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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2020

LIGHTBIRD launches Light_MIRROR Collection
Paskal for engaging the youngest patients
New York Collection: Modern shapes for timeless glasses
Fog Free Vision for Key Workers from Essilor
KOMONO – Edge of Paradise Campaign
Blackfin Razor – Technique, Style and Colour
GRAFTON OPTICAL launch: MASK-it™ Disposable Eye Patches
#SEETHEWORLD by Nirvan Javan
LIGHTBIRD is flying with its New Seasonal Releases
From LOOK: EXTRA: a new kind of eyewear, for everyone, every day
SUPERFLEX® KIDS - 2020 Collection
New 2020 brand campaigns for EVATIK, KLiiK denmark & FYSH.
BLACKFIN ONE – The Highlights
Grafton supplies Clear Prespex Counter Top Hygiene Screens
Breath Shields now available from Grafton for all Slit Lamps
Kay Pictures to provide Six month’s FREE use of iSight Pro app worldwide
Grafton Optical announces the launch of I-DROP® MGD Viscoadaptive Tears – providing the ultimate in relief for severe chronic evaporative dry eye.
Read the stories about new products and services from April to June 2020

LIGHTBIRD launches Light_MIRROR Collection

June 2020

Light_MIRROR is the new collection that combines two unconventional materials. Pure Copper and Brass are joint to Cellulose Acetate to create unique, light and shiny frames, thanks to the innovative gluing system patented by the Belluno brand.

JUNE 2020- New season and new collection for LIGHTBIRD. The brand by Corrado Rosson launches Light_MIRROR, with frames in Pure Copper and Brass. Its BUSINESSMAN, FLOWER, SNAKE and BAOBAB models result shinier than ever, thanks to the natural characteristics of the materials, the mirror polishing and the special coating that helps keeping their shininess unchanged over time.

For designer Corrado Rosson: "Light_MIRROR Collection well represents the characteristics of LIGHTBIRD: innovation, design and material. The choice of the materials was once again our main focus: they highlight the patented gluing system that allows to obtain the perfect union of the surfaces. Moreover, the design gives the collection a remarkable aesthetic impact, almost like a magic that gives life to a new, lightweight and strong contemporary frame".

A metal and alloy already known for thousands of years: copper was already present in the Pyramids, while brass was widely used in the Roman Empire. These materials in constant evolution find today in Light_MIRROR a new cutting-edge application in the eyewear field, which leads to a further valorization of their preciousness. Copper and brass here become conductors, not only physical, but also of style and elegance.


Lightbird Businessman




The careful attention to details, enhanced by the shiny copper frame and the clear, contemporary lines, is one of the main features of the BUSINESSMAN LB017 C064 model. A men's eyewear capable of adding value to every occasion, both at work and in leisure time. The LB017 model is also available in the brass C067 version.


Lightbird Flower




Pure elegance and sheen for the women's optical model FLOWER LB2020 C067, with oversized brass and acetate front. The alloy of copper and zinc was already used in Ancient Egypt, the world of precious metals. The frame’s lightness, resulting from the Light_Matter bonding system, fits everyone. It provides the wearer a slylish touch, like that of a contemporary Cleopatra who does not want to go unnoticed. The model is also available with the front in pure copper and acetate C064.

Light_MIRROR features Light_NEST’s, the technology and digital system. The system starts with the QR Code, present on each frame, and allows to establish a connection and a direct interaction between the company, the optician and the final customer. A relationship based on a loyalty model between the parts.

Paskal for engaging the youngest patients

June 2020

An almost cinema event with Minion specs and Peppa Pig is the way forward for many practices looking to engage youngsters believes IPRO which is promoting its Paskal 3D refraction technology.

The move away from a mundane letter chart is winning favour with the youngest patients, along with those with specials needs, as award winning Lincoln optometrist, Dr Martin Smith, has found -

“I have 3D Minion goggles for the younger children and they are very keen to wear them. The system works well with youngsters as you don’t need to occlude but you can still test both eyes independently,” he said.

Martin,(above left) who has been using Paskal 3D for three years, likes the system for how it amuses the children with Kay pictures and an array of Paskal’s children’s options.

The added benefit of the system is how it can reveal the eyes’ functionality, both individually and togethe. “It is very good at establishing binocular vision and a nice picture helps immensely over just letters in retaining the children’s attention.”

Belfast’s Mackey Opticians also use Paskal 3D, as optometrist co-owner Mark Mackey said, “We find it brilliant as you are testing in a real life situation – people like the drama of 3D, and I like the way you can work out the prisms very easily. We use it on virtually everyone, but the children particularly respond very well to the sandcastle images and my ability to suddenly switch over to Apple TV and Peppa Pig for retinoscopy with three and four year olds is very good!”

Controlled by an iPad, Paskal 3D offers arm’s length refraction and can help to provide a very relaxed, but effective, eye examination with 80 different tests available.

New York Collection: Modern shapes for timeless glasses

June 2020

Zoom in on the man steel model ny32 from OKO by OKO

This New York (NY) collection is aptly named because it is inspired by cosmopolitan and multicultural currents like this city often described as "the capital of the world".
It fits perfectly into the DNA of the OKO by OKO brand "eyewear designer for all" in an approach to democratize the "World Optic", that is to say to create designer glasses accessible to all and wearable by all around the world!

Entirely made of stainless steel, this NY32 offers generous size and shapes, (53-18) all in a range of modern colors distinguishing the frame from the front strapping giving it a contemporary look.

Concentrated in finesse, lightness and comfort, it is a modern, timeless, universal and very trendy frame with its double bridge that will appeal to men looking for a refined style but with character.

This model NY32 is available in 4 colours

Fog Free Vision for Key Workers

June 2020

Optifog Lens by EssilorEssilor Ltd has relaunched its Optifog lens after experiencing a high demand from ECPs who need a solution to prevent glasses misting under PPE.

The product is suitable for all patients and in particular those who are now wearing PPE as part of their daily lives and who have experienced issues with their current spectacles.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “Fogging reduces visibility and compromises patient care and the key worker’s personal safety.

“The Optifog lens will stop misting becoming a hazard in emergency situations where clear vision is crucial. In doing so, it will provide greater visibility, greater comfort and less fogging for key workers.”

Optifog has unique, hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellent properties. These top layers are activated thanks to the specific molecules of the innovative Optifog smart textile. Droplets that would usually result in fog and inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens, for an invisible and fog-free effect.

The range includes clear Varilux X Series, Varilux E Series, Eyezen and Rx single vision lenses. It’s also available as a first and second pair option on the Take Two multi-pair promotion.

“The lens has been used successfully in other countries during the pandemic to help key workers experience clear vision under PPE.

“We’ve listened to ECPs and the relaunch gives them a solution to this particular risk. It forms part of our on-going mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing our role to be the best business partner for independent practices,” Tim Precious added.

Patient leaflets and window posters will be available to support the relaunch.

The Optifog lens is available from 15th June.

KOMONO – Edge of Paradise Campaign

June 2020

Komono Tony


This season, KOMONO invites you to reclaim your own paradise.

Shot in a distinct documentary style, the campaign transports us to bohemian Venice beach and its quirky cast of characters.

Komono FranUncontrived and unabashed,it offers a glimpse of an authentic L.A. lifestyle that revolves around sun-kissed days and long evenings at local haunts.

Urban beaches, wavy palm trees and concrete boardwalks form the main setting for our freewheeling protagonists.

Celebrating the unbound spirit of days past, a sense of melancholia pervades the campaign and makes us yearn for a never-ending summer of love.

Blackfin Razor – Technique, Style and Colour

June 2020

Design has never been so light. Pure titanium Blackfin frames are the state-of-the-art in terms of light weight and technical content. And now they will be even thinner in the new Blackfin Razor line of optical frames.

Made from 1mm titanium sheet, the styles are crafted using special micromechanical processes the company custom-engineered for these frames. An added boon is the new one-piece hinge, a technical breakthrough that also brings a design detail upgrade.

The common trait among the new Razor frames is their retro flair, emphasized by the bridge that updates the typical Blackfin eyewear design.

Geometrically sculpted in three dimensions, the bridge emphasizes the frame’s vintage allure. Another stylistic nuance is the monochrome metallic colors or metal exterior combined with contrasting interior hues.

Blackfin Razor Annie As in Annie,(left) a delicate frame with large round rims, or the Zara version (right), where they tend toward a more contoured, hexagonal shape.

The colour options for these two styles are: monochrome black, metallic powder pink, bright metallic blue, metallic Burgundy red, bright metallic violet and optic white. And the two-tone versions: white/polished silver, dark metallic bordeaux/polished silver, or Nano-PlatedTM Champagne Light Gold combined with raspberry or bright metallic blue.

Blackfin Razor Zara

This line adds another masterful brushstroke to the Blackfin family portrait, a pure expression of the brand’s essence: made of material – titanium – absolute quality and design, in an array of frames that define its stylistic and design trajectory. Blackfin One, instilled with the brand’s DNA, is the label that identifies the main collection; Blackfin Aura, where titanium intersects with and is enhanced by cellulose acetate rims; and now,

Blackfin Razor, all the best of Blackfin in an even lighter version.

GRAFTON OPTICAL launch: MASK-it™ Disposable Eye Patches

June 2020

Disposable, hygienic paper eye patches for effective occlusion

Grafton Optical launch the MASK-it™ Disposable Eye Patches in response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The single-use MASK-it™ eye patches are disposable, hygienic and easily applied. These light, translucent patches never touch the eye itself, which allows patients to keep both eyes open during testing, thus eliminating dark adaptation and corneal surface change.

The paper patch is applied to, and worn by an individual for the execution of a variety of specific activities related to the need for temporary monocular occlusion.

MASK-it™Simply pull one from the dispenser, fold and place around the patient’s eye. It’s as easy as that!

• Sterile and hygienic
• One patch needed per patient as it can be used on both eyes (27p per patient)
• Replaces reusable eye patches and the need to keep re-sterilising between patients
• Eliminates the difficulty of totally sterilising the elastic cord on traditional reusable eye patches

These are available to buy from Grafton at a cost of £135 (+VAT) per box of 500 patches.
Take a look at the video here.

#SEETHEWORLD by Nirvan Javan

May 2020

#See the World from Nirvan Javan
With the launch of the new EYEWEAR collections, the Swiss label aims to emphasize the cosmopolitan facet – inspired by the metropolises Tokyo, London, Paris and Chicago.

NIRVAN JAVAN is the expression of a modern society characterised by its openness – a philosophy of diversity and freedom beyond boundaries. Inspired by the story of the designer, the symbiosis of cultures serves as the essence of the brand: an invitation to see the world with one’s own eyes.

This new stylistic and conceptual approach, previewed earlier at OPTI, takes NIRVAN JAVAN - in its fifth year - to the next level.

An artistic journey around the globe

The new NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR collections, named after the four metropolises – Tokyo, London, Paris and Chicago – serve as the first destinations of this stylistic journey. Four cities that impress and inspire the designer both with their culturally vibrant atmospheres and their impressive architectural elements.

High quality materials from Japan

The innovation of the two new collections – TOKYO and LONDON – lies in the materials used, Japanese acetate and titanium. Handcrafted in Japan, the designs fit perfectly into the concept and emphasise the brand's high standards of quality and perfection.

The names of the individual models take up the cosmopolitan aspect once again and are named after the times in the different time zones. For instance, the model LONDON 04:02 (GMT) or TOKYO 01:07 (JST).

"2020 is an important year for NIRVAN JAVAN – a year of growth and the introduction of new perspectives and products. The upcoming collections prove to be an exciting journey, both from a creative and a communicative point of view. In addition, the introduction of high quality materials such as Japanese acetate and titanium underlines the ambition to focus on quality while paying attention to the finest details," explains the designer Nirvan Javan.

LIGHTBIRD is flying with its New Seasonal Releases

May 2020

After the first year debuts and the victory of the Silmo d'Or Première Classe 2019 - the flight continues towards the New Season. LIGHTBIRD, the Bellunese brand's of the designer Corrado Rosson, will introduce the new models’ colors belonging to the first collection Light_Matter. New shapes and color combinations are the main characteristics of the frames.

Lightbird Businessman


The model is defined by a squared frame with a contemporary style. Characterized by minimalistic lines, this optical model is ideal for anyone who loves the classic Nerd style combined with a more contemporary touch for decisive, non-trivial and transversal looks. BUSINESSMAN C056 the Cubic Honey Havana front, Blue Navy satin metal and Night Blue temple.

(image on headline page)

Rounded or squared? Why choose? This women's optical model offers a frame with a wide almost rounded front, defined within a polygonal structure. A 4.0 version of the classical '60s models. Clean and precise lines are enhanced in the four original color combinations. The colours get more decisive and sporty in FLOWER LB020 C061 Cubic Honey Havana front, "Light Black" metal sandblasted, CubicHoney Havana temple.

LIGHTBIRD’S D.N.A. is linked to innovation and industrial technology. LIGHT_MATTER is the result of the union of two materials: Italian acetate and hi-tech aluminium alloy. Special features such as lightness and stability. Each pair of glasses is also linked to the company's website, Light_NEST, through a unique QR code, one of LIGHTBIRD's special features.

From LOOK: EXTRA: a new kind of eyewear, for everyone, every day

May 2020

Look Extra
This LOOK product is designed to be worn under masks and protective eyewear

For more than 40 years, Look - made in Italia has developed, designed and manufactured eyewear strictly in-house at its exclusively Italian facilities. Synonymous with high performance and the utmost reliability, Look uses only the finest materials as it caters to those seeking innovative, effective solutions to practical problems.

EXTRA, a LOOK-branded product, is extraordinarily versatile and designed to efficiently address the need to adopt new behaviors in light of the pandemic that is forcing us to change some of our habits.

The masks we are currently required to wear to protect ourselves and others create issues for those who wear eyeglasses. Often, the fit over the bridge and pressure from the nose pads impede airflow through the nostrils.

EXTRA eyewear were tested by health care staff, doctors and nurses who said they had many advantages: extremely lightweight and comfortable; an effective aid to their daily work; and, the small EXTRA style can be worn under transparent protective eye masks/goggles.

The first-time wearers immediately noticed what a natural solution it is, and its game-changing wearability. The tilting, biocompatible titanium bridge offers a stable fit and unprecedented comfort on the upper part of the nose – so secure that it feels “enveloping”.

"The eyewear must actually work and be a true help, so they can be that for everyone, every day, under all conditions!"

LOOK EXTRA eyewear are designed and crafted entirely in Italy by LOOK - made in Italia.

SUPERFLEX® KIDS - 2020 Collection

April 2020

Fit and function without compromising style: the new Superflex® KIDS collection is here! Round, rectangular and cat eye shapes are combined with great colors and funky temple patterns to create a fun fashion statement for kids of ages 6-12. Glitter elements, laser etching details, and colorful patterned acetates elevate a variety of styles to please the passionate young fashionista. Designed with real kids in mind, all Superflex® KIDS models are constructed with spring hinges for extra durability and comfort.

For the girls, the Superflex® Kids 2020 collection features 6 new styles (2 stainless steel and 4 acetate) that focus on feminine colors, fun patterns and glitter details.

SFK 227

A modified round shape in colorful, handmade glitter acetate, style SFK-227 is the first universal fit for girls, where fit and style come together without compromise. Matching metal inlay details on the end pieces and temples adds the finishing touch. This style is available in turquoise glitter, purple glitter and red glitter.

SFK 228

Style SFK-228 comes in a modified rectangular shape in two toned colorations. The accent color is finished on the inside and frame edges to give the frame added dimension. The temples feature a paisley pattern etched along them in the accent color. This style is completed in a semi matte finish with color combinations of turquoise rose, purple aqua and pink apricot.

SFK 230

Featuring candied colored translucent acetate on the frame front, style SFK-230 gets its burst of color from the multicolored tie-dyed acetate on the temples. This vibrant style is available in aqua, purple and rose.

SFK 232

Feminine hues in a water colored patterned, translucent acetate are featured in style SFK-232. A modified square shape, the pattern is featured on the temples and splashes onto the end pieces, where gradually evens out to a single hue towards the middle of the frame front. Available in shades of sky blue, rose mauve and nude poppy.

SFK 234

A retro inspired classic round shape, in an ultra-thin metal frame breathes new life in bold colors. Style SFK-234 features different finishes on the rims versus the bridge and temples, creating a dual yet tonal effect. Available in colors of purple lilac, aqua silver and rose gold.

SFK 235

Style SFK-235 is a vintage inspired round shape, in handmade translucent acetate. There is a subtle bending of two colors on the frame front for a sophisticated look. Completed with a keyhole bridge, this style comes in gradient tones of grey sky crystal, lilac crystal and pink crystal.

For the boys, the 3 new styles (1 stainless steel, 1 acetate and 1 combo) all have a sporty look and stand out with their vibrant color.


Style SKF-229 is a retro, rectangular inspired shape completed with a keyhole bridge. This frame is color blocked with the front in a neutral color and temples in a high contrast, bright color. Double retro pin dots on the temples finish the look. Color combinations available are black red, blue orange and khaki lime.


Stainless steel style SKF-231 is a modified square shape, the front is in a classic masculine color, while the inside and edges are finished in a pop of color. The temples have an abstract pattern etched on them, topped in the accent hue. This style is available in black red, blue orange and grey yellow.

SFK 233

Combination style SFK-233 comes in a rectangle shape, with the frame front in handmade acetate. The matching stainless-steel temples are sculpted and finished with a flashy colored acetate block. Available color variations are black lemon, navy blue and grey red.

For information about the distribution of the Superflex® Kids brand in your country please contact ZED_COMM by emailing -

New 2020 brand campaigns for EVATIK, KLiiK denmark & FYSH.

April 2020

Let the Games Begin!

Games from Evatik
EVATIK is a premium men’s eyewear brand that strikes the perfect balance between comfort & luxury.

The new 2020 campaign showcases today’s modern man, honoring their diversity, individual style, their habits and hobbies.

Games from Evatik
Enjoying a night out with the guys around a poker table or throwing darts, this year’s campaign was created in the ultimate man cave.

The new imagery showcases men in their element having a good time and unwinding with a bit of friendly competition.

BLACKFIN ONE – The Highlights

April 2020

Three new optical frames in the Blackfin One line reveal the brand’s core essence through the aesthetic use of titanium.

Homewood from Blackfin

With the sculptural design of the frames and their bold profiles, Homewood, Vicksburg and Anfield epitomize the physicality of the material, emphasized by rich colors that allow their bold personalities to shine.

The classic design and generous squared front of the Homewood (above left) men’s style is reinterpreted through two-tone color combos: green/gray, blue/gray, black/green, blue/red, blue/dove gray.

Vicksburg from Blackfin

Softly rounded rims mark the unisex Vicksburg, which reclaims the original color pairings that set Blackfin eyewear apart: red/beige, green/red, blue/gray, black/blue, blue/red.

Anfield from Blackfin
Lastly, Anfield, a frankly feminine frame with oval rims, comes in these colors: blue/pink, pink/brown, red/blue, brown/gold, magenta/violet.

The brand’s purest, most authentic expression converges in the Blackfin One line: minimalist design, unwavering technology, absolute quality, sophisticated colors, exclusive use of titanium and beta titanium, hand-crafting that exalts each and every feature.

Grafton supplies Clear Perspex Counter Top Hygiene Screens

April 2020

With ot without access slot

er tops Grafton Optical Breath ShieldsClear Perspex Counter Top Hygiene Screens

• Constructed of durable 5mm clear Perspex for easy cleaning (pictured with blue protective film)

• Free standing to use on desktops, counters etc

• Large area coverage - available in 4 sizes, with or without access slots

• Helps to maintain suitable distance requirements for infection control

Breath Shields now available from Grafton for all Slit Lamps

March 2020

Grafton Optical Breath Shields
Grafton Optical are pleased to be able to supply their Universal Slit Lamp Breath Shield in response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

These are available to buy from Grafton at a cost of £20 each + VAT and delivery.

• Constructed of durable 2mm clear Perspex for easy cleaning between patients

• Fits over slit lamp eyepieces to fit most models

• Leaves enough room to adjust eyepiece PD, allow access to the slit lamp joystick and make the use of Volk lenses easier

• Helps to maintain suitable distance requirements for infection control

Please direct any enquiries to or call 01923 233980. Or buy direct online here

Grafton Optical are log term supporters of your free ECP online News on Opchat. See their pages here

Kay Pictures to provide Six month’s FREE use of iSight Pro app worldwide

March 2020

Kay iSight App for Apple only

The Kay iSight Test Pro visual acuity test is now available with a FREE 6 months introductory subscription for Apple devices only.

This means that you and your eye professional colleagues worldwide can offer patients a way to check their vision at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The app was designed to be used only by suitably qualified health or education professionals, but during the current exceptional circumstances, it can now be used for free by patients at home under the direction of their eye professional.

This means you can provide patients with ongoing eye care by using the app’s test results in addition to remote support and advice.

Kay encourage you to share this information with your eye professional colleagues worldwide.

For more information and to download the app click here

Grafton Optical announces the launch of I-DROP® MGD Viscoadaptive Tears – providing the ultimate in relief for severe chronic evaporative dry eye.

March 2020

Offer your patients unmatched lubrication and hydration of the cornea.

I-DROP® MGD from Grafton
Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, I-DROP® MGD Viscoadaptive Tears by I-MED Pharma are the newest addition to Grafton’s comprehensive range of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treatment products.

I-DROP® MGD is a premium, preservative-free, artificial tear that helps relieve symptoms associated with evaporative dry eye, for patients suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. It is the most advanced eye drop for hydrating and lubricating the cornea. The formulation contains 0.20% viscoadaptive hyaluronan, as well as superior osmoprotectants and bioprotectants that stabilise and enhance the lipid layer, while reducing evaporation of the tear film.

I-DROP® MGD’s unique formulation offers the patient unparalleled ocular hydration and comfort. It is a long-lasting artificial tear that recoats the surface of the eye with every blink, resulting in a lower therapy cost to the patient with fewer daily applications.

I-DROP® MGD’s unique lipid layer enhancer contains a phosphorylcholine molecule with a short fatty acid chain. This molecule has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties which allow it to integrate into the lipid layer to help stabilise it. At the same time the hydrophilic head has a very high water absorption capacity which stabilises the lipid layer and hydrates the corneal surface.

I-DROP® MGD is available in a multi-dose 10ml bottle with a sophisticated one-way valve and air-return system that delivers one sterile dosed drop at a time.

• Preservative-free
• Contains viscoadaptive hyaluronan with a lipid layer enhancer
• Contains superior osmoprotectants and bioprotectants
• Contains 0.20% viscoadaptive hyaluronan
• Stabilises and enhances the lipid layer
• Offers unparalleled hydration and comfort
• Reduces tear film evaporation
• Blink-activated re-coating of the cornea
• Lower therapy costs due to the need for fewer applications

I-DROP® MGD complements the existing I-DROP® range and the I-LID ‘N LASH® and I-RELIEF® products, also available from Grafton Optical; all designed to manage symptoms associated with Dry Eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, blepharitis, rosacea, Demodex, chalazia and other lid margin diseases.


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