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Make Sure your practice is on the UKs largest Registered Practice Address listing searched by over 1000 people every day.

My Local Optician Find My Optician appThe Mylocaloptician “Find My Optician” App is provided free by Primary Health Net (PHN) to all registered practices in the UK.

PHN is run by Opticians for Opticians, and its public education site is provided to stimulate interest in eyecare and eyewear and help connect the public with local services. It is driven by practice location not registered personnel who as locums can work for more than one employee.

Here are the instructions to make sure your practice and business are represented on a site that receives over 1000 people every day.

Getting known locally.

Published by Primary Health Net Ltd their public site Mylocaloptician is reached by over 1000 members of the public each day.

Most look for local optician’s addresses by clicking the Find My Optician app

It is vital that all individual practice addresses are maintained especially when practices change hands or relocate.

This is a two part process to ensure you are providing your local public with all the information they need to make a choice.

, make sure your practice is on the listing and check the details carefully. You can do this by searching by your town or your postcode. If your address entry is missing or the contact details are incorrect, please follow the instructions in stage 1.

Once PHN has updated these you can then start the second stage which allows additional information to be added such as the specialities you provide, the products you sell and your capacity to provide home visits.

Stage 1

What you should do for each address of your business:

1. Check that your practice has an entry by searching the Find My Optician app

2. If so, check the contact details, Name, full address, post code and telephone number.

3. If there is an omission contact PHN by email only by following the instructions below.

Missing or Incorrect Practice Details

Copy This Section printed below and Paste into an email marked mark the email subject Find My Optician

My Practice is not shown on the app (delete as appropriate)

My Practice is shown but details need updating Yes/NO

Practice Name
Full Address
Post Code
Registered for Home Visits (Yes/NO)

I will wait for your reply before adding further information in Stage 2.

PHN will email you when the work has been done.

Stage 2

Once your listing is correct bring it up on screen and click the “Claim my Practice” Button lower right corner of your entry.

This will provide you with a form for us to validate that a registered practitioner is requesting access to the address.

Once received PHN with "enable your entry" to allow you to amend the entry and a password will be sent along with your username to allow you access and to add additional information. Each practice is a separate entity.


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