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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2019

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
The ‘Best for Purpose’ Principle from Stepper
Belvie: welcome summer!
LIGHTBIRD Launches Light_matter Sun
New Superflex® kids campaign
New Ogi Kids styles
New addition to the Komono family with the Komono eyewear cords
Launch of a mighty good cleanser developed by an optometrist
Komono, Dawn till dusk campaign
Blackfin Luminar takes polarized sun lenses to a new level of perfection
Essilor launches Fashionable Mirrored Adaptive Lenses
ULTRA LIMITED – Launch a new Memory Flex Collection
Simply the best sunglasses that go over glasses!
NIRVAN JAVAN launches SHADES 19, a new sunglasses collection
Generously Lightweight frames from Stepper
Red Rose: a fresh perspective with the Anzio, Prato and Velletri from OGI
Ørgreen Colour Retrospective : VIPER
Essilor® sun solution™ is the technical partner of Scicon
KLiiK denmark May 2019 releases
FYSH May 2019 releases
Miraflex® children’s eyewear from Dibble Optical
SUPERFLEX® KIDS - 2019 Collection
Komono Sun The Don & The Sonny
Blackfin - New Cape May Sun Style
Heroes of Futirism
Essilor reinvents the measurement experience Visioffice X, read and view about it in action.
360° hinge: the revolutionary 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by Okia
Leader Sports & Leisure Eyewear; setting the standard for the future of sports eyewear
The Echo Collection from BELVIE
Beautiful Lines Do All the Talking
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Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA

June 2019

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
BFF « Best Friends Forever »

NikitaA decidedly feminine look for these young women who are followers of a contemporary and trendy style. A real duo of best friends in glasses Nikita (right) and Stella (bottom right).

Nikita... for active women, for women of character #WOMANPOWER #GIRLPOWER in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection. Beautiful combination of steel and acetate structured by a feminine design and in tune with the times. We remember of course the eponymous film that started from the idea of creating a female character called Nikita - according to the song of the same name by Elton John. You remember? This is the story of a woman fighting for her own survival. A woman's story. A survival story to better rebuild.

StellaStella… still in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection, generous, rounded shape and perfectly proportioned curves for this well balanced and well combined frame. It mixes metal and acetate with elegance and character. A silhouette and textures combined to create an unexpected style - neither futuristic nor vintage, but simply contemporary. We like: the two small cat ears suggested subtly on each side of the frame.

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal oneself and to dare to display his or her personality.

The ‘Best for Purpose’ Principle from Stepper

June 2019

StepperWith the recent trend for more round eye shapes, the STEPPER SI-60166 presents a great option for those wanting to look fashionable in a high quality frame with hypoallergenic properties, combined with superior comfort and fit, at a value-for-money price.

To allow it to deliver so much, the SI-60166 benefits from STEPPER’s in-house design and manufacturing expertise plus enormous economies of scale.

The designers work alongside the manufacturing team, sharing insights into materials benefits and frame part requirements that deliver the best in aesthetics and performance.

In this case, selecting the ‘best for purpose’ material selection results in the front being constructed from Beta-Titanium and the temples from Titanium. ‘STEPPER choose materials that meet the performance needs of the frame part,’ informs Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Limited.

‘The front requires flexibility and a slim profile, here Beta-Titanium is the material of choice. Whereas the temples have a mono-block ‘barrel’ shape design for which the pressing process of Titanium from a solid piece is more suited’

‘The sum of all this in-house expertise and cost efficiency is a happy spectacle wearer, and that, ultimately, is what the job of a frame maker is all about,’ concludes Peter.

The SI-60166 is available in two colours; Olive Gold and Graphite Silver


June 2019

Together for good summer vibes

Nirvan Beldona

Good summer vibes with NIRVAN JAVAN purist and elegant sunglasses and BELDONA swimwear, leading Swiss company in the lingerie and swimwear sector.

NIRVAN JAVAN, upcoming Swiss brand, founded by the Iranian born designer Nirvan Javan, launched a partnership with BELDONA, well-known Swiss market leader in the lingerie and swimwear market.

A partnership that aims at enhancing Swiss style and design.

The first project carried out by the two companies was the campaign for the 2019 beachwear magazine.

The two models of the sunglasses collection SHADES 19, had been selected for the photo-shooting that took place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Attention to details, minimalist style, high quality and elegance are the typical features of SWISS DESIGN that characterize the two companies. Aimed to spread GOOD VIBES ONLY.

The models used in the campaign are the NJE-S 09 and NJE-S10 of the SHADES 19 collection.

NJE- S 09


These round sunglasses represent the timeless classic style, remastered in a contemporary way. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.

NJE- S 10


This square-shaped navigator model is perfect for those who embrace nostalgia, but at the same time want to keep up with the latest trends. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different shades of gold.


June 2019

Belvie 9753
Displaying remarkable design freedom, the reduced LESSRIM construction accentuates small design details and colour accents to demonstrate the power of understatement:

Optical HIROTO delivers that quintessential MYKITA aesthetic via a distinctive double-bridge element and its oversize navigator shape.

The sculptural nose bridge on optical TOMOMI lends subtle edge to the airy lightness to an oversize Eighties panto.

The barely visible LESSRIM construction gives a modern, minimalist spin on the Seventies-style square round silhouette of MOMO.

Belvie: welcome summer!

June 2019

Belvie 9753Belvie, is a new brand suited for the sophisticated who are eager to rediscover a refined yet dynamic look. The personality of this brand is expressed in its truly distinctive details. With simplicity and aesthetics setting the backbone of the new standard for contemporary luxury, the collection is defIned by outstanding designs and premium qualities. The Belvie has experimented with genuine creativity and innovative technology to lay out different design ideas for the modern city life.

Summer, with its pastel tones, is the the perfect season to wear Belvie’s Pur and Mode glasses with sunwear frames and colored lenses that range from yellow to pink and light blue shades. You can choose between over and squared or small and round glasses that easily adapt to any face shape and fully express the individuals' identity and undeniable taste through expert craftsmanship.

The collection Pur is customized for those who treasure minimalism, simplicity, and quality. It's the“less and luxe”philosophy that perfectly interprets the city effortless coolness. Every piece is a timeless classic complemented with chic colors and is sublimely crafted to qualify as an optimum everyday item.

The Mode Collection is one of the first ever to treat sunglasses as fashion items. It's for the chic and trendy; it's young-at-heart; it's trendsetting; there's an abundance of sensual playfulness for the fashion- forward who are willing to push the boundaries.

For those who want to have fun playing with the accessories this summer, here are the perfect solutions signed Belvie!

LIGHTBIRD Launches Light_matter Sun

June 2019

Light Bird
The first sun collection of the new Bellunese brand by Corrado Rosson

The sun shines on the world of LIGHTBIRD, a world of design, innovation, technology and creativity, 100% Made in Italy. The new brand designed by Corrado Rosson launches the line Light_matter Sun, consisting of a selection of three models taken from the optical eyewear collection Light_Matter combined with solar anti-reflective lenses.

The selected models Desert LB013, Vulcano LB006 and Prince LB007 are added to the iconic Heart and Planet already present in the collection. Two colours are available for each new model. The main combinations are Shiny black and satin metal Anthracite Light off, Night Blue matched with the satin metal Navy Blue, and Chocolate together with satin metal Light Brown. All these combinations follow the latest trends in men's and women's fashion, perfect for exhibiting an always contemporary look.

Light_matter Sun uses high quality, wide-range anti-reflective sun filters Base 2, offered in three colours for a perfect stylistic match: Mirrored Smoke, Shaded Brown and Multilayer Blue.

THE COLLECTION_ Light_Matter_Sun


Light Bird LB006
The model VULCANO features a silhouette with essential lines, which makes it suitable to everyone. Vulcano is available in two colour combinations: Total Bright Black with the anthracite satin metal "Light off" and Total Night Blue with the Navy Blue satin metal front. The lenses are matched to their colors: Smoked Mirrored the first and Multilayer Blue the second.


Light Bird LB007

PRINCE, with its rounded lenses, is characterized by a more youthful look and is ideal for those who want to live every day with style and lightness. This model is available in Total Night Blue combined with the front in Navy Blue satin metal and Chocolate with Light Brown satin metal. The anti-reflection lenses are matched to their relative colours: Brown shade and Blue Multilayer.


Light Bird LB0013
The dynamic colours of the frames and the monochromatic hi-tech metal front make DESERT a decisive and contemporary man's sunglasses model, ideal for both an informal casual look and a youthful formal one. This model displays a unique feature with color code C046S, which presents a sophisticated and elegant combination: satin metal Warm Light with mirrored smoke lenses create a refined contrast with the black acetate and cubic red Havana of the body and temples.

These sun models increase the range of the Light_matter collection, a line created with an innovative and patented composite material. Light_matter is made by combining a sheet of high-tech aluminium with a sheet of Italian acetate. This material gives life to a frame in which the two elements almost merge. The bond is guaranteed by high-performance adhesives used in the aerospace industry.

One of the distinctive elements of LIGHTBIRD is the technology. On the temple tip of the glasses there is a QR code that, through the camera of a common smartphone, can connect you to Light_NEST, the LIGHTBIRD's "nest". The optician and the end customer will thus give life in a simple and intuitive way to a community where they can both get direct support and help from the company. Lightbird assists the optician with loyalty actions towards the end customer and facilitates the request for assistance and spare parts as well as guaranteeing commercial and strategic advantages.

New Superflex® kids campaign

June 2019

Fit and function without compromising style, introducing the new Superflex® KIDS campaign for 2019!

Superflex 216The new Superflex® KIDS campaign visuals portray the brand’s vision: to express your colourful self. Designed with real kids in mind, the campaign images evoke feelings of playfulness and excitement through their vibrant colors and sense of summertime fun.

The sun is shining and summer is in full swing at this outdoor pool party. The images capture various personalities, with their own individual style and frames to match. The animated color palette and movement in the images sets the scene for an action-packed party.

Back by popular demand, the Eyes on the Trends Back to School edition is out now.

Check it out for the latest trends on kid’s eyewear styles, just in time for back to school!

New Ogi Kids styles

June 2019

As we kick off the summer fun, Ogi Eyewear is happy to introduce the freshest line of Ogi Kids styles. Perfect for the season, these frames bring funky colors and out-of-the-box shapes for an endless summer of frolic.


OK 107
Built to be as expressive as its wearer, the OK107 couples chromatic hues for a fully contrasting experience. Thinly formed stainless steel weaves a tale of persistence, yet playfulness. The OK107 comes complete with adjustable nose pads for ultimate comfort.


OK 347
The OK347 embodies the ideals of change, with crystalline hues that bring an almost transparent feel to an already petite design. Pastel painting throughout the acetate reflects an innocent charm the OK347 fully embodies.


OK 348
The OK348 comes to the Kids collection with a small, but mighty sense of vigor. The slimly fitted frame brings a simple color skew along the face, but a more patterned element can be see atop the brow. Built tough from our premium acetate material, the OK348 exceeds expectations.


OK 347
Hints of fruit and floral run across the OK349’s select styles, with deeply fresh color schemes. Dual pressed acetate creates high contrast along the temple and frame face, pulling this look neatly together. Clean cut and ready for its debut, the OK349 arrives.

New addition to the Komono family with the Komono eyewear cords

May 2019

Komono Cords

KOMONO is happy to present a new addition to the KOMONO family: the KOMONO Eyewear Cords.

Complimenting the edgy, bold styles of this season’s eyewear, KOMONO introduces three styles of eyewear cords.

Express yourself with the colourful Alexis, chunky Brooks or minimal Hyper. Available in different colourways to mix or match with your aesthetic. Made from high quality acrylic and finished with adjustable rubber grips to wear with ease.

Launch of a mighty good cleanser developed by an optometrist

May 2019

DemEx from Positive ImpactPositive Impact is launching a new eyelid cleanser called DemEx at the BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition (May 30-June 1, Manchester Central) on stand 11. The new cleaner was created by UK based optometrist Craig Wilcox to control Demodex blepharitis, ocular rosacea and seborrheic blepharitis, as well as Meibomian gland conditions.

DemEx is a foaming cleanser which is free of allergens and consists of a synergistic blend of ingredients of plant origin. The plant-derived formula was first developed for use in practice to control Demodex infestation. It contains an active ingredient, T40 which is derived from tea tree oil and is most effective against Demodex. Tea tree oil, such as that sold in health shops, should not be used on the eyes but T40 is safe to use.

Massaged in gently by clean fingers, the DemEx cleanser gently removes harmful microorganisms from the eyelids, the lash follicles and eyebrows. It is then rinsed off.

With a pleasant cool sensation, DemEx reduces sebum production and unblocks the pilosebaceous canals. It also helps reduce uv-induced erythema and fungal problems.

In addition, DemEx has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties meaning that it can also be used as a soothing anti-bacterial face wash.

The cleanser is recommended for use twice daily during the initial treatment period and is being sold for patients to use at home. The trade price is £8, with a recommended retail price of £12.99.

“We decided to develop DemEx due to a lack of similar strength solutions available locally,” Mr Wilcox, the owner of Classic Eyes in Dorset, explained, adding: “We trialled DemEx for over a year and find it to be well tolerated and effective.”

Explaining the rollout, he added: “Positive Impact has a proven track record in the optical industry and seemed like the logical choice to promote DemEx through its national network of professional representatives.”
Positive Impact’s Marketing and Professional Services Director, Nick Atkins, said: “In line with our remit to bring innovative new best-in-class products to our Dry Eye Zone portfolio, we are delighted to have entered into a UK supply agreement for DemEx with Craig.

“As well as offering our customers an effective new product, it is also great to know that we will be supporting a UK independent practitioner’s business,” he concluded.

Komono, Dawn till dusk campaign

May 2019

Brooklyn from Komono

For its new summer campaign, KOMONO explores further the theme of Dawn till Dusk.

Shot by Belgian photographer Quentin de Briey, the campaign features a series of intimate and unmediated analogue portraits with a distinct grainy, caught-in-the moment atmosphere.

Capturing a certain, undefined moment in time and place, the series celebrates the duality between nature and man-made landscapes.

Up-close and personal, KOMONO evokes raw sensibility for its Summer 2019 collection and highlights this season’s essentials in eyewear.

Blackfin Luminar takes polarized sun lenses to a new level of perfection

May 2019

Blackfin pushes the bounds in sun lenses with the introduction of Luminar - the lightest polarized lenses in the world, but with the visual quality of glass.

Ventura from BlackfinThanks to years of research, conducted with an exclusive partner, Blackfin rolls out an extraordinary, super-light lens that takes the exceptional quality of its sunglasses to even greater heights.

Underlying the advances in manufacturing is a distillation of state-of-the-art technologies. The thin polarizing filter is actually integrated into the lens without the use of glue or low-quality adhesive film. This innovative breakthrough prevents distortion and tension, setting Blackfin Luminar apart from all other eyewear products.

Now, wearing a pair of Blackfin sunglasses makes vision a truly incredible experience, measurably increasing the perception of contrast and the brilliance and saturation of colors, as well as the sharpness of detail. All thanks to the 40-line resolution – the maximum possible definition and the highest that can be perceived by the human eye. Furthermore, polarized filters remove the undesirable reflections that can interfere with vision and spoil the pleasurable experience of wearing a pair of Blackfin sunglasses.

Blackfin Luminar lenses also embody some special technical details: the surface is completely oleophobic, water repellent, scratch-resistant and antireflective. These are not simple manufacturing techniques but complex technical solutions that elevate lens performance beyond the expected.

Unlike most of the sun lenses available in today’s market – in compliance only with the drop-ball test - Luminar also passes the most stringent test in the world in the field of protective lenses, the ANSI Z87.1 speed/hi-mass impact test, that ensures a lens is completely bulletproof.

In fact, Luminar cannot be compared to any other lens on the market because it transcends the concept of polarized lenses to create a heightened visual experience. Blackfin sunglasses with Luminar lenses are designed for active leisure pursuits like driving or for use under a helmet to ensure excellent visual performance and the comfort of a perfect fit.

Luminar lenses are mounted exclusively on a selection of Blackfin eyewear

ESSILOR Launches Fashionable Mirrored Adaptive Lens

May 2019

Anya Mirrored lenses by Essilor
Essilor has widened its adaptive lens collection with a choice of cool coloured mirrors to tailor any frame.

Designed to appeal to the most stylist and image conscious consumers, Transitions Style Mirrors adapts to a fashionable mirrored finish when exposed to UV light and is available in silver, blue, gold, and green.

Category Manager for Transitions, Carly Rocyn-Jones said, “There’s a huge opportunity to recruit younger lens wearers to try Transitions lenses, which have always been popular amongst an older demographic, and this is something we started addressing in 2017 with the launch of Transitions Style Colours.

Anya Mirrored lenses by Essilor
“Mirrors are on trend right now and this is the perfect opportunity to convert a new, younger audience. The new collection has been designed to appeal to under 45s who want to personalise and express their own look and that applies to lenses too.

“Transitions Style Mirrors offers a unique way of doing this, allowing patients to express themselves by matching lenses with different colour frames, enjoying light more comfortably and experiencing hassle-free UV protection without having to switch spectacles.”

“The launch will help capture this elusive younger audience and attract them in-store.”

Market research has shown that once a consumer tries Transitions lenses, customer satisfaction is so high that they repeat purchase.

Available in the UK from June 2019, Transitions Style Mirrors is supported by promotional materials including consumer leaflet, magazine, posters and an in-store video.

To increase awareness of the Transitions brand, a new national media campaign starts in May which features TV programme sponsorship.

ULTRA LIMITED – Launch a new Memory Flex Collection

May 2019

Ultra Limited - the eyewear brand that turned uniqueness, artisan craftsmanship and colour into its own design philosophy – presents the new optical frame and sunglasses collection made with proprietary Memory Flex material.

The result of extensive research, this innovative material is much stronger than acetate, and therefore can be used to create details otherwise impossible to achieve.

Moreover, as implied by its name, this material has "memory", meaning it will retain its original shape, will not shrink or undergo any sort of change, and is extremely flexible thanks to its nylon fiber content. Last but not least, this material is fully hypoallergenic, and will not absorb moisture.

Extraordinary creativity and high-tech characteristics combine within the new Memory Flex collection by Ultra Limited, to provide a unique product that ensures excellent performance.

Simply the best sunglasses that go over glasses!

May 2019

Fitovers from DibbleAward-winning supplier Dibble Optical has increased its product offering in sun protection with a new selection of Fit Over Sunglasses from the quality German supplier B&S.

Fitovers are sunglasses designed to ‘fit over’ your prescription eyewear and is a style of sunglasses that originated with Jonathan Paul in Australia over 25 years ago to offer protection from the intense Australian sun. Fitovers are effective, comfortable and affordable which offer a fashionable and functional fit providing modern prescription frames wearers with a fit over sunglass that will meet the needs of their frame styles and their lifestyles.

As the originator of this unique sunwear style, Jonathan Paul continue to be the innovative market leader in the evolution of style and performance. They are manufactured using the highest quality materials providing maximum protection and superior polarized polycarbonate lenses offering excellent optical imaging quality without distortion.

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogue features a great range of Jonathan Paul Fitovers eyewear in a selection of frame styles in over 20 fashion colour combinations of polarized fitover sunglasses. From extra small to extra-large, Jonathan Paul Fitovers has the most options of premium sunglasses designed to seamlessly fit over prescription eyewear for both children and adults. They are supplied with a case, microfibre bag and neck cord included.

NIRVAN JAVAN launches SHADES 19, a new sunglasses collection

May 2019

NIRVAN JAVAN, the Swiss brand with a creative soul and a puristic design, introduces the collection SHADES 19: five unisex models, inspired by the most successful NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR optical frames and equipped with high quality lenses.

Nirvan ShadesThe Carl Zeiss licensed SHADES 19 come with a backside anti-reflection coating and each model includes a polarized variation. The colors are in line with the identity of the brand and cover the spectrum from simple elegant to a slight fashionable touch.

The collection adapts to the latest eyewear trends and the handwriting of the Swiss designer with Persian roots creates the unique appearance of the SHADES 19. Each single frame has its own lenses and this guarantees a perfect stylistic balance to every model.

NJE-S 12:
Perfect for those who enjoy shifting from casual to elegant outfits and vice versa.
It’s available in 4 colors: two different Black, Grey and Transparent.

NJE-S 13:

A minimal and contemporary shape that shows the nuances the designer is famous for. It’s available in 4 colors: two different Black, Grey, Transparent.

NJE-S 09:

Nirvan ShadesThese round sunglasses represent the timeless classic style, remastered in a contemporary way. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold.

NJE-S 10:
This square-shaped navigator model is perfect for those who are nostalgic of times gone by, but at the same time want to keep up with the latest trends. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and
two different Gold.

NJE-S 11:
A slightly square-shaped design that adapts to any situation. A classic shape you can never get bored of. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold.

The simplicity and the purism of these shapes make it possible to fit many faces, enhancing one’s natural beauty. The designer himself is a perfectionist and experienced optician who puts all his knowhow and passion into his designs. It shows off in the SHADES 19 collection like in all the NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR.

Generously Lightweight frames from Stepper

May 2019

SI 20084 from Stepper

The STEPPER SI-20084 is a frame of great presence.

With its bold proportions and thicker-than-average profile it projects a confident and robust appearance. Frames of this nature are ideally suited to those wearers for whom a small, more delicately styled frame can look lost on their face or are not suited to their prescription.

‘For a significant number of spectacle wearers, a more generous frame is the best option,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘It might be their larger facial features or need for powerful lenses that make a frame of the SI-20084’s proportions a great choice.’

But it’s not all function and no style here. The SI-20084 is a very handsome frame and definitely deserves to be described as ‘classically-fashionable’. From its profile and colouring, to its finish and detailing, this frame cuts a dash.

Most of the frame is crafted from STEPPER’s strong yet flexible TX5 material. Classic ‘cross’ styling inlays in Titanium embellish the temples and sides in a coordinating colour.

‘This is a win-win frame,’ adds Peter. ‘You might expect a frame of this design to be heavy, but this frame weighs in at under 10g due to the TX5 and Titanium construction.’

Add to this the hypoallergenic properties of STEPPER frames and you’ll enjoy day-long comfort.

The SI-20084 is available in three colours; Brown, Smoke and Blue.

Red Rose: a fresh perspective with the Anzio, Prato and Velletri from OGI

May 2019

Ogi Eyewear announces the release of a few fresh styles from Red Rose. The latest designs showcase diversity with a marriage of both materials and shapes.


Anzio by OGIThe Anzio revitalizes a classic P3 shape for the modern era in eyewear. A flawless blend of TR90 and stainless steel united, connected by Red Rose’s signature rolling hinge. With Japanese inspired elongated nose pads, the Anzio is an upgrade well-deserved.


by OGIThe Prato collects a time-honored style and throws an updated spin on the semi-rimless design. Stainless steel and TR90 become sandwiched together and pressed to deliver the high-end traits of the materials. The Prato strides past multiple eras of fashion, neatly tying them into one.


by OGIA classic style comes reborn in the Velletri. A basic aviator shape is reworked and reshaped with added pops of personality. A double bar pulls out the retro 80s inspirations while TR90 works to bring eye-catching contrast points throughout the rim. With complimenting temple tips, the Velletri won’t go unnoticed.

Ørgreen Colour Retrospective : VIPER

May 2019

Viper by Orgreen

The re-launch of Ørgreen’s Viper style showcases the unique pairing of five coloured lenses and four full rim titanium frames. Introducing a colourful take on a distinguished design, the VIPER frame stands out through its aerodynamic shape and subtle graphic details engraved on the sides and front. The retrospective style is enhanced by the composition of 100% pure matte titanium and beta titanium, conferring the frame its durability and androgynous expression.

Straight lines and a particular mix of retro and tech-inspired design is what characterises the utterly cool VIPER frame. An everlasting style, with two millimetres of pure titanium forming a potent yet pliable frame. Aerodynamics appear in graphic allusions to long distance as engraved details on the sides, as well as subtle graphic touches on the nose bridge surface.

Viper by Orgreen

Shiny Gun / Mat Black + Purple lenses
Straight lines and a particular mix of retro and tech-inspired design is what characterises the utterly cool VIPER frame. An everlasting style, with two millimetres of pure titanium forming a potent yet pliable frame. Aerodynamics appear in graphic allusions to long distance as engraved details on the sides, as well as subtle graphic touches on the nose bridge surface.

Mat white / Shiny gold + Purple gradient lenses Mat white / Shiny gold + Yellow lenses

Mat titanium + Green gradient lenses Mat titanium + Orange lenses 3

Less is more is the mantra behind Ørgreen’s understated approach to elegance.

Innovative colours, discrete details and exceptional materials are the signature traits defining a forward-thinking company driven by relentless curiosity and a profound desire to do things differently.

Designed in Denmark and impeccably handcrafted in Japan, Ørgreen is a high-end eyewear brand with a global following. Established in Copenhagen in 1997, Ørgreen is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Essilor® sun solution™ is the technical partner of Scicon

May 2019

SCNXT Lenses
For the launch of its performance and lifestyle eyewear range

ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™, the Essilor® Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, is proud to announce its new partnership with SCICON, the leader in high performance bike bags and accessories for riders and active people, for the launch of a premium sunwear range.

The SCN-XT sun lenses will feature NXT® VARIA™ technology, the combination of outstanding material and optimal photochromic control.

- NXT® material never compromises as it combines the best of mineral lenses’ optimal clarity and the best of organic lenses’ lightweight and impact resistance,

- VARIA™technology offers fast kinetics to ensure an adjusted visibility in all weather conditions.

The SCN-XT sun lenses have been thought and customized for SCICON. The sunglasses are designed for cyclists, triathletes and active people both in the Performance and Sport Lifestyle categories, each offering a range of options to provide the perfect fit on or off the bike.

‘We analyzed the SCICON proposal and immediately realized that they have everything they need to be able to obtain important results in the sportsunglasses market. Their search for details and pursuit of finding the perfect visual solution finds us in tune and we are looking forward to developing new vision solutions together.” said Christophe Mayet, Marketing VP of Essilor® Sun Solution™.

Claudio Fantin, SCICON Marketing Strategist and eyewear specialist added: “Having spent over 20 years in the sports eyewear sector working with world-class athletes, I’ve learnt every small detail of the production and development process of these products. This experience meant that when SCICON decided to enter this world, working with Essilor® Sun Solution™ NXT® lenses was our priority and we are proud to collaborate with them.”

Essilor® Sun Solution™ is the premium leader in sport and its offer of sun lenses is able to face all the extreme experiences in sport.

KLiiK denmark May 2019 releases

May 2019

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the new KLiiK denmark releases feature a minimalistic, clean modern aesthetic. With custom design elements, a mixing of patterns and materials and a rich color palette, they offer the perfect accessory for men and women requiring smaller eye sizes.


Women’s style K-645 has a twist to the timeless snakeskin print. The temples feature printed snakeskin patterns in bright colors that are elevated by an overlay of high gloss epoxy. The semi-front frame is in a metallic pearl finish. This cat eye style is available in emerald green, black grey, ink blue and brown coffee.



Women’s style K-648 is a cat eye frame in handmade gradient acetate. The double cut grooves at the end pieces add depth to this style that is in a color palette of seafoam, indigo, grey and sand.


Retro inspired men’s style K-646 is in a rounded square shape and features a key hole bridge design. The handmade acetate has subtle hints of color in the tortoise pattern that comes in shades of camel, grey and brown.


Unisex style K-647 features round shaped eye rims that are wrapped in leather. A stylized metal bridge is complimented with sculpted temples and end pieces for an eye-catching look. Available color options include brown gold, black gold, grey silver and cream gold.

FYSH May 2019 releases

May 2019

Bold color combinations, metal accents and glitter acetates are the focus for the new FYSH releases.

The perfect blend of key fashion influences and contemporary shapes creates feminine styles for the confident woman who embraces individual style.

FYSH F3630

Style F-3630
is a round thin metal frame with a monoblock front. The soft curved shape of the browline is contradicted by a linear design in contrasting color that continues along the temples. The double bridge shape creates a strong yet feminine look in hues of brown rose gold, black gold, sapphire black or burgundy rose gold.

FYSH F3631

Metal style F-3631 plays with color blocking, a staple design element in fashion.

This rounded square frame highlights different zones in three contrasting hues, creating a striking colorful effect yet in flattering palettes of fuchsia black purple, gold black brown, turquoise black blue and rose black bordeaux.

FYSH F3632

Style F-3632
is a rounded square frame in handmade acetate with glitter acetate temples for a sparkling touch. Available color options are teal, smoke black, blush ivory and nude brown.

Miraflex® children’s eyewear from Dibble Optical

April 2019

Award-winning supplier Dibble Optical has extended the Miraflex® range of quality children’s eyewear with the launch of another model.

Miraflex Bassa

The Miraflex range includes the highly popular and virtually indestructible Flexible & Safe collection crafted from a special lightweight plastic material that is incredibly comfortable to wear yet resilient against virtually any punishment capable of being dealt by little hands!

The Joy range is the latest innovation from leading Italian eyewear manufacturer Miraflex: a truly remarkable frame made from unique materials, focusing on safety, wide prescription acceptance and virtually unbreakable.

The Joy frame is the latest addition to the widely acclaimed Flexible & Safe collection and features a slightly firmer front and temples to create a more conventional visual appearance whilst maintaining the comfort and resilience associated with the Miraflex product.

Two comfort bridge options are available to aid perfect dispensing to children with a wide range of facial characteristics. This collection has five contemporary two-tone colour options, with temples benefiting from adjustable tips and available in size 45□14 120.

Managing Director, Barry Dibble added, “Miraflex® have been specialists in children’s eyewear for more than 20 years and recently been awarded first place in the prestigious Vision Expo West Vision Choice Awards for both 2018 and 2019.

Dibble Optical are extremely proud to be the exclusive distributor for Miraflex eyewear in the UK and Eire.

SUPERFLEX® KIDS - 2019 Collection

April 2019

Fit and function without compromising style: here comes the new Superflex® Kids collection! Round, rectangular and cat eye shapes are combined with great colors and funky temple patterns to create a fun fashion statement for kids of ages 6-12. Glitter elements, custom laminations, special finishes and bright color contrasts elevate a variety of styles to please the passionate young fashionista. Designed with real kids in mind, all Superflex® Kids models are constructed with spring hinges for extra durability and comfort.

For the girls, the Superflex® Kids 2019 collection features 10 new styles (1 stainless steel, 2 combo and 7 acetate) that focus on feminine colors, fun patterns and glitter details.

SFK 204

A vintage inspired round shape is modernized by a handmade gradient acetate in style SFK-204. This minimalist style features a dropped bridge and matte finishing in purple lilac and berry rose combinations and a high-shine, polished finish in the turquoise grey colorway.

SFK 206

This cat eye will make any girl sparkle! Style SFK-206 comes in handmade acetate that is filled with glitter on top and transforms into a translucent acetate in bold color on the bottom.

The glitter continues to shine on the temples with color combinations of teal sparkle, purple sparkle and brown sparkle.

SFK 207

Another cat eye shape is style SFK-207. This style in handmade acetate color blocks the frame front from the bamboo sculpted temples in variations of black turquoise, aqua mint and rose blush.

SFK 208

is a stainless-steel rectangular frame featuring matte finishing on the frame front with laser cut polka dots on the temples in a contrasting color.

SFK 210

has a rounded square eye shape, highlighted by a handmade, multicolored, patterned acetate frame front matched to solid color temples. This style is available in black crystal red, blue grey indigo, and grape crystal fuchsia.

SFK 211

A unique take on style SFK-211, this rounded square shape features dual coloration, by which the second layer of acetate is exposed around the frame edge and at the cut-out notch below the end pieces. The second layer acetate has a subtle glitter effect to it that shines in the light. Burgundy rose, brown ivory and grape lavender are the colorways available in this style.

SFK 213A constellation pattern is achieved with silk screen printing along the temples of styles SFK 212 & SFK 213. (right)

2SFK 211

, in handmade crystal acetate in shades of blue, sand and pink.

Cat eye style SFK-213 has a stainless steel front with a pearlized finish and color blocked acetate temples in combinations of black pink, brown sand and fuchsia white.

SFK 215

Combination style SFK-215 comes with a metal front that has a cut down along the browline and bridge that is highlighted in a contrasting color. The glitter acetate temples have a tie dye pattern in a multitude range of shades that match the frame front. Colorways available are black pink, indigo blue and grey blush.

2SFK 217

Style SFK-217 comes in a rounded square shape and in handmade acetate with a subtle glitter effect.

For the boys, the 3 new styles (2 acetate and 1 combo) all have a sporty look and stand out for their vibrant color.

SFK 205

A rounded square shape, that is vintage inspired is style SFK-205. This style features a handmade acetate with triple color lamination. A subtle metal design detail on the end pieces adds the finishing touch. This style comes in black white, navy red and brown mustard.

42SFK 217

A classic round shape with a keyhole bridge gives a retro feeling to style SFK-214. This style has a four-color layer lamination with a laser cut down groove on the temple to reveal the second layer of color. Add details of double metal pin dots at the end pieces and on the temples seal the vintage look.

SFK 216

Combination frame SFK-216 features a matte stainless-steel front with acetate temples with triple color lamination. The temples have a cut down to reveal the second color and add a design element to the temple tips. Double metal pin dots on the temples seal the look in colorways of black blue red, navy lime indigo and black red green.

42SFK 209

Unisex style SFK-209 is a round combination frame featuring a metal front with pearl finish and temples with four-color laminated acetate. The temples feature a shaped cut down that reveals the underneath color. Linear design elements compliment the style that is available in black red, blue brown and brown toffee.

SUPERFLEX KIDS are available from Ridgway Optical Supplies Ltd in the UK

Komono Sun The Don & The Sonny

April 2019

Donny by Komono

Providing expansive coverage over the face, these oversized mask-style glasses are sure to make a statement.

Favouring the bold and brave, the Don and Sonny’s tropical colourways, such as Flamingo and Breeze, add a surprising touch.

Blackfin - New Cape May Sun Style

April 2019

Slightly elongated, sinuously shaped. A sophisticated array of colors. Blackfin introduces Cape May sunglasses.

Cape May by Blackfin
The brand’s techno-glamour concept is exemplified in this vintage-inspired frame, where the bas-relief workmanship is accentuated by the contrasting color palette.

Three gradations of color – from powder pink, to lilac, to fuchsia – silhouette the cat-eye contour, in a celebration of artisan craftsmanship taken to a whole new level when applied to a highly innovative production technique.

Reminiscent of its retro shape, the name Cape May is a tribute to the early post-war bourgeois elegance embodied in the understated charm of American ladies vacationing along the New Jersey shoreline.

Heroes of Futirism

April 2019

2019 Mylon by MykitaThe 2019 campaign shows the MYKITA MYLON collection in the digital world from where it came: the wireframe motif signifies the 3D production process used for both the MYLON material and the campaign imagery.

CGI technology allows the characteristic construction details and surface texture of MYKITA MYLON to be illustrated in a hyperrealistic style that goes beyond the possibilities of photography.

The eyewear models of the collection fit right into the aura of heroism and transcendence that goes with retro-futurism – strong, voluminous silhouettes conjure a tough, high-speed style.

The neon and metallic accents on the more slender HYBRID models made of stainless steel and MYLON coordinate with the coloured grids of the campaign backdrops.

Essilor reinvents the measurement experience Visioffice X, read and view about it in action.

April 2019

Essilor Ltd launches Visioffice X at Optrafair this year, a new generation of optical measuring solutions to reinvent the customer experience.

Essilor's Visioffice X

Visioffice X offers a complete in-store measuring solution that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients. Its reinvented customer experience promises to improve patient loyalty by making the process more memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

Head of Essilor Bespoke, Lyndsay Dickens said: “This model offers brand new functionalities to enhance the measurement journey making it more impressive, interactive and comfortable for the patient.”

“The patient is now fully involved before, during and after the new process, with spoken instructions and animated visuals to guide and engage them, helping to educate them in lens quality and the best visual solution for their needs.”

Markers placed on the frame offer a higher precision of measurements to one tenth of a millimetre or degree, while a precise result is achieved though optimising the measurement protocol, multiple cameras working simultaneously, and the ability to take measurements through tinted lenses.

A huge amount of data is collected from the eye during the measurement process to help deliver a personalised lens through three patented breakthroughs:
• Eyecode technology measures the exact position of the eye rotation centre to give wearers instant clear vision based on the anatomy of the individual eye.

• Near Vision Behaviour measurement recreates a familiar close-up task to understand how wearers naturally use their eyes to provide them with a better and accelerated adaptation to their new lenses.

• H3D analysis measures the natural posture of the client in far vision to ensure a better comfort for the wearer.

When not in use, Visioffice X offers a dynamic point of sale function via its digital screen to help enhance the image of the practice and offer a more compelling experience in the front of the practice.

Lyndsay Dickens said; “Offering this new measuring solution gives opticians something that isn’t otherwise available on the high street, giving them a differentiation factor and helping them to become the go-to place for the future.

“Wearer studies showed a marked increase in satisfaction when patients tested new glasses after being measured in this way.


Take a look at the video showing the Visioffice in action:

“The launch forms part of Essilor's mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing in our role to be the best business partner for independent practices and to help future proof the independent sector.”

360° hinge: the revolutionary 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by Okia

April 2019

360°Hinge is a 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge manufactured in Germany with worldwide invention patent by OKIA.

Rotation 360 ny OkiaThanks to this revolutionary hinge - which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test - the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees. This enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable, especially for children who may accidentally sit on their spectacles due to their uncontrolled exuberance.

360o Hinge can be integrated into any kind of frame temples and is therefore suitable for eyewear for any age. Perfect for customization, it provides eyewear with unmatched flexibility and offers a supreme comfort wearing experience to the user, without compromising style.
Bringing ordinary eyewear to the next level, 360o Hinge allows for extraordinary performance and functionality adapting to each customer’s individual style.

“No matter how hard you twist it, our patented 360o Hinge allows the temple of the frame to rotate 360 degrees so it's durable and comfortable”, comments Jacky Lam, Managing Director at OKIA. “Thanks to this hinge the frame harnesses the temple's true potential to ensure complete freedom of movement. Such a feature offers an undeniable advantage for consumers as it reduces the unexpected mishaps caused by the hustle and bustle of modern daily life”.

Leader Sports & Leisure Eyewear; setting the standard for the future of sports eyewear

April 2019

Leader sports wear

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogue offers a large range of dedicated sports prescription goggles, masks and spectacles suitable for a very wide range of sports.

Featured are stylish wrap design models ideal as prescription cycling glasses to classic prescription goggles equipped with fully adjustable headbands suited to sports such as badminton, football and many other field and indoor contact sports.

The Leader range is available in a choice of styles, colours and sizes from age 6 upwards delivering comfort and fit with optimum eye protection and superior styling.

The Leader C2 and ProX range of innovative protective eyewear products characterize themselves by their quality, aesthetics, resilience and safety features with an incredible resistance to impact.

Leader products have earned a worldwide reputation for providing unparalleled performance and durability, while embracing the inherent joy associated with living an active lifestyle.

All the Leader ranges are supplied with a soft case and many display materials and merchandising are available to purchase such as presentation cases, display sets and branded sports bottles.

The Echo Collection from BELVIE

April 2019

Echo from Belvie
Belvie was created for sophisticated individuals who are eager to exude a refined yet dynamic look.

The personality of this brand is expressed in its truly distinctive details, combining simplicity and aesthetics with the highest quality materials. Belvie has experimented with innovative technologies to generate new design concepts for modern city life.

Belvie comes in four distinct lines, with extraordinary styles in unique color acetate and metal frames. Its wearable shapes are suitable for all occasions, both formal and casual.

The first of these four lines is The Echo Collection, inspired by the Glamour, Style and Pop Icons of the 1950s and 1960s. It brings together retro style and vintage luxury, while adding a twist of modern chic. It blends distinguished designs with modern aesthetics, turning classic design into sublime modern day wearable art.

It’s recognizable, it’s Belvie-Echo

Beautiful Lines Do All the Talking

April 2019
Stepper beta titanium
Those who are a fan of clean lines will take an instant liking to STEPPER EYEWEAR’s SI-50205. With this frame the elegant shape holds its own with little need for embellishment.

The key to the svelte design is the result of a close relationship between designers, materials knowledge and manufacturing capabilities within STEPPER EYEWEAR.

‘Working in Beta-Titanium allows for the slightest of profiles,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK. The ultra-light, flexible and strong material benefits from manufacturing technologies available to STEPPER. These technologies allow the Beta-Titanium to be given a gently curved cross-section profile contour. ‘This gives the frame an almost organic look,’ adds Peter.

However, a beautifully fluid design means little if the shape suits only a few. With STEPPER’s principle of creating eyewear that is not only stylish but also flatters most wearers whilst at the same time feels great to wear, the frame looks great on many face shapes.

‘Should you suffer from metal allergies, the hypoallergenic properties of this frame will be of particular interest to you,’ explains Peter.

With satin finishes, the soft lines are enhanced to create a frame that looks as good as it is comfortable and the frame being lightweight (11g) ensures comfort lasts all day.

This frame pictured is available in three colours; Satin Rose Silver, Satin Bronze Blue and Satin Maroon Gun-Metal.

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