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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July to September 2019

NIRVAN JAVAN Metal Eyewear Collection for a stylish summer
BLACKFIN – Perfection In The Details
Singin’ The BLUs – New Scojo New York BluLites
Five NEW Progear Urban from the Norville Group
Light Weight but No Lightweight.
Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
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NIRVAN JAVAN Metal Eyewear Collection for a stylish summer

July 2019

Summer is synonymous with relaxing, having fun and parties. Why not see it with style? NIRVAN JAVAN, the Swiss brand with the same name as its designer, Nirvan Javan, proposes a selection of metal models for its BECAUSE I CAN optical range and SHADE 19 sunglass range as the must-have accessory for the hottest season of the year.

The purity of the lines, the high quality of the materials and the contemporary styling make the metal models the perfect accessory to bring out the natural beauty of those who wear them.

BECAUSE I CAN is the campaign slogan that accompanied the collection launch, and which is inspired by the designer's story: everybody should be motivated to live their dreams and believe in themselves. An intense pursuit of perfection dedicated to all those who want to live a contemporary style for a timeless elegance.

The range is available in four colours, all in an opaque finish: gold, rose gold, silver and black


Man: NJE 25 (RG1)
Frame with a large, round shape reminiscent of bohemian style. The vintage lines and the shades of gold emphasize the refined and subdued elegance, emblem of the
Swiss brand. The extraordinary quality and resistance of the metal make the frame perfect for the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary man. Also available in black, gold and silver.

Women: NJE 22 (SR1)

NJE 22 (SRI)

A traditionally masculine frame appears here in a new, elegant and refined interpretation thanks to a choice of colours ranging from silver rose and rose gold to black and gold.

The SHADES 19 sunglasses use Carl Zeiss lenses with anti-reflective coating and every model includes a polarised version. The colours chosen are in line with the brand’s identity, starting with the simple and elegant through to lighter, more fashion effects. Every single frame has its own combination of lenses thus guaranteeing a perfect stylistic balance.

NJE-S 09

Frame with rounded lenses for a modern take on a classic style.
Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.

NJE-S 10


This Navigator model, with square lines, is perfect for those who love a retro style with a modern twist. Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.


NJE-S 11

A slender, square shape designed to adapt to every situation. A classic style that one doesn’t easily tire of. Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.

A selection of the SHADES 19 by NIRVAN JAVAN models is featured in the Summer magazine by BELDONA, leading Swiss lingerie and swimwear brand – a collaboration also aimed at promoting Swiss Made design.

The NIRVAN JAVAN, campaigns, collections and news are available at and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

BLACKFIN – Perfection In The Details

July 2019

Blackfin Tilting Nose PadsThe difference is in the details: Blackfin adds distinctive elements to its line of prescription eyewear frames and sunglasses. Starting with the July collection, all the styles will come with the ultra-new tilting nose pads made of medical grade PVC, a totally hypoallergenic material that covers a signature strip – with the brand’s iconic fish logo – made of transparent resin upon which, for some versions, a layer of gold or palladium has been deposited. In addition to having a more modern and elegant design, the new mobile nose pads ensure greater comfort, adapting themselves to the shape of the nose. Image:Right Tilting Nosepads.

Another innovation is in the design of the Swordfish temple tips. (below left)

The company’s patented design makes it possible to quickly, easily and accurately shorten the temples by 5 or 10 mm.

The new rubber temple tips – a material designed to adapt more easily to body temperature (warm in the winter and cool in the summer) when in contact with the skin – are thicker to ensure a more comfortable and ergonomic fit, while at the same time preventing the eyewear from slipping forward.

Blackfin Swordfish Tips
And, to put excellent customer service in the hands of all opticians, we designed a kit containing a special pair of pliers for the removal and replacement of the nose pads and a custom-formed plate for bending the temple tips, which makes it possible to return the temples to their original curvature after they have been shortened.

Blackfin Laser EngravingBlackfin also uses state-of-the-art technology in the less conspicuous details. Information located inside the temples bearing the model code, technical details and any customizations, is laser engraved in brilliant colors, using a 20W laser fiber power source. (right)

This ensures unparalleled quality, compared to classic screen-printing methods and adds a touch of style that makes each pair of frames unique.

Because, the journey to perfection, although fleeting, is mapped in every tiny detail.

Singin’ The BLUs – New Scojo New York BluLites

July 2019

Scojo New York is delighted to introduce the latest in BluLite styles – now available in metal frames.

These ready-to-wear readers come in four ultra unique shapes, with personalities all their own. Additionally, each of these styles is offered in plano non-RX for those seeking a little protection from digital screens without the added reading power.


The Biko embodies the essence of Scojo New York, with a revitalized sense of vigor in this retro, fully round style. Built from stunning stainless steel, the boldness is physically felt within this substantial frame.


High fashion dips into decades passed for the ultra slim Matrix. Pieced together from chromatic gold stainless steel and infused with BluLite technology, this pop of visionary color may be small, but has no trouble getting noticed.


The Palatino takes a bold stab at an original concept. A more compressed P3 shape is presented, with a flatter profile up top and a rounded edge to bring modernization through this BluLite frame. Dynamic yet approachable with golden stainless steel, the Palatino is bound to shine.


Radcliffe Clean cut for a look of enduring sophistication, the Radcliffe embodies a true P3 shape. Cooling silver metal forms this BluLite filtering style, created for function, but fully embracing a life of high fashion in the modern era.

Five NEW Progear Urban from the Norville Group

July 2019

Progear Urban polarising sunglasses continue to cool this summer heatwave with the latest functional sunwear styles hitting the range. Frames are manufactured from stainless steel with acetate temple end tips and TR90, an extremely durable material that is unusually flexible and lightweight, providing a very comfortable fit.

The collection now carries 16 models with five new models added to its range. New to the collection is U-1516, a lightweight classic and comfortable frame with contrast cut-away temple, highlighting two-tone colour options. The frame comes in Matte Blue, Matte Black and Matte Midnight Grey with an eye size of 52 18 142.

Progear UrbanModel Shown

Model : U-1516 C1
Eyesize: 52 18 142

Light Weight but No Lightweight.

July 2019

Lightweight frames from Stepeer
Beta-Titanium has so much to offer eyewear. Its inherent characteristics deliver benefit after benefit that are so in line with the needs of the wearer.

Modern rimless styles have won many converts with an uncluttered and free field of vision that can seem like there’s nothing holding the lenses in place.

‘The combination of Beta-Titanium with contemporary, minimalist rimless designs has created a category of frames with remarkable properties and appeal,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited.

‘Their feather-light weight and delicate aesthetics appeal belies an inner strength, toughness and durability. These frames are surprisingly forgiving, even for the clumsiest of wearers.’

The SI-96882 is just one of the comprehensive collection of modern, minimalist rimless styles available from STEPPER. Designers working alongside manufacturing engineers create subtle tweaks and modifications resulting in a simple look that also allows for the individuality of the wearer to shine through.

A key skill of the STEPPER development team is the ability to produce colours that are on-trend and also work across skin tones to offer something that really suits the wearer. The SI-96882 is available in a choice of three colourways: satin silver, satin ruby and satin purple.

Personality and style with long lasting looks and weighing just 4.6g ensure the SI-96882 delivers day-long comfort.

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA

June 2019

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
BFF « Best Friends Forever »

NikitaA decidedly feminine look for these young women who are followers of a contemporary and trendy style. A real duo of best friends in glasses Nikita (right) and Stella (bottom right).

Nikita... for active women, for women of character #WOMANPOWER #GIRLPOWER in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection. Beautiful combination of steel and acetate structured by a feminine design and in tune with the times. We remember of course the eponymous film that started from the idea of creating a female character called Nikita - according to the song of the same name by Elton John. You remember? This is the story of a woman fighting for her own survival. A woman's story. A survival story to better rebuild.

StellaStella… still in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection, generous, rounded shape and perfectly proportioned curves for this well balanced and well combined frame. It mixes metal and acetate with elegance and character. A silhouette and textures combined to create an unexpected style - neither futuristic nor vintage, but simply contemporary. We like: the two small cat ears suggested subtly on each side of the frame.

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal oneself and to dare to display his or her personality.

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