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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, October to December 2019

KLiiK denmark January 2020 collection
Everything you Want and Everything You Need
NEW LOOK Styles: Stylish Good Looks
Essilor launches faster adaptive lens
The most effective treatment for Anterior Blepharitis launched by Grafton
Coopervision subsidiary No7 announces a new scleral lens,One Fit Med
Some 2020 trend predictions for you...from Louis Stone
The understated style statement by Mykita
Belvie presents the new 2019-2020 autumn-winter collections
NewX-IDE F/W 2019 Styles
MIC-Made in Cadore launches limited edition dedicated to TIZIANO VECELLIO
FYSH Winter 2019 collection
EVATIK Winter 2019 collection
Modern Eyewear Archetypes from Mykita
Leader Peleton Sports Eyewear from Dibble Optical
Essilor® sun solution™ signs a new collaboration with the cycling brand Ekoi
Ready to enjoy the winter season with Essilor® sun solution™
Xavier Garcia reinterprets the brand's core values with the word "future" in mind
Blackfin - new fall/winter 2019-2020 sun collection
10Y KOMONO Capsule Collection
Exclusive materials and cutting edge technology. That's what you get from Rye and Lye.
The new TonoVue-P from Grafton to be launched at 100%
The new Ultra Polarized Glass collection from INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group
BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution
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KLiiK denmark January 2020 collection

January 2019

KLiiK denmark introduces universal fit to the collection. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the new collection offers a rich color palette with unique patterns and materials for January 2020. Drawing from key fashion influences, the new models create a subtle, minimalistic look for men and women requiring a narrow fit with a strong sense of style.

New to the KLiiK denmark collection is universal fit frames for the narrow PD customer. Combined with the most current shapes with custom laminations for both men and women.

Style K667

Combination style K-667 (left) features a custom laminated acetate that creates a pop of color on the back. A metal bar is inserted at the top rim that completes the contrasting metal bridge with acetate keyhole design. Rectangular metal end pieces wrap into the hinge is finished with acetate temples. This style is available in blue light gun, amber teal gold, grey crystal gun and berry emerald gold.

Style K670

For an earthy look, style K-670 (right) features translucent acetate with wood grain inspired pattern. Double cubed metal integrated spring hinges add the finishing touch. Available in black smoke, blue smoke and hazelnut smoke.

For the ladies, two new styles featuring rich color combinations and unique patterns release this new year.

Style K662

Style K-662 (left) is a modified square that uses two tone coloration on the front to contrast against the bridge and temples with a matte finish. This stainless-steel style is available in black purple, charcoal teal, ivory champagne and blush silver.

Style K665

The carved detailing on style K-665(right) showcases the color blocking effect on the browline and temples. The carving technique is used to create the paisley pattern along the end pieces and hinges plus the dotted pattern along the temples. This style is available in black rose, brown sand, teal grey and wine eggplant.

Style K666
And finally for Men:

For men, stainless steel style K-666 is a rectangular, semi-rimless frame in a matte finish. The frame front features linear pierced end pieces and stylized hinges with a metallic finish. This style is available in metallic hues of black gun, grey silver and khaki silver.

Everything you Want and Everything You Need

January 2020

Stepper STS-10098
Out with ‘same-old’ and in with ‘all-that’s-new’ with STEPPERS.

‘It’s a new decade and time to think again at exactly what matters in eyewear,’ challenges Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind STEPPERS Eyewear.

‘Say ‘yes’ to everything you want as well as everything you need when you choose a frame from the invigorating STEPPERS collection,’ Saskia adds.

For example, the new STS-10098 is a colourful and modern fashion frame that allows the wearer to express their own style with confidence. But it’s win-win with this frame, as you can be bold and have fun whilst enjoying sublime comfort derived from the brand’s renowned fit and lightness.

‘Make 2020 the year you break the mould of old choices and discover style and comfort in one frame’ adds Saskia.

With a collection offering such a great choice of colours to suit most skin tones, there’s a good chance there’s a STEPPERS frame that’s a match for those who wish to express their own style through their eyewear.

NEW LOOK Styles: Stylish Good Looks

December 2019

Contemporary, sophisticated, lightweight: this is the LOOK collection, the line of optical frames in which the brand’s stylistic creativity is the embodiment of the Look made in Italia DNA. Where refined, discreet design, excellent materials and absolute quality are interpreted in original styles whose functional aesthetic details are enhanced to satisfy the modern consumer’s quest for exclusivity.

Style 04512.53

Style 04512.53 (left)
– class in its purest state. The iconic cat-eye front, expression of feminine elegance freed from fashion dictates, reconceptualized in double-thickness transparent acetate. Xinox temples with contrasting gold finish and adjustable temple tips complete the look while ensuring total comfort.

Style 04943.55

One look at the transparent 04943.55 (right) is sufficient to truly understand the essence of LOOK eyewear. The front is in pure NIL, the temples and adjustable temple tips in titanium; both materials are ultra-light and super-flexible. The frame features self-frictioning screwless hinges while the hand-applied points of color lend an absolutely one-of-a-kind effect.

Style 10772.55
Style 10772.55
is sophistication itself, a frame whose flair reflects the changing trends in classic, minimalist design with bold personality. The result is a generous frame whose elongated top rim is highlighted by the combination of premium materials like shaped and streamlined Italian acetate, paired with lightweight, flexible high-performance Xinox steel.

LOOK eyewear are designed and crafted entirely in Italy by Look made in Italia.


December 2019


Silhouettes, shapes and colors – all elicit the majestic backdrop of the Dolomites in the MIC-Made in Cadore Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

ClorofillaThe brand that pays tribute to the birthplace of Italian eyewear takes the pristine natural setting of the Cadore as inspiration in its timeless optical and sun eyewear.

Every stylistic and color choice in these frames narrates the energy and beauty of their native region. Hallmark feature of every style is the temple detail at the hinge that, just like the brand’s logo, calls to mind the silhouette of the Dolomite mountains.


For the audacious woman, Clorofilla (right) pops with a real, true explosion of style details. Dual rims emphasize the cat-eye shape that, along with the congenial pairing of acetate and metal, heighten the intrinsic sensuality of this very feminine frame.

The Cascata sun version (top left) is also designed to turn heads. Its oversized squared front is framed with a slender metal profile that lends added flair through an artistic interplay of negative and positive space.

Vintage appeal is the password for the men’s styles.

FiumeWith its squared shape, the combined Fiume style (lower right) is ideal for the elegant man who demands a classic accessory, but one with clearly contemporary temperament.

For the eye-catching modern man, the all-metal Ossigeno (lower left) is a breath of fresh air. The double-bridge and an innovative geometric shape make this style unique while also delivering the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication.

Essilor launches faster adaptive lens

December 2019

Transitions Generation 8Essilor has launched an improved Transitions adaptive lens with even faster activation time.

Using breakthrough technology, the new Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses are 30 per cent quicker in activation and 35 per cent faster to fade back to clear. The lenses get darker than the previous model and also block 100% UV, while helping to protect from harmful blue light indoors and out.

Managing director, Tim Precious said: “Patients need to control the different types of light they encounter and the improved lens offers a new frontier of performance for clear comfortable vision to help patients see their best.

“At a three minute faster fade back time, independents will notice a considerable difference in speed compared to Transitions Signature 7 which launched in 2014.

“Our research shows that users are most concerned about the speed it takes for the lens to return to clear so the quicker transition time will be a strong selling point for patients wanting full and fast indoor clarity.”

Light management is proving very important for patients with nine in 10 reporting sensitivity to light. The faster darkening speed of the lens will offer relief and mean less squinting and more comfortable vision.

For the last five years, the Transitions Optical R&D team has carried out research and in depth testing to improve product performance. The new lens technology incorporates a fully reinvented system, including a disruptive nano-composite matrix and new generation of ultra-agile photochromic dyes.

The brand new matrix in Transitions Signature GEN8 lenses is a nano-structured material which mimics a semi-crystalline structure. As photochromic molecules change shape when they are exposed to UV, they need space to move. This matrix creates free zones for improved dye mobility so they move more freely, making performance more stable and consistent.

Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses are available in a variety of colours to match any frame including grey, brown and graphite green and Style Colours comprise of sapphire, amethyst, emerald and amber.

Tim continues; ”The lens delivers new breakthrough technology based on what patients want and helps deliver our ongoing mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing in our role as the best business partner for independent practices.”

Transitions Signature GEN 8 is available from January 2020.

The most effective treatment for Anterior Blepharitis launched by Grafton

December 2019

AB Max from Grafton

Grafton Optical launches AB Max™; advanced outer eyelid margin cleaning for anterior blepharitis. The unique AB Max™ pulse mode provides the most effective and efficient treatment on the market

Grafton Optical is excited to announce the launch of the AB Max™, providing advanced outer eyelid margin cleaning for anterior blepharitis. The AB Max™ will be available in the UK and Ireland exclusively through Grafton Optical.

AB Max™ is an advanced 5 to 7 minute deep cleansing treatment to remove bacteria, crust and debris from the anterior eyelid margin and eyelashes. AB Max™ provides advanced functionality utilising two on-board computers and proprietary tips, specifically designed to treat Anterior Blepharitis.

The AB Max™ provides the same forward and reverse functionality as competitor devices, plus a unique PULSE mode, specifically engineered to remove even the most stubborn debris, while gently massaging the anterior eyelid margins for a more comfortable treatment experience and better patient outcomes.

Grafton Optical offers a full marketing support package to help buyers to market the procedure to their customers. This includes patient information leaflets and questionnaires, anatomical eyelid and demodex mite models and design of digital and print assets if required.

Grafton Optical CEO David Thickens commented “We are really excited to introduce the AB Max™ to the UK market. The unique pulse mode offers patients improved results and a far more comfortable treatment experience. Blepharitis is estimated to account for 1 in 20 problems reported to GPs. Offering an effective and affordable treatment to ease the symptoms of this common condition represents a huge opportunity for practices.”

To book an appointment on the Grafton Optical stand M16 at 100% Optical 2020 to demo the AB Max™ or to discuss with a member of the Grafton Optical team, please click here. To view the AB Max™ video, please click here.

For a quotation or to arrange a demonstration of the AB Max™ or any of our other products please contact or call us on +44 (0)1923 233980.

Coopervision subsidiary No7 announces a new scleral lens,One Fit Med

November 2019

Fit Med from No7Chloe for Belvie
It was the best attended HOAC Conference for many years, so hopefully you were there and could attend the Onefit Med presentation or pick up the product information from our stand.

If not, copies are enclosed and you can find more information, including the unique and informative fitting software here

The Onefit Med is designed at every stage to provide the practitioner with information to help with fitting. So, the trial set lenses have “etched rings” at the centre of the “zones” clearly indicating where each of the zones are located and these can be manipulated individually relative to the size and condition of the cornea. Additional markings at 3, 6 and 9 show lens rotation.

The software generates the changes that you want to make to any of the four zones, so you can quantify what difference is made when making changes and view that on the lens graph profile. For example, you might want to alter the M zone (mid peripheral value) by 100 microns plus or the L zone (limbal value) by 75 microns minus.

The fitting software provides a calculation of oxygen permeability through the lens material and the tear layer.

Regular corneal GP lenses carry oxygen to the cornea through the lens material and via tear exchange. With scleral designs, there is no tear exchange and the lens thickness is much greater. Because of this, we do advise using the highest dk material when possible.

The trial sets are free of charge, subject to usage with an order form enclosed.

The Onefit Med has more design options than any other mini scleral, so it is important that the designing is intuitive and you have full control. However, we are here to help, so just contact our Technical or Professional Services as needed.

Some 2020 trend predictions for you...from Louis Stone

November 2019

Icy "When considering Spring/Summer spectacle trends for next year, I personally find the fashion catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan to be integral to my research." Says Clare Gaba Clare Gaba, Louis Stone's head of marketing and communications

15Icy 782She continues: Granted, certain clothing trends are not entirely transferable (enter the crochet, frills and resort chic of 2020), and others, not so practical either (the luminous clothing of the 'highlighter' look is rather niche to wear on ones' back as it is, but to wear luminous yellow spectacles, though a great look for the daring of taste, is probably not going to be a sell-out at the practice!).

But Harpers Bazaar has also hinted at a '60s comeback' (specifically pant suits in a 60s wallpaper kind of style!), so working off of this particular trend prediction, 60s style spectacle frames shall no doubt follow on. Whether it be classic round-eyes, cats-eyes, or some sensible thick black acetates, Louis Stone have an 'on the pulse' frame for every occasion.

Icy 782Check out the attached Icy 782 C1 'Matt Black' 52􏰀x20-14(left) 0 for a smart and sophisticated retro Aviator look and the Icy 315 C1 'Tropical Shade' 53􏰀x17-145 for a beautiful 60s style that also encompasses the upcoming resort trend!

Both available on now.

The understated style statement by Mykita

November 2019

The warm, understated appeal of matt finishes has made it a new mainstay of contemporary design.

By absorbing light rather than reflecting it, a matt finish creates a clean line, turning the focus to the pure form of the object or surface, and giving colours more intensity and depth.

With refined sandblasted acetate and steel frames, MYKITA uses matt surfaces as a fresh style ingredient across the new season’s eyewear collections.

From optical models in bold navigator or rounded shapes to classic aviator sunglasses, these eyewear styles show the transformative quality of a matt finish throughout the collection.

Belvie presents the new 2019-2020 autumn-winter collections

November 2019

Belvie, a strongly cosmopolitan-oriented French brand, announces its new winter collections with even better finishes, lighter structures, hi-tech and superresistant materials.

Chloe for Belvie

Even the colour range is modernized according to the autumnal nuances: the all-black suggestions alternate with pieces playing with the tones of pink and beige, also using grey.

The forms have a free pattern: from rectangular frames for those who love perfectly geometric forms to over-size pieces for a diva look, and also free round lenses to make a
tribute to a vintage taste reinterpreted in a modern key.

Raphaelle for BelvieIn a universe where less is more, an accessory with a strong aesthetic impact surely makes the difference!
From Mode Collection, the piece Chloe (top left) with a perfect cat-eye style, for a bewitching look.

Light and with large lenses, Raphaelle (right) frame from Pur Collection is made with doublecoloured metal.

Adam for Belvie

In Echo collection, with a strong retro style, the Adam frame (left) with Pantos shape in tortoise-shell acetate really stands out.

Gabin for Belvie

And finally the new piece Gabin from Lite collection presents a thin frame made with titanium, very light and super-resistant.

NewX-IDE F/W 2019 Styles

November 2019

New Wave
Unconventional expressions of individual personality through innovation and creativity is what the new X-IDE Fall/Winter 2019 collection is all about. Immediately recognizable, these sophisticated frames are the result of non-stop research into colors and materials and extraordinary attention to detail.

With names inspired by the world of music, these styles blend cutting-edge design and artisan craftsmanship, where music is seen not only as an art form but as a metaphor for the energetic, fun-filled lifestyle of those who choose X-IDE.


The combined New Wave (top left) style sports a truly exclusive and distinguishing structural detail – on the outside edges of the front, a half-rim in acetate in a contrasting color overlays the metal rim that frames the lens. The lens itself takes center stage in the frame, lending this style absolutely one-of-a-kind appeal.

The metal Funky (right) and Gospel (Next left) styles are designed to light up the eyes. The former is round, the latter squared – both frames boast an Gospelextremely unusual top rim embellished with either glitter-strewn or plain enamel that creates a touch of color while also lending a three-dimensional “volume” effect. A tiny shimmer of light on the temple tips contributes added sophistication to these super-feminine styles.


Three all-titanium styles with super-thin, über-light profiles round out the F/W 19 collection. Along with the round Helios (right) and squared Neon (lower left) – both decidedly masculine – is Xenon,(lower right) a feminine frame whose irregular geometric shape is emphasized by lively colors.



MIC-Made in Cadore launches limited edition dedicated to TIZIANO VECELLIO

November 2019

Tizaniao Vicello Frames from MIC
MIC-Made in Cadore, a collection envisioned by Immagine98 as a tribute to the birthplace of Italian eyewear, announces the launch of a limited-edition style dedicated to Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), one of the most renowned 16th century Italian artists and master interpreter of Venetian Renaissance culture.

Skillfully designed by Tiziano Tabacchi and available in only 200 pieces, “Tiziano” sunglasses celebrate Titian and his birthplace, Pieve di Cadore, re-asserting the strong bond between the brand, its homeland and its manufacturing tradition.

The style commemorates “Titian black” – less well-known than the popular “Titian red” – but equally distinctive of the artist’s painting technique. Titian painstakingly studied the color rendering of this shade, making it one of the unmistakable and most-used hues in his works. “Tiziano” stands out for its understated black acetate outside, while inside is a reproduction of the famous “Pastoral Concert” oil on canvas that hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Each pair contains a reproduction of a different part of the painting and is therefore unlike all the others, entirely one-of-a-kind, just like a work of art.

Tizaniao Vicello Frames from MICAccording to Tiziano Tabacchi: “This is a tribute to a local genius; it is no coincidence that this frame was developed as part of the MIC collection, an eyewear project that aims to raise appreciation of the Dolomites and the eyewear manufacturing tradition that originated at the feet of these mountains.

To narrate the fabric of our land, we must start from the beginning, from its values of artisan craftsmanship, quality and style, allowing ourselves to be inspired not only by its natural beauty but also by the individuals who left their mark on its history.”

FYSH Winter 2019 collection

November 2019

F3643 M100 from FYSHBold designs and custom design elements define the FYSH collection for Winter 2019.

Always showcasing unique patterns and contemporary color combinations inspired by the latest runway looks, the new styles stand out for their unconventional play with unique detailing.

The result is trendsetting eyewear, perfect for the strong, ambitious women who embrace individual style.

With its modified butterfly shape, style F-3643 is a stainless-steel frame with a thin profile for a lightweight feel.

The frame front features animal patterns printed along the frame’s edge with classic metallic tones to outline the frame. Available in black leopard, brown leopard, rose gold python and gold leopard.

EVATIK Winter 2019 collection

November 2019

Evatik E9199 s 316Handcrafted details and lightweight constructions define the EVATIK collection for Winter 2019.

Combining refined details with vibrant colorways, the new styles provide custom design elements with luxury appeal.

Stainless steel style E-9198 stands out with its shiny razor thin metallic outline around the rims and bridge to contrast the matte frame.

This detail continues onto the end pieces and finishes at the stylized hinge. This large fit rectangular frame is available in black gun, navy gun and grey silver.

Evatik E9199 s 301

Style E-9199 is made with handmade patterned acetate featured in monotone colorations.

A striped pattern along the front is complimented by translucent temples.

The stylized cubed metal hinge adds a finishing touch plus added comfort with the integrated spring hinge. Available in navy, charcoal and khaki.

Modern Eyewear Archetypes from Mykita

November 2019

Essilor Ski Goggles

Aviator, round, panto or butterfly glasses – the archetypal styles from the Twentieth century continue to influence eyewear today.

MYKITA reinterprets the spirit of classic eyewear styles for the present-day using specially developed materials, constructions and cutting-edge technologies.

The new season brings an individual mood to optical with timeless, clearcut shapes, alongside models with rounded, oversize proportions that signal a new, soft and organic aesthetic.

Leader Peleton Sports Eyewear from Dibble Optical

November 2019

Essilor Ski GogglesVision, both in terms of clarity and safety eye protection is a vital component and good wrap style glasses are a very worthwhile investment for a wide range of lifestyle sports.

The Dibble Optical Accessories catalogue offers a large range of dedicated sports prescription goggles, masks and spectacles suitable for a very wide range of sports.

Featured are the Leader Peleton, a stylish model in a sporty wrap design providing protection from peripheral sunlight, wind and dust.

Premium quality materials and high-performance polycarbonate lenses ensure that Leader Peleton range of adult sunglasses are highly suitable for a wide range of lifestyle sports such as cycling, tennis, golf, shooting, etc.

An optional glazing clip is available to allow a wide range of prescription lenses to be fitted. Additional sun lenses including photochromic, polarised and mirror-coated options are available to facilitate fashionable and highly functional sporting activities.

The Leader Peleton range comes in a selection of styles with two lens options available.

They are supplied with a case, corrective rim and microfibre pouch. Many display materials and merchandising are also available to purchase such as presentation cases, display sets and branded sports bottles.

Essilor® sun solution™ signs a new collaboration with the cycling brand Ekoi

November 2019

Perrsoevo EKOIESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™, the Essilor® Group Division dedicated to sun plano lenses, and EKOI, one of the major players in the European market for cycling equipment, are pleased to present the new EKOI PERSOEVO 10 sunglasses.

These models are the result of a close collaboration between the product development team and the pro-riders of the sport company’s Deceuninck Quick Step team together with the world leader in lenses.

The EKOI PERSOEVO 10 is a range of technical sunglasses for cycling, extra light (just 28g) and very well ventilated, which have been designed to perform in the strongest sport conditions .

The models are combined with four different Essilor® Sun Solution™ sun lenses, all in NXT®, the patented material which combines the best of both worlds: the optical clarity of mineral lenses and the lightweight and impact resistance of organic lenses.

All lenses are mirrored and have the oleophobic and antifog treatments. One of the three, in addition, is photocromic.

The result is an excellent pair of sunglasses which has been developed also thanks to the valuable feedback from professional riders, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing in order to guarantee the best performance.

Created by Jean-Christophe Rattel in 2001, the EKOI brand quickly established itself as a major player in the European market for cycling equipment.

From the very early days of his career, J-C Rattel has been involved in the world of cycling, and it has become a real passion for him, proving that stylish equipment and the world of professional cycling do go hand in hand. From the sponsorship of, and partnerships with, some of the best teams and professional athletes are born many innovative EKOI products.

Ekoi's Pro Team products are developed in close collaboration with the professional athletes and champions we sponsor.

We are extremely proud to equip numerous road cycling and triathlon champions, such as Romain Bardet, Philippe Gilbert, Julian Alaphilippe, Alexander Kristoff, Fabio Aru, Patrick Lange and all the other professional athletes under contract with EKOI and who require the very best, even perfection in, products.

Ready to enjoy the winter season with Essilor® sun solution™

November 2019

The new collection of sun lenses for ski goggles

Essilor Ski Goggles
High performance and fashion trends on the ski slopes! ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™, the Essilor® Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, is the premium leader in sport. The new winter collection of colors for ski goggles or sunglasses offers total protection against UV rays and guarantees unsurpassed vision in all light conditions on the snow. The wide range of lenses can satisfy the highest technical requirements and fashion’s most up-to-date trends.

For those who are crazy about racing down the slopes and enjoying a snowy landscape by day, ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ presents the photochromic E-SUN™ VARIA™ solution: shields or lenses which adapt automatically to the weather conditions, from low light and snow to bright glare.

When the light intensity decreases, the shield becomes lighter to adapt to the environment, and then becomes darker again when the intensity increases. This efficiently protects the wearer while offering better comfort.

For those who are passionate about winter sports but like to enjoy the sensation of the slopes as well as the colors of the environment, E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ is the perfect choice. This range is developed to offer maximum color contrast to improve depth perception and increase visual acuity in order to reach a visual experience like never before. The color palette is based on the sensibility of the wearer: brown for optimal protection against blue light, fumé for a natural vision of colours, and vermillion for a better perception of relief.

For the followers of fashion, the combination of goggle color with the helmet and snowboard is just as important as the sensation on the slopes. The proposal is a wide range of mirror lenses from E-SUN™ MAGICOAT™. From flamboyant dark red to glacier light blue it will be easy to find the right mix with the photocromic E-SUN™ VARIA™ technology or color enhancement from E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™.

The result is a selection of high quality winter No ordinary sun lenses and shields to enjoy sport and the colors of life at their very best!

Xavier Garcia reinterprets the brand's core values with the word "future" in mind

November 2019


Xavier Garcia
believes in audacious design that enhances the materials, form and colour of his products.

The aesthetics of Xavier Garcia evoke a deep sense of clarity, elegant simplicity and taste, intensified by an attention to craftsmanship always receptive to different forms of experimentation.


Together with refined colour ranges and synthetic design, the introduction of titanium as the emblematic material of the collection takes the brand to the next level, communicating the search for functionality and wearability that has always distinguished its philosophy.

Xavier Garcia present 6 light acetate models with stainless steel temples, four for women: Faina-Felisa (images left)-Galia-Gea and two for men Sampol (images right) -Siset

5 metal models with beta-titanium temples allergy-free: three for women Carmela-Cecile-Celia and two for men Travis-Seco

Blackfin - new fall/winter 2019-2020 sun collection

October 2019

The re-imagined Blackfin stylistic signature finds expression in Fall/Winter 2019-2020 sunglasses – four frame styles with bold personalities that foretell fashion trends, filtered through the titanium eyewear brand’s DNA.

Oshima Blackfin

is sleek and elongated, its thick titanium profiles accentuated by the two-tone color combinations of absolute matte black or warm white with polished silver. In both versions the full smoke lenses emphasize the futuristic effect of the frames.

Raven Bay Raven Bay
revisits the classic large round shape with a vertically-cropped front that gives the lens design an edgy glam effect. Two color options are available: total black with smoke gray lenses or mud brown and pink metallic with gradient brown lenses.
This style is also available in a Black Edition matte black version with Champagne Light Gold Nano-PlatingTM front details and gradient gray lenses.

Zabriskie  Blackfin

The quintessential aviator joins the collection with two Blackfin Razor interpretations that take the technical perfection of Blackfin frames to even thinner and lighter extremes. The two sun styles – Zabriskie (left), with slightly squared lenses,

Zegama Blackfin and Zegama, a perfect teardrop shape – are made of thin (1mm) beta titanium sheet crafted using micro-mechanical processes custom-engineered for each style. (right)

Both styles come in four color options, two of them with polarized Luminar lenses for an even superior level of visual technology – matte black with mirrored gradient gray Luminar lenses, gunmetal gray with gradient gray lenses, polished silver and dark gray with gradient blue lenses, dark brown with mirrored gradient gold Luminar lenses.

All Blackfin frames are fitted with the new tilting nose pads and latest-gen ergonomically designed Swordfish temple tips.

10Y KOMONO Capsule Collection

October 2019

Komono AW
Since its inception in 2009, KOMONO has gathered a devoted community of dreamers, rebels and nonconformists with a shared passion for innovative design and contemporary aesthetics.

What started as a story of two friends who met while snowboarding, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon of making luxury accessible, from Antwerp across the globe.

Komono AW

This year, KOMONO celebrates its tenth anniversary with the launch of a limited edition capsule collection. A play on one of its earliest successes, the Print Series, which used printed fabrics to transform watches into veritable fashion accessories, the collection is both a homage to KOMONO’s past and a culmination of its constant search for innovation.

Conceived in collaboration with renowned Munich-based design agency Bureau Mirko Borsche, the collection consists of five watches and five sunglasses.

An allusion on archetypal print designs such as tie dye, animal, flowers, camo and paisley, the capsule rethinks traditional design ideas and embraces the experimental. Stand-out features of the ten-year watches include a tone-on-tone aluminum case and dial, contrast colored hands and an index focused on the number ten.

Hidden wordplays on the backside of the leather straps add a joyful touch. The glasses, with their distinct rubberized black coating, hold a similar feature with the print discretely placed inside the frame and proverbs written on the back of the temples for a surprising effect.

This fall, KOMONO celebrates its heritage with a clear focus on the future.

KOMONO would like to thank all of its supporters, collaborators, friends and family for joining on this journey.

Exclusive materials and cutting edge technology. That's what you get from Rye and Lye.

Octobr 2019

Take a look at the contemporary looks that reach new heights of Sophistication

SauvignonResearch and high caliber materials, attention to detail and aesthetically-inspired design define the new Rye&Lye collection, eyewear brand by Immagine98 that has made Italian-made artisan craftsmanship its signature trait.

(Sauvignon model right)

Consistent with the brand’s DNA and philosophy, the Fall/Winter 2019 collection is sophisticated and, at the same time, totally relevant – styles that, as always, conceal stylistic and technological details, grant them eyewear masterpiece stature. Once again, it is the world of wine, expression of Italian excellence, that inspires the frame names.


(Greco Left )

Attuned to the popular “geometrics” trend, the feminine Sauvignon style seduces with its unique but quintessentially wearable heptagonal shape, the perfect choice for the woman who likes to stand out in style. The front is a unique mix of metal and black or marbled acetate, adding another layer of personality to the frame, that is also available with in-tone sunglass lenses.

A brilliant blend of functionality and aesthetic elegance enlivens the men’s styles, where minimalist design, clean lines and refined masculine hues join forces with exceptional materials to deliver well-balanced comfort and elegance.

(Primitovo right)

Past and future intersect in Greco, a retro-inspired frame that combines an acetate and beta titanium front with super-lightweight beta titanium temples. This frame, too, comes in a version with sun lenses.

For an even more sophisticated modern look, the Primitivo updated aviator fits the bill. Titanium rims, framed by a thin titanium profile, use juxtaposed contrasting colors to create an avant-garde double-bridge effect. Beta titanium temples ensure an elegant finish to this super-light frame.

The new TonoVue-P from Grafton to be launched at 100%

October 2019

Tono-Vue_pGrafton Optical announces that they will launch TonoVue-P by Crystalvue at 100% Optical 2020 - the automatic, touch screen, non-contact tonometer with pachymetry. Accurate and reliable IOP and corneal thickness measurements in one device.

TonoVue-P is an essential diagnosis tool which integrates intraocular pressure (IOP) and corneal thickness (CCT) measurements in one device. With fully automated 3D eye-tracking and soft air puff, measurement is fast and comfortable with reliable accuracy.

Built in software controls the amount of air required for each eye and achieves a softer and quieter air puff. Intelligent 3D tracking ensures that measurements are taken extremely quickly and the influence of the patient’s movement can be minimised.

Calculation of compensated IOP

Studies show that central corneal thickness (CCT) effects the accuracy of IOP measurement.

For example, thinner corneas generally contribute to underestimates in the IOP value. TonoVue-P provides compensated IOP values by using both CCT and IOP. This formula can be customised by the user.

Auto 3D eye-tracking

With fully automated 3D eye-tracking, IOP measurement can be quickly accomplished by touching the center of the pupil on the screen and pressing the ‘start’ soft key. The measurement report is printed automatically by the built in auto cut printer.


TonoVue-P features built in patient management software which enables quick access to pateient data via USB or RS232.

Soft air puff

Soft and quiet air puff to maximise patient comfort

Large 10.1" LCD touch screen

The large touch screen makes IOP measurement and input, search, and display of the patient database easy and fast

The new Ultra Polarized Glass collection from INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group

October 2019

INVU polsSwiss Eyewear Group is pleased to announce the global launch of its new INVU ultra polarized glass collection.

“With this launch we will pay tribute to the most precious of all optical lens materials: glass.” says Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group.

“Known for its high Abbe value and perfect optics, glass is enjoying a strong comeback in the optical trade worldwide.”

INVU polsThe innovative ultra polarized glass is the true Rolls-Royce in lens technology. Precision glass, manufactured in France, is combined with a 99% high efficiency polarizer and coated with a state-of-the-art eight layer anti-reflective and hydrophobic coating. The result is glare-free, crystal clear vision with incredible color perception.

In-line with the positioning of the INVU brand, the ultra polarized glass collection is priced to offer the best value proposition for opticians and retailers as well as consumers around the world. The new

INVU glass collection has been showcased during the Silmo show at the ADCL booth.


October 2019

Style, elegance and personality define the new Fall 2019 Blackfin One optical frame collection. Color is the common thread that runs through all the styles, creating exquisite interplays of hues on the quintessential titanium material. The collection encompasses men’s frames, unisex and decidedly feminine styles – classic yet subtly surprising designs, heightened by innovative technical details, superior craftsmanship and absolute quality.

Instilled with the brand’s DNA, Blackfin One is the label that identifies the main collection.


Among the innovations is the panto-inspired Bayou, with its generous almost-round frame and ultra-flexible beta titanium bridge and temples. The color palette ranges from the more masculine – dark blue paired with bright red, black or midnight blue – to the more feminine shades of blush pink or midnight blue combined with magenta.

Winter Harbor

The same technical detail appears on the titanium welded bridge of the men’s Winter Harbor, where the sculpted lines and bold depth of the frame are emphasized by black outlined in lime green, dark blue outlined in bright red, midnight blue, olive green or black.

Lynn Haven

The range of styles with bas-relief front includes Lynn Haven, whose rounded rims and contrasting, slightly elongated top rim create a graceful feminine shape, played up by the color options: matte mocha/magenta, polished silver/champagne gold, pink blush/blue-green, polished silver/black or dark blue/burgundy red.

Bay side

echoes the same elongated top rim, but with more squared rims, emphasized by a bold pastel color palette for the contrasting inner and outer frame in Venetian red/plum, dark blue/turquoise, midnight blue/pink, magenta/plum or all black.


The rounded silhouette of Valdez is offset by the straight bridge and two slightly angled points that interrupt the circular continuity. Full-on color reigns again, this time in shades of midnight blue/gunmetal gray, bright blue/gunmetal gray or black/champagne gold.

BD8: A New sustainable Eyewear Material against the world's plastic pollution

October 2019

Bio Lens BD8“BD8 – Bio Plastics” is a 100% bio-degradable plastics which can be naturally broken into carbon, water and bio mass. In a world where approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans every day, “BD8 – Bio Plastics” offers an eco-friendly solution: millions or even billions of eyewear and other products can be made of a bio-degradable plastics which can be absorbed by the organisms and enrich the soil on decomposition. “BD8 – Bio Plastics” is lightweight, durable, crystal clear, hypoallergenic and good for any colors, designs or patterns.

BD8 can be used to realize not only eco-friendly frames but also a full range of other eyewear products aiming to build a more sustainable future of the eyewear industry.


One of the BD8 products is “Bio Polybag”, a bio-degradable plastic eyewear bag which can be naturally broken down in 5 years. With a high tensile and impact strength, this crystal clear product comes as the best alternative to oxo-degradable plastic eyewear bags, as it can completely biodegrade into carbon, water and bio mass without leaving any plastic fragments behind.

Another product deriving from BD8 is “Bio Lens”, a revolutionary 100% bio-degradable lens that can be naturally decomposed into landfill, leaving behind carbon, water and organic matter.

Bio Lens will start to bio-degrade in 10+ days, and takes five years to biodegrade in soil. Besides offering supreme comfort and performance, this sustainable lens meets optical standard, features high impact resistance and can be used for both clear and sun lenses. It can be adapted to any styles, shapes, curvatures and sizes and matched with any kinds of coating. 100% UV protection is granted for the sun version.

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