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Easyscan SLO technology surpasses new frontiers for the optometrists

while providing a regular screening ability for every patient.

Easyscan image

Become a Retinal Specialist

EasyScan’s retinal imaging device brings to your practice the very best in laser scanning technology
in the form of a compact, easy-to-use and affordable unit
that allows you to run detailed diagnostics in record times.

EasyScan’s uniqueness lies in its smart combination of a confocal illumination
involving both green and near infrared lasers that once combined allow
you to have high contrast imaging of the layers below the surface.


Easyscan in useHere’s a snapshot of the Easyscan’s specification:

• Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a price everyone can afford.

• High-contrast imaging, see up to the sixth bifurcation (see from 10µ).

• Real-time live view of retina, enhanced view of periphery, automated iris detection.

• Autofocus, autocapture, auto exposure.

• Capture mode: Green and near IR for three imaging modalities.

• Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software.

• EasyConnect for easy sharing, reviewing, archiving and reporting.

• Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, anywhere.

The Easyscan SLO brings so many benefits to the practice that wants to improve its detection, diagnosis and monitoring at an affordable price.


Let’s get two myths out of the way first.

Firstly, SLO technology is in a different paradigm than old white light fundus photography
in the sense that it is capable of providing imagery covering multiple layers of the retina.

To summarize, Easyscan helps its users to gather a degree of retinal information that ophthalmologists need to know
and that you - as a retinal specialist - can convey confidently and appropriately.

Easyscan Retinal image

Secondly, it should be mentioned SLO and OCT technologies are not in competition.

The latter requires a much deeper understanding of retinal image abnormalities
and brings a higher degree of responsibility to the operators who need to ensure that they truly understood any unusual signs they may have detected.

In other words, interpreting the results of an OCT scan involves such a level of expertise that the slightest misinterpretation may rapidly lead to various undesired consequences.

Not doing so in the litigious times puts the professional under unnecessary strain and over occupies the time-short ophthalmologists with conundrums and false negatives that they find displeasing.
Unfortunately often a demeanour that is picked up by the worried patient.

In short the Easyscan, with SLO technology provides an appropriate level of retinal information following a reasonable learning period
by the professional operator that can be used as a regular screening tool within a standard eye examination,
with no need for further recalls and additional practice time.

So why has Easyscan been proven to be a success throughout Europe?

Easyscan’s technology, combining various assets such as ease of use, affordability and detailed diagnostics,
was designed in order to answer to commercial and patient care needs alike

Market trends have proved that patients these days are more likely to wish to be involved in their eye care
and to do this successfully, practices need the ability to demonstrate and explain on a screen the images they have captured,
thus allowing them to easily explain or demonstrate to the patient how they can better protect their vision

Involving patients in their own eye care provides them with confidence and an admiration of your skills, which in turn enforces their loyalty.

In the age of digitalization, being able to provide retinal images to your patients ‘secondary physician using a medium that goes beyond printed reports
or USB sticks is a must have.

The Easyscan’s interface allows its users to transfer the reports to secondary physicians through emails,
or with the patients through the “EasyScan retina report to go”.
This allows the practice to see their patients share and show the results of their eye examinations through the intermediary of a customer-friendly report
that will eventually reflects the quality of services and the professionalism of the practice they have chosen.

Identification of an unsuspected problem with a full demonstration and description
is a sure way to gain recommendations for your practice.

This raises the secondary advantage of the presence of Easyscan within the practice, it’s a practice builder.

Using Easyscan in the practice to build confidence and interest in your staff and with your patients.

Easyscan is certainly easy to use by any trained member of the practice staff, and images can be taken in seconds through un-mydriated pupils in normal light conditions.

So, for the entrepreneurial practice owner/manager the Easyscan can be positioned in the center stage “front of house” of the practice.

Educating the practice team as to the “Wonders of Easyscan” and teaching your team how to explain to the patients the advantages of its presence in the practice is the key to success.

It means that the business benefits that the EasyScan brings to the practice will double the reasons why the investment
will really pay for itself by increased footfall, (repeat purchase), satisfied patients (customer loyalty)


Easyscan is certainly easy to use by any trained member of the practice staff and images can be taken in seconds through un-mydriated pupils in normal light conditions.

So, for the entrepreneurial practice owner/manager the Easyscan can be positioned centre stage “front of house” in the practice.

Educating the practice team as to the “Wonders of Easyscan” and teaching your team how to explain the advantages of its presence in the practice to the patients is the key to success.

It means that Easyscan’s business benefits to the practice will double the reasons why the investment will really pay for its self by increased footfall and satisfied patients.

It is known now that the threshold of scope amongst practices is becoming closer between Optometry and Ophthalmology.
Nowadays MD and OD relationships are very close and the EasyScan will provide the kind of Retinal Specialism that will allow closer alignment with the ophthalmology specialist.

Of course, if you have the time and finances to work beyond these parameters and wish to extend your knowledge into the ophthalmology arena
then a further review of your patient using an OCT can be considered as complimentary to the use of the EasyScan,
considering that those two different technologies offer different yet compatible diagnoses, as long as users keep in mind that
– as mentioned before – OCT technology implies a level of expertise that comes with high responsibilities.

Using the Easyscan

Now that you read about all the opportunities that the EasyScan will bring to your practice,
here are a few words addressing how easy it will be for you to become a Retinal Specialist.

The infra-red and green light laser scanner provide separately and together 3 different images
that provide brilliant imaging through small pupils and moderate media opacities
of any deviations in the layers of the retina and the detection of issues in the pigment epithelium and choroid.

It is simple to use and its results can be recorded, shared and dispatched to consultants digitally,
not only providing a permanent record in practice
but also offering the opportunity for further comparisons, peer discussions and review using tele-medicine

As an example we could mention Easyscan's live dynamic imaging perfect for the detection and diagnosis of flashes & floaters invaluable for all MECS practice work.


But let’s start right at the beginning and how you will yourself take your first scan and teach others in your team to do so.

Easyscan is an impressive instrument yet as you will see very simple to start to use and your retinal knowledge will grow as you use it as a Screening Tool in general practice and as an Investigative and Monitoring tool for patients with issues. Captured on your system you can analyse the results post examination, refer to tutorials and share with colleagues in perr review.

But don't take our word for it listen to Rod Chanes and optometrist in London who demonstrates why Easyscan has become his key instrument in the practice.

Click Here.




Getting your Easyscan installed by experts providing initial teaching to get you started is the just the beginning of a learning journey you will enjoy to become a Retinal Specialist.

• Easyscan being a major globe supplier to optometry and ophthalmology clinics has access to continued evidence based imagery that you can access.

• Compare and contrast your own clinical imagery with others.

• Gain access to tutorials on-line

• Become a certified Easyscan Retinal Specialist.


We sincerely hope you are now ready to start your journey with Easyscan and these are the tried and tested steps we suggest to get you started.

• Call +31 (0) 703 993 112 or email or visit our website

• We will arrange for one of our team to arrange a demonstration on a one-to-one basis

• Make some time in your calendar for a 30 minutes tutorial

• We will repeat the initial tuition and ensure you are ready to make the most of the Easyscan.

Easyscan will assist you along the way providing contacts for finance if required.


Start your journey now to be a Retinal Specialist in your area.


Read More on the Easyscan Website here.