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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, October to December 2017


Introducing the New CCS By Coco Song Collection
EVATIK Fall 2017 Collection
The Lightest Touch from Stepper for Men.
HOYA expands the Yuniku eyewear collection with new frame models and colours.
Louis Stone produces a frame for the Icy Trend of Crystal.

Introducing the New CCS By Coco Song Collection

October 2017

Natural Inspiration, Colour Experimentation and Transparent Elements:

Following on the wave of the extraordinary success enjoyed by the launch collection unveiled at Mido, Area98 is ready to welcome the new CCS by Coco Song collection for the FW 2017 season.

CCS 104 C 1Designed for young women with an eye on the latest trends, CCS by Coco Song takes some of the elements that have made Coco Song so successful – think silk, dried flowers and feathers – and reinterprets them to create fresh, light, easy-to-wear frames with sparse decoration and innovative colour choices. The oriental inspiration of the mother brand gives way to an explosion of contemporary energy which – through transparent, crystalline acetates and pearly colours – makes for a collection of modern, versatile accessories ideal for anyone wishing to stand out from the crowd courtesy of a hit of romantic femininity.

CCS 105 C06The new CCS by Coco Song collection includes two models, the CCS 104 (rt), with a round, slightly cat-eye shape, and the squarer CCS 105 (lt). The models are available in six different colour options. Three are more vivid, more intense, with multi-coloured flowers on the front sections and bright, silky colours on the temples. The remaining three are more understated, with elegant laminate feather and leaves in the acetates, which are presented in super-glamorous pastel shades. The result is a sophisticated, dynamic and lively collection, perfect for the under-35 female audience it has been designed for.

EVATIK Fall 2017 Collection

October 2017

Masculine styling, sophisticated patterns, textural details, and subtle pops of color provide a clean yet modern look to the new EVATIK Fall 2017 releases. Inspired by the latest eyewear trends, the new collection offers round and angular shapes with refined, contemporary design elements that cleverly combine uncompromised engineering with an understated sense of luxury to appeal to today’s modern man.

Evatik 9152Constructed from Mazzucchelli gradient acetate, EVATIK E-9152 features a retro eye shape inspired by 1970s styling.

The solid color along the brow blends harmoniously with a smoky pattern, creating textural depth; while the decorative rivets on the end piece adds detail to the clean design. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. E-9152 is available in dashing hues of Brown, Blue and Black.

Evatik 9153EVATIK E-9153 is clean and minimalistic thanks to a thin stainless steel profile and beveled edged brow, providing a timeless and light result. The intricate, textural temple finish is created by acid etching, which gives a luxurious feel to the frame. Carefully selected pops of color on the inside front and temples offer a contemporary and sporty aesthetic. E-9153 is available in sporty color combinations of Brown Orange, Navy Blue and Black Red.

Evatik 9154For those men looking to make a statement, EVATIK E-9154 fits the bill. Inspired by the fashion trend of contrasting patterns, a diamond etched pattern across the brow and temples seamlessly flow into a linear pattern for an updated and eye-catching, textured look. Both patterns are clean and precise thanks to state of the art laser cutting. Modern and masculine, E-9154 features a rectangular eye shape, 5-barrel hinges for a secure and lasting fit, and is offered in classic hues of Black Graphite, Brown Black and Navy Graphite.

Evatik 9155EVATIK E-9155 plays with acetate contrasts. The solid color along the brow and temple is coupled with a translucent bottom eye rim providing a bold and modern twist to the crystal trend seen all over the runways this season. The square shape and the dropped bridge create a downtown geek-chic look that will suit a variety of face shapes. The custom engraved OBE UNO flex hinge provides for a discreet logo. Available colors include Tort Crystal, Navy Crystal and Black Crystal.

Evatik 9156EVATIK E-9156 capitalizes on the continued popularity of round frames as well as the new-found demand for metals. Combining Japanese mono-block titanium front with beta titanium temples, E-9156 is strong, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and extremely lightweight. A laser cut split temple adds a subtle touch to an otherwise clean design while a custom titanium end cap on the temple tips is engraved with an “E”, providing a discreet logo. This modern take on a retro look is available in Black, Grey and Brown Taupe.

Evatik 9167Designed around a custom hinge, EVATIK E-9166 and E-9167(right) exude sleek sophistication. Fronts are constructed from a single block of stainless steel, eliminating the need for soldering and providing a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing design. A thin, pinstripe design is laser etched into the temples and the raised temple décor helps to highlight the custom hinge. Two-tone coloring ensures a high fashion look. E-9166 offers a modern twist on the timeless oversized aviator, an iconic design reminiscent of the 70’s that is making a big impact for the Fall/Winter season. The square, contoured shape has a step-down along the double brow bar, which is achieved through a precise laser etching technique, creating an interesting design element. Available colors include Black Red, Navy Black and Brown Black. E-9167 has a slightly more sporty appeal due to its rectangular eye shape, which provides an effortlessly masculine look. Navy Gun, Black Red and Grey Blue are the color options for this frame.

The Lightest Touch from Stepper for Men.

October 2017


In addition to the uninterrupted peripheral vision, STEPPPER believe the subtle sophistication of a minimalist rimless frame is a major factor in its popularity.

Yet, with any minimalist design it is the attention to detail where the design becomes a winner or a loser.

‘The skill of creating a successful minimalist rimless frame is in the precision of its execution and its delight is in the detail,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Ltd. ‘For example, at first glance SI-83408 looks as though it might not have a hinge. But a closer look reveals a discreet hinge which allows the frame to be folded, when not in use, as a conventional frame.’


Super-fine, elegant lines belie the strength and durability of this frame; constructed almost entirely from Beta Titanium. This super-light (the frame weighs just 4.6g) and durable material is a logical choice, but not without its challenges.

Beta Titanium has the strength, lightness and hypoallergenic qualities of Titanium and adds an almost ‘plastic’ flexibility. However, like Titanium, Beta Titanium is notoriously difficult to manufacture and, although Titanium is already a very expensive material, Beta Titanium is considerably more expensive still.

A subtle ‘honeycomb’ relief can be seen on the temple, creating texture to the otherwise simple form. This detail is created by pressing the metal under immense pressure.

With the application of STEPPER’s creativity and manufacturing processes, the resulting frame’s sublime looks are clean and simple. ‘What is clear is the popularity of this frame,’ continues Peter. ‘Since its launch the SI-83408 has become one of our best sellers,’ continued Peter.

The SI-83408 is available in Gold, Gun-Metal and Burgundy colours.

HOYA expands the Yuniku eyewear collection with new frame models and colours.

October 2017

Yuniku frames from HoyaHOYA Vision Care Company, a key player in the global market for ophthalmic lenses, and Materialise, a leading provider of advanced 3D printing solutions, are pleased to announce the addition of four new frame models and two new colours to the Yuniku eyewear collection.



Yuniku frames from HoyaAn infusion of fuchsia and aubergine throughout highlights the feminine in each of us in a strong or subtle setting.

The signature minimalistic style continues in the new shapes and fluent lines of the frames. The Yuniku14 and Yuniku15 models exude female elegance, whereas Yuniku13 flatters both male and female wearers in a sleek yet understated way. The collection now consists of 15 timeless designs.

Yuniku frames from Hoya

The Cabrio collection by Hoet, which was added to the Yuniku base collection in February 2017, has been expanded with the DS9 model.

The perforations just above the nose bridge and on the arms and the sloping transition from the front to the temple can only be achieved with 3D laser-printing technology.

The cavity in which the spring hinge is mounted is also created during the printing process, making this seemingly simple pair of spectacles both technically advanced and unique in its category. The collection now consists of 7 eyeframes.

Launched to wide acclaim at Silmo 2016, Yuniku represents a breakthrough in the optical industry because it transforms the way lenses are prescribed. Traditionally, the selected frame and its position of wear were a given. The lens design could only be optimised and customised within the limitations these posed, with potentially adverse effects on vision – a frame-centric approach.

Yuniku, by contrast, uses a vision-centric approach. It takes into account the customer’s facial features and visual requirements, and calculates the ideal position of wear for optimal visual performance. The selected frame is then 3D printed based on these individual parameters. This approach enables eyewear that is perfectly tailored to the visual and aesthetic needs of the customer, without compromising on style or fit.

Louis Stone produces a frame for the Icy Trend of Crystal.

October 2017

Key style trend for Spring Summer 2018:

ICY frame from Louis StoneLouis Stone noticed an influx of crystal/transparent frames from top designers at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. Speakers also discussed simplifying design and going back to their roots, which inspired the crystal trend that we'll be a part of come next year.

Trends showed large, square plastics, maintaining that geek chic effect in a more discreet direction.

Mentions have also been made towards a move away from acetates and towards metals in 2018.


Crystal clear just like our crystal black shot frame (pictured) which embraces this trend but maintains a classic touch with its ebony black temples.

When it comes to size? Go large or go home!

Frame colours show contrasting colours between frame rims and temples, raised edges, texture, patterns.

Crystal frames are available from Louis Stone, spectacle frame, case and optical instrument distributor established in 1950.


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