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Vision Aid Overseas aims to transform access to quality eyecare in developing countries.

Vision Aid Overseas670 million people worldwide are unnecessarily visually impaired because they do not have spectacles. This is due to the significant lack of eyecare services available in low and middle income countries. For people affected the consequences can be disadvantage and disability. Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to eyecare and spectacles.
Vision Aid Overseas develops sustainable eyecare services that ensure an impact for our patients:

• We establish International Vision Centres where high quality spectacles can be manufactured and sold at an affordable price following a thorough eye examination.
• We train healthcare workers in practical eye testing and vision health skills that equips them to work as primary eyecare workers in their local communities.
• We utilize the expertise of UK optical professionals who develop outreach services in areas away from existing facilities and who undertake teaching programmes across the developing world.

Our work is focused on improving the lives of people who are marginalised by poor eyesight and motivated by our belief that good vision should be a right for all, not just those who can afford it.

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