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Primary Health Net Ltd provides many different Websites tailor made for each application for those involved in Optics UK

The site you are now visiting provides many open pages for the casual visitor as well as additional pages to those who register free as Opchat Members……find out more about the site and how to get the most out of it.  Click here

Your own LOC website branded in your colours (the Primary Health Net webmanager™)  for your local area, secure and confidential by password control with multi level permissions and much more, now free only hosting & maintenance costs to pay. For a small additional cost you can have your own domain name and email addresses. Click here

This is a public awareness site promoting Optics UK, and the latest news in eye care, eyewear and technology that has a “Find My Optician” database with every known practice address within it.  Here for the first time is an opportunity for practices and industry to advertise to the public, the minimal fees of which are recycled back into PR campaigns and expanding the site.  We rely on your small contributions to make a difference…..Click here

Like Somerset and other areas in the UK you can connect to your local community through  PHN can provide a public website for each PCT area where your practices receive free enhancements and cheaper web pages and your PCT can inform the public about local services.   Click here for public websites

Launched in November 2008 this site is solely concerned with the passing of information and knowledge to LOCs and their activists involved in providing and effective promotion of their members and the cut and thrust of dealing with PCTs, commissioners and Practice Based Commissioning.  PCTs and PCGs plus all primary care professionals involved in commissioning services and Optometric Advisors are invited to register on the website for a small fee.  Read about how primaryhealthsupport can provide “pay as you go” mentoring and training services to your members.   Click here

Future websites
It is intended to provide a similar set of websites to other Primary Care Professions in the future that will eventually be integrated upon the primary care portal owned by Primary Health Net Ltd.  If you would like to see your profession represented in this unique way then contact

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