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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July to September 2019

BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution
Scotch and Soda, new eyewear collection
SPECTRALIS software adds macular reference database and deviation maps functionality
Mai-Zee three new models added
MYKITA and HELMUT LANG Reveal New Eyewear
One frame. Two looks. Clip-on Sunglasses.
A Rimless Design That Dazzles.
Duck & Cover Aviator lands
Grafton Optical announce the launch of the Phoenix Slit Lamp Imaging System
Blackfin's AURA – The understated morphing of Blackfin's Core Material
Dry Eye I-Med starter packs now availble
Scenes of Life with EMILE & ROSE:A new life begins at 30!
Milo & Me Children’s Frames range has expanded at Dibble
NIRVAN JAVAN Metal Eyewear Collection for a stylish summer
BLACKFIN – Perfection In The Details
Singin’ The BLUs – New Scojo New York BluLites
Five NEW Progear Urban from the Norville Group
Light Weight but No Lightweight.
Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
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October 2019

Style, elegance and personality define the new Fall 2019 Blackfin One optical frame collection. Color is the common thread that runs through all the styles, creating exquisite interplays of hues on the quintessential titanium material. The collection encompasses men’s frames, unisex and decidedly feminine styles – classic yet subtly surprising designs, heightened by innovative technical details, superior craftsmanship and absolute quality.

Instilled with the brand’s DNA, Blackfin One is the label that identifies the main collection.


Among the innovations is the panto-inspired Bayou, with its generous almost-round frame and ultra-flexible beta titanium bridge and temples. The color palette ranges from the more masculine – dark blue paired with bright red, black or midnight blue – to the more feminine shades of blush pink or midnight blue combined with magenta.

Winter Harbor

The same technical detail appears on the titanium welded bridge of the men’s Winter Harbor, where the sculpted lines and bold depth of the frame are emphasized by black outlined in lime green, dark blue outlined in bright red, midnight blue, olive green or black.

Lynn Haven

The range of styles with bas-relief front includes Lynn Haven, whose rounded rims and contrasting, slightly elongated top rim create a graceful feminine shape, played up by the color options: matte mocha/magenta, polished silver/champagne gold, pink blush/blue-green, polished silver/black or dark blue/burgundy red.

Bay side

echoes the same elongated top rim, but with more squared rims, emphasized by a bold pastel color palette for the contrasting inner and outer frame in Venetian red/plum, dark blue/turquoise, midnight blue/pink, magenta/plum or all black.


The rounded silhouette of Valdez is offset by the straight bridge and two slightly angled points that interrupt the circular continuity. Full-on color reigns again, this time in shades of midnight blue/gunmetal gray, bright blue/gunmetal gray or black/champagne gold.

BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution

October 2019

Bio Lens BD8“BD8 – Bio Plastics” is a 100% bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass. In a world where approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day, “BD8 – Bio Plastics” offers an eco-friendly solution: millions or even billions of eyewear and other products can be made of a bio-degradable plastics which can be absorbed by the organisms and enrich the soil on decomposition. “BD8 – Bio Plastics” is lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colors, designs or patterns.

BD8 can be used to realize not only eco-friendly frames but also a full range of other eyewear products aiming to build a more sustainable future of the eyewear industry.


One of the BD8 products is “Bio Polybag”, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags, as it can completely biodegrade into carbon, water and bio mass without leaving any plastic fragments behind.

Another product deriving from BD8 is “Bio Lens”, a revolutionary 100% bio-degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill, leaving behind carbon, water and organic matter.

Bio Lens will start to bio-degrade in 10+ days, and takes five years to biodegrade in soil. Besides offering supreme comfort and performance, this sustainable lens meets optical standard, features high impact resistance and can be used for both clear and sun lenses. It can be adapted to any styles, shapes, curvatures and sizes and matched with any kinds of coating. 100% UV protection is granted for the sun version.

Scotch and Soda, new eyewear collection

September 2019

Scotch and SodaStaying true to their authentic culture and inherent curiosity, Scotch & Soda hunt high and low for unique treasures to influence and inspire their storytelling.

The brand’s design philosophy is to surprise and delight while sharing the love for discovery, and you will find unexpected charms in this debut eyewear offering with plenty of choices to cherish.

The Amsterdam born brand which began as a menswear label, has since become a globally recognised name, extending to womenswear and accessories, and now boasts over 210 stand-alone stores worldwide.

Each shop celebrates the local nuances whilst remaining recognisably Scotch & Soda.

The debut eyewear collection comprises sunglasses and optical frames and is made up of three key ranges - Essential reliable pieces with a twist, Aspirational models reflecting the brand’s look and feel, and unique Pinnacle treasures.

S & S VegasVEGAS SS5005

S & S FultonFULTON SS7004

S & S Keoni


Sitting within the Essential line, VEGAS SS5005 is an exploration of colour. Oversized butterfly lenses make a real statement, with multiple graduated tones and reflections resembling a hot summer sundown.

Tonal colour pops, such as gemstone nose pads and matching end tips, continue the colour story and are balanced by the minimalist metal framing in gold and copper.

Crafted from acetate, FULTON SS7004 comes with a geo cat-eye shape and lightly coloured lenses making it the perfect alternative shades to wear all day long. The core wire is visible as a detail on the crystal-clear temples which extend into a tonal marble or confetti-inspired eclectic pattern. Signing off the style is the Scotch & Soda branding and the bottle-like caps on the end tips.

A delicate frame, KEONI LIMITED EDITION SS5002 is crafted from fine metal with epoxy filled top brows- a subtle and refined additional feature. Available in the women’s Pinnacle range, colouration throughout is tonal with corresponding temple tips and opal-gemstone nose pads. The natural eye shape and sleek design make it a sophisticated style in a wearable shape.


S & S Kinney
Part of the Essential range, KINNEY SS8004 is a contemporary, easy-to-wear style with good old-fashioned

KINNEY SS8004 elements. (left) A timeless tort frame encases the slightly mirrored lenses and a bespoke core wire embellishes
the bottle green temples.

Quality metal end caps talk into the vintage classic detailing, with the brand name heat stamped in gold for a dapper finishing touch.
Reminiscent of sunsets at the beach and tropical vibes, KEONI LIMITED EDITION SS8003 from the Aspirational offering comes in soft hues with tonal lenses. The frame itself is very fine and lightweight with milled detailing over the top of the lenses and a Terrazzo Palazzo marble-inspired colourful touch on the end tips.

The soft champagne version comes with a limited-edition cloth, featuring the exclusive Keoni print.

RichmondS & S Kinney
With all the markings of the cool and sophistication of a bygone era, RICHMOND SS6002 sits within the brands
Pinnacle range.

Initial inspiration for this story comes from the intricate detailing on the metal door handles
KEONI LIMITED EDITION SS8003 from the Scotch & Soda shops.

This was the starting point for a richer brand story – the Evil Eye iconography - which manifests as engraved details on nose pads and the temples with sunburst patterns. The lenses are graduated, with a complementary tonal acetate top bar for an extra modern twist


For every day optical frames, LAMBERMONT SS2002 for men has a fine metal structure which is both classic and
LAMBERMONT SS2002 contemporary with its artfully crafted end pieces. The Evil Eye story has inspired the intricate diamond cut
details from the sun burst engravings along the temple tips through to the discreet Scotch & Soda logo on the end tips.

Similarly, HALLE SS1003 for women plays with this sunburst theme on its temples but also includes coin edge detailing on the front of the reverse half-rimless angular frame. Here again the gemstone nose pads characterise the style for a feminine edge.

S & S Neustadt
A unisex model, NEUSTADT SS2001(left) is a round metal frame with a simple aesthetic and eclectic styling. Raised double rivets to the top are a sophisticated addition, with coin ridged detailing all around the front and additional engraved logo details on the metal work. Colour pops on the temple tips then work as a discreet and luxurious fashion element.

All styles are not what they first seem, encouraging the consumer to travel along the exploration trail with them.
From Amsterdam, from Everywhere.

SPECTRALIS software adds macular reference database and deviation maps functionality

September 2019


SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE) customers having installed the SPECTRALIS release 6.12.1 can now benefit from the discriminative power of the macular reference database with the addition of thickness deviation maps for retina, retinal nerve fibre, ganglion cell and inner plexiform layers.

This feature is free of charge to all SPECTRALIS owners with GMPE Module.

The Deviation Maps update offers:

• Thickness deviation maps, which highlight whether the thickness measurements of each retinal layer are within or outside of normal limits in comparison to a reference database, making the regions and extent of structural thickening or thinning clearly discernible.
• New thickness maps with a perceptually uniform colour scale that make changes in retinal thickness more easily perceived by the human eye in comparison to the traditional hue colour scale.
• Classification chart with values derived from a Garway-Heath 6 sector grid, accurately anatomically aligned on the macular according to the individual anatomy of each eye using the Anatomic Positioning System (APS).

“The comparison of thickness measurements with the reference database enhances the diagnostic value of thickness maps and improves the visualisation of structural defects consistent with glaucoma”, explains Tim Cole, Clinical Affairs Manager, Heidelberg Engineering UK. “Heidelberg Engineering is well renowned for having revolutionised glaucoma diagnostics after bursting onto the scene with the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) in 1999.

The launch of Deviation Maps, and the Glaucoma Hood Report earlier in 2019, shows a continued commitment by the company to developing innovative and clinically validated diagnostic solutions for glaucoma”.

Contact Heidelberg Engineering to find out how to enable Deviation Maps functionality or to enquire about upgrading your SPECTRALIS with Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

Heidelberg Engineering are long term supporters of your free OPchat News. Visit their page with links to their site.

Mai-Zee three new models added

September 2019


Mai-Zee introduces three new designs with vibrant colours. The slight cat eyed frame MZ069 is available in Blue and Brown with two eye sizes of 50 16 135 and 52 16 140. As resonant as always, cat-eye glasses are still in style and ladies’ best friend in the academic and business environment.

Norville Maize

MZ070 C1 is an elegant emerald green frame rather unusual with tort shell effect on the temples. This frame is a combination of plastic and metal, making it a desirable model as per current trends.

MZ 069
MZ071 C2, a marble effect model comes in Beige and Dark Purple with brand markings on the sides. The collection offers simple and chic styling at an affordable price for the modern day fashion conscious woman.

MYKITA and HELMUT LANG Reveal New Eyewear

September 2019

Helmut Lang at Mykita
MYKITA and HELMUT LANG have collaborated on the design of two new eyewear models, HL001 and HL002, to be released in spring 2020. The eyewear debuted at the HELMUT LANG SS20 runway show during New York Fashion Week on September 7th, 2019.

MYKITA and HELMUT LANG are both known for designs that challenge the status quo and elevate functional elements into intriguing signature details.

HL001 and HL002, developed by the MYKITA design team, headed by founder Moritz Krueger, and HELMUT LANG Creative Director of ready-to-wear, Mark Thomas, introduce a new formula for the wraparound sunshield made of four individual lenses. Contrasting lens colors on both models, including neon pink and yellow variations, reflect the major color and material themes of the SS20 HELMUT LANG collection.

HL001 feels futuristic and forward with its straight top line and double bridge creating an angular, sharp look. Inspired by the iconic aviator silhouette the HL002 has a more fluid, curvilinear impression.

Both models are handcrafted at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin.

One frame. Two looks. Clip-on Sunglasses.

September 2019

Clip ons from Dibble  Clip on eyewear is the perfect way to make the transition from indoor to the outdoors stylishly, practically and affordable.

There’s no need to break out a whole other pair of specs; you’ve got an easy, inexpensive and streamlined option. Just clip them on your existing optical eyewear and enjoy 100% UV protection, anti-glare coating, optimum comfort, clarity and style.

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogue features a great range of clip-on sunglasses in a selection of styles, sizes and colours including additional interchangeable lenses.

Any items in this collection can be enjoyed by anyone who wear prescription eyeglasses, but they are ideally suited for those who frequently move between the indoors and outdoors.

So you can be practical without compromising on style. This option is more cost-effective than buying a whole other pair of sunglasses, and since clip-ons can fit perfectly over your existing frames, they offer the most convenient solution.

A Rimless Design That Dazzles.

September 2019

Stepper 97164It’s easy to see why the new SI-97164 from STEPPER is a star performer. This sparkling addition to their rimless offering has so much to offer those looking for eye-catching glamour and comfort in a frame.

‘Just count them. There are no less than 26 exquisite stones in this pretty frame’, comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘This is a very desirable model that shines amongst other, less ornate, rimless mounts.'

Crafted from Titanium and studded with gems, the SI-97164 remains true to the STEPPER promise of comfort as it weighs just 5.6g. Durable good looks with hypoallergenic properties make this frame’s appeal literally more than skin deep.

Comfort is enhanced as this rimless frame can be adjusted to maximise fit for the wearer. Slim bejewelled temples are interrupted only by slimline hinges, which are also constructed from strong but light Titanium.

Choose your colour and sparkle away; there is a broad pallet to choose from to compliment most skin tones.

Duck & Cover Aviator lands

September 2019

Duck and Cover New models
New Duck & Cover aviator model has arrived! - eyewear that truly reflects the look, feel and trend of the brand.

As one of the most iconic frame styles, aviators have become a mark of distinction for many men and women around the world.

The Norville Eyewear Duck & Cover interpretation presents the classic aviator in an impressive three colour combination of Black, Gold and Silver with milled edge rims and sturdy design American joints.

A classic staple for decades, aviator is a fantastic option when choosing your preferred style of glasses. Ones that not only protect your eyes, but enhance your lifestyle. Skilfully sized for prescription lenses.

Model: DC048 C2 Gold

Eyesize: 54 16 140

Price: £24.95

Grafton Optical announce the launch of the Phoenix Slit Lamp Imaging System

August 2019

Grafton Phoenix SlitlampPhoenix Slit Lamp Imaging System

Phoenix is the all-in-one slit lamp beam splitter and camera module; instantly bringing digital imaging to any standard slit lamp.

Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the Phoenix Slit Lamp Imaging System - the all-in-one slit lamp beam splitter and camera module. Digital imaging is no longer a luxury, but now an essential and this essential piece of kit brings digital imaging to any standard slit lamp.

The Phoenix features simple and easy to use software which allows data to be shared on a central PC and viewed by other users. It has a wireless capture button which can be connected to existing capture buttons via a 2.5mm jack plug. A footswitch is available and external light source can be added.

High resolution - 5 megapixel resolution and 112.5 inch CMOS produces high definition images and CMOS leaner array ensures that all small subjects are shown clearly.

Easy USB transfer - one power cable and data line ensure quick and easy data transmission - no hardware or computer configuration is required.

Wireless button - 2.4GHz wireless solution, no aiming, fast reaction, and stable performance.

Smart auto exposure - professional solution makes the camera exposure accurate and intelligent.

Compact size - with its light and compact size (ll50mm x W82mm xH60mm) installation convenient and easy.

User-friendly interface - simple design and user friendly interface make operating quick and efficient.

Compatibility - widely compatible with different brands and models of slit lamp.

Centralised management - professional patient information management platform provides centralised management of patient records.

For a quotation or to arrange a demonstration of the Phoenix Slit Lamp Imaging System please Contact Grafton through their page on PHN.


July 2019

Belvie is an international eyewear brand born from the passion of Optika, a French optician with a 40-year history in the sector.

If you are a positive soul who gets enlightened by summer sun, the new Belvie silhouettes will get you covered! Each model presents one-of-a-kind colours and shapes able to express the very true nature of the wearer.

In French “belle vie” means “the good life” and people choose Belvie to feel part of the lighthearted cosmopolitan way of living with its cityscapes, exotic travels, cool cocktails and genuine vibes.

The key to shining in your new pair of sunglasses is to choose a model that really suits your lifestyle and your personality. Let’s get it started:



Jeanne from Mode collection are sophisticated aviators with clear sporty touches and pink gold details that give this iconic model a feminine twist. For everyday soldiers that never give up on glamour.




Elena combines the hip and eclectic appeal of ultra-round glasses with the French “vie en rose” kind of lifestyle. For happy-go-lucky ladies that gently wink and think pink.



If you like to explore the trendiest cocktail bars in town, Chaynce from Pur Collection is the way to go. The tiny frame with soft sky blue lenses will give you a delightfully idiosyncratic look. Get ready to steal the spotlight while sipping thirst-quenching drinks. Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.



Eye-catching yellow glasses in the 70s mood with big square gradient lenses and a thin gold frame, flattering tanned skins. Hanna from Pur collection is a must-have for sassy queens who enjoy to dress up the classics.



Irrefutably charming tortoise-shell glasses with tinted lenses. The sharp geometric line on the upper part gives a contemporary flair to this retro-inspired round frames. Nicolas Tort from Echo collection will take you from office to beaches at ease, adding a timeless allure to any kind of ensemble.



Featuring slender acetate rims and wide tone-on-tone lenses, Coty from Echo collection is a sophisticated interpretation of vintage rounded frames.
From St. Tropez to Tahiti, the warm brown shades make this pair a perfect match for stylish holiday outfits.

Belvie portfolio includes a wide variety of handmade optical frames and sunglasses recognizable for their top quality and cutting-edge design.

Blackfin's AURA – The understated morphing of Blackfin's Core Material

July 2019

Blackfin launches AURA, the new collection of beta titanium frames with acetate rims. The Blackfin core material interacts with and is illuminated by a powerful perimeter of light and color crafted in Italian cellulose acetate.

Plos fro AuraIntroducing the AURA collection – optical frames that take the concept of cross-contamination to its purest expression, where the elements blend naturally, achieving the perfect balance of techno-glamour that breathes life into true objects of design, in authentic Blackfin style.

The summer release presents five new styles with acetate rims that contrast brilliantly with the beta titanium structure. It includes one men’s squared style Dunkirk, and Palos (top rt.), a more unisex pantos-inspired round frame.

The range of colors for both styles includes light tobacco, honey, army green, glossy black, dark tobacco and transparent, paired with the structural frame in black, gun metal gray, olive green or metallic blue. Palos also comes in a distinctly feminine pink with dark tobacco/pink rims.

Florida Bay In a word, the ladies’ frames are graceful, with rims that shape-shift from the soft silhouette of Glace Bay into a rounder feline (Florida Bay rt) or more squared (Port Elizabeth) cat-eye.

Here too, the color palette tends toward warm, sophisticated colors, with everything from transparent acetates to florals, solid colors or gradient shadings paired with beta titanium in black, champagne gold, dark blue, brown, powder pink, burgundy red and bright silver.

All of the Blackfin AURA frames are fitted with the new tilting nose pads and latest-gen ergonomic-design Swordfish temple tips.

Dry Eye I-Med starter packs now available


Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the I-MED Pharma Dry Eye Starter Pack with point of sale display unit and product literature, available to buy online in the Grafton Shop.

Grafton I-MED

Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the I-MED Pharma Dry Eye Starter Pack with point of sale display unit and product literature, available to buy online in the Grafton Shop for £99 + VAT. The I-MED Pharma Dry Eye Starter Pack contains:

4 x I-LID ’N LASH® Ocular Hygiene Wipes
2 x I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS Ocular Hygiene Wipes
3 x I-DROP® PUR Viscoadaptive Tears
2 x I-DROP® PUR GEL Viscoadaptive Tears
2 x I-RELIEF® Hot & Cold Therapy Mask
1 x Point of sale display unit and product literature

Grafton Display Stand


With a 28 x 21 cm footprint and at 44cm high, the attractive POS unit fits neatly onto shop units and next to tills , for maximum customer exposure. Product literature for the I-LID ’N LASH® Ocular Hygiene Range and the I-DROP® PUR & I-DROP® PUR GEL are included and the reverse of the unit features product re-order details so that you can quickly and easily restock your unit.

I-LID ’N LASH® OCULAR HYGIENE RANGE - Formulated with sodium hyaluronate and Tea Tree Oil, for patients suffering from Dry Eye Disease and other extra ocular conditions.
I-LID ’N LASH® - the convenient, one-step lid & lash cleanser to disinfect and hydrate
I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS - the anti-bacterial lid & lash cleanser with 5% Tea Tree Oil

I-DROP® PUR & I-DROP® PUR GEL - Viscoadaptive Tears with hyaluronic acid (HA) for long lasting relief with every blink
I-DROP® PUR is recommended for patients diagnosed with mild to moderate chronic dry eye syndrome looking for the ultimate relief and comfort for their dry eyes. Containing 0.18% hyaluronic acid, this drop continually refreshes and stabilises the tear film.

I-DROP® PUR GEL contains 0.30% hyaluronic acid with added glycerine and is recommended for patients with severe chronic dry eye syndrome.

I-RELIEF® HOT & COLD THERAPY EYE MASK WITH THERMABEADS™ - To relieve symptoms associated with Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, styes, chalazia, headaches, sinus pressure, tension, swelling and puffiness.
Customers can visit to purchase, with free delivery on UK mainland orders over £130.

Scenes of Life with EMILE & ROSE: A new life begins at 30!

July 2019


#scenesoflife at #oko

EmileAfter the story of the two best friends #BFF #STELLA & #NIKITA in Episode 1, we now get to meet in Episode 2 #EMILE & #ROSE #OKObyOKO.

The pitch? A new life begins at 30 ! Loving and good in their lives, this couple of thirties celebrates their move together, this is their first apartment! We wish them all the best for a life full of colors and joy!

Emile (Rt.)... For him, colored, designer style, elegant, with neat details and signed from the mark to the turtle. This frame entirely made of acetate will of course delight fans of glasses that have character, style and want to assert themselves! « Créateur », yes, but accessible to all!

RoseRose (rt.)… For her, floral inspiration and superposition of petals for this fresh, spring-colored frame with acidic colors that combines different materials - acetate and steel - to create an unexpected result. This trend towards the mixing of materials, very fashionable in the eyewear sector, is a creative process that creates a new aesthetic language offering pleasant contrasts, both visual and tactile. The play of light and shadow - formed by the shifting and superimposition of hand-polished acetate plates - gives relief and volume creating a more generous, more open, softer and more feminine form. With Rose, OKO loves you a little, a lot, passionately, to madness!

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offset and offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal oneself and to dare to display his personality.

Milo & Me Children’s Frames range has expanded at Dibble

July 2019

Award-winning supplier Dibble Optical has extended it’s range of quality children’s eyewear, Milo & Me, to include five new models including a smaller frame for ages 3 to 5.

Milo and MeDesigner kids eyewear that's flexible, lightweight and resilient enough to play, run, jump and explore. These wonderfully lightweight and comfortable frames are ideal for active kids and the special material combination reduces the potential risk of injury.

All the Milo & Me frames are constructed of durable materials such as nylon and “plasticizer-free” TPE, standing up to a kid’s “rough and tumble” world. Now featuring ten models in a range sizes and vibrant colours, the collection offers optimum comfort, ideal for kids ages 3 to 16+.


All frames are supplied with a removeable headband, non-slip temple ends, microfibre pouch, semi-rigid case and MILO & ME sticker.

Dibble Optical are pleased to announce that the new 2019 Milo & Me catalogues are now available online. These catalogues contain all B&S Milo & Me products with colour illustrations for each model and a great range of merchandise so be sure to visit our download page for immediate access.

NIRVAN JAVAN Metal Eyewear Collection for a stylish summer

July 2019

Summer is synonymous with relaxing, having fun and parties. Why not see it with style? NIRVAN JAVAN, the Swiss brand with the same name as its designer, Nirvan Javan, proposes a selection of metal models for its BECAUSE I CAN optical range and SHADE 19 sunglass range as the must-have accessory for the hottest season of the year.

The purity of the lines, the high quality of the materials and the contemporary styling make the metal models the perfect accessory to bring out the natural beauty of those who wear them.

BECAUSE I CAN is the campaign slogan that accompanied the collection launch, and which is inspired by the designer's story: everybody should be motivated to live their dreams and believe in themselves. An intense pursuit of perfection dedicated to all those who want to live a contemporary style for a timeless elegance.

The range is available in four colours, all in an opaque finish: gold, rose gold, silver and black


Man: NJE 25 (RG1)
Frame with a large, round shape reminiscent of bohemian style. The vintage lines and the shades of gold emphasize the refined and subdued elegance, emblem of the
Swiss brand. The extraordinary quality and resistance of the metal make the frame perfect for the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary man. Also available in black, gold and silver.

Women: NJE 22 (SR1)

NJE 22 (SRI)

A traditionally masculine frame appears here in a new, elegant and refined interpretation thanks to a choice of colours ranging from silver rose and rose gold to black and gold.

The SHADES 19 sunglasses use Carl Zeiss lenses with anti-reflective coating and every model includes a polarised version. The colours chosen are in line with the brand’s identity, starting with the simple and elegant through to lighter, more fashion effects. Every single frame has its own combination of lenses thus guaranteeing a perfect stylistic balance.

NJE-S 09

Frame with rounded lenses for a modern take on a classic style.
Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.

NJE-S 10


This Navigator model, with square lines, is perfect for those who love a retro style with a modern twist. Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.


NJE-S 11

A slender, square shape designed to adapt to every situation. A classic style that one doesn’t easily tire of. Available in 4 colours: Black, Silver and two different shades of Gold.

A selection of the SHADES 19 by NIRVAN JAVAN models is featured in the Summer magazine by BELDONA, leading Swiss lingerie and swimwear brand – a collaboration also aimed at promoting Swiss Made design.

The NIRVAN JAVAN, campaigns, collections and news are available at and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

BLACKFIN – Perfection In The Details

July 2019

Blackfin Tilting Nose PadsThe difference is in the details: Blackfin adds distinctive elements to its line of prescription eyewear frames and sunglasses. Starting with the July collection, all the styles will come with the ultra-new tilting nose pads made of medical grade PVC, a totally hypoallergenic material that covers a signature strip – with the brand’s iconic fish logo – made of transparent resin upon which, for some versions, a layer of gold or palladium has been deposited. In addition to having a more modern and elegant design, the new mobile nose pads ensure greater comfort, adapting themselves to the shape of the nose. Image:Right Tilting Nosepads.

Another innovation is in the design of the Swordfish temple tips. (below left)

The company’s patented design makes it possible to quickly, easily and accurately shorten the temples by 5 or 10 mm.

The new rubber temple tips – a material designed to adapt more easily to body temperature (warm in the winter and cool in the summer) when in contact with the skin – are thicker to ensure a more comfortable and ergonomic fit, while at the same time preventing the eyewear from slipping forward.

Blackfin Swordfish Tips
And, to put excellent customer service in the hands of all opticians, we designed a kit containing a special pair of pliers for the removal and replacement of the nose pads and a custom-formed plate for bending the temple tips, which makes it possible to return the temples to their original curvature after they have been shortened.

Blackfin Laser EngravingBlackfin also uses state-of-the-art technology in the less conspicuous details. Information located inside the temples bearing the model code, technical details and any customizations, is laser engraved in brilliant colors, using a 20W laser fiber power source. (right)

This ensures unparalleled quality, compared to classic screen-printing methods and adds a touch of style that makes each pair of frames unique.

Because, the journey to perfection, although fleeting, is mapped in every tiny detail.

Singin’ The BLUs – New Scojo New York BluLites

July 2019

Scojo New York is delighted to introduce the latest in BluLite styles – now available in metal frames.

These ready-to-wear readers come in four ultra unique shapes, with personalities all their own. Additionally, each of these styles is offered in plano non-RX for those seeking a little protection from digital screens without the added reading power.


The Biko embodies the essence of Scojo New York, with a revitalized sense of vigor in this retro, fully round style. Built from stunning stainless steel, the boldness is physically felt within this substantial frame.


High fashion dips into decades passed for the ultra slim Matrix. Pieced together from chromatic gold stainless steel and infused with BluLite technology, this pop of visionary color may be small, but has no trouble getting noticed.


The Palatino takes a bold stab at an original concept. A more compressed P3 shape is presented, with a flatter profile up top and a rounded edge to bring modernization through this BluLite frame. Dynamic yet approachable with golden stainless steel, the Palatino is bound to shine.


Radcliffe Clean cut for a look of enduring sophistication, the Radcliffe embodies a true P3 shape. Cooling silver metal forms this BluLite filtering style, created for function, but fully embracing a life of high fashion in the modern era.

Five NEW Progear Urban from the Norville Group

July 2019

Progear Urban polarising sunglasses continue to cool this summer heatwave with the latest functional sunwear styles hitting the range. Frames are manufactured from stainless steel with acetate temple end tips and TR90, an extremely durable material that is unusually flexible and lightweight, providing a very comfortable fit.

The collection now carries 16 models with five new models added to its range. New to the collection is U-1516, a lightweight classic and comfortable frame with contrast cut-away temple, highlighting two-tone colour options. The frame comes in Matte Blue, Matte Black and Matte Midnight Grey with an eye size of 52 18 142.

Progear UrbanModel Shown

Model : U-1516 C1
Eyesize: 52 18 142

Light Weight but No Lightweight.

July 2019

Lightweight frames from Stepeer
Beta-Titanium has so much to offer eyewear. Its inherent characteristics deliver benefit after benefit that are so in line with the needs of the wearer.

Modern rimless styles have won many converts with an uncluttered and free field of vision that can seem like there’s nothing holding the lenses in place.

‘The combination of Beta-Titanium with contemporary, minimalist rimless designs has created a category of frames with remarkable properties and appeal,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited.

‘Their feather-light weight and delicate aesthetics appeal belies an inner strength, toughness and durability. These frames are surprisingly forgiving, even for the clumsiest of wearers.’

The SI-96882 is just one of the comprehensive collection of modern, minimalist rimless styles available from STEPPER. Designers working alongside manufacturing engineers create subtle tweaks and modifications resulting in a simple look that also allows for the individuality of the wearer to shine through.

A key skill of the STEPPER development team is the ability to produce colours that are on-trend and also work across skin tones to offer something that really suits the wearer. The SI-96882 is available in a choice of three colourways: satin silver, satin ruby and satin purple.

Personality and style with long lasting looks and weighing just 4.6g ensure the SI-96882 delivers day-long comfort.

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA

June 2019

Scenes of Life with NIKITA & STELLA
BFF « Best Friends Forever »

NikitaA decidedly feminine look for these young women who are followers of a contemporary and trendy style. A real duo of best friends in glasses Nikita (right) and Stella (bottom right).

Nikita... for active women, for women of character #WOMANPOWER #GIRLPOWER in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection. Beautiful combination of steel and acetate structured by a feminine design and in tune with the times. We remember of course the eponymous film that started from the idea of creating a female character called Nikita - according to the song of the same name by Elton John. You remember? This is the story of a woman fighting for her own survival. A woman's story. A survival story to better rebuild.

StellaStella… still in the ‘Qui Suis-je’ collection, generous, rounded shape and perfectly proportioned curves for this well balanced and well combined frame. It mixes metal and acetate with elegance and character. A silhouette and textures combined to create an unexpected style - neither futuristic nor vintage, but simply contemporary. We like: the two small cat ears suggested subtly on each side of the frame.

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal oneself and to dare to display his or her personality.

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