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Children's Market Wins with Tough Hoya PNX

March 2011

Tough, durable, with quality at an affordable price, Hoya PNX 1.53, the safe option for children’s lenses, has enjoyed a 40% increase in dispensing since the two year anti-breakage guarantee was introduced by Hoya.

With 100% built-in UV protection, and high impact resistance withstanding a 1kilogram steel ball dropped at 1.20 metres, the lens brings peace of mind for dispensers and is an ideal introductory lens material, believes Hoya.

“This is the most shock resistant material available for lenses and is great for active lifestyle patients.  Being ultra lightweight it is ideal for rimless and supra styles – and not just for children.  Many dispensers are seeing that selecting this lens, which is three times stronger than a standard option, saves a lot of problems,” said Steve Roberts, FBDO, Product Manager, Hoya Lens UK.

Hoya PNX 1.53, produced in the UK, is available in a comprehensive choice of Hoya lens designs and with a range of coatings, tints and Transitions options.


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