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Nutrof® TOTAL Drink - Bringing Innovation to Eye Nutritionals

October 2011

NEW Nutrof® TOTAL  Drink from Spectrum Théa Pharmaceuticals Ltd is the only drinkable eye nutritional containing antioxidants, resveratrol, macular pigments and omega-3. It represents the culmination of years of research focused  on delivering all the benefits of Nutrof TOTAL in a pleasant drink*.  This novel product offers a convenient alternative to those that have issues taking capsules or tablets or for those looking for an alternative to traditional nutritional dosing regimens.

Nutrof Total DrinkMost food supplements today are in a soft capsule form. The advantage to this kind of capsule is that it can contain ingredients in different forms: liquid or solid, water soluble or fat soluble. However, during long-term treatment, problems with compliance can occur. Spectrum Théa have developed an alternative to capsules: Nutrof Total Drink is a sachet containing an oral suspension.

Obtaining an oral suspension from an oil base with optimal taste, odour and texture requires a technological breakthrough. Spectrum Théa have utilised micro-encapsulation for active ingredients that are initially in oil form, such as fish oil (rich in Omega 3) and tagetes extracts (rich in lutein and zeaxanthin). Micro-encapsulation captures tiny solid or liquid particles that are hydrophilic or lipophilic inside a membrane made from natural substances like proteins or polysaccharides. After ingestion, the membrane is digested and frees the active ingredients that are then absorbed and metabolized by the body. This technology helps substances to go from a liquid state, like oil, which would not be very acceptable in terms of flavour, odour and consistency, to a solid state and obtain all of the components of the formula in powder form.

Micro-encapsulation also  provides the highest protection of the active ingredient from oxidation, hygroscopy, light, acid, interaction with other components, etc. It helps guarantee the properties and stability of the active ingredients in the final format.

For consumers, flavour is just as important as nutritional efficacy. Nutritionists, chemists, flavour specialists and application engineers have all been involved in the development of Nutrof Total Drink. The resulting product has been tested with consumers*. 78% of the testing panel rated the appearance, odour and taste of the drink as pleasant.

Nutrof TOTAL drink is just one example of the commitment of Spectrum Thea to driving innovation in Eye Nutritionals. The Nutrof TOTAL formulation is also continually updated to reflect the latest peer reviewed studies (including AREDS II) and all products are once daily to aid compliance and convenience.

The product comes packaged in a box of 20 sachets and the recommended daily dose  is 1  sachet dissolved in half a  cup of cold water. The RRP is £14.99.

*Taste evaluation for a new galenic form of Nutrof Total among 101 people

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