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An interview with Patrick Dempsey on Icons of Eyewear Design

What do you look for in good eyewear?
Style, comfort, fit on my face and quality of the lens; these things make a big difference if you’re in a car or on a plane, where you want to have protection from the sun. I look for a light frame and something stylish.

Patrick DempseyHow did you feel about eyewear you wore for the shoot?
I was amazed at how comfortable they are, lightweight and stylistic. They are really well made, have a really light frame, and are very comfortable.

Describe your own style?
I really love the classic lines and also modern designs, but at the same time, I like things that are comfortable.

I like something with a little edge but not too much of a statement in that the style is wearing you not the other way around. Fabric is a big thing for me, and the quality of the construction, and craftsmanship, that is really important to me. You really appreciate things more.

Does anybody influence you?
Yes and no. When someone has good style, you can clock them and see what it is about their style and what they project. Everybody has to listen to themselves and be honest about their style. I guess some people do and some people don’t.

Patrick DempseyLooking at design what do you look for?
Something that you can’t take your eyes off, that you look at over and over again and keep re-discovering; something that’s what I like. When you find something and it gets deeper and deeper every time you look.

How do you take a break from your schedule?
Well cycling, I really love cycling, it’s a great way for me to calm down and stay in shape, it’s a great meditation. Car racing’s another thing I love doing, what it does mentally and physically. It calms me down and forces me to be outside of my comfortable place it forces me to emotionally manage things going on in my life.

What things make life easier?
My iphone, everything’s on my iphone, my ipad. Technology is

How do you find balance?
I constantly struggle to find balance. You’re always trying to find a balance, and when things get out of balance you can feel that and you need to guide yourself back to finding balance. That’s life too, you learn a lot when you go over one side or the other. You appreciate the centre too!

What does “an icon” mean to you?
We were shooting with Peter today, he is iconic, his images; I was looking at his website and the images; they are classic images that capture a time, place, energy and feel like something that we immediately identify with.

For you, are there any icons in cinema or design?
Lots that I really admire, it’s hard to say just one, lots of people give me inspiration. It’s mainly the people who are just themselves. And do not allow other people or things to get in the way and make you feel too good or too bad.

Anything career-wise that you would love to achieve?
Yes, working with really good directors, like working with a great photographer, changes everything. The experience is easy, smooth, inspiring. I’d like to stay in that direction if I could; it really is who you work with. And the people around you make you feel like it’s such a collaborative medium, film and photography, and you really need the right people to work with. I think that’s what I’m going to keep doing.

For the shoot they wanted me to juggle: and I saw it as a great opportunity to capture something that’s important in my life; performing was the juggling. To be in a safe environment and just to allow your self to be honest, open and have someone to capture it.

Choose one big passion?
No I don’t think I could, there are several things that make it possible for me to exist and be happy getting old: activities such as cycling, car racing, family, all those make up my passions. I need to be doing all of them, without one thing I would be out of balance.

Are there any causes that you support?
Cancer. I think there is a strong need for people who are fighting cancer to have a centre that provides acupuncture therapy and helps them understand that they have a team around them. We are helping that person fight the disease and supporting them.

Silhouette interviewed Patrick Dempsey on the occasion of the Titan Minimal Art shooting – Silhouette’s icon of eyewear.

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