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The new secure knowledge site for LOC training from PHN

Giving LOCs support at a local level on a “Pay as needed” basis

The Primary Health Ethos is to provide a dedicated secure knowledge website moderated by personnel accepted as being experts in their field to gain, share and disseminate knowledge to LOCs and their members plus others with an interest in improving primary care, in its breadth, access and efficiency for the benefit of local communities.

We recognise that no one community is alike and that whilst a holistic approach can provide some answers, a more selective and local assessment of the needs of the community is required.  We also believe that retaining the focus of primary care innovation within the LOC will provide an improved result in both satisfaction of contractors and performers and in greater equity in finance and payment and retention of fees locally.  LOCs should and can remain at the heart of the relationship between providers and PCTs.
Our aim is to provide LOCs with the tools and understanding that will supplement their current knowledge gained locally and nationally and allow them to gain local results using local skills and personnel.

Essentially therefore to:

• help LOCs run an efficient and effective organisation
• provide advice and information on committee selection and management
• help identify and create working groups and share out work accordingly to those with an interest in the topic
• improve communication, presentation, leadership and meeting management skills by using PHN Knowledge Days
• provide information on finance, budgeting and auditing requirements
• offer assistance in providing templates, business plans and discussion documents
• allow LOCs to share and consolidate knowledge that may be useful to one another in secure forums, whilst allowing for local action and decision making to best suit each LOC
• assist LOCs, by their own efforts to commission enhanced services
• restrict the LOC forum to those who are directly involved on the LOC side of commissioning discussions
• offer a separate and restricted forum for those working for and under the auspices of PCTs and Optometric Advisors
• run individual work forums on each specific enhanced service which will act as a work room for knowledge sharing and advice
• when necessary to provide additional help either on-line, by telephone or in exceptional cases in face to face discussions with LOC members and commissioning agents.

LOCs will simply pay a small sum for use of the knowledge site and only pay extra when one to one advice is needed to back up their own work.  This “pay as you go” system provides huge savings for LOCs which can be better directed at local negotiators.

We have engaged a team of experts who encompass all the needs of LOCs to monitor and moderate this new restricted site which will only be open to LOC committee members and individuals working on side with LOCs. Optometric advisors and PCTs will have a restricted permission to register but will be denied access to the LOC confidential forum.  They will however be encouraged to participate in a PCT/LOC forum.

You can open the download to review the team engaged. Others will be involved from time to time and the knowledge gained from participating LOC registrants will of course be shared.  Naturally a weather eye will be kept on National Issues but PHN support team’s mission is to emphasise the importance of local knowledge about local conditions and needs.  We believe that all LOCs have the ability with additional help where requested to control their own destiny. 

Service charges for Websites and/or Mentoring Service for LOCs & Individuals

LOC Registration onto website  providing access to confidential LOC briefings, templates and business strategies as well as access to our confidential share and gain knowledge forum with other LOC registrants. 
(Passport max 10 LOC registrants per LOC)

£500 + VAT per annum

Individual license £75 per annum

Provision of multi-page password controlled website with full email provision, simple content editor, multiple forums, polls and questionnaires and full access to Main PHN website via

£390 + VAT per annum

Provision of Public local PCT website located on the Public Eye care Site under the “Find my Optician” database, where your local public can be informed of local agreed enhanced services and protocols and can search by specialties through the local listing.

£390 + VAT per annum

Mentoring & Training services
Telephone and Email support to all registrants charged by time taken:

Up to 15 mins and each quarter hour thereafter @ £18.75

One to one mentoring services including visits and individual case mentoring by phone

£75 + VAT per hour plus agreed out of pocket travelling expenses

Special training days as advertised with reduction to all PHN website and Mentoring Website registrants


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LOC Support Leaflet Download
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