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Jai Kudo promotes three new lenses and suggest “Best Practice Dispensing” for post cataract Pxs

New Entry Level progressive

Jai Kudo ProtekJai Kudo Introduce the NEW Protek 2020 Conventional Progressive Lens; an exceptionally priced, high quality Entry Level Progressive lens to suit all wearers. Protek 2020 is available in 1.5 Index (with all coating options) Short (17mm) and Regular (20mm).

Also Jai Kudo provides Guest article on Post Cataract vision care

Julian Wiles BA (Hons) Professional Relations Manager, Younger Optics provides his thoughts on dealing with post cataract patients.

Post op cataract patients all share two things in common; they have entrusted their eyesight to you and they will all suffer from glare as a result of a successful treatment plan.

Here are 3 steps which will guarantee generation of a profitable and sustainable new income stream:

1) Make sure that whoever books the appointment in the practice asks the cataract patient to bring their Rx sunglasses with them when they attend your clinic.

2) Explain the cataract/post op procedures fully and clearly advising the patient that after a period of a few weeks their sight will be clear, but that because the cataract has now been removed they will be acutely aware of harsh or discomforting glare. But not to worry because "we have a lens for that". At this point you ask to examine their existing Rx sun wear and if they do not have polarised lenses you recommend they consider a pair for their new prescription at some time in the near future.

3) Perhaps you can 'pre-appoint' them there and then and book them in for a return visit in 3-6 months at the same time and day (sending them a reminder!) and 'make them a second pair offer' immediately.

This simple 3 step process is perfectly in line with your core responsibilities and very easy to adopt in any practice.

Jai Kudo NupolarHe suggests that one lens, the NuPolar is designed specifically to block distracting & discomforting glare, providing relaxed vision, and offering 100% protection from UVA/UVB.

NuPolar, the world's number 1 polarising lens ( is available from Jai Kudo in SV, D28, EASY, ZENIX & SIGNATURE in brown (1.5 only), grey & green and in 1.5, 1.53 Trilogy, 1.59, 1.6 & 1.67. 

The advantages he states are: An all year round revenue opportunity, guaranteed consistent performance, not dependent on the sun shining, no stock needs to be held, Patients own frames can be used if suitable and all frame styles are glazeable thanks to Trilogy (Rimless, semi-rimless & wraps)

Jai Kudo announce “polycarbonate Drivewear”

Jai Kudo adds Polycarbonate Drivewear to their range of surfaced single vision, and Wideview EASY and ZENIX freeform progressives.

The human eye is a wonderfully designed instrument for collecting visual information. Drivewear's three different "stages" have all been designed to maximize the eye's natural abilities in each of the different light conditions encountered both outside in direct light and behind the windshield of a car, and this polycarbonate version is perfect for those looking for a rimless option!

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