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PHN public mini sites linked to those LOCs with a PHN website

The public can be given the additional advantage of viewing local knowledge provided by the LOC of the area of local provision and protocols special to the area within the Directory of Services (DOS). If you would like to view what that can look like then on the site click on

Two ways to highlight your area’s service provision which is a matter of necessity under World Class Commissioning for PCTs to get the message out. Perhaps they might consider sharing the costs?

1. Where a PCT region coincides with one of the 13 PHN LOC sites PHN hosts the LOC can opt for a public area. Just upgrade your secure site with the add-on public mini-site and all featured listings and specialties will be visible as well as any number of pages telling your local population what eye care services and enhanced services are available.

The Cost is £400 per year plus VAT

Perhaps you should encourage your local LOC to consider owning a PHN site so it and you can gain the benefits of an interactive knowledge platform.

2. Where an LOC does not have a PHN website capability your LOC can still have a Public Presence with your entry listing enhanced. We will build the pages for you; just give us your local service protocols and information relating to the PCT. The build cost is currently on special offer £100 for the set up and £400 for each years hosting. Again consider asking for a local PBC/PCT grant towards funding the costs?

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