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Best under the sun collection – new for 2011, celebrates Polaroid’s heritage of pioneering innovation, style & glamour

New collection brings unique shop-window sales opportunity showing the complete history of Polaroid sunglasses

Polaroid Eyewear is recognised as a pioneering brand when it comes to innovative lens technology and trend-setting fashion.  With a track record back to the early 20th century when Edwin Land invented the world’s first synthetic polarized lens, Polaroid still leads the world today in this ever-advancing technology.

Now all that expertise and creativity has been brought together in Polaroid’s new Best Under the Sun collection.  This heritage range of sunglasses re-creates some of Polaroid’s most iconic designs from the 1930s to the 1980s, but made from the latest lightweight materials and featuring Polaroid’s superb UltraSight™ lenses.  Retro fashion meets 21st century technology, delivering the best in optical quality, total UV protection and glare-free vision.

“This amazing range says everything about Polaroid and the brand’s achievements in driving forward lens technology and sunglass design since the company first came into the market in 1937,” said Rebecca Harwood Lincoln, Sales Manager, UK & Ireland at Polaroid Eyewear.  “Polaroid has an amazing design heritage, unmatched in the UK sunglass market. One of the reasons we have been so successful is because we have always worked closely with our optical trade partners, to develop new ranges that will appeal to their customers.  We always look to combine fashionable design with a high quality, technically excellent product and the Best Under the Sun collection showcases everything that is good and unique about Polaroid in a stylish and highly marketable package.”

Six Ages of Polaroid ….

The Best Under the Sun collection comprises ten frame designs drawn from Polaroid’s archives dating from the 1930s to the 1980s.  Each design has been selected as an iconic representation of that particular decade, faithfully recreated with all the meticulous detail of the original – now in the latest high-tech materials. Every style tells it own story, reflecting the keynote fashions of the time, that will have great appeal for today’s discerning consumers. Each model is available in two unique colour variations.

“For the 1930s style, Swing, with its rounded, soft-coloured frame is reminiscent of the sophisticated Fred & Ginger top hat and tails glamour fashion of the day”, explains Rebecca. “Forties frames show the first radical development of the classic Polaroid tear drop lens shapes in Victory, a tough, functional design that has truly stood the test of time.  Moving onto the 1950s, the height of showbiz style is here with Marilyn and Broadway – two cat eye frames with gorgeous detailing. The lazy days of 1967’s Summer of Love are here again with the generous frames and graduated lenses of Memphis while it’s all change to the vivid styling for the 1970s collection of three designs, Donna, Flower and Rebel. The Best Under the Sun collection is completed with two designs that shout 1980s look-at-me styling – big frames in strong colours with graduated lenses.”

Finishing Touches

For the finishing touch, each pair of Best Under the Sun sunglasses comes with a black velvet pouch, cleaning cloth and special edition leaflet, all in its own distinctive box bearing with a sweeping Polaroid heritage range logo.  This premium collection from Polaroid truly brings sunglass style and functionality to new levels – it is a unique offering in the marketplace, opening up an exciting new sales opportunity for the optical trade and it is supported with a superbly stylish and original range of point of sale materials.

A selection of counter and window merchandisers suitable for large or small displays is available featuring between six and ten frames.  All are designed with the Best Under the Sun’s trademark black and gold logo.  “We believe the Best Under the Sun collection is going to be the most exciting sunglass range on the market in 2011,” said Rebecca.  “This is the first time our retail partners will have the opportunity to show the complete history of Polaroid sunglasses in a single attractive window display.  We believe it will draw not only regular customers to the range but a whole new audience as well who have yet to try Polaroid.”
For further information on Polaroid’s Best Under the Sun collection, opticians can contact The Norville Group on 01452 510321 or email

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