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Shamir announce launch of Shamir Autograph Plus™

September 2010

The new lens, a free form progressive lens design developed by Shamir’s R & D team has been adapted to provide differing requirements of the progressive lens wearer.

Shamir claim that several significant improvements have been made over the original Autograph lens design which includes:

 Enhanced surface design – Peripheral distortions are better managed and positioned to reduce swim and speed up adaption time.
 Improved size and positioning of near zone – By positioning the full addition power at least 3mm above the lower rim, your patients can be assured of enhanced reading (up to 35% wider) that is easier to access.
 Choice of corridor lengths - Shamir Autograph Plus is available in three different corridor lengths. With minimum fitting heights of 14, 16, and 18mm, you’re sure to find the optimum design to suit all frame and lifestyle choices.
 Re-calculated base curve selection - allowing up to 40% flatter and thinner lens forms, regardless of addition power.

Shamir claims that for customers this will mean a wider fields of view, highest level of prescription accuracy, provides a lens fit for all lifestyles and frame choices, gives a quick and easy adaption period and provides a thinner and lighter lens form

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