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TD Tom Davies launches innovative 3D Clip-Ons

October 2010

TD Tom Davies has launched stylish, state-of-the-art 3D clip-ons, designed to be used with any TD Tom Davies Bespoke frame. The bespoke clip-ons feature passive polarized lenses using the latest 3D technology. The lenses also benefit from an anti-scratch coating.

TD Tom Davies 3D Clip-on“3D home entertainment has arrived. 2010 has seen the launch of high definition 3D televisions by the world’s leading electronics companies and the creation of Europe’s first 3D TV Channel, Sky 3D, earlier this month. Next year all new TVs will be 3D ready, making 3D home entertainment more and more accessible,” explains CEO Tom Davies. “We want our customers to experience the full benefit of this technology, whilst being able to wear their TD Tom Davies spectacles. Our clip-ons will ensure high levels of visual clarity and comfort, and an optimum 3D experience. ”

“We have seen an extraordinary response to the clip-ons which we previewed at Silmo and again at Vision Expo West. They were also featured on French national TV during the exhibition in Paris,” adds Tom Davies. “By putting quality, lightweight 3D clip-ons on top of a quality TD Tom Davies frame, we are providing a unique, accessible, very practical solution for 3D viewing. It’s a real breakthrough and we are excited by the prospect of being able to add this to our Bespoke Service.”

The TD Tom Davies passive polarized clip-ons are individually made to order through the TD Tom Davies Bespoke Service. Opticians will be able to offer the clip-ons on all new orders of TD Tom Davies Bespoke, and can make individual orders for existing customers who wish to buy the clip-ons as an add-on accessory if they already have a TD Tom Davies frame. The clip-ons will be available from December 1st 2010.

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