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HD gives Optisoft a better image

June 2011

Optisoft has launched a new version of its Frames on Faces module to take advantage of HD webcams and larger monitors.
The enhanced version is full screen, whatever size monitor you have, ensuring easier to view images, and a more customer friendly dispensing tool. The fact that you can now get All-In-One PCs, with touch-screen technology, at very reasonable prices means that it’s now affordable for all, easy to install and simple to use.
Optisoft managing director Keith Sheers says: “The problem with traditional dispensing methods is that, very often, patients find it difficult to imagine themselves wearing a particular frame or the benefit of higher quality lenses. Using today's imaging technology, it's now possible to let patients see themselves on screen in a choice of frame designs.

”The images on the new version of Frames on Faces HD are double the quality of the original version.  Using touch-screen technology, you can show the patient images of themselves wearing different frames and from different angles. Conducting the process onscreen saves time, produces superior cosmetic results and increases profits.”

Designed for ease of use and versatility, the module captures images quickly, with auto-focus for clear, sharp pictures. The images can be selected or rejected at the touch of a button and then displayed either as a full-screen or as four images on one screen.  Any number of images can be printed out so that a patient has the option of seeing an image on paper rather than onscreen.
Keith Sheers adds: “Frames on Faces takes away any worry from the patient and the optical assistant, as the patient can see the frame on their face very clearly before making a purchase.  This can help increase dispensing revenues and contribute to greater levels of patient satisfaction.”

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