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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2019

Komono Sun The Don & The Sonny
Blackfin - New Cape May Sun Style
Heroes of Futirism
Essilor reinvents the measurement experience Visioffice X, read and view about it in action.
360° hinge: the revolutionary 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by Okia
Leader Sports & Leisure Eyewear; setting the standard for the future of sports eyewear
The Echo Collection from BELVIE
Beautiful Lines Do All the Talking
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Komono Sun The Don & The Sonny

April 2019

Donny by Komono

Providing expansive coverage over the face, these oversized mask-style glasses are sure to make a statement.

Favouring the bold and brave, the Don and Sonny’s tropical colourways, such as Flamingo and Breeze, add a surprising touch.

Blackfin - New Cape May Sun Style

April 2019

Slightly elongated, sinuously shaped. A sophisticated array of colors. Blackfin introduces Cape May sunglasses.

Cape May by Blackfin
The brand’s techno-glamour concept is exemplified in this vintage-inspired frame, where the bas-relief workmanship is accentuated by the contrasting color palette.

Three gradations of color – from powder pink, to lilac, to fuchsia – silhouette the cat-eye contour, in a celebration of artisan craftsmanship taken to a whole new level when applied to a highly innovative production technique.

Reminiscent of its retro shape, the name Cape May is a tribute to the early post-war bourgeois elegance embodied in the understated charm of American ladies vacationing along the New Jersey shoreline.

Heroes of Futirism

April 2019

2019 Mylon by MykitaThe 2019 campaign shows the MYKITA MYLON collection in the digital world from where it came: the wireframe motif signifies the 3D production process used for both the MYLON material and the campaign imagery.

CGI technology allows the characteristic construction details and surface texture of MYKITA MYLON to be illustrated in a hyperrealistic style that goes beyond the possibilities of photography.

The eyewear models of the collection fit right into the aura of heroism and transcendence that goes with retro-futurism – strong, voluminous silhouettes conjure a tough, high-speed style.

The neon and metallic accents on the more slender HYBRID models made of stainless steel and MYLON coordinate with the coloured grids of the campaign backdrops.

Essilor reinvents the measurement experience Visioffice X, read and view about it in action.

April 2019

Essilor Ltd launches Visioffice X at Optrafair this year, a new generation of optical measuring solutions to reinvent the customer experience.

Essilor's Visioffice X

Visioffice X offers a complete in-store measuring solution that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients. Its reinvented customer experience promises to improve patient loyalty by making the process more memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

Head of Essilor Bespoke, Lyndsay Dickens said: “This model offers brand new functionalities to enhance the measurement journey making it more impressive, interactive and comfortable for the patient.”

“The patient is now fully involved before, during and after the new process, with spoken instructions and animated visuals to guide and engage them, helping to educate them in lens quality and the best visual solution for their needs.”

Markers placed on the frame offer a higher precision of measurements to one tenth of a millimetre or degree, while a precise result is achieved though optimising the measurement protocol, multiple cameras working simultaneously, and the ability to take measurements through tinted lenses.

A huge amount of data is collected from the eye during the measurement process to help deliver a personalised lens through three patented breakthroughs:
• Eyecode technology measures the exact position of the eye rotation centre to give wearers instant clear vision based on the anatomy of the individual eye.

• Near Vision Behaviour measurement recreates a familiar close-up task to understand how wearers naturally use their eyes to provide them with a better and accelerated adaptation to their new lenses.

• H3D analysis measures the natural posture of the client in far vision to ensure a better comfort for the wearer.

When not in use, Visioffice X offers a dynamic point of sale function via its digital screen to help enhance the image of the practice and offer a more compelling experience in the front of the practice.

Lyndsay Dickens said; “Offering this new measuring solution gives opticians something that isn’t otherwise available on the high street, giving them a differentiation factor and helping them to become the go-to place for the future.

“Wearer studies showed a marked increase in satisfaction when patients tested new glasses after being measured in this way.


Take a look at the video showing the Visioffice in action:

“The launch forms part of Essilor's mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing in our role to be the best business partner for independent practices and to help future proof the independent sector.”

360° hinge: the revolutionary 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by Okia

April 2019

360°Hinge is a 360 degrees rotated integrated hinge manufactured in Germany with worldwide invention patent by OKIA.

Rotation 360 ny OkiaThanks to this revolutionary hinge - which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test - the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees. This enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable, especially for children who may accidentally sit on their spectacles due to their uncontrolled exuberance.

360o Hinge can be integrated into any kind of frame temples and is therefore suitable for eyewear for any age. Perfect for customization, it provides eyewear with unmatched flexibility and offers a supreme comfort wearing experience to the user, without compromising style.
Bringing ordinary eyewear to the next level, 360o Hinge allows for extraordinary performance and functionality adapting to each customer’s individual style.

“No matter how hard you twist it, our patented 360o Hinge allows the temple of the frame to rotate 360 degrees so it's durable and comfortable”, comments Jacky Lam, Managing Director at OKIA. “Thanks to this hinge the frame harnesses the temple's true potential to ensure complete freedom of movement. Such a feature offers an undeniable advantage for consumers as it reduces the unexpected mishaps caused by the hustle and bustle of modern daily life”.

Leader Sports & Leisure Eyewear; setting the standard for the future of sports eyewear

April 2019

Leader sports wear

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogue offers a large range of dedicated sports prescription goggles, masks and spectacles suitable for a very wide range of sports.

Featured are stylish wrap design models ideal as prescription cycling glasses to classic prescription goggles equipped with fully adjustable headbands suited to sports such as badminton, football and many other field and indoor contact sports.

The Leader range is available in a choice of styles, colours and sizes from age 6 upwards delivering comfort and fit with optimum eye protection and superior styling.

The Leader C2 and ProX range of innovative protective eyewear products characterize themselves by their quality, aesthetics, resilience and safety features with an incredible resistance to impact.

Leader products have earned a worldwide reputation for providing unparalleled performance and durability, while embracing the inherent joy associated with living an active lifestyle.

All the Leader ranges are supplied with a soft case and many display materials and merchandising are available to purchase such as presentation cases, display sets and branded sports bottles.

The Echo Collection from BELVIE

April 2019

Echo from Belvie
Belvie was created for sophisticated individuals who are eager to exude a refined yet dynamic look.

The personality of this brand is expressed in its truly distinctive details, combining simplicity and aesthetics with the highest quality materials. Belvie has experimented with innovative technologies to generate new design concepts for modern city life.

Belvie comes in four distinct lines, with extraordinary styles in unique color acetate and metal frames. Its wearable shapes are suitable for all occasions, both formal and casual.

The first of these four lines is The Echo Collection, inspired by the Glamour, Style and Pop Icons of the 1950s and 1960s. It brings together retro style and vintage luxury, while adding a twist of modern chic. It blends distinguished designs with modern aesthetics, turning classic design into sublime modern day wearable art.

It’s recognizable, it’s Belvie-Echo

Beautiful Lines Do All the Talking

April 2019
Stepper beta titanium
Those who are a fan of clean lines will take an instant liking to STEPPER EYEWEAR’s SI-50205. With this frame the elegant shape holds its own with little need for embellishment.

The key to the svelte design is the result of a close relationship between designers, materials knowledge and manufacturing capabilities within STEPPER EYEWEAR.

‘Working in Beta-Titanium allows for the slightest of profiles,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK. The ultra-light, flexible and strong material benefits from manufacturing technologies available to STEPPER. These technologies allow the Beta-Titanium to be given a gently curved cross-section profile contour. ‘This gives the frame an almost organic look,’ adds Peter.

However, a beautifully fluid design means little if the shape suits only a few. With STEPPER’s principle of creating eyewear that is not only stylish but also flatters most wearers whilst at the same time feels great to wear, the frame looks great on many face shapes.

‘Should you suffer from metal allergies, the hypoallergenic properties of this frame will be of particular interest to you,’ explains Peter.

With satin finishes, the soft lines are enhanced to create a frame that looks as good as it is comfortable and the frame being lightweight (11g) ensures comfort lasts all day.

This frame pictured is available in three colours; Satin Rose Silver, Satin Bronze Blue and Satin Maroon Gun-Metal.

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