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Workshops Provide ‘Great Discussion and Feedback’
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Workshops Provide ‘Great Discussion and Feedback’

April 2021

Recently LOCSU held two packed virtual workshops were held as LOCSU looked at the future of Optometry first urgent eyecare services.

The ‘discovery sessions’ were held over two nights with one hearing from MECS practitioners and the other from those working with CUES.

From the MECS providers we were keen to hear which elements of CUES could work and which would be more challenging. In terms of CUES, it was a chance to listen and learn from those who had been working with the pathway.

Although CUES was promoted as a COVID response at a time of crisis LOCSU always intended it for the long term.

Speaking after the sessions LOCSU CEO Richard Whittington said:

“Great discussion and feedback across both sessions. Provides fantastic practical insight into service development and the future”.

Interim Clinical Director Zoe Richmond spoke after the MECS session:

“The session had great participation, MECS practitioners joined with a wide range of experience offering different perspectives but we also had broad consensus on some points.”

So, what happens now? These discovery exercises will help inform a future model of urgent eye care, delivered in primary care. We didn’t expect the sessions to provide all the answers, but we are confident they have given us areas for development.

If you weren’t able to be at either of the workshops and want to give some feedback, or you attended and would like to add some comments we would really like to hear from you.


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