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Opchat LogoApril 14th to the 16th 2018.

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2018 Optrafair Preview pages, what to see and try and where to see it!


Eyeplan launches Eyeplan Medical for independent practices
Grafton Optical announce the Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018
Join the networking buzz at the Independent's Lounge
Scope Promotes lecture:
Heidelberg in Action
Specsaver in action over all 3 days
Eyeplan to explain its plan for audiology.
Diopsys for Early detection and enhanced patient management
Rayovac to showcase cutting-edge technologies and business building opportunities at Optrafair<br> Mainline Optical Connections Ltd
Aspectus UK to showcase Science Based Health Range
Easyscan demonstrate why SLO scanning is a leap forward from outdated white light photography.
Optos products will help put your patients in the picture at Optrafair 2018

Eyeplan launches Eyeplan Medical for independent practices

New scheme for ophthalmology led outpatient services

Stand A34

EyeplanEyeplan Ltd, the leading provider of monthly payment eye care schemes in the UK, has announced the launch of Eyeplan Medical. Designed to monitor and diagnose chronic eye conditions, the new scheme gives patients the option to be treated by their local Optometrist without the need to visit hospital and endure long waiting lists.

Eyeplan Medical was developed in partnership with ophthalmology provider Evolutio.

Eyeplan Medical has been created to care for those patients with non-surgical and non-sight threatening conditions in a clinically managed governance framework.

The service is delivered through telemedicine and a panel of ophthalmologists via a software platform known as e-connect, enabling Optometrists to join the scheme without Independent Prescribing or advance Glaucoma certification.

For the practice, it is yet another service that can be offered to patients to build loyalty, differentiate the practice from its high street competition and generate financial returns through contracted income.

“Eyeplan is always looking for new ways in which independent optical practices can offer improved service and better value in return for greater rewards for their practices,” said Chris Clemence, Commercial Director at Eyeplan Ltd. “Eyeplan Medical will enable patients to take back control of their eye care, closer to home with an eye care professional they know and trust. For practices, the new scheme will offer greater differentiation in the level of care they can offer and create a deeper and even more loyal relationship with their patients.”

If you would like to learn more about Eyeplan Medical, Eyeplan will be exhibiting at Optrafair on Stand A34.

Grafton Optical announce the Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018

Stand C54

The Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018 on stand C54.

The Centre will showcase Grafton’s growing portfolio of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treament products and devices. It will provide a one-stop-shop for optometrsists and ophthalmologists wishing to offer their clients a specialist Dry Eye service.

Dry Eye disease is increasingly gaining momentum, both in its reported prevalence and its coverage in the industry media. More and more practices are now diversifying to incorporate services to diagnose, treat and manage the disease as they learn the significant benefits not only to their patients but also to their income. The Grafton range of products provide a lucrative revenue stream for practices, providing diagnosis and treatment to sufferers of this growing condition which accounts for at least 30% of a practices patient demographic.

Visitors to the Dry Eye Centre will gain first hand experience of Grafton’s exciting range of products. This will including new diagnostic product releases the SBM Sistemi Ocular Surface Analyser and the i-Pen Tear Film Osmolarity System by i-Med Pharma, as well as the E-Eye IRPL® therapy device.

To find out more, book an appointment with one of the Grafton product experts in the Dry Eye Centre at Optrafair or drop by to check out whats on offer on stand C54.

i-Pen Tear Film Osmolarity System by i-Med Pharma

The new standard for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease

I-PEN® is the world’s first, hand-held, point-of-care, solid state electronic diagnostic device to detect and indirectly measure the elevated tear film osmolarity levels associated with mild, moderate and severe Dry Eye Disease.

• Quantitative measurement of osmolarity

• Affordable point-of-care test

• Quick and simple to use (takes less than 5 seconds per eye)

• Reproducible, accurate and reliable results

• Uses Single-Use-Sensors (SUS)

The I-PEN® Osmolarity System is a solid state electronic diagnostic device for the quantitative measurement of osmolarity (concentration of dissolved salts in solution) of human tears in normal and Dry Eye Disease patients.

The I-PEN® is designed for use as an in-practice screening device both for patients presenting with dry eye symptoms and for all pre-and post-surgical patients.

In addition, the I-PEN® is an invaluable asset for monitoring the progress of dry eye treatment therapies. The I-PEN® is for professional in-vivo diagnostic use only.

Ocular Surface Analyser by SBM Sistemi

The Ocular Surface Analyser (OSA) offers a full assessment of the ocular surface through a combination of tests for dry eye diagnosis, from tear break up time to the tear volume production test. It allows the analysis of the Meibomian glands, as well as various measurements and classifications according to a number of international grading scales.

The OSA easily and efficiently integrates complex examinations such as meibography and tear film interferometry screening.
Dry Eye is commonly caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). OSA shows the morphological changes in the glandular tissue and the system analysis of images obtained through the sensitive infrared camera (NIR) allows guided evaluation of:

• The presence and distribution of the Meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids

• The extension of the area with normal glands

• The percentage of the areas with or without altered glands

• The “absent” and “present” areas of different colour

Meibography, viewing the glands through trans-illumination of the eyelid with infrared light, allows the user to evaluate the morphology and drop out of the Meibomian Glands and to make an accurate MGD diagnosis.

The integrated software allows the user to analyse the functional and non-functional areas, and to evaluate the extension of the affected areas.

OSA provides complex lacrimal analysis that allows quick and detailed structural research of the tear composition. OSA makes it possible to identify the patient’s type of dry eye disease and determine which deficient layers (lipid, aqueous or mucin) should be treated.

Visit the PHN Grafton pages and go see our Opchat supporters at Optrafair.

Join the networking buzz at the Independent's Lounge

The Independents' Lounge at Optrafair is a new feature area, sponsored by National Eyecare Group (NEG) and supported by Lloyds Bank, Specs network and VSP.

In the lounge, you will able to have a free drink, network with like minded professionals and speak with a number of industry experts.

Scope Promotes lecture:

Tears to tell

Stand D15

Uncover disease prevalence and consider case overviews to gain a greater understanding of how a best practice Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) diagnosis protocol can benefit you clinically. 3 Interactive

CET points 1 Hour

Speakers: Ros Mussa and Nick Howard

Where: Scope Stand D15

When: 14th, 15th and 16th April 2018

3 Workshops Every Day! 11:00, 13.00 and 15.00

Heidelberg in Action

Stand D15

Advanced Glaucoma

Heidelberg Engineering has an action-packed programme of education at Optrafair! Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians can earn up to 8 interactive CET points across the three days.

All essential areas of OCT will be covered including a crash course in anatomy and physiology, retinal pathology and glaucoma.

Every interactive course features the unique “OCT LIVE” concept - live demonstrations of scanning techniques and pathology on the big screen.

In addition to the CET, there will be 30 minute “Meet the Experts” sessions where you can learn more about OCT technology from the highly skilled Heidelberg Engineering team.

There are a wide range of topics to choose from including Multi-modal Imaging and Practice Marketing and OCT.

Visit D15 for Complimentary CET Workshops

Specsavers in action over all 3 days

Specsavers is once again offering access to its world-class CET programme, with all-new 2018 content across 16 CET points at optrafair, including interactive points.

Topics include:

• Glaucoma decision-making

• Assessing the urgency of referrals


• Oculoplastics

• Paediatrics

• Managing cases of visual loss and contact lens complications

Sessions will run over three days on Specsavers stand C10 in a specially-designed mini auditorium that seats 60 people - Places are filling fast!

View full programme to book sessions

Paul Morris, director of professional advancement says: ‘This is an exciting programme of cutting-edge clinical and dispensing practice, to support optical practitioners, regardless of who they work for. Our enhanced optical services professionals will give some insight into the quality of development that is available to specsavers optometry teams.’

The dream partnership - Optometry and Ophthalmology Sunday 15 April, 14:00 - 15:00

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical director, Nigel Kirkpatrick, consultant ophthalmologist, Darshak Shah, Newmedica managing director

This lecture will cover how the 'dream partnership' of ophthalmologists and optometrists working together closely is today's reality, ensuring greater access to high-quality community eye care. Book now!


Stand F20 to meet the Ocuco Team

Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions

James Loughman presenting for OcucoOptrafair 2018 is just around the corner and Ocuco Clinical and Research Director, Prof. James Loughman, PhD FAOI is returning to the CET Theatre to present his lecture - Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions.

Examining the rampant increase of myopia worldwide and how it relates to other widespread health concerns, particularly the far more prominent and universally recognised obesity crisis.

Ocuco is delighted to participate in the CET Presentations once again, with Prof. Loughman’s lecture taking prominence as the first in this year’s CET Theatre line-up on Saturday the 14th of April 2018 09:30-10:30 at the NEC in Birmingham.

This CET piece is approved for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians and is worth one interactive CET point.

“Today, we are seeing epidemic-like increases in conditions that would not classically be termed a disease, but which increase the risks of a range of other diseases. Obesity and myopia provide a classic representation of truly modern epidemics. The aim of this presentation is to compare these two global epidemics, myopia and obesity, in terms of the epidemiological patterns, causes, effects and global public health response to both conditions.” – Prof. James Loughman

Professor Loughman is an Optometrist with more than 20 years of clinical, academic, research and management experience; he has published over seventy scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed journals, over one-hundred peer-reviewed abstracts, numerous scientific letters and commissioned articles.

Ocuco’s Clinical and Research Director since 2016, Prof. Loughman is also the Director of the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), a research lab based in the Dublin Institute of Technology, and is Director and National Chair of Optometry Giving Sight, an Irish registered charity he established in 2009.

Visit the Ocuco team at Optrafair Stand F20. Click here to book an appointment

Eyeplan to explain its plan for audiology.

Stand A34

New scheme to benefit practices offering hearing services

Eyeplan Ltd, the leading provider of monthly payment eye care schemes in the UK, has announced the launch of Hearingplan, a new scheme for independent practices that wish to offer audiology services. Hearingplan will enable practices to offer monthly payment hearing plan schemes, whereby patients pay a small monthly fee in exchange for a suite of benefits.

As in the optical market, practices offering audiology services have historically had to rely on cross-charging to provide hearing care services. Hearingplan, a dedicated hearing care scheme, seeks to address this. This means that audiologists will have the freedom to provide a high level of clinical care, and their patients will have access to regular care and hearing aids at an affordable price.

“There is a growing interest in the market for practices to offer additional services, such as audiology, if they have the space and time to do so. Hearingplan has been designed to support those practices,” said Chris Clemence, Commercial Director at Eyeplan Ltd. “Eyeplan has been successfully working with independent Opticians since 1998. In that time, we have helped many practices to generate significant practice revenues from contracted monthly income and we are delighted to be bringing our expertise in this field to the audiology market.”

Hearingplan, Eyeplan will be exhibited at Optrafair on Stand A34.

Diopsys for Early detection and enhanced patient management


Stand D52

Do you diagnose and manage glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or optic neuritis? Newly available Diopsys® modern visual electrophysiology can help.*

Practice-based eye care specialists are now able to obtain objective, functional information to help detect disease earlier and enhance patient management.

• Easily integrated into practice flow

• Clear, intuitive reports use documented reference ranges

• Comfortable and convenient lid sensors

• Compact, table-top device

As the world leader in modern visual electrophysiology, Diopsys, Inc. has done more than any other company to advance the use of electroretinography (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) in the eye care practice.

Results from these tests are not just for rare diseases, but also for the management of more common disorders like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal concerns obscured by media opacities, and optic neuritis.*

See for yourself at Optrafair Stand D52 or visit

*References on file with Diopsys.

Visit the Diopsys PHN page on the suppliers guide with links to relevent information.

Rayovac to showcase cutting-edge technologies and business building opportunities at Optrafair

Look for the Auidiology Section


World leading hearing aid battery manufacturer* Rayovac, is set to showcase its high performance batteries and business building opportunities for opticians at this year’s Optrafair.

Rayovac is exhibiting at the event for the first time, as the show hosts a dedicated audiology section, where opticians looking to branch out into the audiology sector can receive help and support on the ground.

The company, a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., has been a trusted partner for the optical industry for a number of years and will showcase its exclusive ProLine range at Optrafair, which takes place at Birmingham NEC between 14 and 16 April.

It will welcome hundreds of visitors to its stand where the dedicated Rayovac team will be on hand to offer support and advice, demonstrating the enhanced Rayovac ProLine Excellence Club and its many business building benefits, including point of sale materials, digital assets, promotional offers and customised multipacks, with the option to show a company’s unique branding on the packs.

Alongside this, Rayovac will showcase its latest Active Core Technology, which offers hearing aid users longer lasting, high quality performance throughout the life of the battery. Rayovac offers Active Core Technology as standard with its ProLine range of batteries.

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Director of Marketing at Rayovac, said: “There are great synergies between the audiology and optical sectors and huge potential for opticians to branch out into audiology.

ACT Cell“We’re delighted to be exhibiting at Optrafair for the first time and our team is looking forward to talking to delegates on the ground about our latest ProLine upgrades and breakthrough Active Core Technology. (right)

“Rayovac is committed to adding value to customers and our focus is on the range of opportunities we can offer above and beyond our batteries. We know that hearing aid batteries are a really important part of the services businesses are able to offer their patients and as with audiologists, the Rayovac ProLine Excellence Club can be used by opticians to encourage repeat business and offer a wide range of tools to really maximise battery sales.”

Rayovac is running a special on-stand promotion at the show for all customers interested in purchasing an opticians starter pack. The pack comes complete with a range of ProLine battery packs and a display stand to support opticians branching out into the audiology sector. With the pack, opticians will also be able to access the unique business building tools on offer through the Rayovac ProLine Excellence Club. There will also be an exciting prize draw available for visitors to the stand.

The 2018 upgraded Rayovac ProLine programme has also been strengthened digitally with new digital assets, including advertising and newsletter templates and a social media programme.

Members also benefit from a dedicated web portal, benchmarking tool to calculate potential business growth and a member’s only area of the site with downloadable materials, videos, online ordering and a virtual practice, highlighting point of sales tips to boost battery sales and use space effectively.

Mainline Optical Connections Ltd

Stand G74

HPE 410 Edger
At Optrafair 2018 we will be showcasing our Huvitz glazing equipment, including our NEW HPE-410 Edger, make sure you stop by our stand G74 near the catwalk to have a look! (left)

The machine combines amazing speed and solid stability.

It has an integrated tracer and has an easy to use touch screen interface, the edger also boasts an adaptive chuck for best surface contact on the rear of the lens. The variable clamp pressure control and one touch super-hydrophobic mode makes edging easy.

To find out more please visit our website or book an appointment with us at the show and chat to one of our friendly edger team!

UFO Fog SecurityWe will also be launching UFO, the first plug and play fog security system designed to stop thieves in their tracks.

MLM 6500 Lensmeter

Our MLM6500 Lensmeter (left) will also be on show with the latest technology at an affordable price, with 2 amazing offers available of either 0% Interest Free or a Free Coffee machine!

Chemistrie We will be sharing our popular Chemistrie magnetic lens layering system with all our visitors. (right)

This bespoke option can be added to virtually any frame or lens type at the point of sale or retrospectively. The lens layering system goes beyond the everyday clip-on offering polarised lenses in 24 colours, reader lenses, blue light blocking lenses all made to a high ophthalmic standard.

Mainline will be demonstrating how easy this product is to add to your portfolio setting you apart from the competition.

We have a limited number of sample Chemistrie to make up and give away, so make sure you drop by to find out more!

All of our products are supported by our unrivalled service and support.

For appointments on the stand regarding any of our products please contact: Ruth Watt at or 01377 257752


Stand B16

Birmingham Optical's vision is to provide practices with technology and expertise to offer customers the very best experience. The team are passionate about ensuring you experience technology to suit you and their extensive portfolio allows them to do this with confidence.

As the exclusive distributor for leading brands including NIDEK and Oculus, along with Keeler and Frastema, Birmingham Optical's portfolio is guaranteed to give you easy, fast and accurate results with patient experience as the focus of everything they do.

The team includes Optometrists, Dispensing Optometrists and Contact Lens Optometrists all of whom have worked in a retail environment, and are in a great position to support your business.

Birmingham Optical will be providing on-stand CET during all 3 days of Optrafair on Stand B16:

• OCT: Let's start from the beginning
Jason Higginbotham - 1 CET Point

• Dry Eye and the K5
Caroline Christie - 1 CET Point

• Myopia: Causes and 'Cures'
Manbir Nagra - 1 CET Point

• Who's Complaining? A review of some fitness to practise cases.
Peter Charlesworth - 3 CET Points

• Education, Education, Education: your diabetic patient and you
Claire Mallon - 1 CET Point

• Red Eye-Aspects of diagnosis and management
Anna Kwartz and Steve Parrish - 3 CET Points

Optrafair will bring together an entire community of practitioners, suppliers and educators to help eye care professionals expand their knowledge through CET, groundbreaking new products and services to grow their businesses.

REGISTER NOW to stay ahead of the developments leading up to the show!

Aspectus UK to showcase Science Based Health Range.

Stand A17

Aspectus U.K. Limited is delighted to be showcasing the ScienceBased Health range of nutraceuticals at Optrafair 2018!

ScienceBased Health (SBH) develops evidence-based nutraceuticals specialised in eye health.



The company was founded in 1997 by a group of forward-thinking ophthalmologists and optometrists who discovered an overwhelming level of consumer interest in wellness and prevention, a great deal of confusion in the marketplace, and increasing clinical evidence supporting the role of nutrition in promoting good health and well-being.

As many were looking to their doctors for guidance in the area of prevention and wellness, SBH focused on supporting eyecare practitioners with credible information and scientifically sound nutritional products that they confidently recommend to their patients.



Since its founding, SBH has been committed to enhancing the level of patient care through product innovation, leadership, education and support.

These superb quality supplements have been developed specifically for conditions such as:

Dry Eye (HydroEye),
Macular Degeneration (MacularProtect Complete AREDS2,
MacularProtect AREDS2 and MacularProtect Complete AREDS2 Drink Mix),
Glaucoma (Optic Nerve Formula)
General Eye health (DiaVis, OcularEssentials, OcularProtect, OmegaAdvance).

Come and visit us at stand A17
to discover for yourself, just how this extensive range of nutraceuticals can help your patients and your practice!

For appointments on the stand contact: David Stevens at

Optos products will help put your patients in the picture at Optrafair 2018



Being able to offer your patients a comprehensive eye examination using state-of-the-art technology can add huge value to your optometry business, and leading supplier Optos is looking forward to showcasing the benefits of its Daytona plus machine at this year’s Optrafair.

The industry-leading model offers high-resolution ultra-wide field retinal imaging of more than 80% or 200 degrees of the retina in a single capture.

Visitors to Optrafair will be able to see at first hand the quality of the images produced and will be able to discuss its impact on practices up and down the country.

A range of ‘meet the expert’ sessions will take place, giving delegates an opportunity to hear from optometrists and practice managers who will give their advice on how to maximise the technology and use it in an everyday setting.

Ebru Hamilton, international marketing manager for Optos, said: “Optometrists want to hear from other optometrists, so that’s what we’re doing. The ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions will allow visitors to hear from their peers who have taken the decision to invest in a ultra-widefield technology and discover what a difference it has made to both their patients and their business.

“Optrafair is always a key event for us. It has an exceptional reputation and it’s one of our busiest weekends of the year. The show brings together a wide range of exhibitors and delegates and you know the people there are there to buy. Everyone we speak to is a potential customer.

“We will be taking the full team down to the NEC and we will be previewing the very latest updates to our review software, showing off a number of new features to make the whole 200 degree retinal imaging experience even better for our customers.

“Peer review sessions will be held on the stand over the weekend and we will have a real focus on education with a number of CET sessions.

“Buying a Daytona plus device is a big leap of faith so we want to give our potential customers the confidence they need to make that call. We will offer sessions on how to integrate the technology into your practice, resources to help you evaluate and get second opinions on pathology, staff training, as well advice on how to market the technology to patients.”

Easyscan demonstrate why SLO scanning is a leap forward from outdated white light photography.

Stand C15

Easyscan SLOEasyscan had a very successful reception to the Live Demonstrations of the SLO Retinal Imaging Scanner providing tomographic imagery on the Grafton Stand who distribute in the UK.

Easyscan received orders on each day for their retinal imager and it is evident that like the US and European markets there has finally been an understanding that SLO confocal technology, fast and accurate through undilated eyes is a step change from white light fundus photography of old providing so much more retinal layer detail and yet simple to use on everyone screening.

Pictured by the Easyscan is Grafton’s MD, Brian Bowles who said

“The EasyScan SLO offers significant benefits for the smart practice owner. Our visitors are positively surprised by the high contrast images taken here at the booth without dilation!”

In their live demos on a one to one basis they even found an unknown retinal defect. Simple, inform customer and send images to their smart phone for them to self-refer on their return.

Jenson C2 by Eyespace


Also pictured above are some of the happy new owners of the Easyscan.

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