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Your own LOC secure website


Local Committees constantly have to react to clinical and legislative changes affecting the profession, liaise effectively and pro-actively with PCTs, as well as represent and provide services for their members

Here are just some of the issues and concerns that LCs have to address these days:

• Communication within the LOC
• Meeting control, finance and agendas
• Measuring responses from members on urgent issues 
• Communication and negotiations with PCTs, PCGs and PBC
• Co-ordination of responses to local issues
• Compulsory CET
• Implementation of various care pathways
• Co-ordination of existing co-management schemes
• Clinical Governance

LOCs and their members are already busy with many matters, not least trying to run their own professional lives and well as guarding valuable private time, so Primary Health Net has developed a site with characteristics aimed at cutting time, reducing unwanted emails, and allowing the user to choose the level of their involvement with others.

Your secure website

Primary Health Net allows your LOC  to have its own website with the benefit of an easy to use content management system whilst also providing features that allow you to communicate with members and interact with other Primary Care professionals in different parts of the country.

The site can be set up as you please - you choose how many pages you want and what names you give them and, of course, the content. If you want to change them, you can, at any time. The easy to use content management system allows you to do this and you need no more IT skills that the ability to use a simple word-processor and email.
You can use your site to provide details of meetings, events, local protocols etc. and also provide documents that can be downloaded. These can be word documents, spreadsheets, presentation, pdfs, or even images.


As we've already said, the only skills you need are to be able to use a word-processor and email. At set-up you can brand with your own logo and colours or you can just use the standard template. When you type, the content management system will automatically format for you although you can customise by using, bold, italic, underlining, and bullet points just as you would in a word document. You can also insert useful links to other websites or email addresses.


Your site can also be used as a communication tool. Your members will need to register with the site and in doing so will provide contact details including an email address. This allows you to email members through the site without the hassle of selecting email addresses and pasting into your own email program. As members will keep their own details updated, you do not constantly need to update your address book. In addition, the site allows you to download all details of your members so that you can also do a conventional mailing if needed.

Members' Practice Details

The site also provides the ability for members to enter details of their practices and the areas in which they specialise, which will help you in the promotion of enhanced services. This can be used as a useful local resource and it is made available to the public when your LOC opts for a public site where they can inform the public about opening hours and specialities for each practice and each of your members will be given free enhanced entries on the “Find my optician” database worth £75 per year.

Sharing information

Your own private forum, as part of your own site, you can also have your own forum for the sole use of members of your LC. This is completely private and cannot be viewed by anyone from another LC. This can be used to share local information and discuss local issues. Members will be able to post to the forum as well as upload and download documents.  Further forums can be created for different levels of members for example, a committee forum or a working group forum.  You could use one for peer review or a survey or questionnaire.

Additional forums

In addition there will be a number of other forums split by profession, speciality, or geography depending on the desires of the users. These are all moderated by Primary Health Net. Members can choose to be informed of new topics or replies on forums which allows them to choose what they read and when they read it giving this method of communication a big advantage over email discussion groups.

And the cost?

There are now 13 LOCs with Webmanager sites™ and we are now able to provide you with a new branded website within 2 weeks of ordering. All you pay is A £500 set up charge and the hosting and maintenance charge currently £400 plus vat per annum.  This is guaranteed never to rise by more than 5% in any year unless RPI exceeds this figure.

Contact or phone  020 8776 5000 

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