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Eros Business Consulting Supports Industry and Retail with PR Offering

March 2011

Bob Hutchinson, Principle of Eros Business Consulting whose clients number many practices, small chains and larger groups plus leading industry players has created a new sector within Eros to provide advice and carefully designed PR to support retail and industry needs.  Fittingly called Wordbytes in this fast moving digital age the aim will be to identify and provide a clear message that will leverage sales and visibility to the public and selected internal markets.

Eros Business Consulting PR“There are many opportunities for all businesses to gain greater exposure in press and media either in business to business, or business to customer applications. Too little and too late is a fair comment on much that is posted in Optics UK, and much by writers and creators who do not understand the products and services or the market, so much misses the mark.” Said Hutchinson.

“Getting to know the client and its business is a key issue and many PR companies outside Optics are not prepared to spend the time necessary to achieve this. I see the extension of Eros Consulting as a logical step forwards to help promote those practices and companies that I have provided strategic, financial and marketing expertise in the past.”

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