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Project Xenith from Inspecs to be launched next Spring

October 2010

Speedo Performance Eyewear is proud to announce the launch of our Xenith product.  Designed in tandem with Trialetheletes these are our highest specification sunglasses to date.  A major hurdle for many athletes in training or at competition level, is weather conditions.  Light can change, the heavens may open or the sun may glare off surfaces. To overcome these demands our Xenith model features ‘quick-swap’ lens technology allowing specific lenses to be deployed and changed as quickly as the conditions demand.

Lens Tech:

Xenith SpeedoPolarised PC:  most polarised lenses on the market are only a film lens and are not impact resistant.  Here we use the highest grade polycarbonate that is inherently shatterproof and offers the best optical clarity.  The polarised element stops glare reflecting from surfaces and are particularly useful in strong sunlight and the open road.  Great for those into fishing too, it removes the top surface reflections on water allowing you see the fish below.

HYDRO:  our hydrophobic coated lenses means water beads and flows from the surface of the lens like water off a duck’s back.  Particularly useful for cyclists and runners in rainy conditions.

LOW LIGHT:  our yellow lens enhances the outline of objects even at dusk.  They have an anti-reflective coating to the inside of the lens to eliminate unwanted reflections.

Each lens has it’s type etched onto the outside surface so it’s easy to identify which type to swap into.  The stock lenses in the Xenith package are category 3 polycarbonate lenses with an anti-reflective coating inside, very far from standard issue lenses.

Frame Construction:
The main front and brow of Xenith is made from the Swiss polymer TR90, a material famed for it’s flexibility and memory properties.  It flexes gently to fit the face and pops back to shape even after impact.

The aluminium temples are manufactured to be super strong and lightweight.  Most aluminium temples are milled from one solid piece, Xenith sides are made using a injection process which considerably increases strength and allows a super thin profile, cutting down on weight.

The Xenith nosepads and temple tips are fully hand-adjustable, these can be tuned to fit to your face, giving you a very individual fit or when set up for performance can increase grip so the frames stay fixed to the face.  The nosepads and tips are both encased in silicone for increased comfort and non-slip contact

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