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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to July 2021

Ørgreen Optics announces 5 new additions to its evergrowing range of high-quality acetate styles
Look–made in Italia presents materika pure acetate
Huvitz launch new hi-tech dry eye analyser specialising in the ocular surface
Real people in EYE RESPECT designs from the TROIS III COLLECTION
New black edition models Blackfin style, more exclusive than ever
Essilor builds extra personalisation into Varilux entry range
The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress
LDNR by GLBL Eyewear Group: A strong tailored and versatile style since 2013
New At Home Vision Check now available
Come Into the Light
23° EYEWEAR _ A Natrural Inclination
iCare launch new Eidon Ultra-Widefield Module Lens
Optomed launch new E-Safe disposable eye cups for hygienic retinal imaging
Everyday Statement from Stepper
LOOK-MADE presents MATERIKA COMBI - Fresh Combinations
NIRVAN JAVAN launches exclusive Sunglass Series: SHADES OF ROME
Two new eyedrops from the Body Doctor
New ultra compact refraction station opens opportunities for ECPs
Everyday Elegance from Stepper
Ørgreen Optics Spring/Summer 2021
Komono Metamorphosis Campaign
It’s Not All About Beauty – But it Helps
Villa Eyewear announce distribution of uniquedesignmilano (UDM)
Lightbird's new Collection SP/Summer 2021
New MATERIKA COMBI – Avant-Garde Materials and Designs
NIRVAN JAVAN presents exclusive acetate collection inspired by Paris
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Ørgreen Optics announces 5 new additions to its evergrowing range of high-quality acetate styles.

July 2021

Orgreen Acetate range
A substantial part of Ørgreen Optics’ identity has always been to develop truly unique color combinations to set them apart from the rest of the pack. Characterized by its lightness, strength, and superb colour adaptability, acetate is the perfect material to explore new paths of color development.

These colour combinations have played a significant role in Ørgreen Optics’ rise to prominence in the eyewear industry, and the colours assigned to each style from this new collection have been carefully developed and selected to complement each frame and appeal to its potential wearer.

Candy, sweets, confectionery. The list goes on. Sweet treats are enjoyed across the globe and bring joy to countless consumers every day.

The irresistibility of all types of candy is widespread, and Ørgreen Optics’ new acetate frames’ designs, shapes, and colours make these new male and female styles hard to resist when searching for bold statement frames that can enhance all types of faces, expressions, and personalities.

Each new acetate frame comes in 6 uniquely developed colour combinations made specifically for these new additions to expand Ørgreen Optics’ exciting collection of acetate frames.

The gradual emergence of Ørgreen’s high-quality acetate styles has certainly not gone unnoticed amongst statement frame enthusiasts, and the brand’s repertoire of
acetate styles that contain both colourful and bombastic styles, but also sleek frames with subtle colour combinations

Look–made in Italia presents materika pure acetate

July 2021

Materika in Pure Acetate
A return to the past, the 1960s and 1970s in particular, is the inspiration behind the new MATERIKA PURE ACETATE models. A historic moment when young people, rebellious and aware of their right to take back their own style, were the protagonists of the massive cultural and social changes, a period during which it was fashionable to wear thick, dark, and well-defined frames.

And so the company, with more than 40 years' experience in the eyewear sector, looked through its archives of the period to find the right inspiration to guide the hand of its designers in revisiting some of these frames for the high-end segment. The result is encapsulated in the new MATERIKA PURE ACETATE series, four eyeglass models: one men's, two women's and one unisex.

The frames are made in Cello, the special cellulose acetate studied by LOOK-made In Italia, whose weightlessness, plasticity, and glossiness are far superior to a traditional acetate's. Despite their significant thickness, these glasses are actually light and comfortable to wear, thanks also to the careful balance of the weight over the supporting elements, with the exclusive saddle bridge and ridges on the rim interiors and bridge which add even more personality.

The technology of the material therefore combines with the craftsmanship of the artisan processes such as traditional wheel polishing and satin finishing leading to the creation of notable frames whose rounded and polished interior surfaces contrast with the rigidity of the angular, plain, and multifaceted external surfaces.

Huvitz launch new hi-tech dry eye analyser specialising in the ocular surface

July 2021

The Huvitz HDA-100 features 16 different measurements and tests to diagnose Dry Eye Disease.

Huvitz HDA-100
South Korean ophthalmic medical equipment manufacturer - Huvitz - have launched their newest product in the dry eye field– the “HDA-100”, which is available to order in the UK now.

Huvitz are well-known for their excellent diagnostic instruments, and are only available in the UK through Mainline Instruments.

Dry eye disease (DED) is chronic inflammation of the eyes caused by reduced tear production or excessive tear evaporation. It is more prevalent in women and older people and it is reported that 15 to 33% of people aged 65 years or over have some form of dry eye disease. This is likely to be an underestimate of the true prevalence as people may not realise the symptoms.

The HDA-100 gives quick and easy analysis of the tear film to help understand and investigate tear composition. All layers can be analysed (lipid, aqueous, mucin) as well as the upper and lower meibomian glands when identifying dry eye disease. This gives optometrists a much better view of how to treat the type of deficiency with specific dry eye treatments such as QMR or eye drops.

The device has 5Mp image resolution, single and multi-shot video capabilities as well as 2 cones (main and placid) for different tests, such as interferometry and tear meniscus.

As an exclusive supplier of Huvitz products for the UK, Mainline Instruments Managing Director, Simon Hawkins commented on the new product release;

“Huvitz products are always competitively priced within the market yet maintains the highest quality, and the HDA-100 is no exception. The level of detail and camera quality in unmatched and will be a massive help in the diagnosis of dry eye disease, which is becoming more prevalent as screen time and mask wearing increases.“

Real people in EYE RESPECT designs from the TROIS III COLLECTION:

July 2021

Eye Respect

The ophthalmic collection fuses vintage-inspired shapes, wearable colours and a supreme lightness and comfort

DC iii from eye respect
An optical line created according to principles of timeless, heritage design, EYE RESPECT pays homage to the essence of vintage spectacles in their ophthalmic glasses collection, designed for men and women.

Taking inspiration from a variety of expressive Anglo-Italian classics the latest styles have been photographed on friends and fans of the brand, illustrating versatility, colouring that flatters different skin tones and hair colours and a simple stylish design that suits – and pleases - many ages.

ALEX iii from eye respect The Eye Respect DC III (left) – part of the TROIS III collection for 2021 - is the ultimate heritage silhouette, conveying the spirit of Oxbridge Blues, Ivy League style and the learned academics of the University of Bologna. A classic panto shape handcrafted in Italy in fine acetate.

This style is offered in ink blue, black gloss, Havana tort, vintage tort and crystal.

In a culture where “sprezzatura” is universal, the Eye Respect Alex III (right and headline page) represents the style phenomenon that is the Italian man. Strong, bold and confident, this vintage wayfarer-inspired shape has strong, angular temples influenced by the 50s era and a fine handcrafted finish.

New black edition models Blackfin style, more exclusive than ever

July 2021

Sefto by BlackfinSophisticated polished fronts contrast with matt temple colors ‒ Blackfin introduces its new optical frames in the Blackfin Black Edition series, a collection that takes titanium eyewear to ever-greater heights.

These Blackfin One best-sellers are now debuting an exclusive look ‒ the bright colors characteristic of the brand’s DNA are now even more upscale, thanks to Blackfin Nano-Plating™ technology, a patented process through which metal particles are vacuum-deposited, atom by atom, by sublimation, onto the surface of the eyewear until the desired color effect is achieved.

Danzica and Hyden are the absolute first to wear the latest Amber Rose Gold finish. The former is paired with dark blue temples and the latter with burgundy purple temples.

The Blackfin Nano-Plating™ process allows the creation of frames with sensational aesthetic appeal and unexpected color combinations that are durable and resistant to wear.

Blackfin Black Edition: Blackfin style, with an exclusive extra touch.

Essilor builds extra personalisation into Varilux entry range

July 2021

Essilor Ltd has introduced frame personalisation f-360˚ into its varifocal lens, Varilux Comfort Max, to bring improved visual performance to more patients.

Varilux Max F360 lens
Varilux Comfort Max f-360˚ enables opticians to offer extra lens personalisation to their entry-range patients by incorporating frame fitting measurements.

Using optical dispensing equipment, Eye-Ruler 2 or Visioffice, allows the practitioner to offer patients a unique in-store experience, while at the same time ensuring the highest accuracy when taking the frame fitting parameters.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “Personalisation is a major area of opportunity for opticians right now.

“The range extension widens our portfolio of personalised lenses available in the Varilux range to help offer a solution for more patients.

“It allows ECPs to dispense a lens optimised to a patient’s chosen frame and designed to adjust to the patient’s movements giving greater flexibility in the postures they can adopt while wearing spectacles.

“Users can adopt up to 495 different body postures when looking at a computer or desktop screen, providing more comfortable vision all day long.”

Varilux Comfort Max was developed using advanced avatar simulations to mathematically model the conditions of real-life vision tasks to refine the design before live testing.

Designed using Essilor’s Flex Optim technology, it increases the ‘useful vision zone’ of the lens by up to 46 per cent, enabling wearers to adopt a broader range of head movements which provides an increased level of comfort.

POS is available to support the range extension including patient leaflets and posters.

Varilux Comfort Max f-360˚ is available from 5 July 2021.

The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress

July 2021

The Eye Doctor CompressThe Body Doctor company has just launched The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress, a microwaveable eye patch for the treatment of styes and chalazions.

The single-eye compress features Sterileyes, a patented antibacterial shield which dramatically inhibits and eradicates potentially troublesome bacteria that may grow on other similar products.

The Sterileyes solution is clinically proven to reduce bacteria by 99.9% and is bound to the fibres of the fabrics in the compress thereby reducing the risk of eye and lid infection. Sterileyes also provides stain protection and eliminates the germs which create odour.

The moist heat generated by the Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress relieves the symptoms of swelling, redness, irritation, stinging and burning.

As well as treatment for styes, the compress is a clinically proven treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye disease and blepharitis, along with the associated symptoms such as grittiness, irritation and eye dryness.

The new Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress comes in a treatment pack which also contains a storage bag and two of The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes. It includes an information booklet on styes, chalazion and blepharitis, emphasising the importance of good eyelid hygiene.

The Eye Doctor range is distributed to the optical profession by Positive Impact.

LDNR by GLBL Eyewear Group: A strong tailored and versatile style since 2013

July 2021

Inspired by the modernist tribes, the heritage dwellers and the infinite detail of our surroundings. Like our city, accessible to all.
Like our city, living in the moment. Like us, proud to be LDNR.

LDNR by GLBL First launched in 2013 by Jonathan Van Blerk, LDNR evolved out of an idea to create an engaging street oriented sunglasses collection with a bold attitude, immersed in the UK music scene – and with particular links to The Isle of Wight Festival.

Forming longstanding ties with British sub culture, music festivals, and VIP events where no other eyewear brand had yet set foot, Van Blerk created a following of music lovers and festival fanatics who coveted a modern style in sunwear with an identity that was both a little bit underground and unique in design - as well as affordable.

“Ever since 2015, LDNR has been a fantastic and key addition to The Isle of Wight Festival and is now part of its future and history having provided eyewear to iconic bands and artists, among others Pharrel, Queen, Richard Ashcroft, OCS, Blur and the Kaiser name a few!” John Giddings, owner and promoter of The Isle of Wight Festival

What does it mean to be a LDNR (LonDoNeR)?

“We’ve come a long way since 2013, and I am proud to see the brand growing beyond the UK,” said Jonathan Van Blerk. “LDNR has been an incredible personal journey for me. When we started out, the brand evolved by telling an engaging story of each area of London, with inspiration from its iconic streets. As I see it, London is truly one of the most international cities in the world, a place where we can all be ourselves all of the time, a place of inspiration, desire, excitement and energy.”

He continues: “But start-ups don’t always have it easy, and we have fought hard for our brand, its integrity and what it represents. In 2017, we won a legal battle against Nike who used “LDNR” as an abbreviation for Londoner in a multi-million campaign. This was an almighty step for the protection and notoriety of LDNR, and empowered us with determination, commitment, energy and drive!”

This year, LDNR looks forward to packing further punches with not one but three whole years of creativity built into a very new and innovative, fashion-fuelled collection soon to be introduced as LDNR SS22, to the rest of the world!

New At Home Vision Check now available

July 2021

My Vision Check app from Essilor
The new At Home Vision Check is said to be capable of driving consumers back to practices.

Essilor Ltd has launched My Vision Check, a new app to conduct simple eye screenings at home and signpost patients to their local independent optician for a full eye examination.

The easy-to-use tool is a great first step for consumers who may have neglected their eyes during this past year and are overdue an eye examination.

Using a smartphone and mirror, the app goes through a series of questions on the user’s vision and a test is proposed to check distance vision.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd, said: “Over the past year many people will have noticed evermore the importance of good vision with more time spent working from home and increased time spent on screens. My Vision Check will help drive these consumers back into practice for an eye examination.

“We believe that by offering a simple and free resource for the public to assess their vision at home, it will not only help educate consumers on the importance of looking after their eyes but also help ECPs attract the public into practice to start, or resume, their eyecare journey.”

The test takes less than ten minutes and checks if the user can detect Landolt ring optotypes corresponding to 20/20 visual acuity at a far distance, while wearing their usual optical correction if they have any.

The user is given a test score and summary on completion encouraging them to book an appointment via the app for a comprehensive eye examination at their local optician.

Edward Mallen, Professor of Physiological Optics at the University of Bradford, tested the app and commented: “This app is easy to use and will be a very useful additional tool to help the public seek essential eye care. It provides a useful screening test and helps to deliver the important message to the public to have their eyes examined regularly.

“The app states repeatedly that it is not performing a full eye examination and advises the user to consult their eye care practitioner.”

Come Into the Light

July 2021

The STEPPER EYEWEAR brand originates from its founder, Hans Stepper, understanding that comfortable frames were those that wearers valued most.

Stepper ST 20113 This knowledge has driven 50 years of innovation and technology to deliver comfort to millions of frame wearers across the world.

‘To achieve lightness, we select materials weighing less than their traditional counterparts. With the SI-20113 STEPPER eschew Nickel Silver, Monel and Acetate, preferring Titanium and TX5. This combination results in a frame of generous proportions at a fraction of the weight you would normally expect,’ informs Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Limited.

The front is moulded in STEPPER’s own TX5 material which is 25% lighter than more common plastics. Not only is it light, but the precise anatomical curves are also ‘memorised’ during the injection moulding process (so the frame keeps its shape) and the material has a flexibility, strength and durability that belies its perceived delicacy.

The Titanium sides also bring strength and durability with an additional weight bonus, being approximately 50% lighter than comparable metals. Both the Titanium and TX5 parts are hypoallergenic, so far more unlikely to result in a skin reaction, unlike many other frame materials. The total frame weight is just 7.2g and this difference is most appreciated when you try it on.

‘The styling of the SI-20113 is contemporary-classic’ adds Peter. ‘This means almost anyone will suit the frame and it can be worn with any wardrobe. So, you can wear this STEPPER and get on with your life.’

Available in a choice of colours (brown, midnight and green) so finding one to suit you will be as easy as it is to live with one.

23° EYEWEAR _ A Natrural Inclination

June 2021

The new eyewear brand that (re)connects the man to the planet

23 Degrees Eyewear The number of the couple of chromosomes of the human genome, the angle between the median axes of the eyes and its orbits, the Earth inclination degrees: 23 is a number that links the man to his Planet in an endless natural cycle. An ideal code that identifies the new collection of 23° Eyewear, which has been recently launched in Italy and will be soon distributed in the European markets.

Born from the collaboration between Mirage manufacturing expertise, historical Italian eyewear producer, and the conceptual design of Studio Russo, 23° Eyewear tells a new ethical vision of the man in regards to the planet Earth.

Based on Lavoisier’s paradigm “In nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed”, 23° Eyewear finds its roots in a circular “eco-thinking”: create eyewear that will give life to other eyewear, setting the waste to zero.

Each frame is made of NEOCLEUS, an avant-garde synthesis between a bio-based material, a high tech manufacture and an innovative and sustainable production process that allows the endless recyclability.

A circular flow that starts, ends and starts again without a stop, in an eternal movement like the Earth, but with a perfectly imperfect balance like the human body.

The collection consists in genderless sunglasses with pure shapes that recall the geometries found in nature and the superior quality of Barberini mineral lenses, realized in 4 formulas that are especially studied for this line.

Awareness, will and action: to preserve and cure our Planet, choosing to act with consciousness. A symbiosis between the man and the environment, in a continuous flow of endless energy that transforming itself, evolves creating the new.

Because nature takes and gives back everything to the Earth, and the man has the duty to keep this continuous exchange alive in a universal and divine circle that connects all the elements.


June 2021

Four High Quality sunglasses exclusively for Kochoptik

A long-term collaboration writes the next chapter: Inspired by Rome the eternal city, NIRVAN JAVAN created – within their current SHADES OF ROME collection – four unique sun models exclusively for Kochoptik.

Reflection of a successful partnership

Kochoptik by Nirvan Jvan For several years now, NIRVAN JAVAN has been enjoying a thriving partnership with the leading Swiss optician Kochoptik. The two companies are united by a strong alignment of values: the foundation for the successful collaboration is always the common ambition to produce the highest quality in an elegant and timeless style. The individual expression of the wearer plays a central role.

Inspired by the eternity of Rome

With high-quality collections – inspired by the metropolises of this world – NIRVAN JAVAN expresses its cosmopolitan facet and invites everyone on a stylistic journey around the globe. For this year's collaboration with Kochoptik, designer Nirvan Javan was deeply inspired by the beauty of Rome: Influenced by the historically avant-garde elegance of the eternal city, the designer created four classy acetate models exclusively for Kochoptik.

Four noble acetate sun models

The new sunglasses meet the highest quality standards and are characterized by premium lenses with anti-reflective coating on the back. Through the graceful shapes of the models, NIRVAN JAVAN expresses its admiration for the city of Rome and creates a direct link to the magnificent Italian metropolis with elegant color compositions and exclusive gold hinges. The sunglasses are available for men and women in the classic colors BLACK, DARK HAVANA, DARK RED and TRANSPARENT in all Kochoptik stores in Switzerland.

iCare launch new Eidon Ultra-Widefield Module Lens

June 2021

Eidon Fundus Imaging

iCare’s new lens for the Eidon family fundus imaging devices gives an even wider view of the retina, with 200° now visible.

Finnish ophthalmological medical device manufacturer - iCare - have launched their newest accessory for their Eidon product range – the “Eidon Ultra-Widefield Lens”, which is available to order through Mainline Instruments.

iCare uses TrueColor confocal technology to give unsurpassed image quality and a superior increased field of view of the retina. A single image with the new lens can get 120° and takes less than a minute, and a mosaique style image can be quickly taken to show 200° in a panoramic view.

The ultra-widefield lens gives images in all different modalities available on the Eidon, including autofluorescence, infrared and fluorescein angiography. The new module lens can be screwed on to existing Eidon devices and is fully automated, allowing the clinician to focus on the patient, instead of the device, during the exam.

iCare provide ophthalmologists with the latest solutions for comprehensive screening, diagnostics and monitoring of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration (AMD). Their product line includes automated TrueColor imaging devices, perimeters and handheld rebound tonometers.

As an exclusive supplier of iCare products for the UK, Mainline Instruments Managing Director, Simon Hawkins commented on the new product release;

“The new lens makes the Eidon cameras a step ahead of its competitors in a number of ways, it’s much less expensive than many other brands, much more comfortable and a clear and highly detailed image every time, whether at 120° or 200° in any modalities.“

For more information about the Eidon Ultra-Widefield Lens contact Mainline Instruments


June 2021

ZooBug New Collection
Children and their favourite canine companions star in latest imagery, shot in London

ZooBug presents a new series of images to celebrate its latest collections of eyewear and sunglasses for 2021, in true spontaneous and playful ZooBug style. With its bold and beautiful designs of 2021, the brand reconfirms its position as the leader in confident, colourful, inspiring eyewear – loved by kids.

The campaign images, which feature adorable kids and their fabulous fun dogs wearing the unique, multicolored frames, previewed in an exclusive editorial called ‘This Canine is Mine’ in the children’s fashion, art and design magazine Hooligans, shot in the UK by photographer Ian Boddy with art direction by Lucy Wetton.

Created in London, ZooBug is an international award-winning brand for kid’s eyewear, with an extensive collection that has an expressive, fresh and creative approach – fused with a precise and detailed focus on comfort and fit for all kids’ faces, a characteristic that has always been at the very heart of its design philosophy.

Both of ZooBug’s unique collections feature in the brand new images – ZooBug’s Main Line collection of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses and the more recently launched collaboration sunglasses line, Kate Hill x ZooBug.


Today ZooBug’s ophthalmic collection includes styles in acetate or rubber, materials selected for their durability and design versatility, that kids can enjoy and feel confident wearing, day after day.

MODELS FEATURED: ZB1301 (brown rubber frame) +Exago (optical)

The ZooBug sunglasses collection features 7 beautiful boy’s, girl’s and unsex designs in acetate, with trendy geometric oval and aviator shapes, designed for an edgy fresh vibe. MODELS IN SS21 collection: EXAGO, LIL’BOSS, SEE YA, FRIYAY, WHAT’S UP?, COOLIO and HIDE ‘N’ SEEK.


This exclusive collab line with Kate Hill, a children’s fashion expert and stylist, offers a very fashionable look whilst always focusing on the highest standards of quality and comfort in materials, construction and UV protective sun lenses. The line is made up of three unique models - MARVIOSA, LOLA and GLO – each available in a choice of 3 or 4 colours.

The mainline ZOOBUG collections and the KATE HILL X ZOOBUG sunglasses collection are available from selected optical retailers worldwide

Optomed launch new E-Safe disposable eye cups for hygienic retinal imaging

June 2021

Aurora Eye Cup
Optomed E-Safe is a single patient use disposable eye cup that can be used with Optomed Aurora and Smartscope cameras offering safe and hygienic retinal imaging for the patients.

Finnish medical technology company - Optomed - have launched their newest accessory for their handheld fundus cameras – the “E-Safe Disposable Eye Cup”, which will be available to order from Mainline Instruments from 7th June 2021 in the UK.
The disposable eye cups can be fixed to the camera and changed between each use meaning no cross contamination between patients and no cleaning fluids need to be used near the lens.

Optimed Aurora Eye Cup 
Optomed specialises in retinal imaging devices and solutions and their handheld fundus camera, the Aurora, has revolutionised the handheld imaging space in ophthalmology.

Their products are easy to use, mobile and modern allowing clinics to screen for various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. Mainline Instrument’s partnered with Optomed to bring the UK market an innovative solution to mobile screening.

As an exclusive supplier for Optomed in the UK, Mainline Instruments Business Development Director, Jack Hawkins commented on the new product release;

“The new accessory is a welcome addition to an already incredible product. Patient safety and hygiene has been paramount during the pandemic and this is another way to get back to normal eye examinations in sanitary settings keeping both the clinician and patient safe.“

For more information about the Aurora and E-Safe disposable eye cup accessories, contact Mainline Instruments

Everyday Statement from Stepper

June 2021

What’s not to like about the STEPPERS STS-30063? If you’re looking for eyewear that you can enjoy wearing all-day, every day that is also in tune with your personality, this could well be it.

Many of us want to express ourselves in eyewear as we do with the rest of our wardrobe but are put off fashion eyewear by overbearing frames that try too hard to make a statement.
‘STEPPERS turns ‘fashion’ into ‘wearable fashion’, creating modern eyewear with the renowned ‘feel good’ the brand’s fit delivers. So, our frames work for you both emotionally and physically,’ explains Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind STEPPERS.

First, select a front colour that most connects with you. Sculptured from TX5, the front’s super-light plastic material will gently work with your facial contours to deliver outstanding comfort. The sheet cut stainless steel sides meet the front with a contemporary joint. ‘The design, colour and material combination make the STS-30063 a postmodernist delight,’ adds Saskia.

This is a frame for the fashionable majority who want to express their good taste in a frame that isn’t screaming ‘look at me’, whilst experiencing total wearer pleasure.

Find the colour that best suits you (from a choice of brown, crystal or blue), try it on, then delight in the realisation your new frame weighs only 8.3g.

LOOK-MADE presents MATERIKA COMBI - Fresh Combinations

June 2021

Materika metal combis 

Representing the passion and vocation that have always characterized the company LOOK-made in Italia is the new MATERIKA COMBI 70635 series, inspired by the classic shapes of the ‘50s and ‘60s, yet reinterpreted with the hallmarks of contemporary art and modern design.

Four eyeglass frames which triumph thanks to the sophisticated material and color contrasts between the satin-finish, slim and elegant structure in Xinox - special steel which is particularly robust, flexible, and hypoallergenic - and the rims in Alumix - an exclusive and incredibly light-weight aluminum and magnesium alloy - whose texture is reminiscent of the weave of a woven fabric, making the metal disappear and transform to seem an innovative yet familiar, reassuring and intimate material.

Style, research, and quality therefore combine in a series of frames - one men's, two women's and one unisex - in which the company's experience in producing eyewear highlights the appeal of an authentic Italian manufacturing and artisan tradition, bringing new allure to these glasses, which capture one's attention right at first glance.

All the MATERIKA COMBI frames have a transparent supply chain as they are conceived, designed, and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

NIRVAN JAVAN launches exclusive Sunglass Series: SHADES OF ROME

June 2021

As part of the current annual campaign #SEETHEWORLD - THE SHOW and the associated celebration of worldly facets, NIRVAN JAVAN launches the premium sunglasses series SHADES OF ROME. Inspired by the historical, cultural and architectural impact of the Italian capital, the brand presents seven expressive acetate models.

To celebrate the avant-garde elegance of the eternal city two limited-edition sunglasses complete the series.

Cultural diversity with SHADES OF ROME

Nirvan Javan Shades of Rome

True to the brands philosophy #SEETHEWORLD, NIRVAN JAVAN's current sunglasses series SHADES OF ROME once again focuses on cultural diversity - celebrating further cosmopolitan facets of #SEETHEWORLD - THE SHOW. This time, the stylistic journey leads to the Italian city of Rome: with its almost 3000-year-old art history, architecture and culture, the metropolis served as a great source of inspiration for the current premium line SHADES OF ROME. In a total of seven different models, the designer presents his personal interpretation of Rome and combines the diverse accents of the metropolis in a distinct design language.

Expressive elegance combined with simplistic modernity

NIRVAN JAVAN pays tribute to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Rome by combining fine, shiny acetate with an elegant, simple design. SHADES OF ROME are characterised by timelessly modern yet graceful shapes, anti-reflective lenses and first-class craftsmanship - reflecting NIRVAN JAVAN's high standards of design and quality. Four expressive, classically held colour compositions create a direct association with the magnificent Italian metropolis: BLACK, DARK HAVANA, DARK RED and TRANSPARENT. The seven different unisex models represent an elegant expressiveness and lend every wearer the unmistakable flair of Rome.

ROMULUS & REMUS: Two limited-edition sunglasses with a distinctive character

Nirvan Javan Shades of Rome

Inspired by the historically avant-garde elegance of Rome, NIRVAN JAVAN created two limited-edition sunglasses within the SHADES OF ROME collection: ROMULUS & REMUS. With a distinctive shape, high-quality acetate and intense dark colours, the exclusive designs refer to the founding myth of Rome and its epic founder-brothers.

The cubic acetate frame in BLACK (Romulus) and DARK HAVANNA (Remus) gifts these two sunglasses with a new kind of character and thus complete the SHADES OF ROME collection. ROMULUS & REMUS are limited to 100 numbered pieces each – available in selected partner opticians on request.

Two new eyedrops from the Body Doctor

May 2021

Daily Refresh Drop s
The Body Doctor company has launched two new eye drops to relieve dry eye and irritated eyes, the Eye Doctor Daily Refresh Eye Drops and the Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops, which are to treat more severe and persistent cases of dry eye.

Both eye drops come in 10ml bottles and have an innovative dispensing pump which is easy to use and dispenses the right amount of solution required.

The eye drops can be used by contact lens wearers and are recommended by television’s Dr Hilary Jones.

The new drops are preservative-free and last for up to six months. The Eye Doctor Intensive Relief Eye Drops contain 0.3% sodium hyaluronate and relieve dryness and irritation caused by heating or air conditioning, smoke, dust, pollen and after surgery on the eye.

Eye Doctor Drops The Daily Refresh Eye Drops contain 0.1% sodium hyaluronate and can relive dry eyes caused by increased screen time, as well as central heating and air conditioning.

They also soothe dust allergies and irritations.

Practice owner and dispensing optician, Adam Rushton, said: “I’ve been using these new lubricants which are providing excellent results. The dispensing mechanism is proving incredibly effective for the delivery of one drop which improves patient compliance, much better than any other drop mechanism.

“The lubricants are very soothing and provide long lasting relief. The density of the 0.3% (Intensive Relief) is greater than what I’ve used in practice before which patients like. I recommend these drops to all dry eye sufferers, both moderate and severe.”

The new eye drops will be showcased to practitioners at the Independents Day business symposium, iDay21, a one-day event on Sunday 4th July at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

The Eye Doctor range is distributed to the optical profession by Positive Impact.

New ultra compact refraction station opens opportunities for ECPs

May 2021

Essilor S700 Refraction station
Essilor introduces the Vision-S 700 refraction station which combines an ultra-compact design, with a unique immersive patient experience and fast, accurate refraction to provide ECPs with new business boosting opportunities.

Designed to meet the world’s growing demand for refraction due to lifestyle changes, intensive screen use and ageing populations, the Vision Station’s value lies in generating extra refraction capacity without the need for additional space.

Paul Cumber, director at Essilor Instruments UK & Ireland said: “In a position where two thirds of the UK population is overdue an eye examination due to the covid situation, the Vision-S 700 refraction station will help to increase the productivity of eye care professionals and boost business.

“It incorporates all of Essilor’s advances in refraction technology and pushes the boundaries even further. It succeeds in concentrating a full refraction room into an immersive station thus gaining space while expanding traffic by offering patients a totally new experience. A revolution in the industry.”

A space saver and game changer

The Vision-S 700 eliminates the need for the traditional patient chart distance of 20 ft (six metres) thanks to patented display screen and exclusive distance simulation technology that allow it to test enhanced near capabilities through to infinity within the device itself.

The valuable freed-up floor space allows stores to reinvent the practice in imaginative new ways, whether creating extra refraction lanes or other business generating activities.

It also helps to promote social distancing as it can be operated by a keypad at a distance of seven metres away from the patient.

When refraction becomes an experience to remember

On top of its space-saving feature, the Vision-S 700 offers a totally unique, immersive patient experience that drives traffic, helps convert sales and transforms the overall business potential. Essilor exclusive immersive imaging places the patient in lifelike images and simulates real-life conditions.

Paul Cumber continued: “As well as obtaining the best refractive results, the Vision-S 700 gives the patient a unique refractive experience that generates traffic through word-of-mouth and differentiates the store.

“Designed to promote the sale of a complementary pair, the unique immersive module and SunRx converter show the prescription in action and drive incremental sales.”

Speed and accuracy built on exclusive innovation

Fast, accurate and easy to use, the new Vision-S 700 immersive refraction station ensures gold standard accuracy and rapid three-minute refraction with Essilor's Digital Infinite

Refraction method and exclusive Liquid Lens Optical Module.

Its unique set of Smart Programs and Algorithms simplify the exam and make it highly accessible and user friendly.

By simply recording the patient's answers, the smart programs and algorithms together with the optical module properties enable automatic calculation of the refraction result. The continuous and smaller increment possibilities combined with the secured automatic protocol contributes to greater accuracy.

Approved by experts and validated by patients (three out of four prefer it to a traditional phoropter), the Vision-S 700 is a smart component in any ambitious practice.

Everyday Elegance from Stepper

May 2021

Elegance from Stepper Frames

There is something undeniably luxurious about rimless eyewear. When done well, these (often) minimalist styles become real statement pieces as well as practical day-to-day companions.

The STEPPER SI-93683 is a beautiful example of this iconic style. On this model, the feminine eye shape is complimented by the thinnest of metalwork,’ notes Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Limited, ‘Hi-tech Beta-Titanium is perfect for purpose here; allowing wafer-thin design with a strength and durability that belies the ultra-fine look.’

Weighing a remarkable featherlight 3.4g, the SI-93683 promises day-long comfort. With the added benefit of hypoallergenic properties, your face will love this frame no matter how long you wear it.

Looking at the wearer, the frameless design all but disappears, then oozes sophistication on closer inspection with its contemporary preciseness. From the wearer’s perspective they benefit from almost unobstructed and natural vision.

‘Undeniable aesthetics, great functionality and brilliant optical properties make this frame an informed and wise choice for those who want great looks and practicality,’ adds Peter.
The SI-93683 is available in a choice of three stunning colourways (Ruby, Ocean and Aubergine) to compliment a wide range of skin tones.

Ørgreen Optics Spring/Summer 2021

May 2021

Orgreen Optics sp/su 21

Ørgreen Optics is delighted to present you with four new additions to its series of acetate sunglass frames for spring/summer 2021.

The new styles have been named after four of Copenhagen’s most popular neighborhoods, where vibrancy and manifoldness unite and become the heartbeat of Denmark’s capital city.

Characterized by its strength and superb color adaptability, acetate is the perfect material to explore new avenues of design and color combinations which Ørgreen’s four new sun frames are stunning examples of.

These new styles consist of two male, one female, and one unisex, but don’t feel constrained to adhering to traditional gender roles with this collection.

Komono Metamorphosis Campaign

May 2021

Komono Metamorphosis Campaign
This season is all about creative transformation. Befitting these turbulent times, KOMONO renews its creative vision and explores radical new design propositions.

We are leaving behind ubiquitous notions of identity and are re-imagining our future.

KOMONO believes that change represents progress and development. It causes us to improve and helps us to transform our current environment.

The ever-progressing integration of sustainable practices, both in the design as in the broader culture, is reflected within this season’s novelty and reworking of timeless classics.

In a brand-new campaign by Pierre Debusschere, we are propelling us towards the future and breaking free of convention.

His creativity and stylistic inspiration coincide with KOMONO's attitude which is expressed in The Metamorphosis campaign where the eyewear brand renews its creative vision and explores radical new design shades able to break the conventions.

The collection introduces a range of forward-looking styles which represent KOMONO’s attitude: changes represent progress and development and they can help us to transform our current environment.

It’s Not All About Beauty – But it Helps

April 2021

At first glance the STEPPER SI-30161 is a thing of beauty.

Stepper 30161A combination of colour, pattern, shape, texture and materials expertly crafted to the highest precision. It looks simply great.

‘The aesthetics of a frame, which for so many is the priority, is the least important factor in creating a STEPPER frame,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘But our frames still delight with their elegance and sense of fashion.’

Priority ‘one’ is to create eyewear that holds lenses correctly before the eye, delivering this doesn’t depend on the relationship between the frame and the lens. Any frame can hold lenses in place; critical to succeeding is the relationship between the frame and the wearer. This requires the highest levels of fit. It is a good fit that guarantees the lenses are held correctly.

To achieve this the SI-30161 benefits from decades of eyewear experience and the skills of a German Master Optician (Hans Stepper) to understand how a frame works with the contours of the face.

Then the choice of materials that are best suited to purpose must be selected. This is to ensure the lenses are not only held correctly when the wearer leaves their optician , but also months later after extended daily use. STEPPER selects stable materials that resist changing shape over time either naturally or through continued use.

At the same time, these materials must also offer comfort, so choice is filtered down further. For example; lightness, flexibility/rigidity, durability and hypoallergenic benefits are characteristics required by STEPPER. Hence, the choice of (STEPPER developed) TX5 plastic and High-Tec Titanium are used for the SI-30161.

‘Only once STEPPER has these basics right do we consider how the frame looks,’ adds Peter. ‘Fortunately, the design team are particularly good at this too.’

‘Looking good on the display and looking good on the face are two different things. STEPPER’s extensive knowledge of face shapes and colours that work with a variety of skin tones allow us to create designs that look great on’ concludes Peter.

The SI-30161 is available in a choice of three colours (Apricot, Aquamarine and Cerise) and, remarkably, weighs only 5.8g (or less than six jellybeans).

Villa Eyewear announce distribution of uniquedesignmilano (UDM)

April 2021

UDM Style form Villa Eyewear from Italy
UDM is a brand that is based on a completely handmade product in Italy and that, through great attention to detail, conveys the values of uniqueness, freedom and the desire to escape from an idea of normality.

UDM represents our growth path, our desire to mature and improve, our strengths and weaknesses, try to arrive in a direct, clean, transparent way, it is the mirror of what we are.

UDM Style form Villa Eyewear from Italy
The UDM collection is produced in Valdobbiadene, Italy, by esteemed manufacturing partners who have developed proprietary methods that enable the design of unique combinations of materials and workmanship.

Their inspiration comes from faces, places, sounds, music, buildings, travel, fashion, lines, sharing, emotions. UDM has been the choice of eyewear for many celebrities including; Sofia Richie, Jessica Alba, Lais Ribeiro, Veronica Ferraro, Xenia Adonts, Jamie Chung, Eva Chen.

Each collection is developed following a theme, a sort of common thread between product and communication. That being said, we would like to introduce to you UDM SS21, the Summer Nights Collection.

The summer nights collection is inspired by the poetry of an anonymous poet who perfectly embodies what UDM wanted to convey through their glasses.

UDM Style form Villa Eyewear from Italy

The collection features four models; Sogno, Danza, Libertà, and Magia which translates in Italian to (Dream, Dance, Free, and Magic) respectively. The stars on the outside of the hinge, hold together the hinge to the temple structure as well as the temple to guarantee solidity to the entire frame.

UDM is equally committed to the principle of their craft and craftsmen, the products are created using fair and ethical production methods to create eyewear that ultimately presents a forward-looking take on visual empowerment.

The collection is now available through Villa Eyewear.

Lightbird's new Collection SP/Summer 2021

April 2021


Lightbird New Collection

The new Light_SOCIAL collection features a special feeling guaranteed by the tested structure and marked design, resulting from a technological interweaving of facets created with a diamond cutter.

The shapes, very contemporary and dynamic, are inspired to a classic design and addressed to young and youthful people who want to wear the style and elegance of LIGHTBIRD’s Made in Italy.

Colour details and precious cellulose acetate complete each model.

New MATERIKA COMBI – Avant-Garde Materials and Designs

April 2021

Materika by LOOK LOOK–made in Italia launches the new COMBI by MATERIKA. These innovative high-end optical frames are the ideal combination of modern design and avant-garde materials, for eyewear with a discretely understated vibe, interpreted in a sophisticated, timeless style.

The series comprises three optical frames – a women’s panto, a square unisex and a men’s double-bridge – featuring the blend of two ultra-modern materials crafted through the company’s ongoing research.

Most of the frame is in Xinox hypoallergenic steel, while the top rim is in Alumix an exclusive, totally recyclable, high-tech, latest-generation alloy of magnesium and aluminum. The color options highlight the difference between the two materials, lending a unique touch of personality to the frames.

Materika by LOOK Materika encompasses the LOOK–made in Italia high-end products that cater to a discriminating, sophisticated audience, connoisseurs of a style that seeks individuality even in cutting-edge details.

Each Materika frame is crafted based on the most innovative production standards but with an artisanal approach, in accordance with the values of authentic quality and Italian style deeply ingrained in the LOOK–made in Italia DNA.

All of the COMBI by MATERIKA frames are ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic, elastic and durable; they are also traceable because they’re made entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

NIRVAN JAVAN presents exclusive acetate collection inspired by Paris

April 2021

Inspired by the unmistakable charm and artistic bohemian spirit of the metropolis by the Seine, NIRVAN JAVAN presents the new PARIS collection. With this collection, the brand once again celebrates its stylistic journey around the globe and expands its design cosmos with six delicate and unique acetate models in five different colours.

Nirvan Javan in Paris

Inspired by the French savoir-vivre

The unique nonchalance of the cosmopolitan city of Paris served as inspiration for this collection, consisting of six different acetate frames. The city by the Seine impresses with its pulsating yet casual atmosphere and combines artistic nonchalance with timeless, simple straightforwardness. By incorporating these expressive attributes of the cosmopolitan metropolis into its design, NIRVAN JAVAN shows another cosmopolitan facet and strengthens the brand's approach of a philosophy of diversity and freedom that knows no boundaries.

Nirvan Javan in Paris

Glossy acetate with filigree design

Exquisite acetate as well as filigree design are the main stylistic elements of the PARIS collection. Glossy acetate provides the PARIS collection with a timelessly modern and luxurious flair and underlines the individual expression of its wearer.

Not only lies the focus on the graceful and simple shapes of the six models, but also on their colours BLACK, HAVANNA, BROWN, GRAY, DARK PINK, ROSE and TRANSPARENT.

Nirvan Javan in Paris

Designed and manufactured with the utmost diligence, the premium models for men and women once again underline the high-quality standards of NIRVAN JAVAN.


April 2021

Komono Adrian Mirage


A collection that requires a second reading with subtle details blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

Shapes are distorted and deformed, materials manipulated, and colors reconstructed.

An air of illusion is created with opaque and translucent substances while reflecting finishes create a sense of distortion.


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