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Workshop focus for NOC 2017.
D-Day Landing: National Data Repository logins sent to LOC Companies
QiO update now live
Reconciliation of payments ahead guaranteed by PCSE to make life easier for practititioners

Workshop focus for NOC 2017.

March 2017

Significant changes to the NOC programme for 2017 will see a greater emphasis on practical skills for LOC delegates, LOCSU has this week revealed.

Announcing the changes, Chief Operating Officer Richard Whittington, said: “There will be greater opportunity to attend the workshops. Following feedback from NOC 2016, this year's delegates will be able to attend a total of four break-out sessions during the day.”

Richard explained that there would be fewer keynote speeches and a greater focus on practical skills, role-based learning and networking opportunities for delegates which LOCs will benefit from on their return.

Following the new one-day format for NOC 2017, plans are being discussed to introduce a series of regional conferences for LOCs and Primary Eyecare Companies.

This year’s NOC takes place on Thursday 9 November 2017 at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire.

Save the date and find regular updates by liking and sharing the dedicated NOC Facebook page and the NOC Twitter account [@noclocsu] or follow the hashtag #nocloc.

D-Day Landing: National Data Repository logins sent to LOC Companies

February 2017

User logins have now been sent to LOC Companies which use the Webstar Health’s OptoManager platform.

The LOCSU National Data Repository, developed by Cegedim RX, amalgamates data inputted into OptoManager to provide interactive business reporting, enabling users to analyse activity and outcomes of commissioned services, broken down by CCG, Year, Quarter, Month, Source of Referral, Presenting Symptoms, and more.

Reports also show comparison against national averages enabling users to benchmark and compare company performance.

Head of Policy, Richard Knight, said: “We hope that companies will find the Data Repository a useful tool for ascertaining performance. LOCSU is already making use of its features to further the case for the commissioning of extended primary eye care services. The Data Repository gives us something that we have never had before: a global overview, so important for service development.”

LOCSU will be meeting with Cegedim RX shortly to discuss the next steps of development.

LOCSU would like to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks to The Central Optical Fund for part-funding the project.

QiO update now live

February 2017

The updated QiO website is now live.

QiO has been comprehensively overhauled for 2017 with new features including linear navigation, and a refined overall appearance, while outdated content has been removed.

QiO’s core purpose to host clinical governance compliance toolkits for optical professionals remains unchanged.

QiO is funded by LOCSU on behalf of the profession and supported by the College of Optometrists, AOP, ABDO and FODO.

The URL for QiO is unchanged:

There are a variety of new features in QiO:

1. Linear checklist format

2. New account fields

3. Expanded NHS Standard Contracts section

4. Policy Builder feature

5. Built-in ‘Submit to NHS’ feature

Please see the user guide that accompanies the 2017 update which can be found on the QiO homepage.

Both new and experienced users, as well as LOC Company Clinical Governance and Performance Leads who can now check subcontractor submissions within QiO itself, should familiarise themselves with this document in light of the changes made to QiO.

Reconciliation of payments ahead guaranteed by PCSE to make life easier for practititioners

January 2017

In a recent publication from the PCSE available here.

Contractors will see that the bulletin confirms PCSE will shortly return to individual processing for GOS 3 and 4 forms. Once this has been implemented, practices will receive itemised statements, allowing for easier reconciliation. The change will be rolled out in phases across the country starting February 2017.

GOS payment reconciliation exercise has, according to the document, started with a target completion date of end of March 2017. Once this has been completed a process for contractors to claim interest and charges associated with late payments will be implemented by NHS England.

The delays in Performer List applications are being addressed says the PCSE. It is aiming to process the majority of applications from the September cohort (where they possess all the required information) by the end of January 2017.

This is another area where their actions have frustrated practitioners and one that LOCSU is discussing with them with regard to compensation related to delays in processing Performers List applications.


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