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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, January to March 2019

A nostalgic touch with new style Joan form OKO.
Another new Connection for Mainline
FYSH 2019 The Sunwear Collection
BLACKFIN – Spring 2019 Spring Preview
New Kid on the block – MZ068 from Norville
Pince-Nez, compact and handy SOS reader that fits in the pocket.
A Little Ogi Love
VAVA Eyewear SPRING 2019 Preview. The new WL0013 Model.
Grafton launches 2 new I-Drops
New QUANTUM 3.0 from Ørgreen Optics
Thoroughly Modern Classic from Stepper
KLiiK denmark January 2019 releases
MIC-MADE IN CADORE, Winter 2019 Collection
FYSH 2019 this year’s new releases
EVATIK January 2019 releases
Read the archived products and services news from the 4th quarter 2018

A nostalgic touch with new style Joan form OKO.

February 2019

Joan by OKO Clip
Inspiration or nostalgia? With JOAN, the brands aims to find a meeting point between modern technology and the aesthetic heritage of the 30’s.

Reinterpreting the structural features of the classic eyewear of that era, its round and generous stainless-steel architecture, its pure and minimalist line, its clean details and magnetic polarized clip make it a great example of modern manufacturing responding to a current trend.

The ultra thin frame of stainless steel gives a feeling of lightness and highlights the unconventional side of the wearer's personality.

With JOAN from OKO by OKO Paris, we have a pure, elegant design but still in the brand's distinctive creative line. For her or for him. This glasses will of course delight fans of specs that have character and style. Designer, yes, but accessible and affordable to all!

OKO by OKO never ceases to surprise with its ever more innovative creations, ever more surprising designs and ever more dashing color combinations.

Another new Connection for Mainline

February 2019

Mainline Optical MEI blocker
Mainline Optical Connections announce their new partnership with MEI, they are now the distributor for the UK and Ireland retail market. The addition of the NoBlock system to the edger has proven ground-breaking, if you produce 60 plus jobs per day or specialise in wraps etc. this could be the machine for you!

Key Features of EZFit No Block Edger:

Dry Cut* - no water cost or pollution risk.

Automated process - built in scanner with no blocks or pads reduces operator time on each job.

No blocks or pads - save on consumable costs.

Exceptional speed and accuracy - unmatched cycle time for every edge and material type.

Fast Pay Back - labour and consumable cost savings allow quick payback on your investment.

Flexibility - one machine to cut all material and bevel types including rimless and smart bevel function.

Easy to use - Minimal maintenance with auto calibration and simple user interface.
*very small amount of water used for edge polishing.

Interested and want to see more of the successful products available from Mainline Optical Connections who are long term sponsors of your free Opchat News then

click here

FYSH 2019 The Sunwear Collection including Swarovski®!

February 2019

Due to the success last year, the FYSH sunwear 2019 collection has grown to 13 new styles, each available in 2 or 3 colour combinations.

FYSH sunwear is designed and inspired by the latest runway looks and eyewear trends. The collection features a kaleidoscope of colours, unique patterns and custom laminations.

The key shapes this year are modified cat eye, round, square as well as aviators. Nude tones and metallic hues reflecting the trends are highlight and combined into interesting details such as metal accents and Swarovski® crystals. Glitter acetate is a key element and is stylized in multiple ways.

Sparkling Glitter & Iridescent Acetate

Style F-2029 is a classic cat eye shape featuring custom lamination where the snakeskin patterned acetate is laminated over a glitter acetate giving it a uniquely shiny look. The top layer is cut down along the browline to reveal the second layer for a softer touch. This style is available in brown boa and pink snakeskin.

A modified round shape, style F-2030 is custom laminated with a translucent glitter patterned acetate over a colorful tortoise acetate. The dual frame look is achieved by the frame front being cut down by the back to expose the translucent acetate. The keyhole bridge is a retro compliment to the shape. This style is offered in blue grey crystal, brown crystal and purple crystal.

F-2035 is a classic cat eye shape accentuated by gradient glitter acetate that creates a highlighted effect along the front of the frame. Available in shades of black aqua grey, rose lavender and melon plum.

Beautiful iridescent acetates shift hues in animal patterns of snakeskin, chameleon and purple leopard are showcased in style F-2038. The patterned acetate is cut down from the back to reveal its transparency along the browline, while the cut down at the end pieces creates an interesting step effect.

Metal details

With a subtle acetate shield, plus wrapping the metal frame around the patterned acetate front, style F-2032 gives a modern twist to the classic aviator.
Completed with matching metal temples, end pieces and double bridge, this style comes in teal gun, brown gold and silver gun.

F2033 from FYSH SunThis thin metal, square rimmed sunglass is sandwiched between two layers of leather at the top of the rim for a luxurious look. Style F-2033 is finished with a metal dropped bridge, stylized end pieces and sculpted temples and is available in black rose gold, burgundy gun and cream gold.

Combination style F-2037 features a metal frame wrapped around a glitter gradient acetate front. Matching metal temples and an original faux double bridge effect complete this cat eye style that comes in hues of gold plum, grey shimmer and rose berry.

F-2039 is a round acetate frame with metal temples and double bridge. A soft beveling along the edge of the front adds 3 dimensional design element to the style that is available in toffee gold, ocean gun and white gold.

Style F-2041 is a combination frame that blends together translucent glitter acetate on the browline with a metal rim at the bottom. With finishing touches of a dropped bridge and matching metallic end pieces and temples, this style is offered in mint chrome, lavender rose and blush gold.

Architectural Inspiration

F2031 from FYSH Sun

Style F-2031 stands out by the complimentary lines and curved architecture of the frame. Combining the round lenses with a square frame, this double shape design is achieved by a cut down from the back of the frame front to accentuate the custom lamination and dual coloration in the acetate. This unconventional style comes in red tortoise, rose smoke indigo and crystal tortoise.

F2034 from FYSH Sun

Available in hues of blush, sand and smoke, style F-2034 is an oversized square frame in a gradient, linear striped acetate. Designed with custom lamination at the corners that feature translucent colored acetate sculpted into 3D peaks. The sculpting is continued onto the temples and the style is balanced with a dropped bridge.

Crystals from Swarovski®

Introducing to the FYSH collection are crystals by Swarovski®.

F-2036 is a modified cat eye style with crystals by Swarovski® laminated in-between layers of clear acetate along the outside front edge in a F2036 from FYSH Sunrange of complimentary colors. This style is offered in crystal grey, crystal rose and crystal.

Style F-2040 features a custom lamination to achieve the two-tone coloration in unique combinations. Crystals by Swarovski® are laminated in-between layers of acetate to accentuate the shape of the accent color. This style is completed with high shine finish on the front and matte finish on the temples. Available in shades of sky nude, lavender pink and rose grey.

BLACKFIN – Spring 2019 Spring Preview

February 2019


Ventura by BlackfinThe Spring 2019 collection displays the total Blackfin aesthetic vision in which the sophisticated mood of the new communications campaign and the new stand for Mido are faithfully reflected in its design.

Such stylistic maturity is intended to mark an essential stage, rather than the finishing point, in the identity- building journey undertaken by the brand, in other words a milestone in its history.

Titanium, always the distinctive feature of Blackfin eyewear, remains the element to be moulded and the page on which a new chapter in this authentic Italian story is written. New frames expressing the essence of Blackfin, free from the stereotypes of fashion and passing trends.
This natural consciousness translates into a collection with well-defined lines and original colour effects, a combination of hi-tech know-how and glamour, capable of celebrating every aspect of a piece of eyewear, the signature of this company’s sense of elegance and flair for innovation.

Coral by BlackfinCoral Cove (left) is the exact representation of this duality. The generous rounded shape is given emphasis by a hexagonal bas relief and a highly original choice of colours: cloud white/pale cornflower blue or dark graphite blue/metallic burgundy with grey graduated-tint lenses. This model is also available as a Black Edition coloured matte black/light champagne gold with grey graduated-tint lenses and metallic pink/light champagne gold with brown graduated-tint lenses.

The new recessed manufacturing process used on the titanium front creates an original play of the double bridge in combination with the strong, retro-inspired masculine shape of the Ventura model (top right) .

The colour choice emphasises the graduated lens tints: grey with shiny silver/matte black frame, blue with anthracite grey/dark graphite blue frame, green with matte black/dark brown frame. This model is also available as a Black Edition coloured matte black/light champagne gold with grey graduated-tint lenses.
Juniper by Blackfin
Colour as a design choice is also a feature of the spectacle frames in which the new style dictates are reproduced in models to give them fresh personality. Among the new models is Fort Wayne – with its high bridge in ultra-flexible beta-titanium, which features a play of the colour combinations electric blue and metallic red alternating with gunmetal grey. The elongated eye rims and the butterfly top rim give the Juniper Bay model (right) an extremely chic, feminine look, available in colours pale blue, powder pink, emerald green, raspberry red and also black. This model scales even more stylish heights in the double Black Edition version in opaque black/light champagne gold and metallic pink/light champagne gold.

Finally the panto-shaped New Orleans embodies the understated look of an evergreen style here revisited with the new beta-titanium bridge contrasting with the colour of the frames: gunmetal grey/metallic electric blue, Capri blue/dark brown, textured shiny silver/ matte black, textured shiny silver/ metallic pink blush, gunmetal grey/metallic red.

New Kid on the block – MZ068 from Norville

February 2019

New Mai-Zee from NorvilleNew to the Mai-Zee collection for 2019 model is MZ068.

This retro style is available in a 49 eye with a colour palette of black and tortoiseshell.

The collection offers simple and chic styling at an affordable price for the modern day fashion conscious woman.

To view the entire collection or download the catalogue from Norville's Website

Model: MZ068 C2 Tort: : Eyesize : 49-35 Bridge: 16 Temple: 137

Also available in Black

Pince-Nez, compact and handy SOS reader that fits in the pocket.

January 2019

pince nez fom DibblePince-Nez glasses were developed more than 100 years ago to give wearers a pair of small, portable frames they could easily keep in their front pockets between uses.

These glasses are so quick and easy to wear when out and about and ideal for such uses as reading menus, when at the supermarket to read labels or messaging on your mobile phone.

These super lightweight and high-quality design glasses have been well crafted for long lasting durability. They are designed to balance securely on the bridge of the nose without the usual eyewear temples.

Perfect for anyone who requires magnification from reading glasses but uses the functional accessory for very short periods of times, the Pince-Nez glasses are both comfortable and practical.

The readers easily slide back into a slim, durable case small enough to fit just about anywhere, making these reading glasses ideal for travel and everyday use.

The Dibble Optical Accessories Catalogue features Pince-Nez reading aids that are manufactured from steel and nylon, available individually or as a choice of two assortments.

A Little Ogi Love

January 2019

Four brand new frames from Ogi spark a reimagined vigor in us all with playful natures and stunning colorways.


OGI 9122
A pluming and colorful assemblage, the 9122 brings multiple focal points to attention. A smooth and silky stainless steel temple finish and the playful, bold use of color throughout the acetate are just a few noticeable traits this playful frame carries.


OGI 9239

The 9239 couples duo-toned acetates to create a translucent work of art. With purposeful angular shaping, the 9239 is fit for any fashionista with an eye for creativity.


OGI 9248
With the 9248, a striking appearance of the urbane and suave presents itself. This smartly shaped rectangular frame is complimented by neatly placed stainless steel temples, not pulling focus, but rather encompassing the 9248 to fit a higher sought lifestyle.


OGI 9249
The 9249 brings retro vibes in both print and shape. Disco is far from dead with shimmering acetate that accents this not-so-classic cat eye. The stainless steel temple guides you along to every angle of the frame, connecting this psychedelic trip from start to finish.

VAVA Eyewear SPRING 2019 Preview. The new WL0013 Model.

January 2019

For the upcoming Spring 2019 Vava presents new eyewear from the White Label, the more classical line which identifies with simplicity, cleanness and purity.

The WL0013 model surprises for its iconic round shape and it's made in cellulose acetate material from the Italian brand Mazzuchelli.

VAVA is using their new and exclusive “eco-friendly” line M49.

It is a Cellulose Acetate produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibres manufactured under a new formulation using substances from renewable sources.

It keeps all the aesthetical and performance characteristics of the traditional acetate.

This frame is available in 7 outstanding colours:
Black, Black Matte, Grey, Grey Matte, Light Grey, Light Grey Matte, Red and Havana.

Grafton launches 2 new I-Drops

January 2019

I-Drop Pur Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the I-DROP® Viscoadaptive tears by I-MED Pharma. Formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), I-DROP® is specifically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relief for mild to severe Dry Eye sufferers.

Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, I-DROP® Viscoadaptive Tears with hyaluronic acid (HA) by I-MED Pharma are the newest additions to Grafton’s comprehensive range of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treatment products. I-DROP® complements the I-LID ‘N
LASH® and I-RELIEF® products, also availbale from Grafton Optical; all designed to manage symptoms associated with Dry Eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, blepharitis, rosacea, Demodex, chalazia and other lid margin diseases.

I-DROP® viscoadaptive artificial tears are premium eye drops which effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms.

I-DROP® combines the cohesive physical properties of viscoelastic hyaluronan, and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant. Together, these biopolymers are responsible for the long-lasting comfort and relief that this unique product provides.
I-Drop Gel
With I-DROP®, patients experience longer residence time without blurring or foreign body sensation. Separately, neither a standard HA-based cohesive viscoelastic eye drop, nor a traditional cellulose or PVA-based dispersive viscous eye drop offers the total benefits that are achieved in this uniquely formulated viscoadaptive eye drop.

Grafton Optical CEO David Thickens said of the launch, “The I-DROP range is exclusive to Grafton Optical in the UK and will not be available to buy in pharmacies or online. This provides a protected sales channel for optometrists and ophthalmologists recommending these products to their patients. Grafton will be able to offer customers a superior price advantage on this excellent range, which promote excellent coating and re-coating of the eye with every blink, delivering superior moisturising and lubrication.”

• Preservative-Free
• Long-lasting patient comfort due to viscoadaptive properties
• Superior moistening and lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva
• Long residence time, blink-activated coating and re-coating of the ocular surface
• Fewer daily applications needed
• No blurred vision or foreign body sensation
• Natural, non-toxic biopolymers
• Well-documented safety and efficacy of each biopolymeric component

This product is available as:

• I-DROP® PUR – contains 0.18% HA with added glycerin, for patients with mild to moderate Dry Eye (right)

• I-DROP® PUR GEL - contains 0.30% HA with added glycerin, for patients with severe chronic Dry Eye (left)

Grafton Optical support your free publication of Opchat News to over 7500 opticians. Take a look at their pages on PHN.

New QUANTUM 3.0 from Ørgreen Optics

January 2019

Quantum from Ørgreen Optics

Ørgreen Optics is pleased to announce the launch of its third QUANTUM collection, the innovative range of optical frames that strives to reduce eyewear design to its bare and purified essentials.

Re-thinking the design elements, construction, and functionality of eyewear design, Ørgreen Optics’s launch of the first QUANTUM collection in 2017 was a milestone for the brand and for technological innovation in eyewear.

Determined to eliminate the extraneous components of eyewear frames, Ørgreen’s designers have devised a unique spherical hinge to connect the titanium temple to the polyamide front, effectively eliminating extraneous components such as screws and bolts.

Following the success of the first two optical collections, as well as a much lauded sunwear range launched summer 2018, Ørgreen returns with its third QUANTUM collection that continues to push the boundaries of eyewear design.


January 2019

Mykita Remember Love campaign

Remember a place of just being.

Remember passion. Remember joy.

Remember beauty, thought and pleasure.

Remember love.

In his eleventh campaign for MYKITA, artist Mark Borthwick alongside his daughter and fellow photographer Bibi Cornejo-Borthwick transport us to a Caribbean island break with a close family clan and their friends and lovers.

After more than a decade of capturing scenes, portraits and moments that express the essence of MYKITA from behind the camera, the long-time friend of the HAUS now also appears in front of the lens alongside his close-knit crew.

Relying only on natural light and analogue camera, the photographs capture spontaneous moments between people and their environment, conveying a sense of harmony and belonging.

Punctuated by Mark’s signature prism-like colour effects, the warm, unaffected style is a visual expression of the modern, familial spirit of MYKITA.

Thoroughly Modern Classic from Stepper

January 2019

Stepper Men can be very conservative in their choice of eyewear exhibiting great inertia when trying something new. Even when the benefits of a new frame are substantial, the familiarity of what has gone before can be too strong to permit them to change.

Choose the right frame and this reluctance to change will lessen. For example, the STEPPER SI-20090 takes a classic front design and manufactures it in an advanced, high-tech plastic material and process. The design is further enhanced with a minimalist Beta-Titanium side adding a dash of modernity when viewed from the side.

‘The result is eyewear that a male classic frame wearer will like the look of’ whilst delivering substantial benefits, for example being lightweight and having hypoallergenic properties,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Ltd.

‘In addition, the sublime daylong comfort is combined with a build quality and flexibility which ensure this is a frame which can take the knocks and blows inflicted on it by the wearer, delivering the long lasting reliability they will love.

The SI-20090 is available in Shell, Grey and Blue.

KLiiK denmark January 2019 releases

January 2019

The new KLiiK denmark collection offers a modern, minimalistic look for men and women requiring a narrow fit.

Keeping in line with its clean aesthetic, that is inspired by Scandinavian design, the new collection features rich colorations, custom design details, along with mixing different materials and textures to create depth and unique style elements.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection
Women’s style K-634 features a multi-colored, hand-made acetate with metallic flecks embedded inside. This rectangular shape is finished with subtle metal end caps and is available in rich hues of green, black, burgundy and purple.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection
A twist on the round shape is women’s style K-635. It is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. The eyerim is in TR-90 which is outlined by an evenly thin metal eye wire from
the end pieces up to the brow bar. It creates an interesting mix of positive and negative space. The deep color palette of red demi, black crystal, black nude and turquoise red is eye-catching.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection

Women’s style K-636 showcases an abstract, digital pattern along the browline and the temples that is inspired by moiré patterns caused by digital interference often seen in graphic design, lighting and fashion. With a monoblock front and a sleek profile, this cat-eye frame is finished with double bridge design and offered in emerald, brown, charcoal and purple.

KLiiK 2019 winter collection

Semi-rimless women’s style K-638 stands out for the intricate and multi-colored laser cut pattern exhibited on the top rim. Matching matte finished metallic temples add a hint of shine to this cat-eye frame that comes in feminine hues of rose, grey, teal and gold.



KLiiK 2019 winter collection


Reflecting the everlasting trend of lines in fashion, men’s style K-637 uses linear design in subtle ways from the front to the tip. Line play is translated from the frame front that intercepts the end piece into the temple for a minimalist style. With a monoblock front and a classic square shape, this ultra-thin and lightweight frame is available in color combinations of khaki black, black blue and charcoal silver.

MIC-MADE IN CADORE, Winter 2019 Collection

January 2019

Nature inspired "Foglia" makes it debut

Foglia by MICCommon denominator in MIC-Made in Cadore frames is the Dolomite mountains, source of inspiration and ecosystem of riveting magnificence. The silhouettes and color choices are reminiscent of pristine nature, beauty and majesty, while the mossy greens and earthy browns, with hints of yellow and a darker forest hue, are all reflected in the MIC acetates.

The Foglia optical frame, crafted entirely of acetate, frames the wearer’s eyes with a touch of glamour. Available in black and in two different Havana versions, Foglia is an accessory that can lift an everyday outfit to contemporary heights.

Foglia by MICSignature hallmark of all MIC eyewear, the metal detail on the sidepiece near the hinge is an iconic symbol that, in its elemental simplicity, pays homage to the craggy mountain tops.

More than a brand, MIC-Made in Cadore is an ambitious project, the vision of a group of companies with strong ties to the area. The MIC collection is distributed by Immagine98.

Connect with the world of MIC on Facebook @madeincadore and Instagram micmadeincadore.

FYSH 2019 this year’s new releases

January 2019

Reflecting the latest runway looks and the color trends of the season, the new FYSH releases feature innovative material combinations, metallic hues and elegant finishes. Unique patterns, custom laminations and contemporary shapes are key to the perfect eyewear accessory for the ambitious women who embrace individual style.

FYSH 2019Taking its direction from the upward trend of mixed materials in fashion, interior design and eyewear, style F-3620 connects metal and acetate together by wrapping a metal bar along the brow and piercing it through the end piece to seamlessly connect with the temples. The matte finish on the metal is a contradictory compliment to the polished hand made acetate, providing depth and definition to the brow. Available color options are honey amber black, black matte gold, crystal palladium and nude gold.

FYSH 2019

Evoking the pattern of open weaved fabrics, style F-3621 features an uneven pattern along the edge of the top rim and the temples that is enhanced with two tone coloration. Custom design details such as looped end pieces, high polished temples and metal temple tips provide an opulent finish. With a perfect balance between its bold square shape and its thin profile, this frame comes in rose gold burgundy, black gold, brown gold and gold brown.

FYSH 2019
Metallic hues give a classic yet contemporary look to style F-3622, a sleek looking modified round frame constructed from a monoblock sheet. Its three dimensional design is achieved through precise laser cutting, revealing a dual shape rim that is accentuated by matte and shine and two tone finishes. An eye-catching pattern engraved along the temples and custom metal temple tips provide the finishing touch to this style that is available in black gold, rose and brown gold.

FYSH 2019

Style F-3623 features a new take on crystal acetate in eyewear: layers of hand made crystal acetate are laminated with a stylized metallic brow bar in contrasting color. The end pieces are carved to mirror the triple metal curves laminated into the acetate, while matching metallic temples make for a polished and elegant finish. Available colorways are blush rose gold, grey gun, crystal gold and nude gold.

EVATIK January 2019 releases

January 2019

Minimalistic style and architectural design elements are elevated by high end materials in the new EVATIK collection. Deep, masculine colors and fine details create a polished look for today’s modern man, striking the perfect balance between comfort and luxury.

Evatik 2019


Beveling along the top and the bottom of the brow bar gives a three-dimensional look to style E-9181. The eye rim has a contrasting color for an added touch of distinction to this rectangular frame that is available in grey black, black charcoal and brown black.


Evatik 2019
Style E-9182 is a retro inspired, ultra-thin, stainless steel round frame. A tortoise patterned acetate is overlaid on the top rim, while stylized metal end pieces and barrel temples accentuate the vintage feeling. Available color combinations are olive black, grey pewter and Havana gold.

Evatik 2019

Style E-9183 features a laser cut cross hatch pattern along the brow bar and the temples highlighted by an eye rim in contrasting color. This rectangular frame comes in combinations of grey black, black slate and brown black.


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