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SILMO 2017

SILMO 2017 ~ Company Preview Pages Now Open

Why not visit SILMO 2017 in Paris this year?

SILMO 50 Years

SILMO is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year so come and join in the fun.

Fly or use the train or add it to your short driving holiday, whichever way, SILMO is an exciting experience that you should consider attending for the experience.

Cool fashion frames and great brand names are in abundance.

Read More about the show here

Visit the Symposium on Saturday, Sunday and Monday Morning. Programme Here.

Companies "Make more of the 3 days, tell our 7000+ readership why you are there!"

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Grafton Optical invites visitors to ESW Dry Eye Centre in Paris.
SILMO 2017 Komono Unveils Structured Opticals Range, Built On Strong 2016 Launch.
Woodone at SILMO
WestGroupe for trendsetters
Vinyl Factory to show new designs at SILMO 2017
MEI to present EzFit TBA at SILMO The latest breakthrough for the retail sector
LOOK invite you to take a new LOOK at their 4 designs at SILMO 2017

Grafton Optical invites visitors to ESW Dry Eye Centre in Paris.

Komono at SILMO





Grafton Invite












SILMO 2017 Komono Unveils Structured Opticals Range, Built On Strong 2016 Launch.

Komono at SILMO

For their latest Opticals collection, KOMONO has built on their successful 2016 debut at SILMO Paris, and channeled this momentum into a new line of frames.

This year, the KOMONO team kept their search for inspiration close to home, focusing on Antwerp’s heritage as an oasis for contemporary design with modern materials.

Komono at SILMO


The collection features an architectural aesthetic and structural feel that is entirely Antwerp and unmistakably KOMONO. To bring these qualities to life, the photo shoot for this collection was captured at Antwerp’s leading international arts campus: deSingel.


Komono at SILMOA crisp and compact range, Opticals brings the same stylish vibe of KOMONO sunglasses to prescription frames. KOMONO will unveil three collection highlights, each showing their unique perspective on modern design.

The Elementary collection is the star of show, an ultra-thin minimalist metal series.

Also on the roster, the popular Clovis style grows into a distinct family with three new styles.

And rounding out the Opticals offering, KOMONO introduces an exciting new acetate block: Clear Demi.

Woodone at SILMO

Woodone at SILMO


Blackfin BF 797

Blackfin is looking forward to the autumn with a new collection displaying the very essence of the brand, eyewear with that unmistakeably strong personality that is in its DNA.

These models ooze style and tell the story of this brand of titanium eyewear, a story of passion, of quality, of people and places, embodied in the concept of neomadeinitaly representing the identity of the firm.

One of the new features of this collection is the colouring of the front as in the model Pleasant Bay BF797.

This spectacle frame is the first to have the colour of the front applied at an angle of 45°. The rigorously angular design of the top rim offset by the softer curves of the lower part and the large lenses create an up-to-the-minute look that sets the trend. The generous proportions of the highly polished eye rims are emphasised by the original colours – sulphur yellow or cloud white with details in polished titanium, or opaque black with details in seagull wing grey.

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin.

If the Made-in-Italy concept is a fixed point, neomadeinitaly is our strong point.

Our heritage from the past and our respect for the beauty that surrounds us guide our code of ethics. All Blackfin eyewear is made of the purest titanium in the world using a production process that for us is a true ritual.

Visit Hall 5 F157


barberini sunglasses

WestGroupe for trendsetters


Vinyl Factory to show new designs at SILMO 2017

barberini sunglasses

How to translate seduction into Optical Frames?

Vinyl Factory











Visit one of the biggest booths at the event provided by Vinyl Factory.

Events scheduled are:

Introduction of new frames from our newest collection

Newest marketing tools revealed

Many entertainments and lots of surprises!

Visit Stand H 045



Sun shines all the year round thanks to the new Barberini Eyewear proposals!

barberini sunglassesThe sunglasses that will be presented at the Paris Exhibition match trendy design with technical excellence, heralding at the same time the birth of Photopolar lenses. These lenses combine polarization and photochromism, two extremely functional characteristics stemming from the R&D of the leading company in the production of optical glass lenses.

These lenses will be available in three versions, one of which is a world premiere, since it ranges from category 3 to 4. The latter category includes the darkest possible lenses, usually used in high mountains or in conditions of very high solar radiation and for this reason forbidden when driving. The peculiarity of these lenses - which is that of remaining clearer inside the car - allows Barberini sunglasses to be worn in this context as well.

Photopolar lenses are matched with both technical frames and lifestyle models.

EXPLORER BR160908: amber shaded blue cat. 3-4 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which fit into an injected matt black aluminium frame. A sporty and wraparound taste for a more dynamic use.

LUNA BR161105: sapphire shaded grey cat. 2-3 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which are enhanced by an opaque black acetate frame. Facetted profiles and key-shape bridge.

SATURNO BR160509: shaded gray silver cat. 2-3 Platinum GlassTM Photopolar lenses which are set, as they were jewels, in a metal and matt black acetate frame. Classic drop shape restyled in order to obtain a more contemporary appeal.

Barberini Eyewear sunglasses, 100% made in Italy with the best materials, are designed to highlight the excellent optical quality of glass lenses, all made of Platinum GlassTM, namely the best existing optical glass. Its main features are:.

- chromatic equalization, obtained by the addition of Rare Earth Elements - oxides capable of exalting colours for a perfectly contrasted visual rendering;

- exceptional UV protection that goes beyond the UV100% standard. By definition all our lenses are UV400;

- multilayer anti-reflection;

- oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments.

The collection offers not only polarized and photochromic lenses, but also with infrared (IR) protection. The collection is also available with monofocal or progressive prescription lenses with the widest colour choice in the market.

Barberini Eyewear for Spect-Actors












































MEI to present EzFit TBA at SILMO The latest breakthrough for the retail sector



Expansion is an ongoing process at MEI, as it returns this year, after 8 years - to Silmo, to unveil the new EzFit TBA compact solution for opticians and labs in an exclusive preview.

In a single unit, EzFit TBA combines the functions of EzFit – the all-in-one edger designed to bring edging technology to small labs and retailers – with the inspection process and automatic TBA(Throw the Block Away) loading system.

Already in use and widely tested on various models of MEI machines, TBA technology allows the user to control the power and cut without the use of centering blocks. Thanks to an integrated lens loading system that combines inspection, orientation and loading into a single internal process, there is no longer a need for centering blocks. The TBA unit significantly reduces production costs and increases the accuracy of lens centering, without increasing shaping cycle times.

EzFit TBA increases productivity by completely automating the loading process. The new machine uses the same calibration tools as any currently available EzFit and is based on Eyegoal, the dedicated software developed by MEI for EzFit machines.

EzFit will also be displayed in its already popular Advanced version, as well as in the recent NoBlock Developer version whose integrated Shape Finder makes it possible to create jobs right in the machine.

Innovation reigns in the area of tools, as well. For the two international trade shows, the new Shape Finder EVO will make its debut. An advanced version of Shape Finder, the optical scanning device designed to improve and complete the functionality of EzFit, it prevents the errors commonly associated with standard camera-based units. Shape Finder EVO combines the features of Shape Finder, a computer, and a bar code reader in a multi-function, user-friendly device. Thanks to the integrated computer, it is possible to take advantage of Internet and Wi-Fi connections to save standard or special jobs directly to the computer or server, as well as modify previous jobs.



DCU by MEIAll of which translates to greater speed of execution and extreme operating ease. Shape Finder EVO is also available in a Blocker version that allows direct lens blocking.

Last, but not least, the innovative DCU EVO (Direct Calibration Unit EVO), a no-contact measuring system whose integrated computer makes the machine calibration process automatic, fast and independent.

All in all, a broad, diversified range of machines and tools that validates the company’s retail penetration drive and its mission to customize its product line to really meet the needs of every customer.


Visit MEI
SILMO 2017 - HALL 5 BOOTH K 012




LOOK VISION is pleased to invite you to discover its collections at SILMO!

Look DesignsLOOK VISION is a French creator of optical frames since 1999.

Thanks to its creativity and competitiveness, LOOK VISION has met success in the French market as well as in the worldwide ones. We handle everything from design to communication and from supplies to export. Our frames are chic, trendy and fashionable.

Currently, we have 4 brands with their own design, universe and target:

- Georges Rech: our collection perfectly represents this French brand of “Haute Couture” thanks to the chic and deep materials used. We have female and male collections.

- Le Tanneur: made from noble materials such as wood, leather, bamboo, ceramic; this elegant collection is available for men and women. It is definitely a must-have!

- Xénith: fantasy, color and dynamism are the keywords to describe this house brand. It is a collection for women with abstract graphics and material effects.

- Le Ducat: destined to romantic ladies appreciating exceptional frames, this house brand has been worked with sophistication and sharpness.

Register an appointment with and Visit Hall 6 Stand CO55

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