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Silhouette Launches Major New Trade Promotion

July 2011

Silhouette, the world’s leading rimless eyewear brand, has announced the launch of its ‘Premier Points’ promotion’ - a major new UK and Eire customer incentive program that links frames sold to an array of amazing, high value and highly desirable prizes, including iPads, iPhones, flat screen televisions and theatre tickets with free gifts offered to customers who sign up quickly.

The exciting new reward scheme provides opticians with the opportunity to commercially and personally reap the benefits of increased sales of Silhouette frames and underlines Silhouette’s serious commitment and loyalty to the ophthalmic trade.

Running from 1st August until 31st January, the Premier Points promotion is based upon Silhouette customers achieving greater sales for Silhouette in 2011 - increasing their 2010 sales figures. The user-friendly promotion mechanic means prizes can be redeemed at any time once sales targets have been confirmed by Silhouette.

Of the major new trade promotion, Jeremy Lanaway, UK Marketing Manager, Silhouette UK says, "Silhouette Premier Points promotion offers a rewarding opportunity for Independent Opticians and their staff to engage with selling our beautifully, hand crafted Silhouette frames. I am delighted to unveil the first of many planned support tools to drive the sales of our quality, profitable products."

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