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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2018


NFC-700 - the fully automatic, all-in-one, non-mydriatic fundus camera.
Xaviergarcia's Summer Acetate Collection.
Less Rim, MORE COOL from Mykita.
Komono Sun: The gossamer collection: in living colour.
WESTGROUPE launches new campaigns for Superflex Kids.
The Debut of ‘HYGGE’: ‘Comfortable Conviviality’
MIC-Made in Cadore eyeglass frames in metal and acetate.
More Fashion, More Comfort, More You from Stepper.
Mykita SOS on the runway.
Ogi Kids Sets Cool Summer Trends.
Komono sun FW18 the elementary collection: "Primary Vision".
Bon Vivant Collection Welcomes Three New Additions.
KAOS: an irreverent, ironic kaleidoscope of colours for risk-takers.
Grafton Optical announce the launch of the I-LID ’N LASH® Ocular Hygiene products from I-MED Pharma.
KLiiK denmark May 2018 releases.
Komono FW18 sunglasses collection True Colours.
Comfort Isn’t a Luxury for Stepper.
FYSH UK May 2018 releases
EBLOCK EYEWEAR is darkened with MAGNETIC CLIPS-ON with new colours
EVATIK May 2018 releases.
Be Seduced by Coco Song
BLACKFIN 24KT GOLD Limited Edition.
CRIZAL SAPPHIRE UV offers relief from Invasive Light
Nothing Could Be More ‘STEPPER’
Another first for Optinet PMS.
OCUCO launches iPad application for Acuitas and Focus PMS
La Matta, The new Capsule Collection
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NFC-700 - the fully automatic, all-in-one, non-mydriatic fundus camera.

June 2018

NFC 700 from GraftonGrafton Optical announce the launch of the NFC-700: the cost effective, non-mydriatic fundus camera solution

Grafton Optical are pleased to announce the launch of the NFC-700 non-mydriatic fundus camera; complementing their existing range of retinal imaging equipment and offering customers a high specification piece of equipment at an affordable and competitive price point.

The NFC-700 features fully automatic 3D tracking and image capture and is an essential diagnostic instrument for ophthalmologists and optometrists wishing to evaluate and record a patient's data.

With its non-mydriatic function, patient comfort is maximised during the diagnosis process.

• All in one fundus camera - no separate PC required

• Small footprint

• Automated focus and capture with manual override

• Windows 10 based - easy to network

• Mosaic comparison and filter functionality

Grafton Optical is one of the UK's leading suppliers of ophthalmic instruments, equipping and servicing independent and larger chain opticians and Britain's hospitals.They are also long term supporters of this site allowing free independent news to the Optical Sector. Visit their pages here

Xaviergarcia's Summer Acetate Collection.

June 2018

FA by XaviergarciaThe Summer Acetate Collection by Xavier Garcia is a minimalist dream where volume and proportion are dominating concepts.

Your wardrobe basics for the summer come in translucent lovely shapes.

We have created pieces of art that last beyond the season. Fusing traditional and new technologies, we have created a timeless and exquisite acetate collection.

Original and bright urban eyewear with colour combinations and shapes inspired by the city of Barcelona and its constant movement. Eyewear created by Xavier Garcia, where extreme research has gone into shapes, proportions and colors, have also a strong attitude to please the wearer.

Here below all the new frames: take a look and fall in love with them!

FA (above): Oversized square shape with a retro, youthful and trendy style that stands out thanks to the sculpted elements at the top. Fresh and translucent single-colors combined with Felipa  by Xaviergarcialaminated temple tips. un nuovo Blocco di testo, pronto per il tuo contenuto

FELIPA: (right) Slightly oval shape, sophisticated and feminine, that stands out for its smaller size and sculpted elements. Available in an array of exciting colors combined with laminated temple tips.

Palau by Xaviergarcia

PALAU:(left) Classic rectangular shape with a youthful spirit that is defined by an easy-to-wear concept. The sculpted profiles make a clear architectural reference that, through the use of translucent acetates, creates ethereal color hues combined with laminated temple tips

Palmer  by Xaviergarcia

PALMER: (right) Classic oversized square shape for men, featuring a wide harmony of elegant colors that contrast with the laminated details at the temple tips.

 by Xaviergarcia
PAPIOL: (left) Oversized square shape in an extremely modern retro style with a youthful spirit that stands out for the laminated temple tips combined with a perfect color range.

Less Rim, MORE COOL from Mykita.

June 2018

Less rim from MykitaTwo experimental shapes join the LESSRIM collection: With soft lines and rounded contours, SUZU is a feminine spin on the aviator shape.

The curved top line on this delicate and oversize optical frame transforms the customary sporty look of a top-bridge into a more classic statement.

MIZUHO makes the most of the barely visible construction at the core of the LESSRIM collection with lenses that appear as though suspended underneath a dramatically curved top line.
The classic cat-eye shape of the Fifties and Sixties gets translated into the here-and-now using latest advancements in surface technology.

Models shown: SUZU & MIZUHO, Collection: LESSRIM, Material: Stainless steel, acetate
Colours: SUZU: Silver / Neon Pink, Gold / Indigo, Silver / Champagne Gold, Black / White & MIZUHO: Gold / Black, Black / White, Champagne Gold / Taupe

Komono Sun: The gossamer collection: in living colour.

June 2018

Expanding the popular Metal Series, the new Gossamer Collection takes a softer approach to flat steel. Each of the four colourways – Blush, Sunray, Dove, and Forest.

The series contains 6 model designs: Logan, the Hollis, Levi and the Chris, Finley and Quin.

They are a luscious matte shade that show minimalist design is the perfect setting for bold colour.

The Gossamer Collection will bring a fresh pop of living colour – and a unique smoothness – to your winter wardrobe.

Levi Sunray from KomonoBlush is available in the Logan and the Hollis styles.

Sunray Is available in the Levi (left) and the Chris styles.

Logan Forest by Komono
Dove is available in the Levi, the Chris, the Finley, and the Hollis models.

Forest is available in the Logan (right), the Finley, the Levi (featured on home page) , and the Quin models.

WESTGROUPE launches new campaigns for Superflex Kids.

June 2018


WestGroupe is pleased to introduce the launch of the Superflex kids 2018 advertising campaign “Express Your Colorful Self!” and Eyes on the Trends “Back to School”.

uperflex by WestgroupeHygge 120
Shot on location in NYC, the new Superflex kids campaign was inspired by the Holi festival, a Hindu festival known widely as the “Festival of Color” that marks the arrival of spring.

This festival is a celebration of fun, love, fertility and, just like the new Superflex kids collection, is all about color. The new campaign is an authentic explosion of energy and cheerfulness.

The selection of joyful and dynamic images highlights the new styles while inspiring kids to express their true selves and showing them how wearing frames expresses their individual personality and style.

Westgroupe Superflex for Kids
The new Eyes on the Trends - Back to School comes with a new look & new features, where the main theme is about color. Evoking adult coloring books and their effect to stimulate creativity, the new EOTT - Back to School comes complete with bamboo pencil crayons to fill the pages. Showcasing the spring collections of Superflex kids & KLiiK denmark and how their unique design was inspired by different fashion, technology, lifestyle and accessories.

New to the EOTT is the interactive digital aspect that is a growing global trend. WestGroupe has incorporated the HP REVEAL app, that you can download from the app store, follow “WestGroupe” and by scanning each page, there is something new to discover! Moreover, anyone can create their own art that they want to share.

“We are thrilled with the new Superflex kids campaign and EOTT,” says WestGroupe’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael DeBono. “The new materials are a great way to showcase the new kids frames in one place. It is also handy for ECP’s to have these materials in their waiting rooms as it offers their customers something fun to do while waiting for their appointments.”

The Debut of ‘HYGGE’: ‘Comfortable Conviviality’

June 2018

Hygge 20
A structural and masculine spectacle frame from Louis Stone’s brand new hygge Collection. hygge 20, c1 in Steel Eyed. Stainless steel and acetate tips – 55 x 18-145 (Right)

The secret’s out… Louis Stone (Optical) is due to release their debut Hygge (Danish/Nordic origin, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) collection this month.

Any avid Instagram follower will have heard about the rise of ‘hygge’ imagery over the last year. It is a Danish/Nordic term, meaning ‘comfortable conviviality’.

Hygge 120Hailing from Scandinavia and generally related to posts resembling fluffy blankets, soft furnishings, hot mugs of coffee and fireplaces, ‘hygge’ surrounds the idea of comfort and coziness. What better name for our upcoming collection (women’s and men’s frames), that echoes Scandi-style with the comfort and premium quality that Louis Stone is known for?

Hygge 120 (left) an exotic and delicate spectacle frame from Louis Stone’s brand new hygge Collection. c1 in Mocha Glacier. Stainless steel and acetate temple - 50 x 16-135

Every spectacle frame has been carefully considered, with our Head of Marketing focusing on how each frame makes her feel and the Scandinavian influences that encouraged Louis Stone to select them, before choosing the perfect colour for them.

Hygge 10
Hygge 10 a striking, unisex spectacle frame from Louis Stone’s brand new hygge Collection. c1 in Charcoal and Ice. Stainless steel and acetate tips – 50 x 21-145

‘Channeling the feeling of contentment you get when you’re tucked up in bed reading, strolling across tumbling hills, or sipping a hot cup of cocoa, the hygge Collection oozes Scandinavian sophistication with a perfect fit.’ – Clare Gaba, Head of Marketing and Communications, Louis Stone.

MIC-Made in Cadore eyeglass frames in metal and acetate.

June 2018

Source of inspiration and place of riveting magnificence, the Dolomites are the background for MIC-Made in Cadore, the new brand that retraces the legend of eyewear, starting from its place of origin.

OGO OK  337 forKidsA UNESCO heritage site, the Dolomites are the common denominator and the distinctive feature of MIC frames, both in the choice of colors and definition of shapes.

ugiadaEmerilMetal unleashes the warm tones of the earth, while the hues of the mountains and their elements can be found in the marbled effect or the green and yellow pigmented shades of Havana in the acetates.

Two styles embrace the cat-eye silhouette: Acqua (top left) , with acetate front and metal temples; and Rugiada (right), all-metal with the top rim highlighted in acetate.

oraOGO OK  337 forKidsThe beauty of Flora (left) is in the details. The acetate rims are paired with metal temples and nose, for a frame that revisits the classic stylistic traditions of eyewear.

An array of eyeglass styles awaits the discerning male, who can choose from the more squared-off shapes (like Lago below) or the more rounded ones goTerrawith a Pantos look, like Terra (home page), in metal with an original two-tone glossy-matte detail on the front.

The hallmark of all MIC eyewear is the metal detail on the sidepiece near the hinge: an iconic symbol that, in its elemental simplicity, echoes the outlines of the mountain.

MIC-Made in Cadore is not just a brand, it is also a challenging project that grew out of the vision of a group of companies with strong ties to the area. The MIC collection is distributed by Immagine98.

More Fashion, More Comfort, More You from Stepper.

June 2018

Stepper STS

With fashion frames, too often, the trade-off for great looks is comfort. Styling comes first and the wearer has to suffer for their art.

‘STEPPERS frames deliver both fashion and comfort,’ argues Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind the brand, ‘whilst I recognise the need to express yourself with your eyewear, I believe there is an equal need for the frame to fit and give you day-long comfort.’

The STS-30023 combines a TX5 front with Stainless Steel sides. Choosing these materials has three key benefits. Firstly; TX5 gives the designers almost unlimited colour choice to reflect the latest on-trend hues.

Secondly; the front, being moulded into its final form, ensures the ergonomic bridge sits snugly on your nose and retains its comfortable shape over time. Thirdly; both materials are significantly lighter than their more regular alternatives, so the frame puts less pressure on the contact points of your face.

‘I want wearers to have fun with their eyewear’, adds Saskia, ‘Fun is a good feeling and with a STEPPERS you also get the additional good feeling of oustanding comfort. So you look good and feel good’ she concludes

The STS-30023 is available in Olive Mottle, Midnight Blue and Black.

Mykita SOS on the runway.

June 2018

This wrong is the new right.

Mykita SOS
Taking a cue from children’s beloved way of wearing glasses flipped around, MYKITA + MARTINE ROSE present SOS – a sunglass model made to be worn upside down or downside up.

Either way looks perfectly offbeat, mimicking the accidental cool of kids’ style.

The generous, cropped cat-eye form presents a fun-meets-chic aesthetic that carries on via animal print colourways in zebra, leopard and giraffe patterns. The ‘sticker’ inscription on the lens and supermarket-inspired packaging design completes the faux discount look.

Ogi Kids Sets Cool Summer Trends and more models.

June 2017

Ogi Kids, a stylish line of children’s eyewear designed for the trendsetters of tomorrow, adds seven new frames to the collection this summer. These frames set themselves apart with sophisticated and contemporary looks, and like the popular adult designs, they use the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Ogi Kids frames are offered in a variety of dynamic colors and all have optional sun clips available, perfect for the up-and-coming fashionistas who value versatility and self expression.

OGO OK  337 forKids
The OK337 emerges into the Ogi Kids collection featuring gorgeous jewel-toned acetate fronts with coordinating chop temples. This Ogi Kids optical frame is the perfect versatile rectangle shape to complete the young fashionista’s ensemble! With spring hinges and the highest quality materials, this style is resilient to appease the parents as well.


OK  338 forKids
Introducing the OK338, a charming cat eye style with a feminine flair. This Ogi Kids optical frame showcases beautiful translucent marbled fronts with coordinating opaque temples for an ultrastylish look for any girl.


OGI OK  339 forKids
Ogi Kids introduces the OK339, a petite P3 frame fit for kids with classic, yet contemporary style. This subtly striped acetate comes together in a round shape with a keyhole bridge, made complete with spring hinges to look smart in the classroom yet also withstand recess!

Komono sun FW18 the elementary collection: "Primary Vision".

May 2018

Every colour – whether the season’s hottest or your favourite – is at its core a combination of red, yellow, and blue.

Following their success as the cornerstone of KOMONO Opticals, the Elementary Collection joins primary colours with clean design for a new collection that redefines lightweight frames.

This new collection includes an addition of orange and brown lens for those seeking a darker gradient as well as a distinct silver and smoke colourway.

The Sinclair
Black is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Gradient Brown.
The Sinclair Silver is available in Solid Smoke.( see left)


The Mercer
Black is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Gradient Brown.
The Mercer Silver is available in Solid Smoke. (see right)

The Hailey Black is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Gradient Brown.
The Hailey Silver is available in Solid Smoke. This frame is featured as an image on our headline page.

The Sheldon Black is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Gradient Brown.
The Sheldon Silver is available in Solid Smoke.No image

Bon Vivant Collection Welcomes Three New Additions.

May 2018

Bon Vivant, known for blending trendsetting concepts with euro architectural inspired themes, unveils three new frames, each with their own story to tell. These French-named frames are welcomed into the summer line with aptly crafted colors and tones for the fresh-faced season. Bon Vivant continues to evoke French influential style and couture with these new frames.


The Emeril enters into the Bon Vivant collection with an air of distinction, featuring expertly finished matte and glossy acetate. This rounded square shape is a fresh take on the masculine look. Available in several Parisian summertime-inspired hues, the Emeril recalls a sense of curiosity and worldliness for the well-traveled.


The Rochelle stuns with its new, feminine style in Bon Vivant. With deep tones of tortoise acetate underneath a glossy coordinating hue, you’ll find matte peaks outlined in a glossy border, exemplifying the level of attention to detail Bon Vivant is known for. Classy, refined, and highly sought after, the Rochelle is well positioned in the Bon Vivant collection.


Bon Vivant introduces the Vanessa, a truly stunning angular shape in an alluring shimmery leopard print. The holographic effect glistens in the evening light, picturesque to a night atop the Eiffel Tower. Vanessa evokes a sense of wilder wonders with this expressive look - a true hallmark of what it means to live well.

KAOS: an irreverent, ironic kaleidoscope of colours for risk-takers.

May 2018

Colour, colour and more colour! A true explosion of bold, bright colours defines the new KAOS frames, Area98’s line for children.

Captivating shapes, neon applications and original metalwork define the new models, designed for those who fearlessly look to the future with a touch of irony.

Unusual laminations are combined with astonishing decorative elements, transforming each frame into a unique piece with a strong personality.

Bold shades and contrasting colour variations increase the visual impact, playing with shades of red, yellow, black, blue and purple. The result is a contemporary, easy-to-wear collection dedicated to creativity, representing an innovative, extravagant form of expression outside of conventional norms.

Kaos KK426The KK426 model has a slightly cat-eye round shape and a frame front that combines acetates with different patterns. The temples display a metal insert embellished with small colourful details that reference decorative elements on clothes and accessories.

In the boxy KK427 model, see headline page, a metal insert with a multi-coloured relief decoration applied to the hinges lends personality to the temples. Extravagant patterns extend along the temples and the front, which is thicker on the top than at the bottom, a detail that gives the frame an extremely modern design.

Kaos KK432The completely acetate KK432 (right) model has a wide, slightly boxy round shape. The decoration with a zig zag incision gives movement to the temples, ironically evoking the thunderbolt symbol of comic book superheroes.

Kaos KK433


The rounded KK433 model (left) has a slim frame that plays with colour contrasts and captures your attention with the fun detail of the temples: a metal insert decorated with three-dimensional, two-tone elements that create a dynamic, light effect.

Grafton Optical announce the launch of the I-LID ’N LASH® Ocular Hygiene products from I-MED Pharma.

May 2018

The products are specifically designed to enhance treatment regimens for Dry Eye and other lid margin diseases

ILNL by Grafton
Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, the I-LID’N LASH® product line by I-MED Pharma is the newest addition to Grafton’s comprehensive range of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treatment products.

Originally developed in Canada over a decade ago, the I-LID’N LASH daily cleansing gel was formulated by clinical experts, specifically for patients suffering from Dry Eye and extra ocular conditions. In 2015, I-LID’N LASH PLUS and PRO were developed to help resolve more serious lid margin conditions, such as Demodex.

Grafton Optical CEO David Thickens said of the launch, “The I-LID ’N LASH line is exclusive to Grafton Optical and will not be available to buy in pharmacies or online. This provides a protected sales channel for optometrists and ophthalmologists recommending these products to their patients. Grafton will be able to offer customers a superior price advantage on this excellent line, which helps to manage symptoms associated with Dry Eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, blepharitis, rosacea, Demodex, chalazia and other lid margin diseases.”


Containing hyaluronic acid, I-LID ’N LASH® offers a gentle, soothing and effective way to clean eyelids and lashes. Daily usage will help remove ocular debris, reduce extra-ocular inflammation and enhance the effectiveness of artificial tears. It is gentle enough to be used for makeup removal by patients with sensitive skin. I-LID ’N LASH® should not be rinsed off: the remaining gel will continue to hydrate the area. I-LID ’N LASH® is available as 60 pre-soaked wipes or in a metered 50mL pump.

The addition of a daily hygiene regimen offers patients the opportunity to break the cycle of conjunctivitis and Dry Eye Disease. The addition of a daily eyelid hygiene regimen to a treatment based on tear lubricants helps restore corneal health allowing the eye to function normally.

A two-step process developed to address more advanced lid margin issues. Formulated with natural Tea Tree Oil (TTO), an essential oil derived mainly from Melaleuca alternifolia, it offers powerful antiseptic, cleansing and hydrating properties.

Step 1 - In clinic application of I-LID ’N LASH® PRO containing 20% TTO

Step 2 – Daily follow up regimen by patient using I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS, containing 5% TTO.

I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS may also be used as part of a daily hygiene regimen for patients requiring deeper cleansing. It offers the same hydrating properties as I-LID ’N LASH® with minimal irritation. It is safe for contact lens wearers.

Grafton Optical are proud to be sponsors of your free Opchat News. Take a look at our PHN pages and link to our catalogues. Here.

KLiiK denmark May 2018 releases.

May 2018

KLiiK denmark launches a summer collection that cleverly combines eye-catching patterns, original finishes and unexpected pops of color with contemporary, clean shapes. Inspired by Scandinavian design and key fashion influences, the collection is designed for those requiring a narrow fit and smaller eye sizes.

Kliik 617Featuring a modified round shape, women’s style K-617 (right) is inspired by fashion’s take on graffiti art. The digitally printed pattern outlines a solid color frame. A laser cut down highlights the interesting contrast of this model that is available in four color combinations of cobalt, wine, black and brown.

Kliik 618
Women’s style K-618 (left) is a combination frame with a modified rectangular shape offered in hues of sage, cobalt, raspberry and brown. The metal inlay at the end pieces continues to the temples adding a color blocked effect.

Women’s style K-620 (image on Home Page) uniquely combines three types of finishing: matte metal on the bridge, high gloss and glitter epoxy on the front and temples. To achieve the definition of the curve between the high gloss and the glitter epoxy, a cut down groove is etched for a clean finish. Available in rich color combinations of navy gold, burgundy rose, stone black and brown eggplant.

Kliik 619

A men’s rectangular frame completes the KLiiK denmark May 2018 releases: K-619 (right) features a mono-block front with two-tone coloring around the all the outside edges of the frame. This subtle pop of color is available in grey lime, brown orange and black cobalt.

Komono FW18 sunglasses collection True Colours.

May 2018

Komono FW 2018
Strange. Wild. Powerful. With their Fall/Winter 2018 sunglasses collection KOMONO invites you to drop the façade, lead with your personality, and show-off your true colors. After all, life is more interesting when unfiltered and uncut!

This season, KOMONO celebrates what it means to live authentically.

To stay in the moment and revel in challenges. A life that’s raw, expressive and colourful. True Colours is a reflection of what qualities make a person unique, and a celebration of the free spirits and fearless personalities that dare to venture off the beaten track.

True Colors focuses on the beauty in roughness, with bold new styles and bursts of vibrant color. Alternating between a white studio space and Antwerp’s riverside Linkeroever neighborhood, the campaign photoshoot is an ode to the free-spirited and a love song to embracing every weird and wonderful part of yourself.

This Fall, find your True Colors with KOMONO.

Comfort Isn’t a Luxury for Stepper.

May 2018

Stepper SI 20080With every STEPPER frame comfort is an essential part. Fitting correctly, sitting gently and securely on the face is at the heart of every STEPPER design.

‘Comfort was the original motivator for the brand’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Ltd. ‘Eyewear that delivered all-day wearing comfort was the reason the company founder began making frames in 1970.’

Today style is so important in choosing eyewear, but looking good shouldn’t come at a price. The STEPPER SI-20080 is a great example of how comfort and style can be delivered in harmony.

With a design that is a mix of classic and modern with simple lines and large, ‘square’ eye shapes, this understated yet distinctly handsome frame works with both casual and formal clothing.

Careful examination reveals the frame is made of a combination of TX5 and Titanium. The best material for purpose is selected for each element of the frame therefore, the bridge is constructed from TX5 and sits like silk on the nose but where greater rigidity is required, super-light Titanium is employed.
‘STEPPER doesn’t charge more for comfort,’ adds Peter, ‘Comfort is standard, across the range; it’s just what we’ve always done.’
‘Comfort is THE tangible difference and, once they have experienced it, wearers put great value in it,’ concludes Peter.

The SI-20080 is available in matt graphite, matt midnight and matt black amber.

FYSH UK May 2018 releases

May 2018

Sophisticated patterns, glitter and translucent acetates are the focus for the summer FYSH UK collection.

The perfect blend of key fashion influences and eyewear trends creates interesting, fresh styles in the most current shapes, perfect for the confident woman who is not afraid to express her style.

FYSH May 2018The classic square shape of style F-3605 gets a modern twist with a linear patterned, translucent acetate. Adorned with brushed gold metal temples wrapping to the end pieces into a soft point, this frame is featured in the new FYSH UK campaign and is offered in nude smoke, black, aqua smoke, brown smoke.

FYSH May 2018Also featured in the new campaign is style F-3606. Beautifully designed with a modified cat eye shape, this metal frame is pierce cut-off along the front edges, end pieces and the temples in a geometric mosaic pattern.

The same pattern is reflected in the colorful printed browline. This style is available in four color combinations: cobalt mosaic, black mosaic, brown mosaic, and burgundy mosaic.

The modified square shape with uplifting corners of style F-3607 shimmers in a glitter, ombré acetate reflecting one of the key trends for SS18. Laser cut down the browline and the bridge mimics the unique double bridge effect highlighted in the FYSH UK 2018 Sunwear collection.

Rose shimmer, storm shimmer and gold shimmer are the color combinations for this style.

EBLOCK EYEWEAR is darkened with MAGNETIC CLIPS-ON with new colours

May 2018

E Block magnetic shades
An original accessory to let your customers live their summer

Finally spring time has arrived!

And when the sun shines high in the sky, it becomes essential to protect the eyes with sunglasses.

This is why Eblock - brand of Som Eyewear’s, a company with over 40 years of activity in the sector - presents the new clip-on for 2018.

Three evergreen colours - blue, brown and green - compatible with 3 Be Original collection models, known for their design and retrò inspired shapes, but with a modern view: thin thickness and soft and refined colours that want to blend with the complexion of the face.

New processing, also in the grained plates, that show shiny, dull and scratched surfaces. Unique particulars that make frames strongly material and sculptural, giving a high quality to the handmade work.

The eyewear is transformed into a super-fashion accessory thanks to the magnetic clip-on! A simple gesture: just bring the dark lenses closer to the front of the glasses to transform them into a pair of sunglasses.

A perfect marriage between the block - distinctive mark of EBLOCK brand, the revolutionary and patented lens locking system - and the clip-on’s magnet. Eblock is your style message even in the sunshine!

EVATIK May 2018 releases.

April 2018

Top quality materials, fine designs and unique finishes are showcased in the summer EVATIK collection.

Evatik E9169Key by CocoCombining the latest eyewear and fashion trends with contemporary, masculine color options, the new styles allow the metropolitan man to find the perfect balance between comfort and luxury through a clean, timeless styling that is uniquely EVATIK.

With a flat metal front, a sophisticated matte finish and contrasting colorations of brown forest, black red and grey cobalt, style E-9169 oozes luxury feel.

Temples are etched with a fine herringbone pattern for a textured dimensional chic look.

Evatik E9170Key by Coco

Inspired by the natural materials trend, style E-9170 showcases a unique horn patterned acetate that features contrasting finishes.

The woodgrain finish on the top front of the frame and the temples accentuates the high gloss finish on the bottom front. Featured in the new campaign, this large fit frame is available in color combinations of olive wood, brown wood and black wood.

Be Seduced by Coco Song

April 2018

COCO SONG: fine details and artisan processes for eyewear that seduces you with its mysterious oriental charm.

Silk, feathers, dried flowers and semi-precious stones: material is the star of the new frames by Coco Song, Area98’s famous eyewear brand, in which Western creativity and Eastern atmospheres merge to produce glasses with a unique charm.

Designed for the most eclectic, elegant personalities, Coco Song’s new models are the result of an imaginary journey in oriental culture, with its highly spiritual symbols and opulent colours, tru e jewels that you can slyly show off.

River by CocoThe bold Seashore Skyline model is characterised by a boxy front and a thick design. Real silk – presented in a multicoloured version in the exclusive limited edition 05 version – is combined with delicate feathers between the acetate layers. Geometric incisions and enamelled elements define the metallic decoration of the temples, a symbol of happiness and longevity.

The River Flow (right) frame front has a light, alluring design. The frame is distinguished by the bold colour contrasts between the silk and the feather details, the result of skilful research, and is enriched by decorations in enamelled metal and semi-precious stones that create a symbol of longevity on the temples.

Game by CocoThe thickness is further reduced in the Game People model, a slightly cat-eye boxy frame characterized by a light, but sophisticated decoration: a two-tone weave of metal and coloured enamel set with a semi-precious stone that symbolises longevity.

ZHE by Coco

The new products for SS18 include the Zhe Zhi (right) sunglasses model, a contemporary reinterpretation of elements borrowed from ancient oriental dynasties. The metal application on the ends of the frame front recalls the volumes and sharp lines of origami, while a layer of pure silk is placed between the layers of acetate.

BLACKFIN 24KT GOLD Limited Edition.

April 2018

Take the usual standards of exclusivity and shift them up a gear. Blackfin presents the exclusive

Windsor from BlackfinBlackfin 24KT GOLD Limited Edition range, a collection of limited, numbered models that give a whole new
meaning to the word deluxe. A frame weighing just a few grams embodies the very best qualities you could
possibly imagine: stylish design, all-Italian manufacturing excellence with a precious finish in pure 24kt gold.

The Blackfin24KT GOLD Limited Edition collection consists of eight spectacle frames in a single colour teamed
with pure gold, designed to let the personality of the wearer shine through. Thanks to Blackfin Nano-Plating™
technology, a process employing the principles of atomic physics, it is possible to obtain a layer of 24kt gold that makes this eyewear unmistakeable and the last word in luxury.
Pleasant from Blackfin

Blackfin Nano-Plating™ is an exclusive treatment, patented by this company, in which pure 24kt particles of gold
are vaporised in a vacuum, inducing sublimation that enables the particles to be deposited atom-by-atom onto
the surfaces of the frame.

This very special process makes it possible to create a frame of exceptional beauty that is long lasting and
resistant to wear and tear. Each detail in 24kt gold will exude its brilliant splendour every day and do it forever!

CRIZAL SAPPHIRE UV offers relief from Invasive Light

April 2018

UV Sappire CrizalEssilor has launched its brand new anti-reflective Crizal Sapphire UV lens as the ultimate choice for pure vision, comfort and aesthetic experience, and have described it as another expression of its mission of improving lives by improving sight.

It said at the launch that the lens has broken the traditional compromise between anti-reflective (AR) performance and UV protection. It offers ESPF 35 protection and provides much needed relief for vision plagued by invasive light.

Wearer trials showed 91% preferred it to their previous eyewear and 70% judged it more efficient on reflections than even Crizal Forte UV.

Essilor said the new lens will “enhance all the light of our lives” and offer absolute transparency to millions of spectacle wearers who are bombarded with light from all directions and annoying reflections. Being “almost invisible” it offers “a sensational way to see and be seen”.

Purer vision benefits include better transmission of visual information, fewer ghost images and less distracting reflections.

Aesthetic benefits come from a more transparent lens which allows the eyes to be more visible at all angles, ideal for posting selfies, being photographed and filmed, applying make-up and simply being seen.

“We are proud that 25 years dedicated to Crizal innovation has led to this point - an AR lens with the purest vision, best clarity, comfort and aesthetic appeal,” said commercial director Randeep Gill and “we are proud of the team who have created it, who are driven by our mission of improving lives by improving sight by supporting wellbeing and quality of life.

UV Sappire Crizal“More than 80% of spectacle wearers experience reflections and 50% are bothered by them. Reflections come from many new sources - more office lighting, light pollution in cities and the emergence of outdoor digital screens. Wearers have to adjust their head and/or posture or remove their eyewear to cope with modern glare”.

Crizal Sapphire UV is the result of patented breakthroughs including a dual HMAR architecture in which both lens surfaces interact to tackle reflections that can come from the front, the side and back of each surface.

Essilor has created new ways of designing an AR coating to out-perform the ISO standard, which was designed to work around only one frontal range of between -15° and +15°.

It has created the first anti-glare coating designed to cut reflections whatever the light incident angle, off both the front and back surfaces. Compared to Crizal Forte UV, the new lens offers up to an astonishing 25% less reflection, across the angle between -45° and +45°, front and back.

It said that while its AR lenses have always stood for less eyestrain, more visual comfort, safety and aesthetics, new, patented technologies have allowed it to break the compromise between UV and AR performance.

An optimised stack on both surfaces of the lens allows it to provide a new form of 360° multi-angular technology. An innovative nano layer structure on the back surface minimises visible light reflections at 360° and preserves a high level of UV protection.

In user studies the lens was tested for visual transparency from the wearers’ perspective, scoring 95%, and aesthetic transparency from the observers’ perspective, scoring 84%.

User trial satisfaction scores ranged from 90% for supermarket shoppers with artificial light sources, 88% for home use with TVs, digital devices and lamps, 89% for people walking in streets at night and 79% for people taking selfies in artificial and natural light.

“We live in a fast-changing world, and we’re continuously improving and innovating to meet new needs and create better vision solutions for patients which are technically complex,” said Gill.

“But we also believe in making caring for patients simpler. We are achieving that by offering this lens as the clear choice for patients who want the ultimate AR and UV performance.

“This launch reinforces our commitment to be the independent optician’s best business partner.”

The new lenses will be available from May 29 and plans were announced at the Essilor Innovation Day to create a 2 tier UV lens system with Prevencia and Sapphire sharing the same price and Forte being withdrawn. See Story.

Nothing Could Be More ‘STEPPER’

April 2018

An elegant, attractive, well-fitting solution to the question of how to hold a pair of lenses correctly before the eye, is at the heart of every STEPPER frame. From the current STEPPER collection, there isn’t a better example of this than the SI-30116.

‘Since the early 2000’s STEPPER has been combining the innovative TX5 material with Titanium,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director of STEPPER (UK) Ltd. ‘The best material for purpose is selected to give the wearer maximum benefit. With the SI-30116 this allows us to deliver the comfort of a moulded TX5 bridge to the front with the lightness, elegance and durability of Titanium metal to the sides.’

Curiously, the SI-30116 seems to have two personalities depending on the choice of colour. In ‘crystal’ colouration, it appeals to older wearers of classic frames, with a clear plastic bridge and front sections. In its ‘solid’ form the frame is much more high fashion with a modern large frame look and STEPPER’s attractive, almost pearlescent, bi-colouring.

The sprung Titanium sides provide the perfect foil to the front which features subtle patterning and contrasting metallic finish to the inside.

To maximise appeal to most wearers, STEPPER offers the frame in a choice of three crystal colours (terracotta, aquamarine and bronze) and three solid colours (emerald, sapphire and bronze).
‘Whether worn for its fashion or classic characteristics, every wearer will benefit from exceptional comfort and the hypoallergenic qualities of the materials,’ concludes Peter. Also, whatever the colour, all frames weigh just 9.3g.

Another first for Optinet PMS.

April 2018

Optinet Flex ScotlandOptinet becomes first PMS provider able to e-submit all GOS claims to NHS Scotland

Optinet, the IT services division of the National Eyecare Group (NEG), has become the first practice management system (PMS) provider in the UK to be able to send ALL available General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) claims to the NHS in Scotland.

This follows the company’s accreditation, received earlier this month, for full integration to the eOphthalmic Web Service. The achievement means that users of the Optinet FLEX PMS are now able to submit GOS1, GOS3 and GOS4 claims electronically in Scotland via the NHS Scotland e-Ophthalmic Payments System.

In developing its FLEX system upgrade, Optinet opted for a fully PMS Integrated Solution so it could offer practices full integration to the e-Ophthalmic Web Service.

The integration process started in 2016 to enable practitioners to submit GOS1 forms and receive real-time validation of GOS submissions – and the accreditation process is now complete.

Chris Smith, Optinet National Sales Manager, said: “The now fully integrated solution provides the best user experience for staff as there is no need to switch between the PMS and the Ophthalmic Web Form. By working alongside the NHS in Scotland, Optinet has become the first PMS provider to achieve this status. We are extremely proud to be able to offer this complete service to our customers.”

OCUCO launches iPad application for Acuitas and Focus PMS

April 2018

Ocuco iPad app

Ocuco’s new iPad application delivers convenience and flexibility to front of shop staff and supports engagement with patients through the retail element of their practice journey.

The iPad app allows patients enjoy a boutique-style retail experience, with the close personal attention of optical assistants from check-in, to dispensing, payment, and collection.

Without the need to revert to desktop computers, staff are free to focus on selecting the right frame and lens options with the patient, checking stock and pricing, and processing the payment and order, all from the shop floor.

“The Acuitas iPad App changes the patient perception when visiting an optical practice, with far greater emphasis on an excellent retail experience. It gives staff access to software functions on the shop floor instead of from behind a desk.” – Fergus Murphy, Ocuco Sales Manager.

Ocuco will be showcasing the Acuitas iPad App, alongside the Paskal 3D eye examinations and FittingBox Augmented Reality Virtual Eyewear Try-On software, at the NEC in Birmingham at this year’s Optrafair, stand F20.

Visit the Ocuco team at Optrafair Stand F20. Click here to book an appointment

Ocuco proudly sponsor Opchat News. Visit their pages with links to their website

La Matta, The new Capsule Collection

April 2018

La Matta 3226An original capsule collection and sophisticated combinations of precious details and exclusive patterns: here are la matta’s new additions for next season

Bewitching, seductive and fascinating: the new La Matta collection developed by Area98 is a homage to the modern, sensual woman, a mysterious woman who loves to transform herself and express her personality with determination and elegance.

For SS18, La Matta is presenting an original capsule collection of sunglasses designed to seduce with a touch of romanticism and lively freshness. The models in this limited collection – LM3236 (right) and LM3237 (lower left) - feature innovative patterns in which cheetahs or coral snakes are combined with amazing floral motifs that evoke their natural habitat. Displayed along the brow and temples of the frames, these marvellous decorations in brilliant, saturated colours create versatile products which, while remaining faithful to the brand's identity, give it a truly unique contemporary appeal. The lenses are available in mirrored versions in shades such as pink, light blue, grey and gold.

La Matta 3227With regard to La Matta’s core products, the new collection is characterized by a more pronounced thickness in the upper part of the glasses and a thinner, lighter lower part. Exclusive acetates and feminine designs are combined with animal prints - zebra, leopard and python patterns - and precious goldsmith-inspired decorations that transform each model into a true jewel.

A pair of stones of the same colour, set in gold or silver metal profiles, adorn the temples of the LM3223 model, while in the LM3224 and LM3225 models - the first is entirely in acetate and the second features a combination - two gems with different shades distinguish the profile of the temples, lending them a three-dimensional effect.

Two raw nuggets applied with a special stitching effect embellish the LM3229 frame: a decoration that captures your attention while creating continuity by echoing the shades of the frame front and temples.

For daring people, the obvious choices are the LM3226 and LM3227 models, which feature three aligned gems that evoke the detail of a bracelet, or the LM3230 model, in which three small round stones are applied on a metal base with a fabric effect. Last but not least is LM3228, whose decoration recalls the mesh of a watch strap and, thanks to its strong chromatic contrasts, creates a highly striking visual effect.


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