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The Trackograph

Kate McMahon, creator of Go With The Gobbies, talks about the theory behind how her system works and it's use for those with Visual Stress and Dyslexia and potential use in other clinical situations...

Based on the ‘pattern glare’ theory that the horizontal and vertical strokes of print set up a form of glare, the Trackograph for reading aims to overcome this by the ‘quietening’ effect of the coloured filters. Combining this with a laser tracking line contained in a window to reduce abnormal eye movements is the result of recent and up to date research using both scientific methods and observations. Discussions with those experiencing reading difficulties i.e. parents, teachers and the children themselves have reaffirmed these findings.

The story books are printed to co-ordinate with the Trackographs (which may be used with any print lay out) and are for all to enjoy.

Co-ordination difficulties (dyspraxia) often co-exist with dyslexia and modified fun-to-do-at-home sports vision exercises help here. These exercises are borrowed from a sports vision clinic run in conjunction with the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

The Trackograph aids are discrete and easy to use and help to teach about basic physics i.e. colour mixing (this also forms part of a co-ordination exercise!) This colour mixing allows for physiological changes over time and also takes account of different lighting conditions.

The Trackograph reading & writing aids are proving useful in other clinical situations i.e. for some cataract, AMD & stroke victims, also ME & MS sufferers.

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