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Optix completes full eGOS solution

March 2011

Optix Software is rolling out all categories of eGOS forms to its users as a standard feature, following extensive trialling by T.H. Collison Opticians’ 22 practices, who describe the development as a “breakthrough” in technology and efficiency.

OptixWhile eGOS 1 for the NHS Sight Test has been available since 2009, GOS forms  3-6 for Vouchers, Repairs, Financial help and Domiciliary care, have taken longer to be released in an electronic format.  Optix is delighted to have achieved full NHS accreditation with all of the benefits that it brings to its users, particularly the notification, within hours, of the claim being accepted.

“Faster payments and a great saving in manpower are the immediate benefits to our business, as we have gone from seven full time staff on this aspect of administration to two and a half.  We have been pushing for this for a number of years and it is full credit to Optix for making this work.  It really is a breakthrough,” said Graham Ackers, General Manager of T.H. Collison Opticians Group.

In addition to the faster payment, the pre-validation of forms before submission brings massive efficiency benefits –

“It stops us making mistakes at our end, plus we now have very clear status reports of Pending, Submitted or Paid, for each submission.  It also brings a much slicker audit control as the amount of administration before was colossal,” added Graham. 

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