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EyeDispense, the first Apple iPad 2 App for Optical Professionals, adds new feature for co-branding with corporate logo

September 2011

EyeDispense, the new Video Dispensing App for Optical Professionals has released the latest version of its successful dispensing tool for opticians. Available through the App Store worldwide, the new EyeDispense Application includes a customisation feature, allowing the optician to co-brand the App with their corporate logo.

Eye DispenseEasy to set up through the settings panel in EyeDispense, the optician’s logo appears in the top right of the interface and on the shared images generated by the App.

Since its launch in July, EyeDispense has seen successful international sales, and a ranking at No 1. In the Top Grossing Medical App chart for the UK.

Designed by Edinburgh-based optometrist David Crystal, this portable ophthalmic dispensing application is the latest high-tech  tool for successful video dispensing, giving clients with poor vision an easy and enjoyable way to select a frame.

Utilizing iPad 2’s rear camera, the App allows the operator to take four different 3 second video clips, for the client to compare their frame choices at a glance. The choices can be emailed or uploaded to Facebook, should they want their friends’ or family’s approval.

Users confirm positive results of EyeDispense

Feedback on EyeDispense has been extremely positive, with users saying that it has great appeal to people who don’t have a lot of time but want to make a confident decision when buying a new pair of glasses. They love the way the App solves the problem of clients not being able to see how they look in different styles of spectacles just using a mirror.

Optical professionals are also impressed by the high-tech image EyeDispense brings to their practice:
“At McGraths we are known for using cutting edge technology and equipment and our clients expect this of us,” explains Brian Waddell at McGraths Opticians, Edinburgh, who has recently purchased the EyeDispense App. “The EyeDispense App is beneficial to our clients, helping us to ensure they can see what they want to buy. It is a dispensing tool that gives some clients the extra confidence they need to make a purchase decision, and it is particularly attractive to young professionals who might wish to ask the opinion of a friend through Facebook, and, at the end of the day want to make a quick, easy frame choice.”

Geraint Allport of Bryan Allport Opticians in Abergele purchased an iPad 2 to be able to work with the EyeDispense App on a daily basis. “We have used different types of video dispensing in the past – they tend to be costly and they require some time if you are going to use them properly. They also often seem more complicated than is necessary. The EyeDispense App is different in that it is very practical; you can carry it around the practice which makes frames selection easy. I use EyeDispense specifically for clients who can’t see in a mirror and the results are very satisfactory; in my view it is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use method of video dispensing available.”

Sean McCauley of i2i Optometrists in Glasgow agrees that the App offers excellent value for money. “We have started using the EyeDispense App in one of our stores and plan to use it in the other stores. We are using it with higher prescription patients specifically but I see potential to use it for other clients too - the iPad 2 is a new popular technology, and improves the quality of our service. I bought the iPad 2 specifically to take advantage of EyeDispense; I like the fact it is portable and that when you are using EyeDispense you don’t have to drag your clients to one area of the practice away from the frames.

EyeDispense is accessibly priced, and cuts out the superfluous features that other video dispensing systems tend to offer.”

The EyeDispense App for iPad 2 is now available for download at

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