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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July to September 2020

New VARILUX COMFORT MAX for Postural Flexibility from Essilor
OKO by OKO Paris. The new release ‘BABETTE’.
KOMONO FW 20 Optical Collection
BLACKFIN Fall/Winter 20-21 Optical Collections
ESSILOR offers HD Dry Eye Diagnosis
New MATERIKA TITANIUM – Material Becomes ART
A Breath of Clean Air from Norville 20/20 and Frame Steriliser
INVU Premium Readers – Swiss Material and Blue Light Protection
New designs and new colours freshen up the Progear Action EG range.
Provide a clearer view for all your spectacle wearing patients with the Progear Anti-Fog Alcohol Free Surface Gel
Time to Shine with Stepper Model no. SI-96919
New Auto-Ref Keratometer from Grafton
Available from GRAFTON OPTICAL: Universal Keratometer Breath Shields
NIRVAN JAVAN celebrates its 5th anniversary with their latest London collection made of Japanese premium acetate
#SpraySafe with the New OPTASE® PROTECT Eye Spray: to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.
How effective is your UV-C cleansing?
LIGHTBIRD launches Light_MIRROR Collection
Paskal for engaging the youngest patients
New York Collection: Modern shapes for timeless glasses
Fog Free Vision for Key Workers from Essilor
KOMONO – Edge of Paradise Campaign
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New VARILUX COMFORT MAX for Postural Flexibility from Essilor

September 2020

Varilux Comfort Max Ranges

Essilor Ltd has launched a new generation of its iconic varifocal lens, Varilux Comfort Max, designed to bring postural flexibility and reduced eye strain to wearers.

Varilux Comfort Max uses Flex Optim technology to stretch the ‘useful vision zone’ of the lens by up to 46 per cent to help wearers see naturally without having to struggle to find the right gaze direction or the right posture.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “The lens has been specifically created for people with busy lifestyles who take part in activities that result in static postures or cause prolonged strain on the eyes.

“By providing a stretched useful vision zone, Varilux Comfort Max lens maximises the wearer’s postural flexibility and allows them to see sharply and more comfortably.”

Essilor Varilux Comfort Max

New Flex Optim technology personalises the lens design to provide good all-round visual performances, allowing them to adopt up to 258 more postures and head movements to see sharply.

Based on results from a LiveOptics innovation process and in-depth knowledge of wearers’ visual needs and behaviours, a total of 15 different vision profiles were defined and made available for Varilux Comfort Max lenses.

These vision profiles are categorised by addition and by ametropia, meaning that wearers are associated with the vision profile that best matches their visual needs and preferences.

Starting from a given vision profile, it adjusts the power progression curve to each prescription, ensuring optimal equilibrium across the vision.

Essilor Varilux Comfort Max
“We are committed to our research and development and have responded to the current challenges faced in today’s digital environment to provide a reliable new solution to offer to patients.

“This could help attract patients to try a varifocal lens for the first time and also helps widen the appeal of varifocal lenses to a younger audience with digital eye strain.

“The launch forms part of our on-going mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing our role to be the best business partner for independent practices,” Tim Precious added.

Patient leaflets and window posters will be available to support the launch.

Varilux Comfort Max launches on 5 October.

Read other stories on Promotional Support here

And How Essilor made a good lens even better


OKO by OKO Paris. The new release ‘BABETTE’.

September 2020

With that little extra something.

OKO by OKO Babette
Babette has been designed to draw attention to the wearer’s natural brow line, just like the iconic retro models which were popular in the 60s.

But contrary to those eyeglasses characterized by thick frames, the Babette frame is very light, thin and comfortable.

Its elegant silhouette offers a smart material combination from the stainless steel of the overall frame contrasting with the colored acetate eyebrow line giving it that little extra something.

OKO by OKO Babette

Women with character will for sure appreciate that designer touch.

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allow the wearer to reveal himself and dare to display his personality.

KOMONO FW 20 Optical Collection

September 2020

A thoughtful extension to the optical collection, the Fall/Winter 2020 season is all about smart detailing and luxury finishes.

With the introduction of six new styles and a range of sophisticated colorways such as Blue Fog, Obscure and Tornado, the collection offers a welcome addition and a fresh take on some of KOMONO’s most beloved styles.

Komono Omar

(left) joins the previously introduced Mario, Uma and Jeff with its distinct massive quality and luxury feel, and adds an accessible fit to suit all ages.

A young, fresh and more feminine style is introduced with the Gina while the Clark (Right) incorporates a masculine, straightforward, timeless approach.

Komono Clark

These styles are counterbalanced by the atypical, quirky roundness of the Jack. The Robin is an addition to the ultrathin series while the Damien, a carryover from our sun collections, will prove to be an instant classic.

This focus on careful design is nowhere as clear as in the newly introduced Wing Collection.

Komono Yoko
Two of KOMONO’s most celebrated styles, the rounded Dean and soft rectangular Oscar, are adorned with a side wing detail to create a tension and add a bold and edgy counterbalance to these more classic frames.

The Dusty and Yoko (left)completes the collection with a new aviator shape.

BLACKFIN Fall/Winter 20-21 Optical Collections

September 2020

Vitality, design, tradition: these keywords define the Blackfin Fall/Winter 20-21 collection and epitomize the brand’s distinctive elements featured in previous releases, now updated to meet the demand of numerous markets.

The new collection comprises 10 styles, 7 in the Blackfin One line – the essential Blackfin with bolder thicknesses; and 3 in the new Blackfin Razor line, featuring 1 mm thin titanium frames.

Masculine and unisex shapes distinguish Blackfin One, along with a palette of rich luminous colors, consistent with the brand’s DNA.

The new Razors share the same stylistic traits while emphasizing their retro-inspired mood, evident in the 3-D geometrically sculpted bridge. This season, one-color frames alternate with the two-color frames that also include Black Edition versions with exterior in gold or brushed silver.

Worcester from Blackfin 
Worcester in the Blackfin One line is a classic men’s squared style with profiles highlighted by color combos that define its Blackfin style: matte black/gray, metallic midnight blue/dove gray, army green/mauve green, metallic navy blue/white, gunmetal gray/Venetian red.

By contrast, Sefton and Crosby are both large, round frames with bold thicknesses that deliver distinct personality. Once again, the colors express the most original Blackfin essence.

Sefton from Blackfin

comes in gunmetal gray/metallic blue, dark blue/matte red, metallic blue/gunmetal gray, army green/mauve green, metallic Burgundy violet/metallic magenta.

 from Blackfin

choices are gunmetal gray/metallic bright blue, dark graphite blue/matte red, army green/mauve green, matte brown/metallic brick red, metallic midnight blue/metallic cerulean blue.

Greenport from Blackfin
The new men’s Blackfin Razors round out the recently launched feminine collection and feature frames with a more feminine feel. Greenport is a squared frame in matte or metallic pastel colors (gunmetal gray, metallic bright blue/matte black, army green/Veronese green, metallic midnight blue/glossy silver, matte Venetian red/glossy silver).

 from Blackfin

features larger rims and a lively color palette that includes dark blue/Venetian red, metallic bright blue/matte black, blue/glossy silver, as well as the classic black and gunmetal gray/glossy silver.

Fort Zachary from Blackfin

Fort Zachary
is clearly pantos-inspired, however, the rims are round and the color selection includes a women’s version in pastel pink/glossy silver, as well as metallic navy blue, matte black/glossy silver, gunmetal gray/metallic bright blue, matte black/Venetian red.

All Blackfin Razor frames are crafted using special micromechanical processes custom-engineered by the company for these frames. They also feature the new one-piece hinge, a technical breakthrough that adds a design detail upgrade.

ESSILOR offers HD Dry Eye Diagnosis

September 2020

Essilor Ltd has taken on the sole distribution of IDRA by SBM Sistemi to offer ECPs advanced high definition testing for dry eye.

IDRA from EssilorIDRA performs a full assessment of the ocular surface via a series of quick tear film tests, including the quality of tears and analysis of the meibomian glands, to classify the type of dry eye disease.

A 3D image is produced to help practitioners analyse and understand the eye lid structure. The image can also be shared with a patient to explain the cause of their discomfort and aid treatment recommendations.

When used alongside the TearStim Dry Eye treatment, it can provide ECPs with a complete diagnosis and treatment service for patients living with the most common cause of dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “Market data indicates people suffering from dry eye are increasingly seeking treatment.

“It’s a clear growth area and practices looking to broaden their services should consider offering a dry eye clinic to help existing patients and attract new customers through the doors.

“The new imaging system is a compact and cost-effective piece of kit which ultimately provides strong evidence to support your choice of treatment, while helping the patient understand why that therapy is being recommended.”

While IDRA confirms whether the cause is MGD, TearStim uses Intense Regulated Pulsed Light technology (IRPL) to stimulate the meibomian gland into functioning properly again.

A special package price is available to ECPs who purchase both pieces of equipment.

Tim continues: “Offering these two pieces of equipment side by side will provide a complete solution to dry eye management and offer excellent commercial value for optical practices.

“Treating dry eye is very important both for the patient's comfort and for the long-term health of the surface of the eye. The launch supports our on-going mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing our role to be the best business partner for independent practices.”

How IDRA works

IDRA conducts research on the lipid, aqueous, mucin layers and meibomian glands.

• The software automatically detects the coloured lipids on the patient’s eye and determines lipid layer thickness (LLT). In a few seconds it is possible to get automatically relevant data to understand functionality of meibomian glands.

• The aqueous layer is evaluated through the non-invasive “tear meniscus” test and is then classified into different categories. Through one image focused on the lower tear meniscus, IDRA measures the aqueous production in five different points to calculate an average.

• The stability of the mucin layer and the whole tear film is assessed through the study of the break-up time (BUT) or non-invasive break up time (NIBUT), by using a placido cone projected onto the cornea. IDRA projects a structured image on the ocular surface and automatically finds all breakings of the tear film during the recorded video.

• The device can automatically detect the length and width of meibomian glands shown thanks to infrared meibography without requiring any input from the user.

• It also automatically detects and analyses blinking.

In practice, IDRA sits between the slit lamp and biomicroscope, fitting perfectly into the gap created when the plate used for the tonometer is removed.


September 2020

Nirvan Javan Wongwannawat
Together with fashion photographer Parinya Wongwannawat, NIRVAN JAVAN presents a collaborative photoseries dedicated to the reinterpretation of cosmopolitan expression. The photoseries marks the debut of several planned collaborations between the brand and inspiring personalities.

Based on this exceptional year, NIRVAN JAVAN and fashion photographer Parinya Wongwannawat created a collaborative series of photographs in Zurich, reflecting a new interpretation of NIRVAN JAVANs cosmopolitan identity. A tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of the world – which begins on our very own doorstep.

Nirvan Javan Wongwannawat
The love for this worlds’ diverse cultural expression and the deep and similar understanding of beauty and style laid the foundation for the collaboration between the brand and the photographer. As an international fashion photographer, Wongwannawat has been travelling through the world's metropolises for several years now, making him an ideal match for NIRVAN JAVAN, whose brand identity is built on cosmopolitan, dynamic values.

The photoseries with Wongwannawat is the first of several planned collaborations between NIRVAN JAVAN and different inspiring personalities. They will join the brand in telling cosmopolitan stories - and thereby encourage people to see the world with their own eyes. The collaborations will be published on

New MATERIKA TITANIUM – Material Becomes ART

August 2020

Look 76021 LOOK–made in Italia presents the new Materika Titanium models, made from fine Japanese titanium and exclusive Italian Mazzucchelli acetate.

Synonymous with quality and attention to detail, the acetate rims are a feature that highlight, almost by contrast, the ultra-slim frame and bring it to life thanks to the choice of a soft havana colour palette.

Pantos, cat-eye, double-bridge aviator and square: four slimline models in extremely light-weight beta-titanium in classic shapes with material thickness reduced to a minimum.

The MHS (Materika Hinge System) perpetual movement hinge, a patented system which gives the frame optimal functional performance, is an exclusive detail of these glasses.

Characterised by the iconic minimal ridged cylinder element, the structure serves as both a hinge and rim end, eliminating the need for screws.

The new Materika Titanium models - which will be presented to the public during the next edition of DaTE from 19th to 21st September in Florence - represent the ideal choice for those in pursuit of a frame with a strong personality and timeless style.

Watch the video

Materika is a high-end frames brand designed and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

Ref. models are 70620, 70621(shown above), 70622 (shown on main news page), 70623

A Breath of Clean Air from Norville 20/20 and Frame UV Steriliser ensuring spectacle frames are 100% Sterile

August 2020

Jade Air Purifier
UV-C Surgically Clean Air™ the Medical Grade JADE Air Purifier has excellent performance in Hospitals, Medical Labs Ophthalmic and Dental Clinics to clean and sterilize the indoor air.

Could be the perfect soltion for your practice?


The Jade model utilizes Surgically Clean Air's multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean, purify and re-energize the indoor air.

The multi stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mould, allergens, viruses, odours, bio-aerosols, nitrous oxide and many other pollutants that are found in inside practice air.

The negative ion generator makes indoor feel more pure, clean and energized to help combat fatigue.

For an air purifier to deliver its benefits throughout the indoor space it needs to move large volumes of air through its filtration system effectively without impacting those people that are closest to it by creating a 'breeze' or being too loud.


Diameter x H = 12 Inches x 33.5 Inches (30.5cm x 85cm)

Cost £1,700 + VAT & carriage

The FUSION UV-C Disinfecting Unit – Clinical Grade

The Fusion UV uses germicidal UV irradiation the short wavelength of UV-C to neutralise viruses while containing the light safely in a compact table top unit.

Fusuion UV-c
The goal was to create a device that could quickly disinfect spectacle frames after customers touch them during their visit. But there is a much broader practice application: for example trial frames, trial lenses, face masks and as a disinfection devise for dentist and hairdresser’s tools.

It can hold up to 12 to 18 frames can be disinfected in 2 minutes. Position the frame temples open at 40° to subject all the frame components to the UV light. 6 pieces of KN95/N95 masks can be disinfected in approximately 3 minutes. You can reuse the masks up to 7 times.

UVC is a short wavelength that disinfects the surfaces of things. The only time UVC should damage frames is when acetate is exposed for a long period of time.

2-3 minutes should not harm the frames.

If the device is not closed and secured, the unit will not turn on and the green light will not illuminate. Very safe.

Uses UVC lamps rather than LED lighting to create higher energy, quicker results to increase the speed of disinfecting.

Special glass rods unlike regular glass transmit UVC light to effectively penetrate the item being disinfected.

Other devices use glass or a “grill” to hold the item being disinfected and the light cannot penetrate to disinfect at those touch points.

Why the Fusion UV?

Most devices just disinfect 1 side, are slower and you have to “flip” the item that is being disinfected.

The Fusion UV is a clinical unit with technology that has been tested and used by hospitals in hard hit Covid19 areas in USA.

360° coverage leaving no UV shadows or voids. The device also uses real UV light lamps that are replaceable.

£875.00 (ex VAT & Carriage)

Dimensions are approximately 42 CM Wide, 40.5 CM Deep, 22 CM High. The overall exterior dimensions are 57 CM Wide, 49.5 CM Deep, 25.5 CM High. Weight is around 9 KG.

Contact Norville 20/20 for further information

INVU Premium Readers – Swiss Material and Blue Light Protection

August 2020

INVU Premium Readers Customers who purchase reading glasses in optical retail frequently generate additional business when they return to purchase custom prescription readers or progressive lenses.

However, many opticians prefer not to offer products that are similar to the low price mass retail distribution.

That is where the new INVU Premium Readers come in! Manufactured in high-end Swiss TR 90 material and equipped with a blue light attenuating filter, these ultra flexible reading glasses are the perfect product for customers who like quality, functionality and craftsmanship.

Not only the product itself is premium, the concept packaging as well as the accessories are exceptional.

All these factors enable optical retailers to clearly differentiate this product offering from the mass retailers.

Positioned at a retail price below Euro 40 INVU Premium readers are the perfect addition product offering for opticians and will no doubt lead to additional in-store traffic and increased sales of high value add products.

New designs and new colours freshen up the Progear Action EG range.

August 2020

Progear EG Matte

The ever-popular Progear EG range of action protection frames has just been updated with four new colours Grey, Khaki, Vintage Blue and Burgundy, all matt finish and available in four sizes.

EG goggles have straight temples to increase protection, are fitted with hypo-allergenic soft nose pads, and a detachable Velcro adjustable neoprene head retainer ensures they are securely worn.

As with all Progear frames, the EG has a raised rear bevel to reduce the risk of the lens being knocked through.

Contact the sole providers Norville Optical for supply and further information.

Provide a clearer view for all your spectacle wearing patients with the Progear Anti-Fog Alcohol Free Surface Gel

August 2020

The Progear Anti Fog gel
The Progear Anti-Fog Alcohol Free Surface Gel 5g tube enables 100 applications, each giving approximately 24 hours’ protection when applied with the included Chamois application cloth, and it is safe to use on all lenses and MAR coatings.

Presented in a Countertop Display it makes impulse buying simple and easier for all your walk-ins and are a great gift for their friends too!

The ideal practice option is to have the 24-piece Countertop Display Box at the point of sale, where it can be clearly seen by clients (unless they have foggy lenses).

Available at the price of £65.00 (exc. VAT and P&P).

Anti-fog posters A4 size are available to download here For larger than A4 posters please call Norville Telesales on 01452 510321.

Time to Shine with Stepper Model no. SI-96919

August 2020

SI-96919 from Stepper
Delighting customers by understanding and delivering eyewear to fit their new needs and wants, as their sensibilities may have shifted during the pandemic, can only be a winning formula. Believing this, STEPPER have been putting a great deal of thought and effort into how they can best help opticians excel so they can shine in their customers’ eyes.

One area they have identified is rimless. “Having a good rimless offering allows those who allow the time and have the skills and confidence to demonstrate their professionalism and deliver outstanding eyewear,“ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited. “Putting your best foot forward is a great way to win and keep customers and STEPPER is keen to help. Rimless is just one way an optician can differentiate and build a reputation for excellence whilst demonstrating professional skills.”

Stepper SI-96919
STEPPER UK offers over 50 rimless models, each with colour variants. One best-selling example is the SI-96919. This Titanium, women’s style is available in four combination colours (gold, silver, blue and bronze), extending its suitability to a variety of skin tones and personal style.

As you move to view the sides (from the classic, minimalist front); oval, linked rings, elegantly shaped in Titanium, add visual interest whilst keeping the mount weight to less than 6g.

For those wanting a style that offers the peripheral visibility benefits of rimless and still allow them to make a design statement the SI-96919 is a great choice.

With so many rimless variants to choose from and to help opticians make informed decisions, STEPPER has put together their most popular rimless models (including the SI-96919) within a concise digital brochure.

(This brochure can be made available by contacting STEPPER UK directly.)

“STEPPER rimless models all come with 'Love VALUE' qualities to ensure the wearer the highest levels of satisfaction at a comfortable price as well as delivering return purchase loyalty and good sell-through for the business,” concludes Peter.

New Auto-Ref Keratometer from Grafton

August 2020

Grafton Optical launch the ARK-7610 Auto-Ref Keratometer at an introductory price of £2,995 + VAT for a limited time only.

Grafton ARK 6610 Keratometer

Grafton Optical are pleased to bring the ARK-7610 Auto-Ref Keratometer to the market at an introductory price of £2,995 + VAT for a limited time only.

The ARK-7610 uses advanced wavefront technology to measure the patient’s refraction status. With its Hartmann sensor and uniquely designed optical system, the ARK-76010 provides a fast examination and delivers accurate measurements based on aberration analysis.

Grafton Ark 7610 from user stand point

• Hartman sensor technology

• Adjustable 7" LCD touch screen

• Motorised chin rest

• Motorised joystick to move testing body up & down easily and quickly • Manual focus and auto measuring

For more information on the ARK-7610 please visit our pages

Grafton Optical are loyal sponsors of your free Opchat News and Knowledge Resource. Visit their pages on our site.

Available from GRAFTON OPTICAL: Universal Keratometer Breath Shields

July 2020

Grafton KE Shield
Grafton Optical are now able to supply their Universal Keratometer Breath Shield in response to customer demand amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

These are available to buy from Grafton at a cost of £20 each + VAT and delivery.

• Constructed of durable 2mm clear Perspex for easy cleaning between patients

Grafton Universal Breath Shield

• Fits over kertometer eyepiece to fit most models

• Helps to maintain suitable distance requirements for infection control


July 2020

NIL 5360LOOK-made in Italia presents the new NIL models by LOOK brand, conceived and produced entirely in its factories in Italy.

Using a careful analysis of the requests made by those who wear glasses for everyday visual needs as a starting point, this series was designed for the segment of users with "intermediate" measurements – in other words for adults with a smaller face.

NIL 5361

Four eyeglass frames, two for men: a perimetric and a pantos model, both with a key shaped bridge, and two for women: a cat-eye model with an extra-elongated wing and a broad square model – both with the front in NIL, LOOK’s exclusive techno-polymer, and temples in Xinox, the special non-toxic, hypoallergenic steel alloy, for extreme lightness and absolute comfort.

As in all LOOK collections, the technical features complement a refined and detailed aesthetic, resulting in eyewear with a surprising design.

NIL 5362

The four models are characterised by the floral and hi-tech textures of the front pieces, made with LOOK-made in Italia’s Touch-color technology, which allows exclusive on-trend colors and patterns to be created, in an original play in style between industrial and graphic design for a tactile, as well as visual, sensory experience.

LOOK frames are designed and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

NIRVAN JAVAN celebrates its 5th anniversary with their latest London collection made of Japanese premium acetate

July 2020

Nirvan Japanese Acetate With their current LONDON collection – exclusively handcrafted in Japan – the brand NIRVAN JAVAN celebrates its 5th anniversary. Inspired by the collection named after the dynamic metropolis, NIRVAN JAVAN also launched a premium sunglasses model SHADES OF LONDON 02:02:02 (GMT) – limited to 100 pieces.

Finest Japanese acetate

As a multicultural hotspot, the cosmopolitan city of London served as inspiration for the new LONDON collection.

The premium acetate collection was handcrafted in Japan with maximum precision and emphasizes the distinctive and purist signature of the designer. Characterised by expressive design with high wearing comfort, each model of the LONDON collection highlights the individual expressiveness of the wearer.

All five models are presented in six classic colours: BLACK, DARK HAVANA, DARK GREY, BLUE, BROWN and TRANSPARENT – colourfully inspired by London's iconic city skyline. Furthermore, the frames are named after the British time zone and illustrate once again the cosmopolitan flair of NIRVAN JAVAN – as for example the model LONDON 03:00 (GMT), shown in all six colours.

Limited sun model with unique design character

Nirvan Sun model
As part of the LONDON collection, NIRVAN JAVAN also launched the premium sun model SHADES OF LONDON 02:02:02 (GMT). The unisex premium model features a lightweight, dark acetate frame with a classic design and licensed ZEISS lenses.

The handmade golden hinges distinguish 02:02:02 (GMT) from the previous NIRVAN JAVAN creations and give the model a new character. The sunglasses are available online as a limited edition of 100 pieces and in selected partner stores on request.

A bright outlook for the future

With the latest LONDON collection and the additional limited sun model, NIRVAN JAVAN is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The designer Nirvan Javan looks back at five intensive, successful and most of all enlightening years. He is not only delighted about the current campaign release, but is also looking forward to the future – full of zest for action:

"It is my great pleasure to present the unique LONDON collection and the additional limited sun model SHADES OF LONDON on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of NIRVAN JAVAN. Both editions embody the brand's high standards of design and quality and form a strong foundation for the cosmopolitan facet of NIRVAN JAVAN. With this successful kick-off we are all set for the future and further exciting projects" Nirvan Javan said.

#SpraySafe with the New OPTASE® PROTECT Eye Spray: to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.

July 2020

Harnessing the body’s own natural defence to kill 99.9999% of all known germs

“It is important now more than ever for patients to take care of their eyes,” says Optometrist Mandy Davidson. “OPTASE® PROTECT can help patients to limit their risk of contracting infections through their ocular surface.”

• New triple-action anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal spray OPTASE® PROTECT launches this week
• Containing the active ingredient hypochlorous acid (HOCl), OPTASE® PROTECT kills 99.9999% of all known germs
• Without knowing it, people touch their eyes every 20 minutes, increasing the risk of transmitting infections to their eyes
• Recommended use of only twice daily, OPTASE® PROTECT provides a convenient ‘Spray On, Leave On’ formula for eyelids and surrounding skin

Eyecare expert Scope has launched OPTASE® PROTECT – the first spray to provide triple-action anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal protection for the eyelids and surrounding skin.

The new preservative-free OPTASE® PROTECT provides an effective preventative solution against harmful germs on the eyes and surrounding area, thanks to its key ingredient - hypochlorous acid (HOCI).

OPTASE PROTECT kills 99.9999% of all known germs, which means there are few microbes remaining after the solution has been applied. This means, for every 5 million harmful microbes on the skin, OPTASE PROTECT leaves just 5. A solution that kills 99.9% of germs would leave 5,000.

HOCI is produced naturally by the body’s white blood cells as the first line of defence against harmful germs. Not only is HOCl a powerful molecule that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but it is pH balanced, meaning it is safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skin around the eyes.

According to new research by Scope , the British public is more concerned about facial hygiene than ever before – with 67 per cent revealing that touching their face while outside, in a public setting, is a big worry.iii And rightly so - the average person touches hundreds of surfaces each day and touches their eyes on average 3 times per hourii, making the eyes particularly vulnerable to attack from unseen invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

“Eyes can be a gateway to infection,” says Optometrist Mandy Davidson. “Without protection, harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi can potentially enter the eyes which can lead to irritation, dryness and soreness on the ocular surface. If left untreated, these germs could even lead to more serious conditions.”

“It is important now, more than ever, for patients to take care of their eyes - OPTASE® PROTECT can help patients to limit their risk of contracting infections through their ocular surface.”
Ingredient spotlight: Hypochlorous acid

Optase from Scope • OPTASE PROTECT is made by using a proprietary method of electrolysis which converts a saltwater brine into one solution, a neutral anolyte of hypochlorous acid

• Contains a highly pure (99.6% HOCl), stable and pH balanced solution (pH 7) meaning it is a neutral formula, suitable for use on human skin

• OPTASE PROTECT has a stable shelf-life for up to 12 months from manufacturing without the need for added stabilisers

• Amongst the 99.9999% of all known germs, HOCl has proven efficacy against Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, MRSA, Clostridium difficile ,

• HOCI can kill bacteria in as little as 0.55 seconds (E. Coli) to 60 seconds (C. Difficile)

• In cases of blepharitis, demonstrable benefits can be observed within 2 weeks, depending on condition and severity

#SpraySafe with OPTASE® PROTECT

Scope’s #SpraySafe campaign encourages and recommends that we all take care of our eye health every day to help prevent harmful germs from entering the body through the eyes.

• Simply spray OPTASE® PROTECT onto closed eyes, morning and evening, for 24-hour protection (ensure make-up is removed before spraying)
• Convenient ‘Spray On, Leave On’ formula
• Suitable for frequent daily use
• Scientifically formulated 99.6% pure HOCl
• Preservative free
• Suitable for all ages
• 12-month shelf life for long lasting use
• Helping you to #SpraySafe and keep eyes healthy, every day
• Retails at £9.95, up to 250 applications per bottle

Learn how Hypochlorous Acid work?

• Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is the body’s natural defence against germs
• If invading germs begin to over-populate within the body, they can cause inflammation, irritation and infection
• Once the invading germs reach a certain level, they are detected by white blood cells
• The white blood cells then produce HOCI which destroys the invading germs within seconds
• OPTASE® PROTECT is 99.6% pure HOCI and works to kill 99.9999% of known bacteria, viruses and fungi

How effective is your UV-C cleansing?

July 2020

UV-C Dosemeter from Norville
UV-C light is perhaps the most effective in-practice sanitizing method and these new test cards from Norville will reveal just how effective that process is, at a quick glance.

Gauging the level of UV-C obtained is instantly revealed with the colour changing to reveal how effective the cleaning processes are from your UV-C unit. The single use cards are ideal to ascertain unit running times, and as an essential visual reference of practice cleaning processes as the Covid-19 era sees optical businesses returning to work.

UV-C light can be used - depending on the dimensions of the light box - for sample frames, trial frames and lenses, face masks and instrument heads. Heavily contaminated items should be wiped clean before the process.

Packs of 10 @ £2.50 each + postage & VAT
Packs of 50 @ £2.25 each + postage & VAT

LIGHTBIRD launches Light_MIRROR Collection

June 2020

Light_MIRROR is the new collection that combines two unconventional materials. Pure Copper and Brass are joint to Cellulose Acetate to create unique, light and shiny frames, thanks to the innovative gluing system patented by the Belluno brand.

JUNE 2020- New season and new collection for LIGHTBIRD. The brand by Corrado Rosson launches Light_MIRROR, with frames in Pure Copper and Brass. Its BUSINESSMAN, FLOWER, SNAKE and BAOBAB models result shinier than ever, thanks to the natural characteristics of the materials, the mirror polishing and the special coating that helps keeping their shininess unchanged over time.

For designer Corrado Rosson: "Light_MIRROR Collection well represents the characteristics of LIGHTBIRD: innovation, design and material. The choice of the materials was once again our main focus: they highlight the patented gluing system that allows to obtain the perfect union of the surfaces. Moreover, the design gives the collection a remarkable aesthetic impact, almost like a magic that gives life to a new, lightweight and strong contemporary frame".

A metal and alloy already known for thousands of years: copper was already present in the Pyramids, while brass was widely used in the Roman Empire. These materials in constant evolution find today in Light_MIRROR a new cutting-edge application in the eyewear field, which leads to a further valorization of their preciousness. Copper and brass here become conductors, not only physical, but also of style and elegance.


Lightbird Businessman




The careful attention to details, enhanced by the shiny copper frame and the clear, contemporary lines, is one of the main features of the BUSINESSMAN LB017 C064 model. A men's eyewear capable of adding value to every occasion, both at work and in leisure time. The LB017 model is also available in the brass C067 version.


Lightbird Flower




Pure elegance and sheen for the women's optical model FLOWER LB2020 C067, with oversized brass and acetate front. The alloy of copper and zinc was already used in Ancient Egypt, the world of precious metals. The frame’s lightness, resulting from the Light_Matter bonding system, fits everyone. It provides the wearer a slylish touch, like that of a contemporary Cleopatra who does not want to go unnoticed. The model is also available with the front in pure copper and acetate C064.

Light_MIRROR features Light_NEST’s, the technology and digital system. The system starts with the QR Code, present on each frame, and allows to establish a connection and a direct interaction between the company, the optician and the final customer. A relationship based on a loyalty model between the parts.

Paskal for engaging the youngest patients

June 2020

An almost cinema event with Minion specs and Peppa Pig is the way forward for many practices looking to engage youngsters believes IPRO which is promoting its Paskal 3D refraction technology.

The move away from a mundane letter chart is winning favour with the youngest patients, along with those with specials needs, as award winning Lincoln optometrist, Dr Martin Smith, has found -

“I have 3D Minion goggles for the younger children and they are very keen to wear them. The system works well with youngsters as you don’t need to occlude but you can still test both eyes independently,” he said.

Martin,(above left) who has been using Paskal 3D for three years, likes the system for how it amuses the children with Kay pictures and an array of Paskal’s children’s options.

The added benefit of the system is how it can reveal the eyes’ functionality, both individually and togethe. “It is very good at establishing binocular vision and a nice picture helps immensely over just letters in retaining the children’s attention.”

Belfast’s Mackey Opticians also use Paskal 3D, as optometrist co-owner Mark Mackey said, “We find it brilliant as you are testing in a real life situation – people like the drama of 3D, and I like the way you can work out the prisms very easily. We use it on virtually everyone, but the children particularly respond very well to the sandcastle images and my ability to suddenly switch over to Apple TV and Peppa Pig for retinoscopy with three and four year olds is very good!”

Controlled by an iPad, Paskal 3D offers arm’s length refraction and can help to provide a very relaxed, but effective, eye examination with 80 different tests available.

New York Collection: Modern shapes for timeless glasses

June 2020

Zoom in on the man steel model ny32 from OKO by OKO

This New York (NY) collection is aptly named because it is inspired by cosmopolitan and multicultural currents like this city often described as "the capital of the world".
It fits perfectly into the DNA of the OKO by OKO brand "eyewear designer for all" in an approach to democratize the "World Optic", that is to say to create designer glasses accessible to all and wearable by all around the world!

Entirely made of stainless steel, this NY32 offers generous size and shapes, (53-18) all in a range of modern colors distinguishing the frame from the front strapping giving it a contemporary look.

Concentrated in finesse, lightness and comfort, it is a modern, timeless, universal and very trendy frame with its double bridge that will appeal to men looking for a refined style but with character.

This model NY32 is available in 4 colours

Fog Free Vision for Key Workers

June 2020

Optifog Lens by EssilorEssilor Ltd has relaunched its Optifog lens after experiencing a high demand from ECPs who need a solution to prevent glasses misting under PPE.

The product is suitable for all patients and in particular those who are now wearing PPE as part of their daily lives and who have experienced issues with their current spectacles.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “Fogging reduces visibility and compromises patient care and the key worker’s personal safety.

“The Optifog lens will stop misting becoming a hazard in emergency situations where clear vision is crucial. In doing so, it will provide greater visibility, greater comfort and less fogging for key workers.”

Optifog has unique, hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellent properties. These top layers are activated thanks to the specific molecules of the innovative Optifog smart textile. Droplets that would usually result in fog and inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens, for an invisible and fog-free effect.

The range includes clear Varilux X Series, Varilux E Series, Eyezen and Rx single vision lenses. It’s also available as a first and second pair option on the Take Two multi-pair promotion.

“The lens has been used successfully in other countries during the pandemic to help key workers experience clear vision under PPE.

“We’ve listened to ECPs and the relaunch gives them a solution to this particular risk. It forms part of our on-going mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing our role to be the best business partner for independent practices,” Tim Precious added.

Patient leaflets and window posters will be available to support the relaunch.

The Optifog lens is available from 15th June.

KOMONO – Edge of Paradise Campaign

June 2020

Komono Tony


This season, KOMONO invites you to reclaim your own paradise.

Shot in a distinct documentary style, the campaign transports us to bohemian Venice beach and its quirky cast of characters.

Komono FranUncontrived and unabashed,it offers a glimpse of an authentic L.A. lifestyle that revolves around sun-kissed days and long evenings at local haunts.

Urban beaches, wavy palm trees and concrete boardwalks form the main setting for our freewheeling protagonists.

Celebrating the unbound spirit of days past, a sense of melancholia pervades the campaign and makes us yearn for a never-ending summer of love.


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