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Rodenstock launches brand engraving for lenses

January 2013

Rodenstock has developed laser-based brand engraving for its customised lenses, providing customers with an effective sales and marketing tool to help drive sales.

Rodenstock branded lensThe brand mark – Rodenstock’s distinctive ‘R’ – is initially being trialled with selected opticians, who are already reporting positive feedback from end users.

“A brand engraving is psychologically important,” says one customer. “Nobody would buy a Rolls Royce without Emily, so it’s absolutely legitimate that Rodenstock marks its premium products.”

Thanks to revolutionary laser technology, the brand mark is invisible to the spectacles wearer but can be seen by anyone standing in front of them by reflecting light.

Rodenstock Lens Product Manager Debbie Bathgate says: “We wanted to create a visible, highly sophisticated proof of origin on our lenses that would clearly differentiate us from our competitors, using state-of-the-art laser technology for visibility without limitations in visual comfort.

“The branding is a guarantee of Rodenstock quality, and proof to end users that they have chosen the very best and are getting excellent value for money.

“More than 130 years of German precision engineering now comes with a signature, making it easy for opticians to sell high quality and high price with confidence. Our ultimate vision is for every Rodenstock branded lens to carry the ‘R’ mark!”

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