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New company expands into UK through Omega at Optrafair

April 2011

Optical Dynamics Expanded their distribution in the United Kingdom when exhibiting at Optrafair through OMEGA LED Ltd., a Selected Regional Distributor, at Optrafair 2011 closing last Monday.

Optical Dynamics, is a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, based in Louisville, Ky., and this was their first exhibition of products in the United Kingdom.  “More than 21 million eye exams are conducted in the UK market each year, and it is certainly a growth market for us,” said Mike Yager, VP of Sales for Optical Dynamics.

There are 6,500 independent practices in the UK market looking for solutions to fast turnaround and price control in lens production and finishing for eyewear. 

Omega LED Ltd., based in Altrincham, Manchester, celebrating more than a decade in the UK optical industry, distributes other US manufactured precision and optical engineering products, surfacing equipment, and ultra optics coders. “The market is ready for a cost-efficient manufacturing process that takes advantage of free-form technology and provides the ability for optical retailers and laboratories to produce anti-reflective coatings in one hour,” Yager explained.

Optical Dynamics will market through Omega LED Ltd. its Q2100 digital casting system and its Nanoclear AR system, which combined can produce premium quality digital flat-top, aspherical, and single vision lenses.  Lens materials, including SunSmart grey and brown, and UltraSun, are the photochromics in demand from Optical Dynamics and are now available in the UK.
“We are proud to say that the price of a complete Optical Dynamics turnkey system with AR is 50% less than traditional surfacing lenses sent to independents that use outside laboratory services to deliver their eyeglasses to the patient,” Yager added.

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