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Dispensing aids released for Hoya’s digital progressive family

November 2010

Clarifying the mystique of new lens technology and promoting the benefits of Hoya’s progressives has just become much easier, thanks to a new portfolio of dispensing tools.

“Presenting the impressive Hoya lens family to customers, some of whom will be first time progressive wearers,  is an opportunity to entice patients into premium products and promote the high quality service which the practice provides,” said Steve Roberts, FBDO, Product Manager, Hoya Lens UK.

Technical information and customer friendly dispensing aids with visuals, comparisons and a professional training DVD are included in the Hoya progressive pack.  A desk top dispensing A Frame, which carries patient information on one side and dispensing data on the rear side has been warmly welcomed by practices.

“The very latest information on our iD FreeForm, digital and conventional progressive lenses leaves the team full of confidence to dispense Hoya lenses. The dispensing aids, aimed at patients, clearly outline the benefits of each lens - from Amplitude to the award winning Optical Product of the Year, Hoyalux iD MyStyle,” added Steve.

“TrueForm, the updated collection of our hugely successful family of tried and tested lenses, are a strong feature of the new material, and this has been very well received by dispensers,” added Steve.

The pack, contained in an easy presentation box, features:

      - PAL comparison mouse mat
      - Desk A Frame comparing designs, coatings and material
      - MyStyler Instructions laminate
      - 5 comprehensive brochures outlining Hoya’s PAL offering
      - Fan Dispensing Aid with quick reference details on all progressives
      - CD on Hoya progressives and a technical training presentation  

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