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EUROMCONTACT REPORT: A Comparison of European Soft Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2012


In 2012, the market value of soft contact lenses (SCLs) at industry to eye care professionals (ECP) level grew by 1.7% to 1396 million. The market is defined as the 31 countries for which EUROMCONTACT collects data for Daily Disposables (DD), Weekly / Bi-Weekly and Monthly (W/B&M) and conventional soft (CS) CLs. Not all countries had data in all segments of for 2012 and 2011, though, e.g. Russia did not have data for DD and CS in 12 and 11. All had data for W/B-W&M in both years. More gaps existed in the small market of the CS CLs.

Belgium was combined with Luxemburg, as was Slovakia with Czech Republic and Ireland with the UK. Hence there were 28 reported countries / clusters covering the 31 countries.

The CL market for the eleven reported countries in this paper declined by 0.7%, and the value was 1143 millions. The reported eleven countries represent 81.9% of the total collected. DD grew by +2.1%, W/B&M declined by 2.0%. CS declined by 32.5%.

With a total of 13.3% (+6.4%) of the 15-64 years old population wearing CLs, Sweden is leading the penetration ranks, ahead of Norway (10.5%, +3.1%) and Denmark (9.8%, -9.5%)). Lowest is Germany (3.41%, +2.2%).

Silicone Hydrogels (SiHy) are now at 71 % share in the W/B&M segment (in total) and above 50% in all of the reported eleven countries.

The total lens care market shrunk 5.5% for all 31 countries. All countries had total data, but not data for all segments and all years. For the eleven markets reported here, the lens care products market shrunk 7.7%.

You can download the full report below:

EUROMCONTACT Contact Lens Market Report Download
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