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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, October to December 2018


KLiiK denmark January 2019 releases
MIC-MADE IN CADORE, Winter 2019 Collection
FYSH 2019 this year’s new releases
EVATIK January 2019 releases
Croakies Eyewear Retainers; For life’s everyday adventures
Venture forth with Bear Grylls in Revo
Welcome Brad. Retro style. OKO style. For a timeless & understated look.
The Giving Season from Ogi Eyewear
MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA The Limited Edition Set
KOMONO: Elementary sun collection update
Miraflex® children’s eyewear from Dibble Optical has new models
November New Selections from Ogi Eyewear
Grafton Optical launches the Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter.
Next Generation CHIC from Mykita
Komono SS19 sunglasses collection; From dawn till dusk
Heidelberg Engineering launches ANTERION in the UK
Dibble Optical introduces Milo & Me children’s eyewear.
Louis Stone brings their own Icy Start to November with over 100 new frames
New Metal Collection announced by Xavier Garcia for 2018 AW
Norville publishes new Sports Catalogue for 2018
Night time driving lens brings better vision
Tom Davies reveals New Ready to Wear Collection.
New Sunglass Collection Launch from Mondottica
Komono Opticals fall/winter 2018/19
New Kaos collection: shake your brain, shake your style!
Xavier Garcia launches new AW 18/19 Collection.
Read the archived products and services news from the 3rd quarter 2018

KLiiK denmark January 2019 releases

January 2019

The new KLiiK denmark collection offers a modern, minimalistic look for men and women requiring a narrow fit.

Keeping in line with its clean aesthetic, that is inspired by Scandinavian design, the new collection features rich colorations, custom design details, along with mixing different materials and textures to create depth and unique style elements.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection
Women’s style K-634 features a multi-colored, hand-made acetate with metallic flecks embedded inside. This rectangular shape is finished with subtle metal end caps and is available in rich hues of green, black, burgundy and purple.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection
A twist on the round shape is women’s style K-635. It is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. The eyerim is in TR-90 which is outlined by an evenly thin metal eye wire from
the end pieces up to the brow bar. It creates an interesting mix of positive and negative space. The deep color palette of red demi, black crystal, black nude and turquoise red is eye-catching.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection

Women’s style K-636 showcases an abstract, digital pattern along the browline and the temples that is inspired by moiré patterns caused by digital interference often seen in graphic design, lighting and fashion. With a monoblock front and a sleek profile, this cat-eye frame is finished with double bridge design and offered in emerald, brown, charcoal and purple.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection

Semi-rimless women’s style K-638 stands out for the intricate and multi-colored laser cut pattern exhibited on the top rim. Matching matte finished metallic temples add a hint of shine to this cat-eye frame that comes in feminine hues of rose, grey, teal and gold.



KLiiK 2019 winter collection


Reflecting the everlasting trend of lines in fashion, men’s style K-637 uses linear design in subtle ways from the front to the tip. Line play is translated from the frame front that intercepts the end piece into the temple for a minimalist style. With a monoblock front and a classic square shape, this ultra-thin and lightweight frame is available in color combinations of khaki black, black blue and charcoal silver.

MIC-MADE IN CADORE, Winter 2019 Collection

January 2019

Nature inspired "Foglia" makes it debut

Foglia by MICCommon denominator in MIC-Made in Cadore frames is the Dolomite mountains, source of inspiration and ecosystem of riveting magnificence. The silhouettes and color choices are reminiscent of pristine nature, beauty and majesty, while the mossy greens and earthy browns, with hints of yellow and a darker forest hue, are all reflected in the MIC acetates.

The Foglia optical frame, crafted entirely of acetate, frames the wearer’s eyes with a touch of glamour. Available in black and in two different Havana versions, Foglia is an accessory that can lift an everyday outfit to contemporary heights.

Foglia by MICSignature hallmark of all MIC eyewear, the metal detail on the sidepiece near the hinge is an iconic symbol that, in its elemental simplicity, pays homage to the craggy mountain tops.

More than a brand, MIC-Made in Cadore is an ambitious project, the vision of a group of companies with strong ties to the area. The MIC collection is distributed by Immagine98.

Connect with the world of MIC on Facebook @madeincadore and Instagram micmadeincadore.

FYSH 2019 this year’s new releases

January 2019

Reflecting the latest runway looks and the color trends of the season, the new FYSH releases feature innovative material combinations, metallic hues and elegant finishes. Unique patterns, custom laminations and contemporary shapes are key to the perfect eyewear accessory for the ambitious women who embrace individual style.

FYSH 2019Taking its direction from the upward trend of mixed materials in fashion, interior design and eyewear, style F-3620 connects metal and acetate together by wrapping a metal bar along the brow and piercing it through the end piece to seamlessly connect with the temples. The matte finish on the metal is a contradictory compliment to the polished hand made acetate, providing depth and definition to the brow. Available color options are honey amber black, black matte gold, crystal palladium and nude gold.

FYSH 2019

Evoking the pattern of open weaved fabrics, style F-3621 features an uneven pattern along the edge of the top rim and the temples that is enhanced with two tone coloration. Custom design details such as looped end pieces, high polished temples and metal temple tips provide an opulent finish. With a perfect balance between its bold square shape and its thin profile, this frame comes in rose gold burgundy, black gold, brown gold and gold brown.

FYSH 2019
Metallic hues give a classic yet contemporary look to style F-3622, a sleek looking modified round frame constructed from a monoblock sheet. Its three dimensional design is achieved through precise laser cutting, revealing a dual shape rim that is accentuated by matte and shine and two tone finishes. An eye-catching pattern engraved along the temples and custom metal temple tips provide the finishing touch to this style that is available in black gold, rose and brown gold.

FYSH 2019

Style F-3623 features a new take on crystal acetate in eyewear: layers of hand made crystal acetate are laminated with a stylized metallic brow bar in contrasting color. The end pieces are carved to mirror the triple metal curves laminated into the acetate, while matching metallic temples make for a polished and elegant finish. Available colorways are blush rose gold, grey gun, crystal gold and nude gold.

EVATIK January 2019 releases

January 2019

Minimalistic style and architectural design elements are elevated by high end materials in the new EVATIK collection. Deep, masculine colors and fine details create a polished look for today’s modern man, striking the perfect balance between comfort and luxury.

Evatik 2019


Beveling along the top and the bottom of the brow bar gives a three-dimensional look to style E-9181. The eye rim has a contrasting color for an added touch of distinction to this rectangular frame that is available in grey black, black charcoal and brown black.


Evatik 2019
Style E-9182 is a retro inspired, ultra-thin, stainless steel round frame. A tortoise patterned acetate is overlaid on the top rim, while stylized metal end pieces and barrel temples accentuate the vintage feeling. Available color combinations are olive black, grey pewter and Havana gold.

Evatik 2019

Style E-9183 features a laser cut cross hatch pattern along the brow bar and the temples highlighted by an eye rim in contrasting color. This rectangular frame comes in combinations of grey black, black slate and brown black.

Croakies Eyewear Retainers; For life’s everyday adventures

December 2018

Croakies by DibbleAward-winning supplier Dibble Optical has increased its product offering with a new selection of chains and bands of the brands Croakies from the quality German supplier B&S Shoptic.

Made to provide long-lasting comfort and stability to active people of all ages, Croakies brand eyewear retainers are a premier way to keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses on and safe from harm. Croakies are reliable and renowned for their high-tech designs and comfortable wear, making their sunglasses cords or straps ideal for any new adventure.

Small details help in everyday life, such as lobster clasps on all chains and bands, giving them the added advantage of wearing the chains as fashion jewellery. However many of the bands find their purpose in sports. Bands with stoppers or with quick release facilitate the attachment to the head in sporting activities. Besides the option to attach the glasses in the usual loops, there are more fixing options. Just to name a few: expandable tube ends, lasso loops, silicone ends with 3 holes for different mounting options at the temple.

These excellent quality chains and bands are stylish, durable and functional in construction and manufactured with high grade materials in several unique designs.

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogues features a great range of Croakies eyewear retainers in a selection of styles, sizes and colours making them suitable for both kids and adults. They are available to purchase either singly or as a convenient assortment with a free presentation case in trendy designs.

Venture forth with Bear Grylls in Revo

December 2018

Bear Grylls

Adventurer Bear Grylls has partnered with performance sunglass brand Revo to develop a co-branded range of products which are made of an ‘almost unbreakable’ flexible plastic material, each featuring signature Revo lenses for an outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Revo lenses are Bear’s first choice for his rugged lifestyle and Waterside are one of only two labs in Europe that are approved to supply Revo RX lenses.

Chris Smith, Waterside’s joint Managing Director said ‘we are really excited to be the only lab in Northern Europe offering the Revo RX program and the addition of the Bear Grylls collection can only increase the profile of the brand in the UK. We carry full inventories of their products, which means Opticians can keep their Revo range on display and just order the sunglass with prescription lenses ‘complete’ from us’.

Revo prescription lenses are made to exacting standards, which offer a high-quality visual experience for those who live an outdoors lifestyle.

Find out what Waterside will be offering both Single Vision and 2 Progressive options utilising their own UltraThin™ advanced lens design technology at 100% Optical. Read the 100% Preview pages as they expand.

Welcome Brad. Retro style. OKO style. For a timeless & understated look.

December 2018

Up-to-date for its retro, vintage and elegant look, the 'pantos' shaped eyewear retains its timeless look thanks to a universal shape that adapts to many faces.

What's more natural for an eyewear designer to have in collection one or more ‘pantos’ models? Today, in 2018, it is more than ever rated! Welcome BRAD.

BRAD gives a nod to the past with its retro influences clear to see.

This designer men’s and women’sBrad C5 frame is smooth and refined. A classic style offered in a nice glossy acetate that includes a selected range of colours for extra retro style and a defined OKO style.

Brad C3
Retro inspired hinge pins details and keyhole bridge offer a look that is timeless and understated.

With the BRAD frame- acetate front and stainless steel side-pieces – one have a pure and elegant design but keeping the designer distinctive line of the brand. For her or for him. This style will of course delight fans of specs that have character and style.

Designer standard accessible and affordable to all!

With In-house OKO by OKO designs and styles are consciously and elegantly offbeat, fashion passes by but style remains.

The Giving Season from Ogi Eyewear

November 2018

It’s holiday season so that means it’s time to start spreading a little joy and cheer with brand new frames!

Como - Red Rose
Sharp colors and finely tuned contrasting are just a few key features of the Como. Handplaced working rivets add to this well-to-do frame build as well as the sternly cut lines to bring a level of distinction to any wearer. The petite sized Como is the perfect option in the Red Rose line for that elemental step up in style.

Pavia - Red Rose

The Pavia takes pieces of standard design and blends them together for a look of intricacy and intrigue. Flirty by nature, this cat eye shape shows off its contrasting metals and designerly shielding along the temple rim, keeping an aura of mystery throughout.

Ives - Seraphin

vesviaComoRetro in style and vibes, the Ives adds an element of maturity to the Seraphin collection. With accented detailing along the hinge and inner frame, the Ives delivers an almost elemental tone with its earthy colored options and relaxed shape.

Xenwood - Seraphin

The imaginative art deco themes within the Xenwood call upon any seeking adventure. Along with the gorgeously soothing color blends, carved temple pieces only add to this true work of art. The Xenwood creates a story of wonder and intrigue.


November 2018

VAVA Vava presents a new model for next season: an ophthalmic frame with an innovative clip on system!
The round shape frame in acetate is also available with the original and cool magnetic clip on with sun lenses.

VAVA is very much inspired by Architecture and Industrial Design.

There is a strong interplay between the design elements involved in architecture / industrial design and VAVA designs.
We like to picture eyewear as an architectural design piece.
VAVA 003VAVA’s glasses have a sophisticated, contemporaneous and urban look. They are relaxed, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless.

VAVA designs are based in three principals: function, concept, design.

VAVA frames will be directly sold to the UK market by the VAVA company.

MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA The Limited Edition Set

November 2018

Damir Doma by Mykita

Introduced at a special presentation during Paris Fashion Week, the MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA limited edition set marks five years of creative collaboration.

Comprising sunglass model CHARLOTTE or ACHILLES and an origami screen-printed Damir Doma T-shirt, the set comes in a specially designed and numbered gift box, complete with the respective eyewear case and a certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 300 editions per eyewear model, the MYKITA / DAMIR DOMA set will be available at MYKITA Shops, as well as selected opticians and fashion boutiques from early November 2018.

KOMONO: Elementary sun collection update

November 2018

KOMONO’S new Elementary sunglasses take classic shapes and redefine them with exaggerated proportions.
Joining KOMONO’s iconic Mercer, Hailey and Sheldon styles are six new shapes and two eye-catching colourways.

YokoThe large-lensed Conrad and the circular Yoko (right) are available in Black, Silver Smoke, Turquoise and Raspberry.


The Alec’s narrow aviator and the Ava’s slim cat-eye are available in Black (left) and Silver Smoke.


The half-rimmed cat-eye Olivia is available in Black and Raspberry.(right)



Other models available include:


The small and half-rimmed Elton’s circular frame is available in Black and Turquoise.

The iconic Mercer and the statement-bridged Sheldon are available in Black Brown, Silver Smoke and Turquoise.

The panto-lensed Hailey is available in Black Brown, Silver Smoke and Raspberry.

Miraflex® children’s eyewear from Dibble Optical has new models

November 2018

Dibble MiraflexAward-winning supplier Dibble Optical has extended the Miraflex® range of quality children’s eyewear with the launch of several new models.

The Miraflex range includes the highly popular and virtually indestructible Flexible & Safe collection crafted from a special lightweight plastic material that is incredibly comfortable to wear yet resilient against virtually any punishment capable of being dealt by little hands!

The Miraflex® Flexible & Safe (F&S) collection has been developed once more by the addition of a brand-new model Mike, in a square shape available in two different sizes to suit children aged from around 4 to 8 years.

Several models feature an adapted nose bridge for children with a shallow nasal projection, and this range has expanded with the introduction of three new models. The Baby Zero 1 + and the Baby One + frame have a smaller eye-size to suit children from 4 months to 3 years, and the New Baby 3 + which is a rectangular shape suitable for an older child from around 8 to 11 years.

Company owner and industry veteran Barry Dibble commented, “Miraflex® frames are the ideal choice for babies and young children as well as an older child or adult who may require safe and impact resistant eyewear. Not only are they virtually indestructible, crucially the unique construction of the F&S range greatly reduces the risk of facial or eye trauma in the inevitable event of an accident”.

Dibble added, “Miraflex® have been specialists in children’s eyewear for more than 20 years and recently been awarded first place in the prestigious Vision Expo West 2018 Vision Choice Awards. Dibble Optical are extremely proud to be the exclusive distributor for Miraflex eyewear in the UK and Eire.

November New Selections from Ogi Eyewear

November 2018

Ogi Eyewear welcomes brand new additions to both the Red Rose and Seraphin family with exclusive frames made for a fashion forward state of mind.

CahillCahill - Seraphin
Dainty or dark, you decide the story with the Cahill. Sharply crafted for a crisp look, neoclassic design finds a home here with boldly contrasting accent colors. This practice breathes life into the Cahill, almost as if completely alive.

Wellsley - Seraphin
With smoky acetate interworkings throughout, the Wellsley is a spectacle of intrigue. Upon closer inspection, delightful details come to light, like the double cast bookend hinge with accented adornments. Available in a set of matured color tones, the Wellsley sparks so much more than conversation.

Tivoli - Red Rose

Tivoli The Tivoli is a classic concept born again. Brought to life by immaculate stainless steel, this P3 style captures simplistic beauty from all angles. Ultra lightweight and built to last, the Tivoli takes a page from a timeless book, holding an aura of sophistication throughout.

Viterbo - Red Rose

Viterbo A nod to the debonair and any who choose the Viterbo, this finely tuned brother of the Tivoli breathes individuality. The inner nylon detailing brings attention to the subtle P3 shape. The accented temple tips truly personalize the Viterbo and complete this fully cohesive style.

Grafton Optical launches the Frey AP-50 Desktop Auto Perimeter.

November 2018

AP 50 by Frey at Grafton OpticalA compact, powerful and comprehensive perimeter; the AP-50 is the perfect solution for busy mobile clinicians and pre-screen areas that are low on space

Grafton Optical announce the launch of the AP-50 Auto Perimeter, complementing their existing range of visual fields equipment and offering customers a high specification piece of equipment at an affordable and competitive price point.

The AP-50’s elliptically shaped measurement bowl significantly reduces the size of the device, yet its diagnostic value is comparable to a full field perimeter.

Compact and lightweight design - the AP-50 measures 548 x 382 x 450 mm and weighs only 9kg, making it an ideal desktop clinical tool which can be easily transported, set up and installed.

Less need for ambient light conditions - the elliptically shaped measurement bowl requires lower test room illumination conditions. Electronically controlled background illumination ensures stable measurement conditions.

Standard test fields and conditions - standard test fields including central 30, central 24, and macula are available and all tests allow for easy data comparison with other perimeter systems. Dedicated glaucoma tests are included.

Binocular testing - AP-50 fulfils specific visual field testing requirements for drivers and occupational medicine. Measurement range covers up to 160 degrees temporally, and both eyes can be tested simultaneously.

Book an appointment on the Grafton Optical website to try the AP-50 Auto Perimeter at 100% Optical, or contact them on 01923 233980 to arrange a demonstration at your premesis.

Grafton Optical is one of the UK's leading suppliers of ophthalmic instruments, equipping and servicing independent and larger chain opticians as well as Britain's hospitals. And is a long-term supporter of this free Opchat News Site. Take a look at their pages and links to Grafton.

Next Generation CHIC from Mykita

November 2018

New Generation Chic from Mykita
Defined by modern silhouettes and pure constructions, the LITE collection introduces the next generation of optical chic:

Large and ladylike, the square VELMA and round LOVISA take Seventies femininity into the future. The couple are distinguished by their ‘mono-line’ front – interrupting the colour on the rims between the two bridges adds character through a subtle trompe l’oeil effect. The chic minimal look gets rounded off with contemporary colour options including Purple Bronze and Pastel Grey.

The LITE mixed material line presents another two frames both with the customary warmth and comfort of acetate, yet with very different messages: BRANDUR is a highly wearable contemporary classic, a rectangular shape in an optimal size.

NIBA introduces the oversize square theme to the world of optical – this is a statement piece.

New colourways include the transparent Limpid/Silver and vibrant Ruby/Champagne Gold.

All models are arriving now to MYKITA Shops, selected opticians and fashion retailers.

Komono SS19 sunglasses collection; From dawn till dusk

November 2018

Komono SS 19 Styles

For Spring/Summer 2019, KOMONO explores the art of care-free living through its eyewear pieces.

Inspired by the balmy heat of summer and the captivating landscapes of the Balearics, KOMONO introduces fresh new shapes and effortless updates of its contemporary styles.

New colourways, such as pacific, nude and rum are introduced, reminiscent of tranquil beaches and hideaways found around the world.

Heidelberg Engineering launches ANTERION in the UK

October 2018

Anterion by HeidelbergHeidelberg Engineering, known for the internationally-acclaimed SPECTRALIS® retina and glaucoma platform, launches ANTERION®– an innovative platform designed to transform anterior segment diagnostics and workflow – in the UK on the 8th and 9th November at the UKISCRS Congress.

The new ANTERION provides the most important anterior segment examinations and measurements in one modular, upgradeable platform. It is a single, workflow-efficient solution that brings together corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement and IOL calculation to transform the day-to-day routine of busy practices and clinics.

Heidelberg Engineering has leveraged its core OCT technologies in the development of the ANTERION, making the best use not only of swept-source OCT but also of patented tracking and composite imaging technologies to deliver exceptionally high-quality images of the anterior segment. Visual confirmation of all measurements with high-resolution swept-source OCT images establishes a new level of diagnostic confidence.

Prof. Oliver Findl, from the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna confirms the exceptional quality of the ANTERION images: “We had high-contrast and high-resolution OCT images of the entire anterior segment with little or no artefact movements. The scans were possible in eyes with different pathologies of the anterior and posterior segment.”

“ANTERION is a multimodal imaging platform, which can replace several devices, including corneal topographers and tomographers, pachymeters and biometers,” said Jacqueline Sousa Asam, MD, Medical Science Liaison at Heidelberg Engineering. “That leads to great improvement in the workflow and patient comfort in busy clinics, since moving patients can be unpleasant and time consuming. In addition, ANTERION displays information in very comprehensive layouts together with high-resolution OCT images, which also makes surgical planning faster and more efficient.”

Dibble Optical introduces Milo & Me children’s eyewear.

October 2018

Milo & MeAward-winning supplier Dibble Optical has increased its range of quality children’s eyewear with its newest collection, Milo & Me from the quality German supplier B&S.

Designer kids eyewear that's flexible, lightweight and resilient enough to play, run, jump and explore.

These wonderfully lightweight and comfortable frames are ideal for active kids and the special material combination reduces the potential risk of injury.

All the Milo & Me frames are constructed of durable materials such as nylon and “plasticizer-free” TPE, standing up to a kid’s “rough and tumble” world. Featuring five styles in a range of vibrant colours, the collection offers optimum comfort, ideal for kids ages 6 to 16+.

Each frame comes with a case, sport strap and removable sport ends for the perfect fit.

Louis Stone brings their own Icy Start to November with over 100 new frames

October 2018

Frames from Louis StoneWith the release of Louis Stone's latest spectacle catalogue, came the introduction of over 100 new frames comprised of numerous new metals (such as their Scandi 'hygge' collection), acetates and plastics.

Louis Stone's popular Icy collection saw many new plastics introduced among their other firm favourites.

They've concentrated more on adding beautiful details to their frames, such as embellishments and gradual transition of colour, as pictured on the temples of Icy 305 (file 2067) - in c1 'Pink Pop' and c2 'Sweet & Sour', and on the front lens rims of the Icy 292 (file 2104) - seen in c1 'Aqua Matt' and c2 'Fuchsia Matt'.

Clare Gaba, Head of Marketing and Communications says, 'They have literally been flying off the shelves since the catalogue landed on doorsteps. We think that expanding our horizons with the photography recently, has made potential customers realise the quality and elegance of these frames when worn in situ.'

New Metal Collection announced by Xavier Garcia for 2018 AW

October 2018

We Display just a few of the large collection.

In Xavier Garcia’s new metal collection the colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces.

The designer fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. Each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear. Original and bright urban eyewear with colourful combinations and shapes inspired by the city of Barcelona and its constant movement!

Discover the 2018 A/W Metal Collection:

Anabel from XavierANABEL

• Round, semi-rimless panto design with a chic, retro style. Inspired by the 1950s. The stainless steel rim features bright, metallic colors that elegantly stand out alongside the matte frame front surface.


• Classic, oversized square shape with a young, retro feel. Made from a stainless steel block, a laminate in sophisticated colors is applied above the brow.


Sau from XavierSAU

• Classic rectangular shape with a youthful look, made from a stainless steel block and combined with vibrantly-colored laminates above the rims.

Norville publishes new Sports Catalogue for 2018

October 2018

Norvilles Sports CatalogueBeneton from Mondottica

Featuring a number of product improvements and new releases the 2018 Norville Eyewear Sports Catalogue includes over 53 models embracing all the sports and action activities your customers might ever wish to participate in.

With a high selection of children and youngsters models from swimming to the very popular EG (picture) action range of protective goggles.

Package price frame and lenses options make these a value product offering.

Sports Rx specifying is without doubt complex and knowledge gained through dispensing experience is invaluable.

Ask Norville regional teams for prescription availability advice.

There is also a wide availability of display and point of sale items.

Night time driving lens brings better vision

October 2018

Dazzling glare from oncoming vehicles at night is being alleviated by an innovative spectacle lens, Somerset drivers are finding.

Graham Wild of R Frith OpticiansThe rising prevalence of LED car lights is leading more people to seek help from their optician, with some fearing they will have to give up night driving because of glare in low light, said Graham Wild, Dispensing Optician at Robert Frith Opticians.

Amongst those benefitting from the fine – almost imperceivable – fine grid design of Vista Mesh lenses is Teresa Dyer who had been troubled by night time glare and by low, bright, winter sunshine.

The lenses brought instant improvement for the retired garden centre employee from Castle Cary –

“The lenses worked straight away. Now I don’t have to worry about my vision as either a driver or a passenger. The lenses have removed the glare and sharp reflections that troubled me. I wear varifocal lenses anyway and the new lenses are made with the Vista Mesh filter. My vision is also a lot better for TV and the lenses are really helping my migraines.”

Graham added –

“We use the lens a lot, particularly for the increasing number of patients who come into the practice at this time of the year with driving vision problems. Some have even considered giving up driving at night but Vista Mesh has changed that – the lens really works for a lot of people. We don’t know exactly quite why, but it reduces a lot of visual stress.

“We have been dispensing the lens for two years and it really seems to boost confidence for night time driving, which is an issue for many people. The lenses subdue the intensity of light reaching the eye, help with contrast and so the eye recovers much more quickly from visual stress.” The lenses are supplied by Norville.

Tom Davies reveals New Ready to Wear Collection.

October 2018

TD 449 from Tom Davies Ready to WearTom Davies unveils new ready-to-wear collection.

These composite frames feature an ion plated titanium frame with an acetate top rim.
The temple arms are made of polished titanium or acetate depending on the specific frame in the collection.

Design Details
This collection is based on a limited edition collection from 2014 which is still one of the most popular in the range.

The frames are a combination of pure bloc titanium, engraved with a detailed filigree pattern on the bridge and set into high grade acetate.

The new ready-to-wear collection is available in a wide range of colours.

The collection is also available for custom fittings.

Tom Davies: “I designed a collection called Manhattan whilst in New York a few years ago. I remember sitting in my hotel room at the St Giles Hotel surrounded by the tall skyscrapers. The combination of red bricks and 1920s metal structures inspired me to create this unique frame. After many requests I’ve decided to bring back this style with a few updates for my new ready- to- wear collection.”

The new ready-to-wear collection will be available in October 2018 at selected optical retailers worldwide.

New Sunglass Collection Launch from Mondottica for Optics in 2019

October 2018

Introducing the first United Colors of Benetton sunglass offering designed, produced and distributed by Mondottica: there is a frame to fit everyone within this inaugural collection - a true celebration of self-expression for men and women across the globe, achieved with a refreshing approach to design and Benetton’s trademark use of colour.

Beneton from MondotticaInspired by a symphony of hues that symbolically celebrate global diversity, the Italian brand leverages on its unique DNA and reinterprets the finest eyewear designs of the last fifty years into iconic eye shapes for every day wear.

Comfort is maximised across all frames via soft adjustable temples and nose-pads made from premium materials to ensure the perfect fit as well as durability. Practicality is in the form of colourful boxed cases that can be easily stacked and displayed in any retail space, and feature the style on the front for a striking visual impact.

Boasting a retro inspired, flattering pilot shape and a super flat bridge, BE5003 is available in black and tortoiseshell, as well as crystal with a frosted finish and a pop of bright colour on the mirrored lenses.

Quirky and fun, BE5006 is a feminine option with an exaggerated oval silhouette inspired by popular styles from the 90’s. Here the colour palette ranges from chalk white to tortoiseshell with gold mirrored lenses to black with tonal smoky lenses for maximum glamour.

Available in a wide variety of colours such as sky blue, candy pink and military green to suit all face shapes and skin tones, BE5010 is slightly oversized and surprisingly lightweight, while BE5013 boasts contrasting rubber temples to ensure maximum grip.

With its colour at the heart of the collection, Benetton have taken iconic shapes and made them universal, revitalising the way the next generation choose their sunglasses.

The collection is available in a selected network of Benetton stores now and will be available globally in independent and chain opticians from the beginning of 2019.

Komono Opticals fall/winter 2018/19

October 2018

FW 18 from Komono
Blink and you’ll miss it. Breathe and it’s already gone.

The moment that your vision shifts from blurred to sharp, the moment everything comes into focus.

KOMONO takes a serene approach to prescription frames for Fall/Winter 2018.

Inspired by architectural structures and the 'less is more’ concept, the new Opticals collection is all about clean lines and design.

With a lightweight and minimalist modern aesthetic, the Elementary Collection grows with new stainless steel frames with a bold stripped-back vibe.

KOMONO showcases their innovative interpretation of trends and shapes in the brand-new Olivia and Raphaël styles. Other interesting additions are the unisex models Conrad and Yoko, both round frames with strong identity.

For those that prefer acetate, the new Opticals collection features gentle colorways like natural and earthy hues that, reflecting the “True Colors” approach to the season, exude calm confidence.

New Kaos collection: shake your brain, shake your style!

October 2018

An unexpected mix of bold colors and surprising details characterizes the new KAOS collection, an Area98 brand dedicated to creativity and transgression, conceived for those who are young, cosmopolitan, always on the move and who love to experience strong emotions.

Kaos 437The combination of the various elements of the design is transformed into an innovative and extravagant form of expression, totally unconventional.

That dynamic and exuberant spirit who chooses KAOS, in fact, does not want to go unnoticed but rather wants to give a "shock" to his/her style. And it is in this "apparent chaos" that the new frames are identified, never commonplace and always ironic. (Mod KK437 Right)

The colour, as always the main inspiring element of the collection, is flanked by original decorations, unusual laminations and sharp contrasts that give life to contemporary and easy-to-wear frames with a strong character.

Kaos 436Quite particular is the seam effect proposed on the temples of various models as if to remember how KAOS wishes to break the patterns but at the same time knows how to "sew" together the most different styles:

We find it in its most simple and linear shape in the wide square KK436 model (left) and in the two-color version, with a more complex weave, both in the round model with a key-shaped bridge, the KK440, and in the combined model available, the KK441.

The inserts that give a studded effect on the KK438 and KK439 cat models, which are applied at the hinges, give personality to the temples.

Kaos 435In the first proposal, entirely in acetate, the multicolored decorations are in contrast with the solid color base of the temple, while in the second model, combined, the elements are inserted on a base that has innovative patterns, to underline the brand’s total desire to dare.

Kaos 434

Multi-colored inserts also for the KK434 (left) and KK435 models (right) . The first one, with a thin profile, is also available in the glitter variant; the second one, with its more pronounced thicknesses and bolder lines, proposes a frontal which is the result of the combination of acetates with different motifs.

Xavier Garcia’s new collection is all about the material.

October 2018

Xavier Garcia AW 2018/19The colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces.

Playing with the volumes and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends.

The exibility of the acetate alongside the rigidity of the metal ensures each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear, as well as faithful to its strong personality.

Original and bright urban eyewear with colourful combinations and shapes inspired by the city and its constant movement. Each eyewear, in metal and in acetate is an object of design, created with the delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic.

Xavier Garcia Barcelona, a company marked by the character of the city of Barcelona and its local designer and artist, Xavier Garcia, is growing year after year in staff and turnover, exporting its essence and culture around the world through its signature collections.

Original and bright urban eyewear with colour combinations and shapes inspired by the city and its constant movement. Eyewear with a strong attitude to please the wearer; people aware of the urban character of a creative, authentic and maverick Barcelona.


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