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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, January to March 2020

MIC-MADE in Cadore:
ProGear inner SnowGuard from Norville
More Modern Minimalism from Ørgreen
Have More Fun in the Sun!
New x-ide collection: Experimental shapes, construction and craftsmanship
Komono - Light Blue Capsule Collection
“Sono le mani” (It’s in the hands): LOOK made in Italia presents the new 2020 communication campaign
A return to minimalism
How to Look Good and Feel Good for Longer
Minimalist designs with state of the art materials.. yes that's Materika
WestGroupe to launch Life Italia Kids Eyewear Collection
KLiiK denmark January 2020 collection
Everything you Want and Everything You Need
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MIC-MADE in Cadore:

February 2020

A sophisticated, environmentally responsible collection where nature and artisan tradition meet.

Natura form MICFinishes, shapes and colors inspired by the pristine Cadore mountain landscapes breathe life into the MIC-Made in Cadore Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Each and every style pays tribute to the Dolomite mountains, both in the choice of colors and in the outlines of the shapes (easily-identifiable in the logo), that trace the silhouettes of the “Pale Mountains”.

Drawing inspiration from nature goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship, an approach reflected in the choice of eco-friendly materials for both the frames and their packaging. Immagine98 originally expressed this sensitivity through the MIC collection but has gradually expanded it to include the production processes of all of its brands.

Pioggia from MIC
Natura, (top right) one of the women’s styles, is a combination frame featuring metal rims overlaid with a front made of latest-gen Mazzucchelli acetate. Gorgeous colors – black with a brushed effect, light Havana and dark Havana – emphasize the references to nature and the mountains.

Elegant and on-trend, Pioggia (left) is a sunglass style made entirely of steel. The interplay of negative and positive spaces makes this frame very lightweight; it comes complete with matching or contrasting gradient lenses.

The double bridge still plays a starring role in men’s styles.

Bosco from MIC

The amply sized Bosco style (left) has a metal bridge superimposed on an acetate nosepiece, embellished with a linear metal insert.

With its narrow, geometric profile, the Dirupo sun style (see headline page) looks back to the shapes of the past. Here, both bridges are in metal but the upper one is clad in acetate in colors matching the lenses.

ProGear inner SnowGuard from Norville

February 2020

The highly popular EG sports model is now available with upgraded inner protection.

Snowguard from Norville
Soft foam on outer rubber that fits behind the goggle front and provides extra all-round rim buffer protection.

Available in grey or yellow for all three sizes (except small).

Knowing that these will be a very popular line, do ensure you have at least one complete model fitted with Snowguard as named, but will have very many other user benefits (draught protection)

To find out more please contact Norville Sales Team

More Modern Minimalism from Ørgreen

February 2020

For Spring 2020 Ørgreen is pleased to reveal their latest optical collection in acetate. In keeping with Ørgreen’s commitment to innovation, the new collection celebrates Modern Minimalism, with a touch of boldness and surprising new elements.

Featuring two female, four male and one unisex frame, the collection modernizes classic styles and brings them into today’s realm of design innovation.

The edgy round panto-style Fabrice takes center stage with a distinct flat topline, and the delicate feminine style Emilie offers an effortlessly sexy attitude with its subtle cat-eye shape.

Staying true to Ørgreens’s signature play with colour on contemporary silhouettes, the collection introduces a characteristic colour palette echoing romance and nostalgia.

Each of the seven frames is available in six seasonal colourways, and as a unique trait, several styles are designed with transparent temples, exposing a stunning wire core.

As pPer Ørgreen tradition, all frames are of the utmost quality, ensuring high durability.


orgreen Tamara

Tamara is a smaller female style in acetate. The oval shape is enhanced by a slight cat-eye finish and a wavy topline.

A range of six classic colors (such as Almost Black and Olive) adorn the front, while a contrasting color (such as Sand and Pink) envelops the end tip, making for a dynamic and fashion-forward frame.


orgreen Matt

Matt is a truly classic frame for men. High-quality acetate allows for a range of six clean mono, gradient, and contrasting color styles.

The color Black + Black / Clear offers a frame with a black front but with the frame’s wire core visible on the inside; an iconic style with a subtle twist.

Have More Fun in the Sun!

February 2020

Sun lovers and STEPPER fans can now enjoy the two, simultaneously.

Stepper STS 9300s
With the introduction of sun variants of the funky STEPPERS collection, protection from harmful UV rays comes with style, fit and fun.

Visual comfort in varying sunlight conditions combined with day-long frame comfort is assured. This results from the brand’s first requirement to create a frame to fit the contours of the face, with a focus on the bridge and minimising frame weight. Add to this all STEPPERS Sun models come with quality ZEISS Sun lenses, so your eyes are in safe hands.

‘There are differing levels of sun protection depending on your needs as the collection comes with a range of lens options to suit,’ comments Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind this collection. ‘From fashion ‘cocktail’ tints to ‘strong sunshine’ suitability, you choose your look and lenses that work best for you.’

There are a wide variety of designs; some fun, others that could be straight from the catwalk and others with modern takes on classic sunglass shapes. As contemporary as they might look, all are very wearable styles, suiting many face shapes and skin tones. ‘It’s the STEPPERS DNA,’ adds Saskia. ‘Our heritage is easy to wear ophthalmic frames – it’s second nature.’

The STEPPERS Sun collection offers quality, comfort and protection in styles and lenses that suit most people. They are available in sixteen variations of models, colours and lenses.

Picture; Saskia Stepper wears STS-93008 F053

New x-ide collection: Experimental shapes, construction and craftsmanship

February 2020

For an urban look with just the right dash of sparkle

Ongoing experimentation is embedded in the X-IDE DNA. This historic brand is known for consistently combining innovation, artisan craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail in distinctly different frames loaded with personality.

For the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, X-IDE continues its exploration of the world of music, mining the most disparate music genres to name their new frames. Names that reflect their urban inspiration and a willful interplay of influences by this brand that is synonymous with energy, passion and fun.

X-Ide punkLyric, with its trendy shape, elegant curves and color combinations, is designed for wearers of all ages. The sophisticated feminine feel of this metal frame is enhanced by dual details applied along the outer edges of the front – embellished with glitter-strewn or plain enamel – and by the tiny shimmer of light along the temple tips.

Undeniably avant-garde front construction becomes the starring element in the combination Punk frame (above right) where the acetate top rim is milled on two levels – one in bright colors and one in plain or glitter-strewn transparent colors – to produce an alluring overlapping of shapes and colors that lends fluidity to the frame.

X-Ide Lounge

An absolute first in the SS 2020 collection are the acetate Lounge and Indie styles, both with elastic hinges embedded in the temples. What makes the slightly cat-eye Lounge (left) and oval Indie (right) unique is the technique of gluing the acetate sheets, ensuring that one color blends seamlessly into the next along the X-Ide Indieangled edges of the front.

The layered rim construction of the metal Techno geometric frame (featured on Headline page) is sure to turn heads. One rim, featuring a meticulous diamond-etched finish worthy of the jeweler’s art, is superimposed upon a second colored rim along the outside edge and in the same color as the temple tips.

Komono - Light Blue Capsule Collection

February 2020

Komono Blue

During the late seventies and early eighties, one of the worst droughts in L.A.’s history occurred which drained hundreds of backyard pools all dotted around the city.

These pools formed the backdrop for a group of teenagers who used the steep, smooth pools to introduce a new fashion of skateboarding.

Characterized by a low-center-of-gravity, surf-style attacks, this new style soon developed into a global craze which until today remains the base of modern skate culture.

Inspired by the concrete waves of L.A. pools, KOMONO launches a capsule of inspired glasses, watches and eyewear accessories in a striking light blue.

The campaign, shot at the legendary Pink Motel, features a wide-templed Avery and rounded Ana.

“Sono le mani” (It’s in the hands): LOOK made in Italia presents the new 2020 communication campaign

February 2020

Look Sono le Mani
“Made in Italia”, one of the brand’s internationally distinguishing features – a decisive practical, aesthetic and philosophical choice – is showcased in the new LOOK made in Italia campaign. The company designs and makes everything in Italy, in an extraordinary part of the country that is the ideal terrain in which to cultivate a story of excellence. After 40 years, they are more certain of this than ever.

Sono le mani (It’s in the hands) is a multi-subject campaign which explores four themes built around the four tenets of the LOOK made in Italia philosophy. There are four concepts and the individual attributes – beauty, modernity, sophistication and passion – are found in all of them.

Four mini-stages where the hands have the starring role. In each shot, the observer sees movements that build into scenes revolving around eyewear – enigmatic settings designed to arouse the viewer’s curiosity.

Look Sono le Mani

More than a bit theatrical, they’re posed and eye-catching, clearly fine-tuned and engineered down to the smallest detail.

The world of fine cuisine or Italian cultural dining rituals – like an impassioned toast or coffee prepared in a moka pot and served in an espresso cup – distilled to a delectable concentrate in curated, decorated detail.

Look Sono le Mani

The art of doing, the skill of a measured gesture, a sophisticated detail wrought with startling simplicity. An allusion to classic sculpture is the use of white for the marble body in action in the colored box.

It is theater of everyday life, portrayed in all of its minute details; the moving hand caught in the instant in which the action takes place, poised between stasis and motion.

An aware mind is always at work behind the craft of a skilled hand. A LOOK frame is the expression of the impetus of a thought capable of moving the force of imagination.

A return to minimalism

January 2020

Orgreen Minimalism

Ørgreen is pleased to announce the launch of five new titanium optical frames, for both women and men.

The collection reinforces the mood of Scandinavian design traditions, timeless modernity and effortless silhouettes. A new fresh feel is introduced, bringing bold attitude to the collection.

The new style ATLANTIS comes with a clean flattened edge, giving the frame a cool yet a feminine twist.

DISCOVERY and ENDEAVOUR employ soft, rounded edges, a feature previously only seen on Acetate frames.

COLUMBIA and ARCH include an outstanding design element, having soldered temples, serving as a new playful signature feature.



How to Look Good and Feel Good for Longer

January 2020

Stepper SI 60194Fashion eyewear can be so transient; what’s ‘in’ today will be ‘out’ tomorrow. The dilemma is; whilst most of us want to look relevant, wearing eyewear that is fresh, we also want to choose a style that has longevity.

When investing in quality STEPPER believes a balance of good aesthetics, wearability and durability need to be in balance. ‘Eyewear Fashion that Fits’ has always been the brand’s mantra, and now with material technology advances STEPPER frames can deliver an exceptional usable life.

‘Undeniably, the SI-60194 looks great. And more than this, it looks 100% on trend. The aviator style has re-established itself as a style those ‘who know about fashion’ are wearing. Its popularity is enhanced by the classic design’s ability to suit so many.’ Comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Limited.

This STEPPER interpretation adds wearability to its appeal. Once on, the SI-60194’s fit and comfort are impressive. ‘All STEPPER design is overseen by a German Master Optician, so the anatomical requirements are given priority over styling. So is adjustability, to ensure final fit, can be optimised,’ continues Peter. ‘Add to this the intrinsic benefit of super-lightweight Titanium construction and the result is a frame that weighs just 8g.’

To ensure longevity, the Titanium material’s durability is well documented but specific to STEPPER Titanium frames is the welding process Here welding is conducted under an inert gas atmosphere avoiding oxidising of the parts at the soldering spot and becoming brittle. In addition, a four axis, computerised welding machine allows a laser beam to get a fine seam all around the joined parts. The result is good looks and comfort that will last.

This contemporary classic comes in three enduring colours: gold, bronze and gun-metal.

Minimalist designs with state of the art materials.. yes that's Materika

January 2020

Materika expresses absolute purity, the most innovative research and the true essence of materials. The new collection of optical frames reflects the company’s technical competency acquired throughout more than 40 years of experience.

By experimenting with materials, used alone or in combination, it crafts frames whose minimalist design and avant-garde details coincide with consumer demand for new forms of modern essentiality.

Eyewear in the Materika line are designed and crafted entirely in Italy by Look made in Italia.

The MHS (Materika Hinge System) hinge system was developed in the Look made in Italia Research Lab. It features a temple joint that lends practicality, light weight and excellent performance to the frame’s functionality profile. Distinguished by the iconic minimalist ‘grooved drum’ eyelet, the flared cylindrical structure serves as both a pivot and an extremely practical and immediately useable rim lock.

Once the lens has been mounted, this style requires no maintenance.

70590 from Materika

Look made in Italia applies in-depth research on titanium to derive exceptional performance. Experimentation and many in-house trials produced considerably thinner rims, while maintaining the mechanical strength of this precious metal. As found in style 70590.55.M3, a generously sized round frame with high bridge and lean, clean design. Unisex eyewear that makes a contemporary style statement with restraint.

70597 from Materika

Extreme experimentation with the same quintessential material is applied to style 70597.54.M4 an ‘invisible’ frame by Materika. Made entirely of pure titanium, the front is just a few hundredths of a millimeter thick and the temples are attached to the end pieces by means of the in-house-developed, proprietary MHS* system. Eyewear for those who demand light weight infused with absolute technical perfection.

70578 from Materika
Another material of excellence is Alumix, an aluminum alloy with extraordinary qualities, developed in the company’s labs for incomparable lightness.

Flexible, malleable and ecological, this material is completely recyclable and hypoallergenic. It is processed in three dimensions and allows for the creation of unique details and refined surface textures. Round and generously sized, style 70578.53.M2 is designed for the woman whose choices fly in the face of trends in favor of stylistic exploration and technical finishings expressed as absolute intrinsic value.

WestGroupe to launch Life Italia Kids Eyewear Collection

January 2020

Life Italia Logo
WestGroupe is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with World Optik SRL for the North American distribution of Life Italia Kids.

The initial launch of Life Italia Kids in Canada and the USA is set for early 2020.

LIFE ITALIA was born in 2007, 3 young entrepreneurs with experience in eyewear design and distribution decided to initiate a project based in Milan Italy, offering the market an innovative approach in design, with premium quality at an affordable price.

Having created a structure, new brands, new image and the willingness to improve on an already existing concept, they created the Life Italia Kids collection in 2015.

This collection was born from the needs of one of the founder’s kids who, when faced with the challenge of finding a frame that was resistant and functional, they realised that they would have to create it themselves. The collection is currently being sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Life Italia

The 2020 collection was created to meet the needs of parents and their little ones, the Life Italia Kids eyewear collection offers unsurpassed durability, a comfortable fit and adorable styles for kids aged 3 to 16 years old.

Featuring innovative Multi-Flex technology, this advanced collection delivers fashion and function.

Designed in-house in Italy 12 years ago, the Multi-Flex hinge is constructed from medical rubber and can flex 270 and jump back to its original position, offering unparalleled flexibility and durability. The result is safe, functional eyewear with less need for replacement of broken temples.

The dual injection frames, constructed from Swiss grilamid and medical rubber, are hypoallergenic so parents can rest assured their kids aren’t putting any harmful chemicals in their mouth or on their skin. The medical rubber provides flexibility, strength, and high performance with a pleasant soft-touch feel.

“WestGroupe is thrilled to begin 2020 with a new addition to our product portfolio. This 100% made in Italy kids’ collection will be a fantastic complement to our Superflex® Kids collection as it will satisfy those parents looking for durable, “active” eyewear. Life Italia Kids has been highly successful globally, and we are excited to bring this quality brand to North America.” commented -Beverly Suliteanu, VP of Product Development

KLiiK denmark January 2020 collection

January 2020

KLiiK denmark introduces universal fit to the collection. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the new collection offers a rich color palette with unique patterns and materials for January 2020. Drawing from key fashion influences, the new models create a subtle, minimalistic look for men and women requiring a narrow fit with a strong sense of style.

New to the KLiiK denmark collection is universal fit frames for the narrow PD customer. Combined with the most current shapes with custom laminations for both men and women.

Style K667

Combination style K-667 (left) features a custom laminated acetate that creates a pop of color on the back. A metal bar is inserted at the top rim that completes the contrasting metal bridge with acetate keyhole design. Rectangular metal end pieces wrap into the hinge is finished with acetate temples. This style is available in blue light gun, amber teal gold, grey crystal gun and berry emerald gold.

Style K670

For an earthy look, style K-670 (right) features translucent acetate with wood grain inspired pattern. Double cubed metal integrated spring hinges add the finishing touch. Available in black smoke, blue smoke and hazelnut smoke.

For the ladies, two new styles featuring rich color combinations and unique patterns release this new year.

Style K662

Style K-662 (left) is a modified square that uses two tone coloration on the front to contrast against the bridge and temples with a matte finish. This stainless-steel style is available in black purple, charcoal teal, ivory champagne and blush silver.

Style K665

The carved detailing on style K-665(right) showcases the color blocking effect on the browline and temples. The carving technique is used to create the paisley pattern along the end pieces and hinges plus the dotted pattern along the temples. This style is available in black rose, brown sand, teal grey and wine eggplant.

Style K666
And finally for Men:

For men, stainless steel style K-666 is a rectangular, semi-rimless frame in a matte finish. The frame front features linear pierced end pieces and stylized hinges with a metallic finish. This style is available in metallic hues of black gun, grey silver and khaki silver.

Everything you Want and Everything You Need

January 2020

Stepper STS-10098
Out with ‘same-old’ and in with ‘all-that’s-new’ with STEPPERS.

‘It’s a new decade and time to think again at exactly what matters in eyewear,’ challenges Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind STEPPERS Eyewear.

‘Say ‘yes’ to everything you want as well as everything you need when you choose a frame from the invigorating STEPPERS collection,’ Saskia adds.

For example, the new STS-10098 is a colourful and modern fashion frame that allows the wearer to express their own style with confidence. But it’s win-win with this frame, as you can be bold and have fun whilst enjoying sublime comfort derived from the brand’s renowned fit and lightness.

‘Make 2020 the year you break the mould of old choices and discover style and comfort in one frame’ adds Saskia.

With a collection offering such a great choice of colours to suit most skin tones, there’s a good chance there’s a STEPPERS frame that’s a match for those who wish to express their own style through their eyewear.

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