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PHN Public mini sites, getting your local services understood by your local community

Two ways to highlight your area’s service provision

PHN public mini sites linked to those LOCs with a PHN website

If your LOC is one of the many already using a PHN website hosted on the PHN portal you will know that your members have already posted their information and specialties within your Directory of Services. 

The public can now be given the additional advantage of viewing local knowledge provided by your LOC of the local provision and protocols special to the area within the Directory of Services (DOS).

If you would like to view what that can look like then on the site click on public can find this information either by visiting or by Googling your area name and opticians.  Both methods will provide them with your public site with as many pages of information you wish to provide.

They will also be able to search your Directory of Services by specialty and all your members within the Directory will have the equivalent of an enhanced entry on a standard PCT listing and the opportunity of a reduced price web page presence saving them £75 per year.

1. Where a PCT region coincides with one of the 13 PHN LOC sites the LOC can opt for a public area. If your local LOC has a PHN website then it can upgrade its secure site with the add-on public mini-site and all featured listings will be free and appear as on the Somerset site. The Cost is £390 per year plus VAT

Perhaps you should encourage your local LOC to consider owning a PHN site so it and you can gain the benefits of an interactive knowledge platform but you can purchase a standalone public site which we will populate for you given the information from your area. Perhaps a group of local optical practices could work together to provide the funds for the site.

2. Where an LOC does not have a PHN website capability you can still encourage your LOC to pay for a Public Presence with your entry listing enhanced. We will build the pages for you; just give us your local service protocols and information relating to the PCT. The build cost is currently on special offer £FREE for the set up and £390 for paid upfront for each years hosting. You might consider asking for a local PBC/PCT grant towards funding the costs?

As a practice consider taking a web page presence on for only £175 per annum, you don't need a website, in fact this page will work better!

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