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Practice Management Software

an introduction to PMS with 3 business briefings on starting your PMS journey to an ultimate goal of the “Paperless Practice”

Business Briefings by Bob Hutchinson
Principal Eros Business Consulting

The journey starts here:

Practice Management Software, what are the basics for Optical Practice today?

Originally IT systems were only conceived as an automatic method for sending recall letters. So it sits on the desk, you’ve paid for it, and you only use 15% of its working capability. Makes no sense does it?

Go to Practice Management Software: The Basics

Practice Management Software, how far will it take us?

There are surprisingly still a few practices running with paper book keeping but there is now a much wider uptake of Practice Management Systems, and the market has in my view been strengthened over the years by a number of buyouts and new entrants who have sprung up from programme writers moving to fresh fields. This has created a........

Go to Getting more out of the PMS system: Intermediate level

The Paperless Practice

The digital age has brought invaluable knowledge in an easily readable and transferable manner and the Holy Grail for many practices is to create the “Paperless Practice”.

We take a look at the advantages in striving towards a paperless practice. The paperless practice has been highlighted as one of the benefits of integrated technology that is now possible in every practice.

Go to The Paperless Practice

The series of Briefings on choosing and installing PMS is then supplemented by further advice on using PMS to help build success in the business

The Advantages of Using Stock Modules to improve VAT position

Many practitioners see the use of a stock module as an additional luxury which adds time with little benefit to the practice. This is because they have never been shown how stock knowledge can increase profitability, help with promotions, ensure gross profitability levels are retained or maximised and even improve your VAT apportionment agreement or reduce sales tax payments.

Click for Stock Modules VAT Briefing

Keeping your stock levels to the minimum required to create customer interest

This briefing follows on from our briefing on how to use a stock module as a tool on your PMS system to investigate better figures to improve your cost apportionment percentage for VAT attribution. Also to allow better categorisation to ensure the correct vat is being applied to each product type. Both actions can instantly add value on the bottom line.

Click for Keeping Stock Levels to a Minimum Briefing

Improving your business strengths

This briefing is designed to make you consider how you could best help yourself and your business, improve performance, raise staff morale and achieve measurable business profitability.

Click to Improving Your Business Strenghts Briefing

Bob Hutchinson has been working in the centre of the optical sector since becoming an optometrist in the 70’s.

Recently retiring from clinical optometry, he continues to act for many SMEs as well as larger groups in strategy, PR & marketing, and financial advice with a specialism in optical VAT.

His client base also includes large industrial companies in equipment and IT involved in the optical industry to name a few.

Still involved in optical decision making his aim has always been to encourage regulators and negotiators to allow the sector to flourish, and to assist others to own and manage financially robust businesses.

Eros Business Consulting

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