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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, October to December 2019

10Y KOMONO Capsule Collection
Exclusive materials and cutting edge technology. That's what you get from Rye and Lye.
The new TonoVue-P from Grafton to be launched at 100%
The new Ultra Polarized Glass collection from INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group
BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution
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10Y KOMONO Capsule Collection

October 2019

Komono AW
Since its inception in 2009, KOMONO has gathered a devoted community of dreamers, rebels and nonconformists with a shared passion for innovative design and contemporary aesthetics.

What started as a story of two friends who met while snowboarding, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon of making luxury accessible, from Antwerp across the globe.

Komono AW

This year, KOMONO celebrates its tenth anniversary with the launch of a limited edition capsule collection. A play on one of its earliest successes, the Print Series, which used printed fabrics to transform watches into veritable fashion accessories, the collection is both a homage to KOMONO’s past and a culmination of its constant search for innovation.

Conceived in collaboration with renowned Munich-based design agency Bureau Mirko Borsche, the collection consists of five watches and five sunglasses.

An allusion on archetypal print designs such as tie dye, animal, flowers, camo and paisley, the capsule rethinks traditional design ideas and embraces the experimental. Stand-out features of the ten-year watches include a tone-on-tone aluminum case and dial, contrast colored hands and an index focused on the number ten.

Hidden wordplays on the backside of the leather straps add a joyful touch. The glasses, with their distinct rubberized black coating, hold a similar feature with the print discretely placed inside the frame and proverbs written on the back of the temples for a surprising effect.

This fall, KOMONO celebrates its heritage with a clear focus on the future.

KOMONO would like to thank all of its supporters, collaborators, friends and family for joining on this journey.

Exclusive materials and cutting edge technology. That's what you get from Rye and Lye.

Octobr 2019

Take a look at the contemporary looks that reach new heights of Sophistication

SauvignonResearch and high caliber materials, attention to detail and aesthetically-inspired design define the new Rye&Lye collection, eyewear brand by Immagine98 that has made Italian-made artisan craftsmanship its signature trait.

(Sauvignon model right)

Consistent with the brand’s DNA and philosophy, the Fall/Winter 2019 collection is sophisticated and, at the same time, totally relevant – styles that, as always, conceal stylistic and technological details, grant them eyewear masterpiece stature. Once again, it is the world of wine, expression of Italian excellence, that inspires the frame names.


(Greco Left )

Attuned to the popular “geometrics” trend, the feminine Sauvignon style seduces with its unique but quintessentially wearable heptagonal shape, the perfect choice for the woman who likes to stand out in style. The front is a unique mix of metal and black or marbled acetate, adding another layer of personality to the frame, that is also available with in-tone sunglass lenses.

A brilliant blend of functionality and aesthetic elegance enlivens the men’s styles, where minimalist design, clean lines and refined masculine hues join forces with exceptional materials to deliver well-balanced comfort and elegance.

(Primitovo right)

Past and future intersect in Greco, a retro-inspired frame that combines an acetate and beta titanium front with super-lightweight beta titanium temples. This frame, too, comes in a version with sun lenses.

For an even more sophisticated modern look, the Primitivo updated aviator fits the bill. Titanium rims, framed by a thin titanium profile, use juxtaposed contrasting colors to create an avant-garde double-bridge effect. Beta titanium temples ensure an elegant finish to this super-light frame.

The new TonoVue-P from Grafton to be launched at 100%

October 2019

Tono-Vue_pGrafton Optical announces that they will launch TonoVue-P by Crystalvue at 100% Optical 2020 - the automatic, touch screen, non-contact tonometer with pachymetry. Accurate and reliable IOP and corneal thickness measurements in one device.

TonoVue-P is an essential diagnosis tool which integrates intraocular pressure (IOP) and corneal thickness (CCT) measurements in one device. With fully automated 3D eye-tracking and soft air puff, measurement is fast and comfortable with reliable accuracy.

Built in software controls the amount of air required for each eye and achieves a softer and quieter air puff. Intelligent 3D tracking ensures that measurements are taken extremely quickly and the influence of the patient’s movement can be minimised.

Calculation of compensated IOP

Studies show that central corneal thickness (CCT) effects the accuracy of IOP measurement.

For example, thinner corneas generally contribute to underestimates in the IOP value. TonoVue-P provides compensated IOP values by using both CCT and IOP. This formula can be customised by the user.

Auto 3D eye-tracking

With fully automated 3D eye-tracking, IOP measurement can be quickly accomplished by touching the center of the pupil on the screen and pressing the ‘start’ soft key. The measurement report is printed automatically by the built in auto cut printer.


TonoVue-P features built in patient management software which enables quick access to pateient data via USB or RS232.

Soft air puff

Soft and quiet air puff to maximise patient comfort

Large 10.1" LCD touch screen

The large touch screen makes IOP measurement and input, search, and display of the patient database easy and fast

The new Ultra Polarized Glass collection from INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group

October 2019

INVU polsSwiss Eyewear Group is pleased to announce the global launch of its new INVU ultra polarized glass collection.

“With this launch we will pay tribute to the most precious of all optical lens materials: glass.” says Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group.

“Known for its high Abbe value and perfect optics, glass is enjoying a strong comeback in the optical trade worldwide.”

INVU polsThe innovative ultra polarized glass is the true Rolls-Royce in lens technology. Precision glass, manufactured in France, is combined with a 99% high efficiency polarizer and coated with a state-of-the-art eight layer anti-reflective and hydrophobic coating. The result is glare-free, crystal clear vision with incredible color perception.

In-line with the positioning of the INVU brand, the ultra polarized glass collection is priced to offer the best value proposition for opticians and retailers as well as consumers around the world. The new

INVU glass collection has been showcased during the Silmo show at the ADCL booth.


October 2019

Style, elegance and personality define the new Fall 2019 Blackfin One optical frame collection. Color is the common thread that runs through all the styles, creating exquisite interplays of hues on the quintessential titanium material. The collection encompasses men’s frames, unisex and decidedly feminine styles – classic yet subtly surprising designs, heightened by innovative technical details, superior craftsmanship and absolute quality.

Instilled with the brand’s DNA, Blackfin One is the label that identifies the main collection.


Among the innovations is the panto-inspired Bayou, with its generous almost-round frame and ultra-flexible beta titanium bridge and temples. The color palette ranges from the more masculine – dark blue paired with bright red, black or midnight blue – to the more feminine shades of blush pink or midnight blue combined with magenta.

Winter Harbor

The same technical detail appears on the titanium welded bridge of the men’s Winter Harbor, where the sculpted lines and bold depth of the frame are emphasized by black outlined in lime green, dark blue outlined in bright red, midnight blue, olive green or black.

Lynn Haven

The range of styles with bas-relief front includes Lynn Haven, whose rounded rims and contrasting, slightly elongated top rim create a graceful feminine shape, played up by the color options: matte mocha/magenta, polished silver/champagne gold, pink blush/blue-green, polished silver/black or dark blue/burgundy red.

Bay side

echoes the same elongated top rim, but with more squared rims, emphasized by a bold pastel color palette for the contrasting inner and outer frame in Venetian red/plum, dark blue/turquoise, midnight blue/pink, magenta/plum or all black.


The rounded silhouette of Valdez is offset by the straight bridge and two slightly angled points that interrupt the circular continuity. Full-on color reigns again, this time in shades of midnight blue/gunmetal gray, bright blue/gunmetal gray or black/champagne gold.

BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution

October 2019

Bio Lens BD8“BD8 – Bio Plastics” is a 100% bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass. In a world where approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day, “BD8 – Bio Plastics” offers an eco-friendly solution: millions or even billions of eyewear and other products can be made of a bio-degradable plastics which can be absorbed by the organisms and enrich the soil on decomposition. “BD8 – Bio Plastics” is lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colors, designs or patterns.

BD8 can be used to realize not only eco-friendly frames but also a full range of other eyewear products aiming to build a more sustainable future of the eyewear industry.


One of the BD8 products is “Bio Polybag”, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags, as it can completely biodegrade into carbon, water and bio mass without leaving any plastic fragments behind.

Another product deriving from BD8 is “Bio Lens”, a revolutionary 100% bio-degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill, leaving behind carbon, water and organic matter.

Bio Lens will start to bio-degrade in 10+ days, and takes five years to biodegrade in soil. Besides offering supreme comfort and performance, this sustainable lens meets optical standard, features high impact resistance and can be used for both clear and sun lenses. It can be adapted to any styles, shapes, curvatures and sizes and matched with any kinds of coating. 100% UV protection is granted for the sun version.

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