.

Norville continue to offer a comprehensive range of glass (mineral lenses) in white, photochromic and fixed tints.  

A must have document for any serious optical dispensary.   Blank (unpriced) and retail priced versions calculated to individual practice formulae are available upon request.

Visit Norville's Lens Page on this site

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