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ONEPRIMARYCARE wins urgent care centre contract in Corby
More information on transfer of services from ACE to PCSE, reported on our "professional matters pages"
Cataract referral deal struck with largest PEC
Data Security and Protection Toolkit Update, IGT now replaced.
LOCSU's Primary Eyecare Services announces new Chair.
LOCSU Annual Report published.
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ONEPRIMARYCARE wins urgent care centre contract in Corby

March 2019

Leading medical provider, OnePrimaryCare, part of OneMedicalGroup, has been awarded the urgent care contract at Corby Urgent Care Centre, which will see the group run the Cottingham Road centre from April 2018 until 31st March 2021.

OnePrimaryCare is part of OneMedicalGroup, an independent nationally recognised and award-winning innovative healthcare solutions provider to the NHS. Bringing together a unique blend of premises development and patient care delivery to patients, GPs, GP Networks and Federations and Commissioners.

The contract, which was awarded by the Corby CCG, will see OnePrimaryCare utilise its expertise of running urgent care centres across the country, with sites in Derby, Bracknell, Leeds and Sheffield.

Rachel Beverley-Stevenson, Chief Executive of OneMedicalGroup, said: “The team and I are very much looking forward to working closely with NHS Corby CCG to deliver the Corby Urgent Care Centre to those in the community with an urgent care need, 8am until 8pm, 365 days a year.

“It’s a really positive win for the team and reaffirms our credentials of delivering urgent and primary care services across the UK, underpinned by our values of People First, Working Together for a Better Future.

“We are natural collaborators and are delighted to have the chance to work with patients and staff of Corby Urgent Care Centre, the wider population and the whole of the health and social care system on developing the service over the coming months and years. We look forward to welcoming the existing team into our group and working with them to transfer the service with a view to delivering excellent quality, patient-centred care to the Corby community at Cottingham Road.”

More information on transfer of services from ACE to PCSE, reported on our "professional matters pages"

March 2019

Contacting PCSE for your primary care support services As part of Primary Care Support England’s (PCSE) commitment to providing national, consistent services for primary care, they are planning to transfer the Ophthalmic Payments service currently delivered by ACE in Clacton to PCSE’s site in Leeds from March.

They will transfer the service for contractors in the areas listed below in March and April:

March: Essex, York, Rotherham/Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster, Somerset.

April: Bedfordshire/Luton, Hertfordshire.

They will be writing out to all contractors in these areas with this update. It is important to note that contractors will not be required to do anything differently, but they will be reminded:

1. ALL contact with the ACE office should be directed to PCSE’s Customer Support Centre and via the online forms on the PCSE website (see further details below).

2. To submit two identical batch headers with all GOS 1 submissions. One batch header will be returned along with any rejected GOS 1 claims to help contractors reconcile their payments. 3. To continue to send GOS claims to PCSE’s secure mail processing centre in Darlington as usual. There is no change to the claim form submission dates or payment dates.
Contacting PCSE Contractors wishing to raise a query should use the Ophthalmic Payments online form that is available on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the PCSE website.

They can also contact PCSE’s Customer Support Centre (CSC) on 0333 014 2884. The opening hours for the CSC are 08.00-17.00, Monday-Friday.

Online form and telephone contacts are each allocated a case reference number, so PCSE can track and keep contractors updated on the progress of their query and they can follow-up if required.

As these contact arrangements have already been in place for a year, since February 2018, PCSE do not expect contractors should need to do anything differently.

Any postal correspondence, including GOS claim forms, should be sent to their secure mail processing centre at:

• Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN
Contractors wishing to courier documents should note there is a separate address for courier firms to use:

• Capita Intelligent Communications, Building 17: Units 2 & 6, Lingfield Point, McMullen Road, DARLINGTON, DL1 1RW

Please do not post any mail to the Clacton office.

Contractors in Somerset have already been notified that GOS 1 submissions are now being batch processed, rather than individually input. Processing GOS 1 claims in this way is now standardised across the rest of England and PCSE are bringing the Somerset region in-line with all other contractors

March: • Essex • York • Rotherham/Barnsley • Sheffield • Doncaster • Somerset

April • Herts • Beds/Luton

Initial Story here

Cataract referral deal struck with largest PEC

March 2019

England’s largest PEC - Primary Eyecare Services, supported by LOCSU, has struck a deal with independent ophthalmology group Optegra Eye Health Care to enable community practices to offer post-operative cataract care to patients in the community.

David Hewlett who is a both LOCSU Board member and observer on the Board of Primary Eyecare Services said: “This is the start of things to come and shows the independent sector setting a standard for the NHS to follow which will enable patients to enjoy convenient, high quality, follow-up care, closer to home with a return to ophthalmology only when necessary.

Key to this agreement is the reassurance to referring practices that, once their cataract episode is completed, the patients will return to their normal optical practice for their ongoing eye health needs.”

Dharmesh Patel, Primary Eyecare Services chief officer added that this “will also provide an opportunity to redesign local services with primary care being central to that care model”.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit Update, IGT now replaced.

February 2019

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) has replaced the Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) as NHS Digital’s (formerly HSCIC) compliance check for information governance.

LOCSU and the Optical Confederation have been working with NHS Digital to simplify this process as much as possible with the result that the DSPT can now be completed within QiO if preferred.

Please see information from NHS Digital below:

Well done for starting to think about your data security and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. The Data Security and Protection Toolkit has replaced the IG Toolkit and is an online self-assessment of data security in your organisation.

It is required to access NHS Mail, Referrals and local electronic record sharing projects.

NHS Digital has worked to support the optical sector to complete a DSP toolkit in a number of ways which will give you some options about how to complete your DSPT.

LOCSU are also running a range of web training events throughout February and March, details available here and videos here which can be watched on demand.

There is other help and support available, with some example materials (primarily developed for Care Sector but map quite well across) separately here

Options for completion:

1) If you want to complete a DSPT now, register on the site and work through the Toolkit questions. Once you have completed the questions you can publish your toolkit to complete it. If you are part of a chain, would like to complete an identical toolkit for your branches and can wait until the end of February, email and they will set up a HQ site so you can develop a master submission for all your sites.

2) If you want to complete the DSP Toolkit questions as part of the Quality in Optometry tool make sure you have completed all the mandatory questions and we will ensure it is displayed on the DSP Toolkit site so that you can show your commissioner and partners that you have completed the DSP Toolkit.

For option 2 (QiO) completion there are two possible checklists for completion: the Optical DSPT checklist, and the NHSmail checklist.
You can view the new DSPT tab with instructions for completion via this link.

The date for completion is 31st March 2019 (and then annually) unless otherwise advised.

LOCSU's Primary Eyecare Services announces new Chair.

February 2019

Mike FeganPrimary Eyecare Services Ltd is one of the companies created by LOCSU into which many of the smaller Primary Eyecare companies have merged.

It is delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Fegan as Chairman of their Board.

Mike brings a wealth of business and finance experience which is invaluable as the Company continues to grow. He is an experienced Finance Director and spent 15 years with FTSE 100 companies; he has held roles at ITV, Granada, Forte and the Football Association; he is currently a director of the Association of Optometrists and has recently been appointed as Chair of LOCSU.

He will be replacing Trevor Warburton who was the interim initial Chair of PEC Services and who will remain on the board.

LOCSU Annual Report published.

February 2019

LOCSU Annual ReportLOCSU’s 2017-2018 Annual Report, entitled Progress & Integration is now available for LOCs on their website.

The report covers the consolidation of Primary Eyecare Companies and a report of the tenure of LOCSU Chairman, Alan Tinger, who stood down after a decade leading the organisation.

The report shows that the number of services in the sector stands just under 700 with PEC activities and revenue up nearly a quarter in the last full financial year to the end of March 2018.

You can download and read or print the whole report as a pdf here

New to the LOC? Sign up for March Induction

February 2019

LOC members are invited to apply for the next LOC Facilitated Induction Course starting on 4 March.

The course is aimed at new LOC members but is open to all those who want to update their knowledge and brush up on their skills.

The four-week facilitated course takes around two to three hours a week to complete the reading and the activities. It means that participants can dip in and out and cover the bite-sized topics at their own pace.

The course covers LOC functions and governance, an overview of the national optical bodies, how NHS commissioning is organised and effective LOC communications.

In order to register for this programme, delegates need to email LOCSU at providing their name, LOC and their role within the LOC.

Please copy in your LOC Chair.

Another course will be held starting on June 10. For more information visit the Training pages of the LOCSU website.

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