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Launch of Rodenstock Manufaktur, lenses for all prescriptions

November 2011

Rodenstock launches Manufaktur, which they say provides highest quality special lenses for all prescription requirements.

Rodenstock is renowned as a pioneer in ophthalmic optics and Manufaktur lenses are a welcome addition to its extensive portfolio, supporting patients with medical demands and bespoke requirements.

Described as ‘anything but standard,’ every lens in the range is a unique product of the highest possible quality. Lenses are measured and calculated individually by expert staff and machines have been developed in-house to support production. When precision tools reach their limits of capability, work is continued by hand.

Manufaktur lenses are suitable for medical purposes, bifocals and trifocals with special vision zones, diving and swimming goggles, monocles, pince-nez and lorgnettes.

Debbie Bathgate, Rodenstock Lens Product Manager, said: “Bespoke lenses have become more difficult to source due to the declining skills base. It is therefore very valuable to be able to take advantage of the technical expertise and craftsmanship still available at Rodenstock.

“While the demand for spectacle lenses for aphakic patients is not as high now, the requests we receive for extreme prescriptions seem to grow on a daily basis. It’s rewarding to be able to satisfy the demands of clients who may need near vision at the top and bottoms of their lens and distance in the middle, or other unlikely combinations.”

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