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You are already visiting the National Website for all those interested in Optics. Here you will find many articles on topics that affect you as a professional in primary care, a member of industry, educationalist or for those involved in media and journalism.

This is the main hub of the primaryhealthnet portal and is the main entrance through which all members of hosted websites first arrive before logging in.† It is also a place where those involved in Optics can share and gain knowledge and it has become a regular meeting place and community for over 10,000 professionals each month.

Most pages are open to all, but some where specialist knowledge has been provided or where confidential information to our optical sector is involved have been closed to open research and can be only viewed and read by those registered either as members of an LOC webmanager website provided by PHN or those who have registered free as an Opchat member.

Registering ensures we update you with information about news and information approximately every 2 weeks.† Of course you can decline to receive the email update but out of our 10,000 monthly visitors only 2 have elected to do so.

There are also a growing number of memberís benefits so itís worth taking a couple of minutes to register now.

Once registered you can also ask questions about any optical topic of our panel of experts on ask the experts, leave your own views on forums and promote freely your events and meetings to the professionals well as looking for job opportunities or placing ads.

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