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Optrafair, The Blue Light Debate and the results of your own Big Blue Light Survey
Optrafair celebrated 40 years in style, one week on we reflect on its successes.
Optrafair, Bright and Buzzy for 2018
CET points galore for optical practitioners on Specsavers Optrafair stand
Specsavers say at Optrafair Lecture, “Dream partnership is the aim to make eyecare better”
American Academy 2018 San Antonio Education Program Announced
Regional Sales Manager win exhibitors draw at Ocuco
Essilor unveils new products and equipment at Innovations Conference on the day before Optrafair
ABDO announces new National Resource Centre in Birmingham
Grafton Optical announce the Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018 on stand C54
Essilor Innovation roadshow takes to the road
Just 10 days to go to Optrafair 2018 at the NEC and here's a roundup of the exciting events taking place.
Read archived stories from 2018 frst quarter.

Optrafair, The Blue Light Debate and the results of your own Big Blue Light Survey

April 2018

Blue Light Risk or Not
Professor John Marshall introduced the debate, to a large audience at the CET Theatre who were keen to know the current thoughts on Blue Light and from an invited a panel of experts including James Wolffsohn, Mike Kilpartrick to provide their opinions.

The main point made on the day was that the lack of evidence-based information on blue light damage to eyes was due to the difficulty in collecting such evidence over a long period of time and the difficulty creating control groups.

It was however evident that light damages all cells over time in humans and in nature and household products with light exposure.

Popular press has created false diversions that have clouded the issues. Forget the worry about light emissions from hand held technology this is minimal in output but do consider the overall light conditions that modern day man is subjected to compared to only 10 years ago.

Professor Marshall explained that interestingly in infancy we have some amount of blue light defence inbuilt in the eye and we certainly have no requirement for blue light given we have no blue light receptors at the fovea.

There are many studies that show levels of damage that light within the blue light wavelengths can do at the cellular level so if we do not need blue light up to 460nm for good vision why take the risk, why not just remove it?

It was pointed out there was no evidence-based information that would require IOLs to have blue light protection but almost all ophthalmologists fit them as a matter of rule.

A lifetime of light exposure now with the added risk of LED lights and our extended waking day will require regular and natural repair of photoreceptors.

Just as our body repairs our skin cells approximately every 7 days so does the retina attempt to repair photo receptors. The subtle difference being that our skin cells after repair can remove the debris and waste products, that is not possible for the retina.

The waste products from retinal cell damage are trapped and it is these that may well trigger early signs of damage and eventually AMD.

The audience was asked if they had a choice in IOL replacement following a cataract operation would they opt for a standard or blue light IOL?  Almost all opted for the protected IOL. (Without Evidence Based Research to sway them!)

Overall, whether following the College and ABDO Line was seen as a pressure, or a lack of evidence or knowledge by those attending the debate, they when asked for a view were almost divided on the issue down the middle.

Our Big Blue Survey reflects this confusion that reigns within the professions

Big Blue Light Survey Q5

The results have been collated following the end of the survey on April 9th just before Optrafair.

2/3rds of the responses came from Optometrists and the main balance from Dispensing Opticians. 7% from industry and less than 2% from academia.

Only 37% of respondents admitted that patients brought up the notion of blue light.

A slight majority believes as a profession we do not do enough to protect our patients from blue light but a significant number 26% did not know the answer. Demonstrating a lack of knowledge about the subject.

This was confirmed by over 60% of respondents believing the public need more information on blue light risks.

Almost half the replies did not know if AMD has any link with Blue Light, but of those who have an opinion, 1/3rd believe a link exists.

A majority of all replying believe that discussing blue light is part of an Opticians’ Duty of Care.

Large Hunger for more education on the subject

One conundrum produced by the survey shows that whilst the majority are unhappy with the level of education on blue light science, it also shows that a similar majority feels competent to explain the problem to patients.

Over ¾ of respondents would welcome more educational content on blue light from industry.

You can see the full survey details along with answers to open ended questions here.


There is an overwhelming view that Blue Light is likely to prove harm, but full evidence-based information is not yet available and is in truth unlikely to become available before many will have suffered from over exposure to blue light if proven.

The current guidance from the College and ABDO is regarded as unhelpful. There needs to be a middle ground where a cautious approach in safeguarding patients from over exposure to Blue Light is regarded as the sane option.At the very least all patients should be givn the option to protect themselves.

This more interactive position of informed protection backed by better education about light exposure between 420-460 nm thus allowing 470nm levels to maintain the melatonin balance would allow professionals to provide an educated opinion without false barriers imposed by professional bodies with no more knowledge than others.

Our Briefing Document continues to grow with other International Reports on damage to the eye and links to AMD. Click here to read about the continuing debate. Know of other facts then join the dabate and email

A respondent has been chosen randomly to receive £100 in JLP vouchers that will be dispatched shortly.

Optrafair celebrated 40 years in style, one week on we reflect on its successes.

April 2018

Over 7,000 optical professionals attended Optrafair’s spectacular 40th anniversary event this year, held at the NEC in Birmingham from 14th – 16th April.

Visitors flocked in as the doors opened to the public, eager to explore a show floor filled with over 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest in optical technology, frames, lenses and business solutions.

Education has always been a key focus at Optrafair, and this year the event boasted three theatres of packed-out educational CET sessions and gave attendees the chance to earn even more CET points on stands with exhibitors whilst getting hands-on with the latest technology.

Optrafair certainly celebrated its 40th anniversary in style, hosting a myriad of new features that made it bigger, better and brighter than ever.

FMO chief executive, Bryony Pawinska said: ‘The FMO and MA Exhibitions have invested heavily in developing a modern trade show that meets the needs of all exhibitors so that visitors can come to one place to see everything that is new in optical and ophthalmological technology as well as the latest lenses and frames.’

Optrafair CatwalkNew to 2018, the Spectrum Catwalk delighted crowds of visitors as models showcased the latest on-trend fashion frames in a lively, professionally choreographed show. Nicky Clement, marketing manager for Eyespace said: ‘The catwalk has been a fantastic addition to this year’s show; dynamic, fun and an amazing visual platform for us to showcase our latest designs. The frames and our Video Lookbooks looked absolutely incredible projected onto the super-size screen!’

In response to feedback from the 2017 show, this year Optrafair presented the BCLA Contact Lens Hub to accommodate the ever-growing interest in contact lens content and products. The British Contact Lens Association were on hand all day to field questions about contact lenses and dry-eye management, as well as hosting a series of CET-filled peer-review sessions.

Business  Theatre at Optrafair
More support was provided for independent opticians in 2018, with the exclusive Independents’ Lounge sponsored by National Eyecare Group, providing a place to network and exchange knowledge with peers and meet with a select number of industry experts. Independent Opticians were also greeted with exclusive deals from many exhibitors.

Networking opportunities expanded out onto the show floor as the open-access FMO Bar hosted live music and a Happy Hour on each of the show days.

Visitors and exhibitors alike enjoyed catching up in a more informal and relaxed setting.

CET Theatre at Optrafair
Ed Tranter, managing director of MA Exhibitions said: ‘We’ve been delighted with the response to the event. It’s been another big step forward following on from the success of last year.

Developments for 2019 are already well underway, as we look to build on this momentum. Optrafair is already the biggest education exhibition in the UK, so I was particularly pleased with the advances on the fashion side of the show’.
Tranter continued: ‘the catwalk routines were so good, that we couldn’t resist getting the MAX team up there after the show shut…the best thing I can say about that is, A for effort!’

By the end of the third day, over 70% of the show floor for the 2019 event was already sold. Make sure to not to miss next year’s show; Optrafair returns to the NEC from the 30 March – 1

Optrafair, Bright and Buzzy for 2018

April 2018

Optrafair 2018 opened its doors at the NEC in Birmingham at 9 am on Saturday 14 April to a record number of visitors. The weather augured well, with a beautiful warm Spring day greeting the thousands of optical professionals who came to see the very latest in optical technology, frames and lenses.

FMO CakeFMO and its exhibition partner, Mark Allen Exhibitions, reacted to exhibitor and visitor feedback after last year's show, and introduced a number of improvements, notably an earlier start, breaks in the education programme, and more entertainment.

Happy hour on each day of the show featured a live band, and new features added to the bright and buzzy atmosphere including a fashion catwalk with the latest frames from Bondeye, Eyespace, International Eyewear and Wolf Eyewear.

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of Optrafair, launched in 1978, and the NEC presented a cake to mark the occasion to FMO members who had supported the show for many years.

Said FMO Chief Executive Bryony Pawinska, ‘FMO and our exhibition partners Mark Allen Exhibitions have invested heavily in developing a modern trade show that meets the needs of all exhibitors so that visitors can come to one place to see everything that is new in optical and ophthalmological technology as well as the latest lenses and frames. Visitor numbers hit more than 7000 and over 70% of exhibitors have rebooked for Optrafair 2019. If you provide a show where visitors are engaged with the products, not just the CET, and where exhibitors are selling to buyers, then you have it all.’

FMO Chair Andy Yorke summed up the show: ‘I was absolutely delighted with the vibrancy and atmosphere at Optrafair 2018. Over the 3 days we spoke with many customers new and old, and we were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the show. I’m looking forward to the next 12 months and the challenges that this will bring as I truly believe there is a high degree of positivity throughout the whole optical industry.’

CET points galore for optical practitioners on Specsavers Optrafair stand

April 2018

Delegates on specsavers standAround two thousand CET points were earned by hundreds of optometrists, contact lens opticians and dispensing opticians from across the sector on the Specsavers stand at Optrafair at the weekend.

Victoria Taylor, Head of Professional Recruitment and Retention, said, ‘It was fantastic to meet so many people who were interested in taking part in the CET, and keen to find out more about life at Specsavers.’

Apart from the quizzes at the start of the day, all sessions offered three interactive points with the most popular being the peer discussion, ‘Kids give me a headache!’ which was open to optometrists and DOs, and the peer discussions on ‘Oculoplastics: what advice should we give?’ and ‘How urgent is this case?’.
The sessions were led and facilitated by Specsavers professional advancement team members, most of whom are heads of enhanced optical services and joint venture partners.

Katie Trapp from the team said, ‘We had already increased capacity to 60 places per session from 50 last year but we still had to bring in extra seats for some sessions so we could accommodate more people.’

Many were surprised that CET of such calibre was available at no charge to all practitioners, regardless of where they work.

‘I think people really appreciate our inclusive approach, and the expert advice and support they got from our speakers and facilitators,’ she added.

Specsavers say at Optrafair Lecture, “Dream partnership is the aim to make eyecare better”

April 2018

Lecture in Business ThatreA ‘dream partnership’ of ophthalmologists and optometrists working together in the community can help resolve the capacity crisis in the NHS and improve eyecare, and at the same time secure the future of the optometry profession.

This was the message at Optrafair from Specsavers and from Newmedica, a leading provider of ophthalmology services to the NHS.

‘The issue of capacity in eye health services and the direct consequence for patients’ vision has been talked about for over 15 years,’ said Nigel Kirkpatrick, consultant ophthalmologist and Newmedica clinical director, at the business theatre session: ‘The dream partnership: closing the gap between ophthalmology and optometry.’.

‘The rise in demand has been exponential, and now is breaking many NHS hospital eye services. Unless we come together and do something radical and different, the situation will perpetuate and avoidable sight loss will continue to happen."

‘We have to deploy new ways of delivering these services - using smart process design, using multi-disciplinary teams, applying technology and moving these services out of hospitals.

Giles Edwards
‘When it comes down to it, there are huge opportunities for collaboration between ophthalmology and optometry. I know, and any other ophthalmologist could tell you, that the overwhelming majority of eye disease can be managed and monitored with the right governance in community optometry.’

Giles Edmonds, clinical services director for Specsavers,(left) called for a joined-up strategy across the profession to help achieve this dream partnership.

Alice Austin and Gavin Purse
‘We need to make sure that we are closing the gap between ophthalmology and optometry, on getting closer to the medical profession. We need to focus on becoming the GP of the eyes, a real common goal for us all. We fundamentally believe that with this dream partnership we can protect the future of optometry.’

The partnership can be achieved, according to Darshak Shah, Newmedica MD, (right) reflecting on the 18 months since Specsavers invested in Newmedica.

He explained, ‘We have been working on developing new models of care that have a true unification of consultant ophthalmologist and primary eyecare expertise, and enable the delivery of integrated eyecare services from new and established community locations.

‘It can be done! It takes lots of work, and changing of mindsets across the eye health sector but the end result will be undoubtedly better for patients and the professions involved… but only if we all influence and push towards the same goal.’

American Academy 2018 San Antonio Education Program Announced

April 2018

The American Academy of Optometry is pleased to announce highlights of the education program taking place at Academy 2018 San Antonio, November 7-10, 2018.

The annual meeting offers a wide array of clinically relevant CE courses and cutting-edge research in the clinical and vision sciences. Attendees can choose from over 250 hours of lectures and workshops, Section and Special Interest Group (SIG) symposia, hundreds of scientific papers and posters, an expansive exhibit hall, and several memorable social events.

This year’s Plenary Session from 10 AM – 12 Noon on Wednesday, November 7 is titled, “Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®: The Future of Health Care Delivery,” and will discuss the trends and concepts that will shape your future practice. What is the future of health care delivery? How will governments deliver health care to their citizens? Let's ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania. How will you deliver health care to your patients one on one? Let's ask Dr. Gordon Guyatt, Distinguished Professor at McMaster University and the man who coined the term "evidence based medicine." How will telemedicine be use by you and others to enhance patient care? Let's ask Dr. Anthony Cavallerano, Executive Director, Clinical Training and Patient Care and Adjunct Professor at New England College of Optometry.

The Monroe J. Hirsch Research Symposium is titled, “Vision Restoration for Retinal Degenerative Disease.” The goal of restoring vision in patients with retinal degenerative disease is within reach. The 2018 Hirsch Symposium will bring together three leading researchers to highlight different approaches to save or restore sight in patients with degenerative disease: gene replacement therapy, stem cell repair, and optogenetics to restore vision in severely damaged retinas. Speakers will include Drs. Sheila Nirenburg, Tom Reh, and Byron Lam.

Another not-to-be-missed event is the fourth joint symposium of the Academy and the American Academy of Ophthalmology titled, “Advances in Ocular Imaging.” Ocular imaging has become a major part of eye care. Practitioners must learn the interpretation of ever-changing images and decide how much weight to put into these findings as they diagnose and treat disease. This symposium will update you on the anterior segment, retinal and glaucoma applications of ocular imaging and their clinical implications. Speakers will include Drs. Austin Roorda, Joel Schuman, Don Miller, David Huang, Adrian Glasser, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Susana Chung, and Phillip Rosenfield. This symposium is a continuation of the effort by the two Academy organizations to work together to better prepare and support their members in delivering the highest quality eye care.

Ezell Fellows Present is a symposium where three investigators at different stages of their careers supported early on through the Foundation’s Ezell Fellowships present their research. The symposium this year is titled, “Contact Lens Discomfort: More Than (Where the Lens) Meets the Eye.” Contact lens discomfort (CLD) is a common cause for cessation of lens wear, and accordingly not only a struggle for patients, but also care providers, researchers, and lens manufacturers. This session will discuss factors related to the contact lens material and overall design, the ocular surface, and attributes and characteristics other than the contact lens and ocular surface which impact patient-reported CLD. Updates on new research, as well as treatments, and possible future directions will be provided. Speakers are Drs. Maria Markoulli, Lakshman Subbaraman, and Pete Kollbaum.

Academy 2018 San Antonio will take place at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. Registration and housing open on May 21, 2018. For more information, click here

Regional Sales Manager wins exhibitors draw at Ocuco.

April 2018

Alice Austin and Gavin PurseIt has become somewhat of a tradition now that Ocuco run a draw for the hard-working exhibitors and stand staff at Optrafair and 2018 is no exception.

The lucky winner yesterday was Gavin Purse, the regional sales manager at Dunelm.

Gavin was awarded a Bluetooth speaker by Alice Austin the sales and marketing director of Ocuco.

Ocuco also celebrated their latest acquisition, that being of Opticommerce the complete solution for online sales within Optics.

pictured right are Alice Austin and Gavin Purse

Ocuco are sponsors of your free Opchat News, take a look at their pages here


Essilor unveils new products and equipment at Innovations Conference on the day before Optrafair
April 2018

Essilor Teamcutting the cake 25 yearsAs a guest of Essilor for the daytime event held within the Vox Centre close to the NEC we joined around 200 invited practice owners who where witnessing a slick presentation throughout the afternoon when later they would go on to celebrate the day at a black-tie dinner.

The scene was set by Randeep Gill the group’s Commercial Director who introduced the event and his team of 7 presenters. Nigel Corbett who explained Essilor’s commitment to poor vision health found throughout the world today.

They (Essilor) are fully behind the UN’s Development goals of eradicating uncorrected loss of VA on the planet by 2050.

In a number of actions Essilor is committed to these actions indicated by their link with VAO in Ethiopia where so far 350,000 children have been screened.

Essilor TeamEssilor are also aligning with the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee £Billion Fund for better vision and Eye Heroes for their work with kids in school.

There then followed an introduction to the new Transitions lens, its branding and its future marketing which started this month.

With a new brand logo, cinema ads and video ads. The campaign will raise the issues of how the world has been swathed in so much light compared to only a decade ago and how light whilst key to good vision can also be a big distraction causing tiredness and discomfort.

Transitions latest lens is the best yet, the market leader and now comes in 7 colours.

Paul Cumber from the Equipment division then introduced the worlds most accurate and developed phoropter Vision R 800 with a single lens element accurate to 0.1DS/DC and axis. Its design provides a lighter experience with a wider field of view for the patient. The machine on show yesterday is the only example at resent before the role out so attendees were the lucky ones to get a hands-on feel.

Paul also introduced the new connection with Orcam, the wireless aid to vision for those with poor or no sight. Essilor will partner in sales with Orcam to increase the understanding of this invaluable aid.

Continuing with the strong theme of Essilor’s assistance to provide knowledge and products to improve the lives of patients and customers and to assist practitioners to provide a service that can be bespoke to individual customers. This is how Lyndsey Dickens who heads up Essilor’s bespoke team presented how her team could assist in better engagement and management to practices. There are now around 140 practices who have adopted the Bespoke arrangement.

Aude demonstrating Crizal Sapphire UV

The big part of the day was undoubtedly the introduction of Essilor’s new flag ship lens, the Crizal Sapphire UV lens. For the first time after extensive R & D and testing an AR lens will have a 360-degree reduction with the normally subtended 15-degree angle of ray defense increased to 45 degrees both on the front and the back surface.

Aesthetically pleasing with a slight blue reflection compared to the green reflex seen in most older design AR coats including the Crizal Forte which it was announced will be phased out over 6 months.

Also introduced was a new pricing structure simplifying the lens prices to just 2 levels through just 3 lens types once in force.
The presentations were followed by a hand on experience in the Innovation Showcase room where delegates were treated to what we can all enjoy at Optrafair this weekend.

Opchat News is working on a more detailed report on the Crizal Sapphire UV lens to be published shortly.
Essilor are holding roadshows from April 24th throughout the UK and they will be supplying dates and locations for our Events Diary shortly.

ABDO announces new National Resource Centre in Birmingham

April 2018

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians is opening a National Resource Centre to act as an education and examinations hub for both students and existing association members.

Explaining the impetus behind the facility, Alicia Thompson, BSc(Hons) FBDO R (Hons) SLD SMC(Tech) Director of Professional Examinations says, “The ABDO National

Resource Centre will be the pinnacle of training and assessment. The Education Strategic Review and the changing landscape of our profession will naturally expand our scope of practice and we need the facilities to ensure our members are both competent and confident to embrace change and explore the exciting potential this brings.”

The ABDO NRC will both support the profession and generate income. The clinical facilities showcase the latest technology and a wide range of equipment for dispensing, refraction, contact lenses, screening, minor eye conditions services and glazing. Alicia Thompson adds, “The generosity so far in donations and sponsorship is overwhelming and we are extremely grateful for profession-wide support from optical business, retail, frames, lenses, contact lenses, equipment and instrument manufacturing.”

The ABDO NRC is sited at Aston Cross Business Village, within easy reach of major road, rail and air transport networks. It will be the new location for all dispensing and contact lens practical examinations. The centre includes rooms divided by partition walls, ideal for dispensing practical exam sections, with the potential to be opened up for conferences, seminars, training, revision and CET courses. There are also rooms for viva exams and smaller meetings, a fully functional glazing lab and 10 clinical bays equipped for refraction and contact lenses.

Sir Antony Garrett, ABDO CEO and general secretary, says: “The new ABDO National Resource Centre is a major step forward in the service that this Association provides for its members. This is the largest development project since the establishment of ABDO College in 2001, and further demonstrates the determination of the ABDO board to ensure that ABDO continues to keep the needs of members at the core of its development strategy.”

The ABDO National Resource Centre will open in time for the summer exam session.

Grafton Optical announce the Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018 on stand C54

April 2018

Grafton Dry Eye Centre

Grafton Optical are pleased to announce the launch of the Grafton Dry Eye Centre which will debut at Optrafair 2018 on stand C54.

The Centre will showcase Grafton’s growing portfolio of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treament products and devices. It will provide a one-stop-shop for optometrsists and ophthalmologists wishing to offer their clients a specialist Dry Eye service.

Dry Eye disease is increasingly gaining momentum, both in its reported prevalence and its coverage in the industry media.

More and more practices are now diversifying to incorporate services to diagnose, treat and manage the disease as they learn the significant benefits not only to their patients but also to their income.

The Grafton range of products provide a lucrative revenue stream for practices, providing diagnosis and treatment to sufferers of this growing condition which accounts for at least 30% of a practices patient demographic.

Visitors to the Dry Eye Centre will gain first hand experience of Grafton’s exciting range of products. This will including new diagnostic product releases the SBM Sistemi Ocular Surface Analyser and the i-Pen Tear Film Osmolarity System by i-Med Pharma, as well as the E-Eye IRPL® therapy device.

To find out more, book an appointment with one of the Grafton product experts in the Dry Eye Centre at Optrafair here or drop by to check out whats on offer on stand C54.
Grafton Optical are long term sponsors of PHN's Opchat News. Thank you for your support. See the Grafton Pages

Essilor Innovation roadshow takes to the road.

April 2018

Essilor, is embarking on an innovation roadshow this month, visiting 24 towns and cities around the UK, to help independent practices future-proof themselves.

Randeep GillIt starts in Birmingham on Friday 13th April, ahead of Optrafair, and runs at various venues throughout April and May.

It is designed for independent practices who want to differentiate themselves and offer patient innovation.

Delegates will get an insight into the latest products and services created to meet these evolving needs on the back of extensive research and development.

Essilor’s commercial director, Randeep Gill, believes the roadshow will bring together like minded people from the optical industry and challenge perceptions, pushing ideas into the mainstream for adoption into practice to create the practice of the future.

“We want to share the power of optical innovation across the UK,” said Randeep Gill.

“The roadshow is an ideal way of doing this. It helps us drive our mission of improving lives by improving sight by supporting wellbeing and quality of life.”

The roadshow includes visits to Chester Racecourse on 25th April, Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh on 3rd May, The National Space Centre in Leicester on 16th May and Moller Centre in Cambridge on 2nd May.

For a full schedule of events and to book a place click here

Just 10 days to go to Optrafair 2018 at the NEC and here's a roundup of the exciting events taking place.

April 2018

Optrafair this year celebrates four decades at the cutting edge of optics as it continues to go from strength to strength. Optrafair promises to be a celebration of optics.

Not registered yet? Click here.

In addition to an unrivalled selection of exhibitors, showcasing the latest equipment, frames and solutions and CET accredited education and business training, Optrafair will provide a feast of dedicated features covering all aspects of practice life.

Back by popular demand are the CET Theatre, ABDO Theatre, and after their successful inauguration at last year’s show, the Business Theatre and FMO Networking Bar.

Meanwhile, there are three brand new features for 2018, the BCLA Contact Lens Hub, a fully choreographed Spectrum Catwalk, the Independents’ Lounge and dedicated Audiology opportunities.

Specsavers is once again offering access to its world-class CET programme, with all-new 2018 content across 16 CET points at optrafair, including interactive points.

Topics include:

• Glaucoma decision-making

• Assessing the urgency of referrals


• Oculoplastics

• Paediatrics

• Managing cases of visual loss and contact lens complications

Heidelberg Engineering has an action-packed programme of education at Optrafair! Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians can earn up to 8 interactive CET points across the three days. Click here for more info

Tears to tell

Uncover disease prevalence and consider case overviews to gain a greater understanding of how a best practice Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) diagnosis protocol can benefit you clinically. Speakers: Ros Mussa and Nick Howard

Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions

James Loughman presenting for OcucoOcuco Clinical and Research Director, Prof. James Loughman, PhD FAOI is returning to the CET Theatre to present his lecture - Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions.

Examining the rampant increase of myopia worldwide and how it relates to other widespread health concerns, particularly the far more prominent and universally recognised obesity crisis.

Ocuco is delighted to participate in the CET Presentations once again, with Prof. Loughman’s lecture taking prominence as the first in this year’s CET Theatre line-up on Saturday the 14th of April 2018 09:30-10:30 at the NEC in Birmingham. Click to full story and appointment bookings here

Saturday from the CET availability is becoming a key day with the debate on Blue Light.

Blue Light ImageAt 12.30 on the Saturday Professors John Marshall and James Wolffsohn will address the current thinking and his views on "Blue Light".

PHN started the debate some 2 weeks ago with a page comparing and contrasting current views both here and abroad. Click here

Optical professionals have been sent a link to a survey on the Big Blue Light Debate, both by PHN and FODO in an effort to provide a measure of the feelings of the profession on Blue Light ahead of the keynote speech by Marshall and Wolffsohn. (Not completed the survey yet? Click here. It takes a few minutes and provides a possibilty of winning JLP vouchers)

Register for Prof. Marshall's and Prof. James Wolffsohn's Lecture here.

Optrafair 2018 will be brimming with new features and exclusive content you will not find at any other UK show. Click here to register now.


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